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Thirty-Dollar Test Clip

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Below is a transcription of this video Hey, this is Justin. I’m recording this video inside of a commitment to record three thousand, share three thousand videos in the next 90 days. And I’m doing that for a couple of different reasons, one, is to increase to our revenue and two, to develop myself as an awesome communicator. So, actually I couldn’t increase my revenue, right? So, I just shared the video just to fairly record, that I just finished recording. What I do is I go visit somebody or train and I want to implement things like that. Really the speed of implementation is really quick and so this is the audio about fifteen minutes ago.

Let’s start recording the video on some brainstorming, it was about these income producing activity so think about a four minute brainstorm on the income producing activities and then I recorded the second video, I got crystal clear about what my income producing activities are. One of them focuses on blogs. The third step that goes and then I recorded a video where I shared out what I did, right? The lessons that I got, that’s a benefit for me, the lessons I got out of doing that exercise. Second, training out those… to do what I did like real time. Like “in the moment,” and when I realized is when I was doing that training video, which is really cool when you do a training video where you realize “what’s the best thing is, I didn’t do my actual steps.” I did do the actual steps that I was actually doing to input. So when I did my video on clarity, what I said was, “The things that I do are create videos, marketing messages and for both those videos I test paid the marketing strategies, I scaled all of those income marketing strategies that actually work and I never worked at for a couple of different network.” One to find out what they’re doing, purposively find out how can I help them in their business. I feel like I can help somebody get what they want that I could get what I want. And I’m genuinely interested in what other people would do and what the business buyers and it’s four incoming producing, four income producing activities. So, the next steps that I’ve got to take, if I look at that, for my videos, what I do is I record those and I’ve got a pretty good system in play for those. Next thing I’m going to do is hire somebody to do transcription and then that’s the piece that’s missing right now. I hire somebody to do the transcription so I can

actually turn these videos into audio posts and they can be video posts as it is right now, but they’re even better if we do them as audio posts as well. So, I hire somebody to do the transcription and then, the second thing is, find the promotion strategy that would work, that can actually get these videos through our semi-automated promotion strategy and one that has some viewer action that has some automated posts. So, work on the finding a promotion strategy for the video and then find out the next key marketing strategy and do a test in a video for thirty dollars. So let’s say thirty dollar test clip today or a for a fifty dollar test clip, I know I’m having a scare right now because I don’t have a marketing strategy that’s actually working. So, I don’t want to do that and then for the networking event there’s something I want to… The first week of April, I wanted is to invite some friends to get together for a while, so that’s the next thing. So, thanks a lot for listening, and make today an awesome day.

Thirty-Dollar Test Clip