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Below is a transcription of this video – I’m recording this video on the way walking to the office on February 26, doesn’t necessarily matter. What I realized, I know generally in which direction I’m going in. I’m going a new route. I head to the bridge; it doesn’t make a difference to be specific. I head to the bridge. I know generally where I’m going there isn’t a specific map route where I’m going to go. I’m heading directionally in the correct direction.

If don’t have the specifics about where we’re going, I realized that taking a couple of minutes of doing a little planning can cause all the confidence in the world and it’s what I think makes the difference. I’ll get to where I want to go. Actually it’s going to take me about ten minutes more today to go the route I went before, that I went yesterday because I took a route that has a lot less traffic. What I realized is taking a couple of minutes to actually get a map in place and figure out which way I’m going specifically would make a whole lot more difference and what I’m doing a lot more effective. I realized that it’s not working picking up some speed. I’m gaining more confidence in what I’m actually doing. In your marketing, spend a couple of minutes, don’t spend too much time, spend a couple of minutes each day just planning out specifically where you want to go. Life can take turns and that’s a good thing, but if you start planning out where you’re going specifically in the beginning, you’re more likely to get some place that’s close to where you want to get to as opposed to shifting to someplace else. I realized when I operate without a road map, I forget what I did and I can’t replicate it, so if something works that day, it’s not replicatable, it’s not something I can do again and do over and over again. So make a little bit of a plan, figure out if you’ve stuck to that plan, then you’ve got a better chance of actually seeing what works and what you’re doing that makes a difference. Thanks a lot for listening to this. Make today an awesome day.

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