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burntcoffee words by Eve Henley Quest Coffee Roasters

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re you an early bird needing your take-away caffeine fix just to make sure you can function during a hectic day? Or do you enjoy kicking back, relaxing at your favourite café on the Gold Coast sipping a double ristretto latte while catching up with friends in the afternoon sun? We sometimes forget that the café and coffee culture we now see as normal is really only a thing of the last five years on the Coast. New cafés and espresso bars are popping up everywhere and we are now able to enjoy their offerings of complex blends and outstanding single origin beans from exotic places like Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Bolivia, with complicated estate names and abbreviations. The beans are roasted to perfection by a master roaster who takes great care to get the best flavour and balance of body and acidity in every batch of beans. The specialty coffee industry has definitely moved into the Gold Coast and it shows no signs of going anywhere soon. Which leaves you and I with one question: With so many cafés on the Gold Coast, why is it still so hard to find a good coffee that doesn’t taste like it’s burnt? First we need to get clear on what that yucky burnt aftertaste actually is. The official term for that bad tasting coffee is “over-extraction”. Some people might suggest it’s burnt milk but, burnt milk actually smells like well, burnt milk. You can recognize burnt milk for its sweeter taste and much thinner, less creamy texture. Anyway, let’s just get technical for a bit. What does extraction even mean? ‘Extraction,’ according to the very trustworthy WIKI, is “the percentage of the soluble coffee grounds that are dissolved in the water.” We also have to take into account which >


solubles are dissolved but, this has more to do with how the temperature changes over the course of the extraction. The ideal extraction yield sits around 18%-22% to get a wellextracted beautiful coffee. An over-extracted coffee tastes burnt because the bitter parts of the coffee have continued to be extracted after the sugars and acids extraction were mostly finished. I can hear you thinking, “thanks for the science class there QCM, but what does this all mean? What is my barista doing wrong?�

Here are the top three mistakes baristas make when it comes to burnt coffee: 1. First, a little more technical jibberage for you. A commercial espresso machine works by forcing steam/almost boiling water, through packed coffee grounds in the basket of a portafilter or group handle. When the water is not going through the coffee fast enough the coffee gets over-brewed (over-extracted). It can only mean three things: the barista is packing too much coffee into the basket, the coffee is ground too fine or the barista is tamping it too hard, restricting the water flow through the grounds. In an ideal world, every shot should be timed to make sure the extraction is spot on; 2. The group head where the portafilter locks into the machine is extremely hot. When the portafilter gets left in there too long before brewing, it will burn the coffee sitting in the basket, which results in bad tasting coffee, and, 3. Last but not least, the biggest culprit and the one that is so very easy to avoid, a dirty and badly maintained espresso machine. Even the best barista has no hope of making anything half decent and consistent when the equipment they are working with is not serviced regularly.

Now that you know (and hopefully understand a little) of the science behind the extraction of great and not so great coffee, you can imagine the reason why some baristas have an almost cult like following. These baristas can extract the perfect coffee over and over again and create the perfect espresso, or the base for your favourite coffee to be enjoyed on the run or while relaxing and enjoying that great Gold Coast weather.




the lazy sunday words by Tamarie Buckland QCM Guest Chef


Protein Pancakes Sunday’s not your rest day? Been hitting the gym and need a great recovery brekkie without ruining your macros for the day? This delicious light and fluffy pancake is the answer. Blend: 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup cottage cheese (low fat if you like), 3 egg whites and 1-2 scoops protein powder - I use vanilla. Heat a medium sized non-stick pan over a medium to low heat and pour in pancake batter. I cook one pan sized pancake, but you can cook them smaller if you prefer. These pancakes puff up quite a bit when flipped and are cooked when they ‘bounce back’ when touched. About 2 mins each side. My favourite topping for these is banana, strawberries and all natural cacao peanut butter spread, but the options are endless: sugar free maple syrup & toasted nuts, shredded coconut & tropical fruit, warm berry coulis & vanilla yoghurt, coffee syrup & vanilla gelato, the combinations are endless.……


Those lazy Sunday mornings.. Whether you’re having a lie in or you’ve hit the ground running and need some post workout fuel, we all love a lazy weekend breakfast. Time to change it up and use your creativity (or just what’s left in the fridge lol). Baked Eggs Turn on the oven to 180 degrees and lightly grease a small baking dish. Spoon some tomato sugo onto the base. Put a handful of wilted spinach and some sliced chorizo sausage on top of the sauce. Break 1 or 2 eggs on top (depending on the size of your dish) and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 15-20 mins until the egg whites are set. Serve with hot buttered toast Note: You can replace the chorizo with ham, bacon, sautéed mushrooms…and even top it with sliced avocado after it comes out of the oven.

