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Vision Versus Agenda

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Vision Versus Agenda Below is a transcription of this video – I was thinking about the difference between a vision and an agenda. I was having a conversation with someone who was working on a project with a friend of theirs and I don’t want to get into to many specifics because they don’t matter here, but he was saying this person has such a big vision but it doesn’t come off that way. I realized it just feels strange being around him all the time. Not because it’s uncomfortable but when he was explaining what the person had, I realized that he has an agenda and that he wants to go someplace.

I’ve experienced myself that when you have a vision you want to create, it’s a big thing and it comes from inspiration. Within the execution, it kind of goes back and forth between vision and agenda. I guess agenda comes when you are being selfish and you want to look a certain way and needs to work a specific way whereas a vision can really encompass a lot of people. It’s inspiring to a lot for people and it can impact a lot of people. An agenda the only opportunity for anyone else to participate is as a servant or a worker I just wanted to share that view I just had.

Vision Versus Agena  
Vision Versus Agena