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No School for You

To See the Whole Video, Go To - No School for You Below is a transcription of the file My daughter is three years old right now, she’s in a great preschool, but we’re looking at what school she’s going to go for. I’ve heard one story about somebody who is a brilliant person who gave a Ted talk who didn’t go through school. I was thinking I would actually like for my daughter not to go to school, the reason being just getting an education in different areas of life. I believe the schools carry a fabricated education. They don’t create a real-world example. I know that there are exceptions to that rule, but as a general rule, it’s not necessarily an educated view.

I’d love for her not to go to school. This would apply to my son, too. I’ve got to get myself educated. I’m like, what is it that I want it’s not what I don’t want? I know I don’t want her in a situation where she’s tied up and having to learn what everybody else has to learn and not having a specialized experience that speaks to her strengths. I also don’t want her sitting someplace she doesn’t want to and it doesn’t fit her. I don’t want her sitting in a room for six or seven hours a day. I want her to be in an experience where she is free to express herself, free to explore the things she wants to explore, and free to do things that are extraordinary. I was thinking about it and I was like, what’s the difference between the parents of the people who don’t go to school where I am right now? I know my wife has a lot more traditional views than I do. That’s very good for our relationship and keeps a good value. I’d rather be a person who is confident enough in the solution to have my wife confident enough to go down this road. I’ve got to get there, and confident enough that I’m not concerned about the criticism I’ve got. I’m not really concerned with criticism from other people necessarily and the pressures that come from other people. I think that’s really the value. Her parents are parents who do something innovative with their kids, what I call innovative, though some people might call it aggressive, but what I call innovative. They develop themselves to a place where they know what’s right and they feel in their hearts they’re right, and they’re willing to take the criticism that comes with that.

To make a powerful decision and do things against the grain takes developing yourself confidently and educating yourself. I think that’s a worthy pursuit. I don’t know where my daughter or son is going to go to school or what we’re going to do with that, but I want to develop myself into a person who is really confident in whatever solution we come up with. Thanks a lot for listening and make today an awesome day.

No School for You