Quinoa Porridge For a different twist on hot steamy porridge, use the trendy ancient grain quinoa. Bring 2 cups of water, a cinnamon stick, a pinch of nutmeg and a strip of orange peel to the boil. Add 1 cup of rinsed quinoa, cover and reduce to a simmer. Cook for 20-25 mins until liquid is fully absorbed. Fluff with a fork and remove the cinnamon & orange. Serve with dairy, soy or almond milk, dried fruits, nuts, coconut, honey, pomegranate seeds or whatever takes your fancy! Serves 2 -4 depending on how hungry you are ;)


Forget the usual HCT, lets mix it up! Get your favourite bread or try a new one - Turkish pide, crusty pane de casa or a yummy rye full of seeds. Now, load it up! TRY: -hommus, smoked chicken, spinach and pickled beetroot -prosciutto, rocket, buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato and basil -grilled chicken breast, swiss cheese, gherkins and coleslaw -hot smoked salmon, lemon & dill cream cheese and watercress -tuna, sliced tomato, olives, spinach and provolone cheese -roast carrot dip, grilled eggplant & sweet potato, falafel and tabbouli -prawns, avocado, and bacon Toast in a flat grill or in a pan under a plate if you don’t have a flat grill.

Smoothies Liquid breakfast more your style? Blend up some amazing flavours bursting with nutrition to start your day. 1 - Pick your liquid - dairy milk, soy, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk or water. 2 - Add your favourite fruits - banana, berries, mango, melon, pineapple. 3 - Mix it up - add some extras like dates, goji berries, peanut butter, coffee, protein powder, chia, seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, oats, vanilla, honey, coconut oil or avocado. 4- Chuck in a handful of greens. WHAT? That’s right, greens. Throw in a handful of spinach, kale or any leafy greens that take your fancy. Your smoothie will look radioactive, but it will do you the world of good and you won’t even taste it! Promise. You can use a ‘greens supplement’ if you’d rather. 5 - Add some ice and blend away! A favourite of mine is berries, avocado, vanilla protein powder, spinach and coconut water. Yummo!


The Great

doing great things with this wine. Look for the distinctive and elegantly curved bottle that will add an extra touch of elegance to any occasion.

AUSTRALIAN FIZZ words by Lisa Johnston from Winemuse

Australians are drinking more Champagne than ever! Latest statistics show that we bought over five million bottles in 2012 and are now the seventh largest importer of the French bubbles. I know that I have succumbed to temptation once or twice in the past year or so, who else? And so with the strength of the Aussie Dollar, there are more imported sparkling wines such as Champagne, cava and Italian prosecco on our shelves and on our wine lists. In the past, Champagne has been out of reach of many of us, good Champagne can now be bought for less than $40 and if you know where & when to look less than $35. However, I believe that Australians have always had bubbles in our blood. We have always had a healthy appetite for sparkling wine and not just the imported wine from that hallowed region of France, Champagne (the only wine to legally be able to be called ‘Champagne’). Australian sparkling wine should not be considered an ‘also ran’ in this race. We have made some remarkable contributions to the sparkling wine world, we just do not tell the world about it and only export a very small fraction of what we produce. Ever noticed that the pop of the cork brings a smile to the faces around you. This is because the Champagne houses have, for well over a century, invested a lot of effort into creating the association between Champagne and celebration. Whether it be in recognition of an achievement big or small, celebrating a wedding or a birth, there is usually cork popping bubbles involved. Would we go ooh! aah! if the winner of the Grand Prix sprayed Red Bull everywhere, or celebrated with a nice cup of Java? I don’t think so! The best sparkling wines in Australia are coming from the regions with the coolest climates, not too dissimilar to those of Champagne. Tasmania and Tumbarumba produce wines that are taut with citrus fruit at their heart. Areas such as Central and Southern Victoria and Adelaide Hills produce wines with a slightly riper, more stonefruit profile.

And let’s not forget light frothy moscato, with its grapey, Turkish delight guile that brings with it a sweet sense of fun that is in no way the domain of just the girls. The best have some savoury complexity and make great aperitifs or dessert wines. So next time you reach for a bottle of the bubbles, why not choose Australian. Cheers! In celebration of this first edition of QCM, here are my top five Australian Sparkling wines for special and everyday drinking.

