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Know Your Intentions

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Know Your Intentions Below is a transcription of this video – I want to talk to you about a product that’s called Video Quake; it was a warrior special offer. I think it was called Video Quake. We’ll go with that right now. We’ll have some more details inside this video on that. Usually what I buy is automation software which, I don’t know if they promise this because products can’t promise something, but basically you upload your video, you pick a couple of key words and the software does itself and actually do a ranking.

Here’s why I purchased it, it talks about being a push button solution, sort of, but I’ve never found a push button solution that actually works. What I like about this, is actually I have to create the video. So there is a piece of it where it’s not just an automated – you don’t have to do anything because the videos actually have to be good to produce results. So that’s one piece of it. Actually it solves a problem that I have right now. I create these videos and it’s a challenge for me to get these things tagged, there’s times where you put descriptions on, there’s times where you put the titles on. What I think this does, it actually creates SEO optimized descriptions and titles and I don’t think they’re directly tied to the video. I’m guessing that they weren’t geared for the search engines; I haven’t actually used it yet. What it actually does it gives a point of reference for me. I think it’s a quick way to do some research what I want to talk about and what I actually get found and then create those descriptions. The thing of the matter is with an automated solution, and again, I haven’t used the software at this point in time, but I wanted to share the logic about why I actually made the purchase. What it will do is I will just drop these videos in here and have them on the road to ranking for some specific key words. Then figure out which ones are going to be good, which ones are worth investing more time in and which ones aren’t worth investing more time in, so I’m excited to use this software.

I share this with you, not because I want to advertise Video Quake or advertise the product, but to share a couple of messages. Know where you’re going. If you’re buying a product, know where you want to be and look for solutions that actually take you in the direction of that product, as opposed to letting the product dictate where you actually want to go. Have your intentions in mind. Have the things that you want to accomplish in mind. Then when a product comes out, take a look at that and purchase things. There’s tons of lessons within each product. There’s the sales process that goes in there and there’s actually the use of the product, will it work. I go into this with no expectation that this things is going to work, which is good. I do have an expectation that I’m going to work and I’m going to make it work, but I don’t have an expectation that this will work. I’m going to make it work with some product or some system or strategy and I’m going to work until I find the one that works for me. That’s the difference, but I have no expectation that this thing is actually going to work. If you take that mindset into your purchases then you can’t be disappointed by what you’re actually going to do. One time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and you are going to stumble onto the product with a system that actually makes a difference. Thanks a lot for listening to this. If you’re a person who wants to share marketing messages and share life lessons, figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing and doing it on video for the rest of the world to see and learn the lessons.

Click on the link down below this video or click on the link to the side of this video. Share your best email address and we’ll see you on the other side. Thanks a lot.

Know Your Intentions