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Being a 10-Ticket Guy

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Below is a transcription of this video – I’m just getting out of the Empower Network event in Chicago or in Austin, Texas and we just got the email about the tickets being on sale for the next event. So I was going to buy a ticket, but I realized with my commitment to being on stage, here’s a little thing— they kind of throw a little thing. You get 10 tickets, bring a team. I realize these tickets are going to sell out. There’s 10 tickets available so let stop the recording here to not give away the code.

It’s probably not going to matter because by the time you see this, it’s going to be gone. Recording it. So I made the declaration to do the work that I need to do in the free traffic, but I’ve got to also make the financial declaration to do this piece and to put my money where my mouth is to do the work. Max per attendee is only one, which is good. I don’t know why someone would get two of these. All right, okay, I don’t know why that’s good. It doesn’t make any difference. So here we go. Ten tickets is the most I can do, proceed to checkout. Here we are on the other side and just actually purchased the 10 tickets. This was a big deal for me because this wasn’t on the agenda. I was going to play it safe and purchase my one ticket and not purchase the 10 tickets that would be necessary to actually get the iPad that I want to get to win the contest. So really what it’s about is I guess is this going to [inaudible] 90-days of turning himself inside out and upside down, and inside out and doing the work that needs to actually get done. So I’ve got to get back to recording some videos to actually have the people there to fill these tickets. Thanks a lot for listening and thanks a lot for watching. This is really about the success and building success over the next 90 days and doing the work. I’m going to go back to recording some videos because that’s

what I’ve got to do and that’s the work that’s got to get done to have the life that you want to have. Feels good breathing a breath of fresh air. I realize who I am is a 10-ticket person, right? Who I am is a 10-ticket person pretending that I’m not a 10-ticket person. Ten tickets can signify anything, but it’s really what I should do. It’s being the max. It’s being the all-in and doing that doesn’t necessarily feel good; it just feels like the truth of who I am and what I actually need to do. Thanks for listening to this. Hopefully this is something that makes a difference for the people. You can look at this with a skeptic’s eye and say that it was easy. I didn’t log in a few minutes ago. I logged in to get my own ticket because I was going to get the one ticket. I didn’t log in to get the 10 tickets. I didn’t do that. I logged in to get my one ticket. I didn’t log in to get the 10 tickets. I can say that a couple of times. It’s going to make a difference and it needs to actually get done to make a difference for myself and my family and to do that, do the thing that you need to do, do the thing that’s worthy of who you are in the world and that’s what’ll make the difference for you in life. Thanks a lot.

Being a 10-Ticket Guy