Arras 2004 Grand Vintage ($70) This is one for full flavoured, finely textured Champagne lovers with its rich brioche, honey and almond nougat opulence overlaying the zesty citrus fruit, peel and all. The lushness is kept fresh with a line of acid along the long toasted length with a taut finish. A good fizz for that special celebration or to enjoy with a light starter to put a touch of luxury to your meal. Yellowglen Perle 2009 ($25) Soft ripe apple and citrus with yeasty bread and nuts provide plenty of interest while delivering creamy texture. Well-made and well priced. A refreshing aperitif style of crisp bubbles. Brown Brothers NV Prosecco ($19) A crowd pleasing style of Australian prosecco with pretty floral scented, apple and lemon/lime. The fruit is fresh and generous while still zipping along the tongue. Served chilled with friends. Majella Sparkling 2007 Shiraz ($28) Plum hued gorgeousness flows from the bottle offering rich cassis, liquorice, and mint chocolate. Velvety and smooth, think outside the box with this one: it would accompany dark chocolate almost as well as bacon & eggs. Wirra Wirra Mrs Wiggly Moscato ($18) A moscato should be delicate and this one is all that it should be, a pale pink, but no means insipid, bubbly. There is a lovely soft lick of musky sweetness and frothy bubbly, all kept together with fresh acid. Not just for summer, although it certainly makes you think of cheerfulness and warmer days.

Over recent years, I have noticed that Australian Prosecco has been popping up in conversations as well as in our glasses. The producers in Victoria’s King Valley have been



day Aussies when it’s so obvious that politics is life and life is politics? Why are we so comfortable talking about politics until it is labelled with that name?

the ‘P’ word words by Troy Turner

It is a fact that most young Australians are distrustful, disenchanted and disengaged when it comes to politics. Every time politics comes up in conversation I inevitably hear “I hate politics,” spoken with dismissive pride.


ut when we keep talking and we have a few more sips of our sugar-free, nonfat, vanilla soy double shot decaf no foam extra hot Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas it’s usually the same people who have the most passionate and strongly held opinions about the state of their city, their country and their world. You see, I can’t count the number of political conversations I have had this week. Everything from foreign relations, civil rights and the judiciary to the economy, infrastructure and even that old chestnut, climate change. And in run of the mill places too, like in the queue at woollies, at the gym and at lunch. But none of these conversations started with the P word. They were all sparked by the events happening around us, or what someone had heard last night on the news, or a crazy opinion a friend of a friend has. Most Aussies can’t or are seemingly unwilling to connect life to politics. But when you think about it, we’re immersed in political discourse everyday. Schappelle Corby, foreign relations; asylum seekers, civil rights; lenient sentences for king-hitters, the judiciary; QANTAS’s profit loss and Toyota closing, the economy; how bad traffic is on the Pacific Highway, infrastructure; and one that keeps coming up living in Queensland, the drought which is about climate change. Not once in any of these conversations was there a mention of Tony Abbott, or Bill Shorten, of Parliament, of chief whips or of divisions. And there doesn’t have to be. But why is there such a disconnect between our political system, Canberra and every-


There are three reasons: First, Capital P politics is bloody boring. There are very few inspirational characters walking the halls of power. There aren’t too many times a politician will make you think of how great this country could be, or of how great you could be in making it a reality. The most we get are glimpses of greatness, like Kevin Rudd with the official sorry to indigenous Aussies, or John Howard with the gun buy-back scheme, of Julia Gillard and the Gonski reforms, or Adam Bandt, Penny Wong and Tanya Plibersek on marriage equality. The second reason is politicians spend their careers trying to convince us they are just like you and me, when they clearly aren’t. This has the effect of making them appear false, untrustworthy and often hysterically kitsch (think “fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate” and “shit happens”). Most politicians, at least at a State and Federal level, are highly educated, have worked in a corporate environment the majority of their careers and are well off or even rich. On a whole, they’re a decidedly white-collar bunch. For example, Tony Abbot is a Rhodes Scholar, Kevin Rudd speaks Mandarin fluently and is married to a woman worth more than $200 million and Malcom Turnbull is so wealthy he has made the BRW Rich List, twice.

The third reason is really concerning and represents a fundamental problem faced by the Australian political machine. Generations X, Y and the newly emerging generation called Z do not have a political party that represents their political outlook and worldview. While the statements you are about to read are sweeping they generally ring true, especially for young Australians. The ALP is traditionally strong on social policy and on industrial relations, but is too free with spending and the economy. Conversely, the Liberal Party performs really well when it comes to the economy, but is far too conservative socially. And the emerging political force, the Greens, is spot on socially but sacrifices the economy for their environmental beliefs.

What young Australians want is a party that is about social justice, that creates equal opportunity without impinging on the business sector’s potential to grow. We want political representation which understands we care about things like climate change, about racism and prejudice, about marriage equality, about human rights, about a fair go at work and having a good education. But we marry these seamlessly with caring about fiscal surplus and deficit, we want national debt only for good reasons, we want lower taxes, we want good jobs and the ability to grow our personal wealth, - we want a strong economy. How do we get young Australians re-engaged in capital P politics? Show us some vision for our society, be real even if you are filthy rich and intimidatingly smart, and be socially liberal but economically conservative. Do these things and we’ll stop hating politics. Do these things and you’ll have our attention and probably our vote, too.




