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Daily Report for 1-21-13

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Daily Report for 1-21-13 Below is a transcription of this video I’m going to put this in as one of my 3,000 videos challenge in the next 90 days. I wanted to record a quick video doing a daily recap. I think it’s actually important to realize what has been completed in a day and it actually causes another video to be created. I get a ton of videos this morning, I wake up at 3 o’clock this morning and did about four videos before I left for the airport, and I did over 40 videos over the day today. Today was not a traditional work day but tomorrow, I’m actually going to be going to the office. I won’t be able to do as much as I did today.

I’m looking on here and there are 12 on here. I did about 12 additional videos this evening and about 30 earlier, that’s about 40 videos for today. Here’s the thing; I’m facing a ridiculously slow internet connection. What I was going to share in this video were the steps I actually took today to share these things. I went to the warrior form and shared the challenge that I gave myself to other people so they can participate in the challenge and to get involved. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great learning experience. I want to promote what I’m doing in a lot of different places and to help other people participate. That’s one thing that I did. Unfortunately this thread is not coming up right now. The biggest challenge that I’ve shared in a couple other videos, I don’t know if you’ve seen them at this point in time. Here’s my videos being uploaded, I have about 110 videos that are uploading into my YouTube account right now. I didn’t realize that it’s tremendously slow to get these things uploaded. I’m actually scrolling through here to get these things uploaded. Then I have to go through putting these all on and I’ve got to get them tagged pretty quickly. That’s the next step, getting these things tagged and put descriptions in here. It is an exercise in person, and a money making exercise. If nobody sees these videos they are not going to make me any money. It’s something that I didn’t anticipate and face and work off of.

I’ve got some ideas on how to do some batch processing. I actually think I recorded a video today on batch processing so that’s an option. I report a blog post; create a blog post about the 3,000 videos in 90 day plan and where it came from. I created this blog post on my power network blog and I emailed out my A Webber. She’s at the front of A Webber. I sent out an email. Go into my email address right here, this thing is so slow. This is the one I want, my YouTube account email address. What I sent out was an auto responder message which is also a format of that. I think it’s important to communicate a list and share with people, and share what I’m up to and connect to other people. I want to do a social media blog on Facebook. My connection is so slow right now I might actually hold off and do this tomorrow. That’s day one of going to through the process; I’m going to be back on a regular working schedule tomorrow. I’m going to spend the rest of the day today, there’s other things in life that I’ve got to take care of. I’m going to get my OMNI focus which is my tool on my iPhone here, OMNI focus caught up so I’m up and running for tomorrow. The things I didn’t anticipate was spending so much time on recording videos and I’ve got life that I’ve actually got to take care of. So I’ve got to take care of life. I’m going to get that worked out in the next half hour or so and I have one more exercise for visualization around achieving the goal.

It’s 11:09 PM and I’ll probably wake up around 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, I’m actually going to sleep in a little bit tomorrow, well, probably not. Be in bed by midnight and be up by 5 o’clock and do this whole thing again. I don’t when you’ll actually see this video but this is the update for January 21st end of day. So make it a great day thanks a lot.

Daily Report for 1-21-13