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It Just Takes Energy

To See the Whole Video, Go To - It Just Takes Energy Below is a transcription of this video – Hey this is Justin. I’m recording this video inside of a commitment to record three thousandvideos in the next ninety days to increase my income to thirty $30,000. It’s funny, people ask me if I have a strategy of why three thousand videos. It’s a couple of different reasons for that. One, listening to this, this is my personal strategy probably locate through some self, somewhat similar strategy. The biggest thing is, I think the challenge that goes to have is being in constant action and getting ourselves to be in action. To give yourself a big productivity goal, you’re forced to be a guy that you’re really not. Direction, when you’re in that

situation, you’ve got to think about “Ohhh, what should I do now? What should I work on?” What I actually do is record a video. This is the side to probably picture on if it matters. But there’s a concept in there, like thanking everything. This is doing pay dollar price and basically what you do, what was supposed to create this money campaigns, spent 10 or 15 dollars on each campaign and leave some awareness. If you can create a couple of hundred campaigns, you’ll have some winners that’d be outliers. I kind of do the same thing with videos, create a ton of these. One, I get diner of actually speaking what I do, much like developing the skill as I’m working through these videos. Well I’m better with things like production use like side benefits. And then some of those are actually going to be, while I was meeting a lot of people in being engaged in the video or people engaged in what’s getting published. And probably, out of the three thousand videos, I’m guessing about 10 of them will result in most of the sales that are generating additional $30,000 I’m getting. So that’s the kind of the reason of doing that. One of the things that I like about this, probably because of the pay check, is because it just takes energy, right? It just takes more energy to create more of these things. You have recent overhead, if you watch some of the videos, there’s some overhead issues around some of the videos that are getting, having some account on because I’m doing so much activity. You know what works for you. What practically matters is adjusting the quality, it requires energy. And energy is big.

I just wanted to share that information with you. Just some additional income, click on the link down below this video or to the side of this video. Enter your best email address. You’ll be directed to another video on which is going to introduce you to the Empower Network. Some of the owners in the Empower Network really earn some extraordinary income on working on themselves and turning on, would be on the dock, there would be specific actions that you’d be asked to take. Take those actions and we’ll see you on the other side. Thanks a lot.

It Just Takes Energy