She is the blonde bombshell with the easy smile and the contagious laugh who graces our TV screens for Weekend Today. But when we first spoke to Leila she had just wrapped up filming a scene for something much darker. We asked Leila about Inside Story, the experience and the pressure of anchoring her own series. “I feel very fortunate to have been able to question the victims of some of the crimes that created headlines in Australia, they’ve been through things no one should have to suffer and have gone on with their lives with such grace and determination. It’s also been illuminating to speak to the detectives who do incredible work, and to learn from the experts about what motivates seemingly ordinary people to do such despicable things. There’s always pressure in television, but luckily we all know some things work because it’s the right show at the right time, and even great shows sometimes fail, we are all proud of Inside Story and it would be wonderful to have a new prime time current affairs show but we can only hope it strikes a chord with viewers.” The first episode of Inside Story, ‘Crocodile Tears’, centres on killers who have not only committed horrendous murders but have also played the victim to attempt to get away with the crime. Leila has researched, interviewed and reported on these horrific murders whilst pregnant with her second child. We asked how this has affected her perceptions and how she coped with two such opposite ends of a spectrum. “I think most people have great empathy, but when you add in the hormones of pregnancy it dials it up to the extreme. I’ve definitely come home teary about crimes, especially the ones involving children, and Ted got lots of extra hugs. Although I don’t think my perceptions have changed really, I’ve been a reporter for twenty years so I know some people can be heartless and violent, you just have to remember most people are normal, loving and compassionate.” Reading Leila’s bio there is one thing which instantly jumps out, born in Iran. This was something we simply had to enquire about. “Dad was working as a motor mechanic for the Shah of Iran looking after his huge fleet of luxury cars, it sounds exciting but I don’t remember a thing. I’m glad I got my Iranian name though, it used to be very unusual but it’s a very popular name for babies at the moment.” >



From completing her degree in Journalism at QUT, beginning a career at The Sunday Telegraph, and then accepting a cadetship at WIN Television in Rockhampton, Leila has worked hard to become a major player on the Nine Network. We asked Leila if she felt there was a stigma attached to being the wife of Nine Networks CEO David Gyngell? “Probably but what can I do? I’ve learned to just keep working hard, trying to be the best, and people can work out what they want to believe.”

With a very successful career we were interested to know, if not Journalism what would Leila be doing? “I’d love to study again, I’d probably do a degree in history. And my fantasy job is being in the mounted police. But I can’t imagine stopping journalism, I’m too nosy, I love interviewing people, I love writing and I don’t mind a bit of travel and glamour from time to time.”

With a career spanning two decades, Leila has been on location reporting on some of the most memorable and inspiring stories the world over, when asked of the most memorable? “I’ve had so many, people are always inspiring me, whether they’re farmers who never give up, or victims of crime who’ve had to rebuild their lives, old soldiers, carers, there are so many ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things under difficult circumstances. In terms of celebrities and big events, going to Guantanamo Bay was an eye opener, the Academy Awards, the London Olympics, the Royal Wedding, Cyclone Yasi, the Brisbane Floods, interviewing Princes William and Harry. It’s all been amazing.” Watching Channel Nine it can seem like Leila is on every second program, if not chatting on Weekend Today, co-hosting ACA, or reporting a story on ACA, and now on Inside Story, its easy to wonder how she fits it all in. We asked Leila about balancing her career with raising her son Ted, while expecting baby number two. “I think I manage just the same as everyone else, juggling childcare, mum, my mother in law, and whoever else I can rope in. I’m lucky that I don’t have an 8am until 6pm job, I work mornings on the weekend and go out on shoots during the week and write stories from home, and any small amounts of time I get to myself I like to read, although that’s sort of working too as I review four books a month for the Australian Women’s Weekly”


Inside Story Team - Tom Steinfort, Alicia Loxley, Leila McKinnon, Peter Stefanovic INSIDE STORY - CHANNEL 9 - LOOK OUT FOR SERIES TWO



TU wo

RE mu FE ST s IV A ic L

rd rad s by io Dyl ho a st n A JO dle Y9 r 4.9

from his forthcoming album. After accepting that I would not be able to hear Macklemore perform White Walls I moved over to the Safari stage just in time to catch Tinie Tempah’s set. While there wasn’t the biggest crowd at the Safari stage, Tinie’s energy and killer smile made up for it in spades. Rudimental came on after Tinie’s set, the Feel the Love UK act took to the stage with a total of 9 musicians, with three of the accompanying singers covering the vocal styles of John Newman and Emeli Sande flawlessly throwing positive vibes out into the atmosphere. I left Melbourne Showgrounds with the understanding that gym is good and respecting other people’s personal space is over rated. If you missed out on going to Future Music Festival 2014 don’t stress, in general you could recreate the day with a So Fresh and Hard NRG CD and bottle of Cuervo.

