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Do It Powerfully

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Do It Powerfully Below is a transcription of this video Hey, this is Justin, March 18, 2013. This video is being recorded inside of a commitment to record and share 3,000 videos in the next 90 days. Let me tell you, it was tough getting up this morning. My son was up late with my wife last night. Got to bed probably about 1:30, which isn’t bad. Got up at 5:00 and kept on hitting the snooze, which I had planned to do. Made the decision about 5:35, alright if I sleep until 7:00 I can still make it to the office by 9:00; or I can get up and go and go a little bit later, which was my plan. I made the decision.

Something actually pulled me out of bed and got me started. You can say that’s commitment. You can say that’s an external source. Whatever it is, doesn’t make a difference, but here I am. I’ll tell you, there’s some value. One of my greatest, most trafficked blog posts is about getting more sleep. I do believe in getting enough sleep and getting enough rest and taking care of the body and that’s a critical piece and there is some pay that will come from not getting enough sleep last night. Maybe I’ll have to make up for it somehow, maybe take a little nap tonight, figure it out or make it up or suffer for a little period of time. I’ll have to figure out how to do things better, you know, all that stuff. I’m not saying, hey no sleep, don’t get any sleep, but something feels good about making a commitment to leap toward your goals each day and inherently there are some sacrifices that actually come with that and have to get started. Whenever we get a victory over that or a victory over our minds that says, “Hey, don’t do it,” or “You don’t need to do it. We make a decision that’s a powerful decision. It doesn’t make a difference. I could have powerfully slept or I could have powerfully gotten out of bed, it doesn’t make a difference as long as I did it powerfully. This was the one, this was the decision that brought some power. Thanks a lot for listening to this. Make today an awesome day. Make decisions that really head you in the direction of your goals.

Do It Powerfull