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Split-Testing Your Marketing Strategy

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Split-Testing Your Marketing Strategy Below is a transcription of this video I want to talk about split-testing your marketing strategy or thinking about it. I was thinking, it might actually be better to just do one video and promote that video in the amount of time that it takes to do the other 39 videos. Now, the challenge is, is doing that requires being near a computer, which means a whole new time commitment in a whole new way to work through time.

The fact of the matter is, there’s a block of time that’s available to do the work, to promote the video out and you’d probably do a pretty good in two hours promoting a specific blog post. I was thinking that conflicts with the commitment to create and share 40 videos a day, but I was thinking about it and it’s a possibility that it might switch from week to week. One-week do 40 videos a day, the other week do one video a day, just focus on promoting that video for the rest of the time. This is real-time; we’re creating a lot of video, so we take whatever we can get that appears at the time, so we’re thinking about that as a opportunity to do some split-testing and to try something a little bit different as we go on. Not married to the idea at this point in time, but something that I was just thinking about. To be able to see what strategy works and maybe it’s one video, maybe it’s 40 videos, maybe it’s 20 videos, maybe it’s a thousand videos. The point is, you want to split-test different things and introduce those splittesting sooner rather than later. Thanks a lot for listening and make today a great day.

Split - Testing Your Marketing Strategy  
Split - Testing Your Marketing Strategy