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Throwaway Words

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Below is a transcription of this video – We are going to talk about throwaway words. I realize in my last video, I caught myself saying ‘kind of’ and ‘um’ about fourteen times. What do you do when you see those things and, wow, I just did it again! Really, the first step, not that I am a master at this obviously because you have seen me trip up a couple of times, but the first step it to catch yourself doing it and bring it to your conscious mind when you are doing it. That is the first step. Most people who use those throwaway words, those ‘kind of’s', those ‘um’s,’ those things that don’t necessarily say anything while they are waiting for the

next thing that they need to say – those are the people who are doing it, most of the time unconsciously. If you catch yourself doing it and raise it to your consciousness, that will help you head in the right direction. I’m no Timothy Ferris using the ‘f’ word when he does not want to say a word. When he hears himself saying a word too many times, he uses that to definitely bring it to the conscious. You don’t want to do that too many times. Think of little tricks, catch yourself doing it. I actually verbalize it, make a joke, self-deprecating joke about it when I do it, so oops, just did it again. There’s another one. Make a self-deprecating joke to remember it to actually bring it to the consciousness. That will get you on the direction of getting away from it. You can also play these games with yourself and see how many times you catch yourself doing it during the day. The goal is not to get zero; the goal is to actually catch yourself and be diligent about catching yourself. That’s really the goal and that’s where the power comes from if you can catch yourself doing something that you shouldn’t be doing. Thanks a lot for listening. Make today an awesome day.

Throwaway Words