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Affects Of ocean Acidification

An estimated amount of eight million tons of trash is thrown every year into our oceans which in most cases always leads to the proccess known as ocean acidification.

Hypothesis: Around the world according to www. an estimated amount of 100,000 marine mammals and one millon birds die by ingesting or getting stuck in trash.

Trash and other manmade chemicals dumped into the ocean affect all the marine life by slowly rusting their environment and taking away all remaining oxygen in the area killing all animals in it’s range.

Dependent variable: The amount of acid in the ocean. Independent variable: Acid levels in the ocean Length of study: 4 days Control group: seashells in acidic water for 3 days.

treatment: 12 seashells in a jar filled with water previously squeezed with 2 limes and a liter of water Pre data: collected by checking the number of seashells put into the jar and checking the status of the shells. Post data: Checking to see if the seashells were harmed or damaged in any way.

Hypothesis: If people stop ruinning our oceans by throwing trash and deadly oils into our water then things like marine life won’t be harmed.

Examples of ocean acidification: Oil spills, factories,nuclear plants and immense amounts of trash in our oceans Etc.

Anthropogenic impacts booklet  
Anthropogenic impacts booklet