uture Music Festival has been and gone for another year, the obligatory shredding and tanning regime conversations can now be put to bed for a while and the club DJ’s have a whole new set of playlists that they can recycle right up until Spring. Going back to the gym bods and images of vanity for a mere moment, festivals like Future, Stereosonic and Big Day Out have more topless Adonis archetypes than a Mardi Gras after party. When I was going through the festivals line up in the lead up to the day, I had a feeling of excitement to immerse my hungry ear drums in a day full of international and local music. Reality burst that endearing positive bubble shortly after walking through the gates and entering a sea of generic electro and a crowd of 45,000; although in saying that I think I actually met the real life characters of Ciggy Butt Brain.


Pharrell and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed at the Future Music main stage however due to audio faults you could barely hear Pharrell’s and Macklemore’s vocals but they looked like they had fun up there on stage. I am in no way discrediting either Pharrell or Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as artists or performers, even with their vocals being turned all the way down they had control over the crowds. Knife Party presented their own stage called Haunted House where Netsky, Sub Focus, Chase & Status and Knife Party performed to a packed crowd losing themselves in drum and bass rhythms. Netsky was definitely a stand out from FMF Melbourne 2014, using live music in his set he was able to bring a depth to the afternoon that a lot of artists could not (R3Hab and Carnage for example). Netsky’s use of visuals tantalized the senses and his set list ranged from some of his original tracks right up to a new song



really Miley? words by Dylan Adler radio host JOY 94.9


Why is it that as soon as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club comes of age, the humble sweet identity we’ve come to recognise and tolerate tries to break the Disney mould by showing how precocious and drug enthusiastic they are? Miley Cyrus is no different to this cut/copy fit. However, collaborations with Big Sean, French Montana and Ludacris (just to name a few) has Miley armed with the makings of a great party album. The opening track, Adore You, followed by We Can’t Stop and of course Wrecking Ball are fantastic pop ballads that show off Miley’s range and vocal abilities. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Cyrus confirmed that the album is a story of her publicly scrutinised relationship with Liam Hemsworth. So you can see where the absence of clothing is fuelled from, in both her video clips and stage performances (nothing does gratify yourself the same as showing off your bod knowing that your ex can see you but can’t have you). A few weeks ago I spoke with Gorestep DJ Borgore and I asked him how he felt about Miley Cyrus after he used her vocals in his track Decisions. The Buygore record label founder said that in the studios Miley was incredibly professional however he couldn’t say the same about her “choice of fashion”. Borgore did reiterate by saying that if you look at most 21 year old girls in America’s Instagram you will find the same antics, drugs, provocative imagery and a whole lot of partying. >


Looking at her party tracks, like the collaboration with Britney Spears; SMS (Bangerz) produced by Mike Will Made It or Do My Thang, Cyrus shows that she can be regarded as a strong female artist. This is not said without a big however (cue the rolling eyes or applause depending on where your opinion lies); if you look at Bangerz as a debut into the hip hop scene, Miley is drawing at the end of the game. If you are to compare her style to Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product or even Australia’s Iggy Azalea or Tkay Maidza you’d be quick to say that Bangerz lacks teeth. Snow Tha Products mixtape Good Nights and Bad Mornings: The Hangover brings the same hard hitting bass to the table without needing to fall into a gimmick like Bangerz so easily did. Australia’s Iggy Azalea’s 2013 release is another example of how a solid hip hop album with club banger music beds can be done without falling into monotony. Miss Cyrus is truly blessed to have the footing that she has been afforded as it has given her an opportunity to have the freedom to create an E.P that she has wanted to create, you can hear in each track how much fun Cyrus had making this album, but is fun enough to make it as a commercial artist? Stand out tracks - Drive, Hands In The Air ft Ludacris, Do My Thang It’s not the worst album from 2013.






e n h



i g n n

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ic m

e d er

I would also deliver stock to customers in shopping centres using Woolworths trolleys, trying to save on courier costs, but soon realised it was costing me more than saving! words by Premal Patel Founder Premonition Visit Premonition

r p p

Our showcase for QCM’s debut issue is the Australian fashion label, Premonition, and the mind behind it, Premal Patel. QCM spoke to Premal about the origins, inspirations, and the future of Premonition.

