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Time, Time, Time

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Time, Time, Time Below is a transcription of this video Let’s talk about something that either works for me or works against me quite a bit or works for you or works against you quite a bit. It’s time and it’s the feeling of scarcity of time or abundance of time. It’s funny, whenever I’m up, there’s two ways that I use time to my advantage and if I misuse it – One way to use time pretty quickly is to create a goal that you want to achieve and to do it very quickly to give yourself the collapse time because Parkinson’s

Law says the amount of work will expand to the amount of time so if you collapse the amount of time, you can collapse what you actually produce. What if it’s something that you’re resisting, something that you don’t want to give, that’s when I start using the concept of of the expansion of time and give myself an unlimited amount of time to get it done. What that does is that frees up my –

Time Time Time