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Idea? Simplify. Teach.

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Idea? Simplify. Teach. Below is a transcription of this video So hey, this is Justin. I went on a rampage for the last, I don’t know, I started this about 15 minutes ago, and this started off as a concept about video production but turned into how do you teach an idea that you just had right away. Teaching comes from being able to simplify an idea. Those are the ones that have the greatest bang for the buck and the greatest value for the people who are seeing them on the other ideas. You want to share your ideas.

Now I do believe that the people who teach should have some practical experience in the stuff that they’re teaching and some real-world experience with it. Put yourself out there. Don’t wait for permission to be able to teach something. You always have the option to come back later and refine your stuff. You really want to be able to solve problems real-time, and my thinking is if I’ve got something important to share, let me get it out there into the world because somebody might need that today. It might be important for somebody today, and buyer beware. Some of the information might not be the best, but a little mislead people and say that the information we’re sharing is the perfect information and has been wellresearched. As long as you’re honest and you’re getting your stuff out there, people are big boys and big girls, and they can take that information and run with it. What started off as a conversation about technology and improving technology turned in a whole bunch of different directions. Love anybody who sees this. We call these little video courses, these minicourses. I’d love for anybody who sees this mini-course to share and come back and share what you got out of it. If you’re a person who wants to make revenue by making these little video courses and just sharing your ideas and innovating, coming up with different ideas, and doing it on video and chronicling this, the best way to do it is if you click on the link down below this video or to the side of this video.

The best way to monetize these videos and to be able to share your greatest thoughts. Thanks a lot for just listening. I’ll see you on the other side. Pow. I wanted to try that gunshot.

Idea Simplify Teach  
Idea Simplify Teach