I had literally turned my parents home into a warehouse, storing fabric rolls and stock everywhere. Finally after two years my parents kicked my business out of their home and I opened my first studio/warehouse in Surry Hills and I employed my first 3 employees within that year. The brand has grown so well and so organically. We have introduced womenswear in the last three years and it has grown at an exponential rate. So much so that we are also launching a second womens diffusion line. The brand had three stores about two years ago, but now has two main stores. With the online business going so strong, there seemed little point to have so many stores, especially when they were ALL located around Sydney. We are currently stocking over 300 boutiques Australia-wide, with stores in America, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

I got into fashion at a time when there wasn’t much variety in menswear. It was around the time that box cut fits were all there was around. So I decided to launch a collection of menswear that was fitted. As I went to the gym and had a small frame myself I was quite conscious of how menswear would swim on me, tops would be fitted on the shoulders but so baggy at the bottom.

With the growth and popularity of Premonition I’m looking to open a Premonition flagship store in every capital city in Australia. I’m also looking to launch a third brand, as I’m loving creating brands with new DNAs . Fashion can be so broad with so many tastes; so I really love catering for a few different types of markets.

Premonition started out of the back of my bronze Volvo station wagon, when I was 23. My car became my mobile office. I used to leave home at 6:30 every morning and would get home around 8pm every night . This went on for about 2 years , I would be running around from pattern-makers to printers, from fabric stores to manufacturers, all the while my mobile office was never far away. I even showcased the collection to some buyers from the boot of my car. I also remember writing orders on Crown Street from the back of my Volvo.

Now looking back on my first collection I have no idea why anyone would have bought any of it, but I guess the mens market was crying out for something new and body flattering. The first season was a hit!










THE PIN words by Justin James images courtesy V&R

Viktor&Rolf is the avant-garde fashion house created by designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren after their graduation from Arnhem Academy of Art and Design in 1992. Their first mens fragrance was Antidote in 2006. Although in that time Viktor&Rolf have released numerous womens fragrances including Flowerbomb and its variants, Eua Mega in 2009, and BonBon most recently in 2014. After the success of the womens fragrance ‘Flowerbomb’ in 2005, Viktor&Rolf certainly made us wait for the male counterpart. Spicebomb didn’t launch until 2012, an achingly long wait, but well worth it. An all star cast was assembled to bring us all ‘Spicebomb’ which obviously includes the sexy, sometimes bearded Viktor&Rolf. They enlisted the perfumer Olivier Polge, a star in my eyes just quietly, Olivier is the nose behind masterpieces like the now out of production Kenzo Power, and Diesel Only The Brave.

Of course one of the major talking points for this fragrance before you actually smell it is the magnificent hand grenade flacon; designed by the world renowned Fabien Baron, Baron is the creative mind behind trademark flacons such as the CK1 series, and the Issey Miyake flacons. Add to this the face of model Sean O’Pry, the photography of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, along with the commercial also featuring Sean O’Pry, one could be forgiven for impulse buying before even smelling the fragrance. So already, with the names mentioned you get excited at what could come of such a collaboration, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. The fragrance itself is a study in hot and cold. Dubbed the Oriental Extrovert, the scent opens with bergamont and grapefruit, followed by elemi and pink pepper in the heart, and leather, tabacco and vetiver in the base. The scent is initially fresh whilst being warm. The bergamont is dominant with a subtle citrus undertone. The pink pepper follows very closely lending extra punch and heat. But it’s the base which really gets me, the warmth and masculinity of the base is sweet yet primal. This fragrance has great longevity and strength and is something that could be worn anytime. I was quoted on Twitter last year with this description “...The final notes [of Viktor&Rolf’s Spicebomb] are like a gorgeous man raising the blankets letting you into a warm bed...” Justin James I eagerly look forward to Viktor&Rolf’s next male installment, I just hope the wait isn’t quite so long this time around...


TOXIC = FAT? words by Duane Taylor The Performance Coach

Are Toxins Making You Fat? I think it’s pretty common knowledge that a healthy diet and some form of daily exercise, even if it’s just a brief walk to the end of the street and back, will go a long way to maintaining a healthy body. It’s also equally as important to get a good night’s sleep so our body can recharge and recuperate. But what if you are already doing these things and you still cannot release those few stubborn kilos? Obesity is definitely on the rise. Australia is now the fourth fattest nation on the planet and not only in adults, with childhood obesity is also on the rapid rise. Latest research suggests that environmental factors may be contributing to the rise in obesity. We are exposed to numerous toxins every day in our food, medications, household cleaning products, air, water and even stress. Some of these environmental triggers are sometimes referred to as “obesogens” and may alter metabolic processes within the body and be responsible for our weight gain or inability to lose weight. While we cannot escape all these toxins, we can limit our exposure to them and look after our body so we clear out the garbage that’s built up as toxic overload. So what can we do to reduce the toxic overload in our body?


