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Take a Break

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Take a Break Below is a transcription of this video I want to talk about there’s an impact to everything that we do and we talked about breaks in the past and this is when I would say hey, I don’t want to do anymore right now. I want to take a little break There’s a couple of different breaks that we talked about. There is like a water break. A water break has very little impact. As you come back refreshed, the impact comes by taking away energy and time from what you’re actually doing.

Those are the two things that are critical. If you take a long break, then you have less time and you’re going to get a lot of stuff done and you want to have your energy focused when you’re doing videos on videos and not in a hundred different places. A water break doesn’t take a lot of time. It actually refreshes you and brings back some energy, so that’s very little impact. A meditation break, like meditating about a ten-minute period. I do a guided meditation through the Silva Method. That’s got a little impact too, a time impact, but it brings back some energy. Exercise takes more time. Exercise takes about 30 minutes, but it has the impacts of a lot of energy. Now, sleeping, sleeping is good. Sleeping is revitalizing, but sleeping usually takes a prep for a sleep period. Then a getting up period with usually a transition to getting back in the video, so there is an impact to that, meaning if you’re going to go to sleep during a training session, sometimes it’s necessary because sometimes we’re too tired to do it. If you go back to sleep during a video training session, there is going to be an impact to that. We’ve got to deal with impact later on down the road, which usually means we’re going to have to do a video session at a time when we’re even more tired later on down the road.

Well, that’s a breakthrough. Well, I’m only kind of tired now, especially in the morning, but at the end of the day when we’re really tired and really groggy, we’re going to have to do this session. The question is are you going to feel the pain, a little bit of pain now or do we feel a lot of pain later? I think that a good lesson. I never even thought about that before, but walking through that process. I realized it as hey, I want to go to sleep right now. The fact of the matter is do I want to go to sleep or do I really want to go to sleep and get a good night’s sleep tonight or do I want to be working on these videos tonight? The answer is let me sacrifice a little bit right now for the benefit of what’s going to happen later.

Take a Brake  
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