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To See the Whole Video, Go To - Opportunity Below is a transcription of this video – I got a three year old and my wife is from China and I’m from the United States. We’re taking her skiing on Sunday. We’re going to go visit someone that my wife worked with, one of her mentor’s houses. We live in Queens, New York and my wife was probably 20 years old before she met someone that wasn’t Chinese and until I came to Queens, I mostly spend time with people who are very similar to me and my daughter has friends from all over the world. The floor we used to live on had [inaudible] over 20 countries and that’s cool.

The opportunities that there are available kids today that weren’t available when I was growing up and the things that my daughter gets to experience that I didn’t get to experience are amazing. I had an amazing childhood but just to stop and think we kind of generally has a negative view of kind of how the world is going, right? It’s easy to be pessimistic and it’s easy to be upset and worried about it. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there, there’s a lot of cool opportunities out there, and I think we just need to actually seize those things and look at this. I’m working right now. I’m sitting here on a pier outside of Manhattan just recording a video late at night, this is work. I really wanted to do something like this five, six, seven years ago. I just wanted to share that information with you. Wow, it’s beautiful actually around here. I just wanted to share that information and just to express a little bit of gratitude here on a Monday night, almost Tuesday morning so thanks a lot for listening to this. Make today an awesome day. Thanks a lot for listening to this. Make today an awesome day. You’ll see a link down below this video. Click on this link, enter your best email address, we’ll see you on the other side.

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