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What Am I Talking About?

To Read the Whole Text, Go To - What Am I Talking About? Hey, this is Justin. I wanted to share an insight that I just had. I do a ton of these videos and the feeling, always in the back of my head is, like what are you talking about? What are you saying? What do you have to say that is actually worth listening to? What are the few other pieces? What you’re saying is actually destructive for people, that’s [inaudible/wind] the back of my head. So what I’ve done is ask people to watch my videos, people that I respect a ton.

The funny thing is it is asking for feedback, looking for constructive feedback. I realized I was asking from a place of tell me what I’m talking about because I have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s a funny thing. I just realized that I’ve been doing that with people and haven’t had the people that I’ve asked provide the feedback for whatever reason because I was asking from a place for them to tell me what I’m talking about. I think there’s a value in a way, powerful way to deliver that message but there’s also an un-powerful way to deliver that message. So, when you are not getting the results that you want you want to uncover, start getting to the bottom of what’s going on and how you’re communicating with people that’s getting in the way of you actually having the results that you’re looking for and the results that you want. So, thanks for listening to this message. Make today an awesome day.

What Am I Talking About  
What Am I Talking About