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Neurons A'Firin'

To Read the Whole Text, Go To - Neurons A'Firin' I want to talk about those experiences when the neurons start firing and what to do about it. If you’re doing the video marketing, what’s going to happen at some point in time is just ideas are going to come to you. Then you know it’s going to be like one idea is going to come, the second idea is going to come, a third idea is going to come, and a fourth idea is going to come. I just came up with a way to actually deal with that stuff because what’s happened in the past is those ideas start coming, they go as quickly as they come.

But if you can take those ideas, capture them, put them into a Mind Map, get them out of your head and get them on to paper and it doesn’t need to be perfect and then you turned it into a video course and it’s a little course where you share those ideas out. It does a couple of different things. One, you capture the ideas because when those neurons start firing, every idea you have is not going to be a great idea. You don’t want to miss the great ideas and that’s the key thing because you’re one great idea away from totally evolve in the way we live life. That’s what I believe. So you don’t want to miss the great ones when they come and so what you do is as the ideas start firing, get them down on paper pretty quickly. I do it in a Mind Map format especially if I’m in my video creations sections. I just go to Mind Map format and just record a mini-course where you actually share that information. Then you got it and you got this stuff documented and you can come back to it later. Especially if they start firing again, you can come back to it later and you can start creating new information off of that. It’s a really great approach for capturing the best ideas. You never know when those ideas are actually going to come out. But if you do those two things, if you’re in a position where you can actually capture, write the stuff down, put it into a Mind Map format so it formulates the way it’s coming out of your head.

Then what you do next is record a little mini-video course and actually talk about the ideas and talk about the concepts and teach on those concepts. Now, you’re in a position where you can, one, other people to see it and feed of the energy of those ideas but two, they don’t actually get lost and three, you can make some money off of it because that’s the purpose. That’s one of the main reasons that we started doing these videos in the first place. Thanks a lot for listening, make today a great day.

Neurons A Firin  
Neurons A Firin