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Change Is Good

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Below is a transcription of this video – It’s the fear that keeps us moving forward. I thought I was done and was ready to pop out my iPod, and I didn’t want to do it. It’s funny. And this is Justin. I’m recording this video inside of a commitment to generate 3,000 videos over the next 90 days. I was a little bit away from the train station when I started recording this one, and I thought I was going to stop, pop on my iPod and get into my routine, my train routine, to get my reading going. The fact of the matter is it’s funny because when you do something so often, it becomes unnatural to do something else.

That’s exciting because this is something that I want to enjoy doing, enjoying something that helps me develop as a communicator and it’s something that helps me grow my business as opposed to those distraction things. I realized I should build a habit. It takes a lot of activity over a period of time, and they say it only takes about 21 days to build a habit. The fact of the matter is record about 250 videos since Sunday night. This is Sunday right now, and there’s probably a way to hijack it. I’m not saying this is locked in as a habit yet, but it feels uncomfortable to not be recording when I have some free time. Why I share that is because we’re always developing our habits. We’re always building new habits. The question is what is that thing you want to change or do five days from now that you want to have it be habitual. What’s that thing that you don’t want to do? Have it be habitual. I think it’s a lot harder to take something away than it is to add something. What I’d recommend is do something similar to what I did, which is start talking [inaudible] recording videos. It was always a struggle to get through them before. Now it’s just the most natural thing in the world to just pick up the phone and start recording and start talking. I’m going to suggest this: get in motion, take massive action. After a short period of time, it becomes natural and then you’ll have a new habit that’s actually going to support you doing whatever you want to do.

Thanks a lot for listening. This is Justin. You’ll see a link down below this video. Click on that link and enter your email address. It’s going to take you to a video, a series of messages. It’s going to be an awesome opportunity to connect, so thanks a lot for listening. Make today an awesome day. Thanks a lot.

Change Is Good