1. Use natural skincare products. Most skincare products contain a plethora of toxic chemicals. Your skin is like a sponge and absorbs these harmful chemicals. Think about having a nice hot shower - all your pores are open and therefore absorbing such things as chlorine in the water supply, chemicals in soaps, shampoos and the list goes on. Use a shower filter, this will reduce dryness in your skin and help minimise exposure to such chemicals. 2. Avoid certain plastics. We are all becoming a population of drinking bottled water. Some plastics, including those our bottled water is stored in, contains toxins that can leach into the water. Not to mention how we store our food. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a toxin found in some plastics and has been linked to abdominal fat and glucose intolerance at low levels. Use stainless steel, glass or BPA free plastics. 3. Choose green for cleaning your home. Personally I like to use microfiber cloths to clean around the home, especially those that have silver embedded into the fibre. Bacteria can not grow on silver and therefore kills it upon contact. Another method is using steam rather than polluting your home with harmful chemicals. 4. Give up the cigarettes. Cigarette smoke contains millions of toxic chemicals and some are expected obesogens. 5. Detox your body. You only get one body so treat it like a temple. The body is very complex and naturally detoxifies itself, but when overloaded, starts to struggle and break down. Eating close to nature will support your body in the detoxification process and fasting for 1-2 days can help assist the body to stimulate greater detoxification. The reasons why people are becoming overweight is complex and many factors need to be taken into consideration including calorie intake and energy expenditure. It is still too early to determine what impact certain toxins are playing on making us obese. But certainly avoiding or reducing your exposure will only improve your health and wellbeing and you will feel better for making the change.


MY HAIR!? words by Andy Moran Hair Stylist

It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I realized how important my hairstyle was to my over all image. I had no idea what cut would suit my face shape or what products would do what. When I look around at the younger generation today they already have it all figured out, a lot earlier than I ever did. Little do they know that in the years to come they will be faced with a problem that affects the majority of men and woman at some stage of their lives. Thinning Hair. Now after working in the industry for over 14 years I thought I would answer the most common and feared question asked to us hairdressers: HOW DO I STOP MY HAIR FROM THINNING? It is quite normal to lose hair. On average we lose anywhere from 40 to 120 strands of hair per day. But before I get into how to keep your hair, let me tell you some of the main reasons you might be losing it. Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency : Iron, Vitamin B Stress : Surgery, Loss of job, death in the family Medications : Lots of medications have a side effect of hair loss Illness and Infection Rough handling of your hair Dirty Scalp : Can block new hair strands from pushing through the scalp Alopecia Areata : Patchy hair loss Androgenetic Alopecia : Male pattern baldness

When you start to notice a difference in your hair’s thickness or start to notice more hair falling out than usual, the sooner you get onto treatments the better success you will have with regaining your hair. Although we can’t cure hair loss or stop the process there are lots of ways now to throw a spanner in the works and slow this process right down. So before you freak out and think “I have to shave my head,” have a look at what’s currently on offer nowadays to combat this problem.


Shampoo, Conditioner, Tonic Hair loss programs are available from selected Hair Salons or your local Chemist. These Hair Loss Systems usually consist of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic which is a liquid that is applied to the scalp after a shower. The system works on stimulating the blood flow to the scalp and helps to reactivate the hair follicle. All 3 of these products generally feel quite cool and tingly on the scalp and need to be left on for the desired amount of time instructed. You will have best results using all 3 of these products on a daily basis. Most people see results within 8 weeks of starting this system. Hint: What they won’t tell you is shampooing your hair with a massage finger brush helps stimulate the blood better than shampooing with your fingers. Plus it helps keep your scalp clean. Tablets The most talked about and successful Drug Treatment Tablet is Propecia. This medication is normally for male pattern baldness and can only be prescribed by a doctor. This treatment program is a matter of taking 1 tablet per day. Results vary Laser Hair Loss Therapy Is a treatment that works by emitting a low light that penetrates the scalp increasing the blood flow and promotes new growth. Many sessions are needed before results are seen. Hair Transplant Surgery Implants of individual follicles have now taken over from the good old hair plug days producing a much more realistic look. The procedure is long with the surgeon cutting off strips of the scalp at the back of the head, the follicles are then separated and transplanted to the affected area. This is costly, painful and can leave scarring if done incorrectly, so guys take your time thinking about this procedure and whether it’s really right for you.

Remember these are not permanent solutions and I guess at some stage of our lives we are all going to fall victims to our genes. Don’t forget there is always the solution of using clippers on the hair...






