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Below is a transcription of this video – Hey, this is Justin. I’m recording this video inside of my commitment to create 3,000 videos in 90 days. I’m doing that to develop myself as an awesome communicator. I was listening to some CDs from Kevin Trudeau, I don’t know if you know who he is or don’t know who he is but he was sharing about Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee said I don’t fear the man who’s practiced 10,000 kicks one time. I fear the man who’s practiced one kick 10,000 times.

I realized what I’m going for here really is 3,000 videos, having repetition and getting in some real practice and getting feedback on these videos through seeing if people actually like them or don’t like them and the comments they actually put in Because of that, I’ve become a master at developing stuff and it’s exciting because I’ve practiced it so many times and practicing it wrong so many times and that’s exciting. What’s so beautiful with marketing today is we really have the ability to do things en mass. To do a lot things, do a lot of repetition and do it very quickly. If you take on a project like the one I’m taking on, doing 3,000 videos, all it is, is really actually push and play and starting to talk. We’re used to gabbing anyway and talking anyway so it’s not any harder than what we’re doing in our regular everyday life. I just wanted to share that information with you. Thanks a lot for listening. This is Justin. January 28. I’m a little distracted because my backpack is actually too heavy right now and the bag could rip. I just wanted to share that information with you. Make it an awesome day. You will see a link down below this video. Click on that link, share your best email address and then you’ll be directed to a video where you can hear some of the best people in the Empower Network and their stories.

At the end of that, you’ll get some specific advice or specific steps for the next thing that you could do. Take that action, take those steps and we’ll see you on the other side. Thanks a lot.

3000 Videos  
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