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The Power of Video

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This is Justin. I want to share to you the power of video. This is for anybody who’s building a home-based business or building a traditional business or just wants to create some momentum inside of themselves and inside of the business. Why video is so powerful and I recommend these talking head videos.

People don’t have to watch me. I do 40 of these things a day and people don’t have to watch all 40 of these things, but one of the messages is going to speak to a new person. The beautiful thing about video is all it takes is about 30 seconds of prep time, creating an intention for where you want to get to with the end of the video and then you can just roll. Then you can either fulfill the intention or you don’t fulfill on the intention. This is being recorded with an iPhone right now. I’m just sitting out, hanging out and sharing this video. The powerful thing is what video allows you to do is have a conversation with yourself, especially if you have an iPhone and you can look at yourself and have a conversation with yourself and connect with another human being. What happens is you connect with another human being and get to know yourself pretty well by going through the video and when you get to know yourself very well, you realize what the message is going to actually going to make a difference for some other people. If you’re stuck in your business, no matter what you do and it’s not necessarily a strategy thing but if

you’re stuck in your business, just start shooting a ton of videos and shooting until you stop. What I find for myself is when I just start shooting a lot of videos, one, when I’m accessing, I’m tapping in some information that I didn’t really think about or I didn’t necessarily know about that’s inside of me. It has me in motion moving the direction, creating something that’s actually the easiest form for people to digest. The other beautiful thing about video is you can just transcribe it and transcription does not cost a lot of money at this point so that video can become a blog post, it can become an audio podcast. There’s tons of uses for actually creating the video. Now, the best stuff comes in interaction with other people but even if you’re alone and or with some other people, you can create some awesome information. One of my heroes is Bill Burr. There’s a podcast by himself and he just speaks for an hour at a time. This guy has got a deal with an hour and plus at a time and just speaks by himself and that’s tough.

Some people say that comes from having a huge ego but it really comes from somebody who can dig down inside of themselves and you got everything inside of you that can actually make difference. If you’re stuck at this point in time and you do not know what to do next, pick up your phone, your smartphone, pick up your computers, start recording videos and stop recording when you get on stuck and what you’ll find out is you might actually want to go with this thing and ride it for a long period of time. Thanks a lot for listening for this message. Make today an awesome day.

The Power of Video