PHUKET words by Tracy Jarvis International Traveller


huket is a city located in the southeast of Phuket Island, Thailand. It is the capital of the Phuket Province, covering all of the island. As of 2007 the city has a population of 75,573 people. We decided this would be our next destination for our family holiday and just to spice things up a bit I also invited my mum who lives in New Zealand. This was one of our best holidays yet, as an example of how much you can physically fit into a day; we were elephant trekking in the morning, parasailing on Patong beach after lunch, and shopped all afternoon, on our first day! Phuket comes alive even more so at night, there are hundreds of bars and little drinking spots, a few of them are even run by ex pat aussies who always want to know whats happening back at home. At Patong there is great nightlife with many bars and restaurants, and you just have to walk to Bangala Road to check out the Lady Boys, I was shocked, sometimes I just couldn’t tell. Getting around Phuket is also simple and can be done one of two ways, you can arrange a private car or use the hundreds of tuk-tuks available, they’re everywhere. We used the tuk-tuks every chance we got, as long as you agree on a price before you go you won’t get ripped off. At night you can also get a “disco tuk-tuk” with their neon lights and music, this was a great way to see the island at night.

do most mornings, and Go Cart Racing, which happened to be my husband’s favorite as well. It was almost impossible to get them off the track as one go is just not enough, apparently. What we did next was a little scary, we got to go into an enclosure with some huge tigers. One thing that did make me laugh was the sign on the outside of the cage saying “Don’t Put Your Fingers through Cage As They May Get Bitten” and here we are going inside the enclosure, with the tigers. I guess losing a finger is more important than getting mauled. We got to lay with the tigers and have our photos taken, but I wont lie, this was a little nerve racking. Once the weekend was upon us we ventured to the Weekend Markets over in Phuket Town, this was what I had been looking forward to. This is a huge market that sells everything, you may even need both days to check it out as there are hundreds of >

Elephant trekking was my mum’s favourite activity, we were picked up at our hotel in an air conditioned van, then taken south along the coast to the hills of Chalong, the drive was a great chance to take in the scenery of the coast. Once there we were treated to a show featuring the baby elephants which was impressive, afterwards you could purchase a basket of bananas and feed them. Next came time to trek through the jungle with these enormous animals, it was a indescribable experience and one I would definitely do again. My son’s favourite activities were parasailing, which he would



stalls. A quick shopper’s tip - It pays to buy something when you see it as trying to go back and find the stall later on can be a mission! If visiting these markets, make sure you go early as it gets very busy. We also attended The Fantasea Show, with its bright coloured lights and live elephants, it was an over the top caberet but it was great. It’s a good idea to arrive early so you can experience the amusement park before you watch the show. We had booked a trip to James Bond Island which sits with Khao Phing Kan, a pair of islands on the west coast of Thailand, in the Phang Nga Bay, Strait of Malacca. About 40 metres from its shores lies a 20 metre tall islet Ko Tapu or Khao Tapu. This trip lets you stop off at a few other islands around the area where we got to snorkel or just relax on some deck chairs. At another island you got to canoe around and even through some caves, this is also must to do. The scenery is beautiful with thousands of islands scattered around, one of which we stopped at for lunch, all in all the trip was fantasic but I felt one boat trip was more than enough. We stayed at Patong Beach at the Banthai Resort which was the perfect location for us. Patong has everything, with the beach across the road and tons of water activities for all ages. We got to know the people that ran these activities quite well, they were very friendly and so we felt perfectly safe. Go back to the same people and the more times you use them the cheaper the price gets. Parasailing is a great experience, go see Joe, he will look after you. I actually found some of the best shopping was at Patong, there is a huge shopping mall plus so many markets, but don’t forget it can only be cheap if you barter and be cheeky, they will. We spent hours in these markets most days, I spent more time in there secret back rooms than I did in our hotel room, my Mum came home with at least 10 handbags. My son brought back a lot of ex army gear, they really do sell everything over there. When it was time to leave our suitcases were full and we had plenty of hand luggage, but the great thing was we hadn’t even spent half of what we took over there. Exchanging your currency over there you get a much better rate and no fees, so just change a little here before you go. I haven’t even told you half of what there is to do there, go and experience it for yourself you wont be disappointed it has everything for everyone. We are heading back in October so we might see you there. On the off chance all you want is a relaxing break, Phuket offers that too, you won’t get a better massage anywhere else.




QCM The Melbournian Queenslander Issue One April 2014  

The debut issue of the Gold Coast's newest and most exciting free publication, QCM The Melbournian Queenslander. Taste - Fashion - Health -...

QCM The Melbournian Queenslander Issue One April 2014  

The debut issue of the Gold Coast's newest and most exciting free publication, QCM The Melbournian Queenslander. Taste - Fashion - Health -...