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What Causes Stuck?

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I want to talk about how to get stuck in your video marketing. I just had a moment a couple of minutes ago where I still got a bunch more of videos today and I’m running out of time and I don’t know what to do. It’s the first time I experienced stuck in a little while, stuck at that level. I created a little mini-course on what to do to get unstuck. We’ll start with what causes stuck?

Stuck is cause by inactivity. It’s cause by not moving a direction and stopping and taking a break and then having to get started again, not necessarily being motivated to start again. For me, I just created my 16th video of the day and I was afraid of running out of time and that’s a thing for me. If I feel like I don’t have enough time, then I start putting up these mental barriers and I know that. The truth of the matters is I got plenty of time. There’s always an abundance of time. In reality, I got some time. I’ve got 15 minutes left to do this, but the mind wants to shut down and wants to experience stuck and if the mind wants to experience stuck, then I’ll experience stuck. You get stuck when you have lack of direction and purpose. You don’t know what direction you’re moving in and you don’t know where to go and you’re looking for the perfect solution and you don’t know how to take it. There’s a couple of different things. There’s the big time stuck like when we say, “I’m stuck in life.” People call that depressed as well. There’s the little time stuck which is the little things where we get stuck or we get a little hung up. My theory, just a theory, is that those little stucks, you build up those little stucks over a period of time. That’s when you actually get into the big stuck.

We’re going to talk about today how to deal with those little stuck so you can get unstuck and you start creating some awesome contents. Thanks a lot for listening.

What Causes Stuck  
What Causes Stuck