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Marilyn Bernard,  Terrebonne   The   landscape   is   the   first   things   that   made   me  fall  in  love  with  the  city  of  Vancouver.  I   really   like   the   beach,   my   eyes   couldn’t   stop   looking   at   the   beautiful   sea   and   the   rocky   mountain   in   background.   I   am   very   happy   to   have   this   view   and   to   be   near   downtown.   My   best   memory   is   all   the   activities   and   probably   over   all   it   will   be   the  trip  to  Whistler  and  Ucluelet.    

Camille Charbonneau,  Montreal   I   think   my   best   souvenir   about   Explore   program   will   be   all   new   experiences   that   we   lived   here.   By   myself,  I  wouldn't  imagine  to  organise   so  much  activities  like  these.  

Émy-­‐Julie  Deschênes,  Lac-­‐jean   My   favourite   memory   of   explore   is   the   Grouse   Grind   hiking.   It   was   a   challenge   for   me,   but   when   we   arrived   at   the   top   of   the   mountain,  it  worth  it.  We  enjoy  the  view  and   spend   a   good   time   taking   picture   and   walking.   Otherwise,   all   the   moments   of   Explore   program   was   so   fun   and   I   will   keep   a   good  memory  of  all  this  experience.  

Anne-­‐Marie Potvin,  Rivière-­‐du-­‐Loup   My   best   memory   is   to   have   met   awesome  girls  at  the  beginning  of  the   program   (Marie-­‐Pier,   Noémie,   Fannie   et  Molly).  It's  with  them  that  I  live  my   best  moments  in  Explore!  

Audrey  Chabot,  Quebec  

It’s very   difficult   to   choose   just   one   memory   because   all   my   trip   was   amazing   but   my   best   feeling   was   when   I   climb   Grouse   Mountain.   I   challenged   myself   all   the   way   up   and   at   the   top   the  view  was  very  beautiful.  

Marali Bourgeois,  Gatineau   Every   moment   I   spent   in   EXPLORE   is   unforgettable.   I   met   extraordinary   people,   I   saw  beautiful  landscapes  and  I  did  a  variety  of   activities.  It  was  a  very  nice  experience.  

Molly Roy  Soucy,  L'Assomption  

My best   memory   of   explore   is   all   the   activities   I   made   with   Marie-­‐Pier,   Noémie,   Fannie   and   Anne-­‐Marie.   The   weekend  in  Whistler  was  awesome.        

Jeanne St  Amour,  Quebec  City   The   challenge   of   hiking   the   Grouse   Grind  Mountain  is  my  best  memory.   I   will   never   forget   the   beautiful   landscape   when   I   was   on   the   top.   All   the   people   I   met   here   will   also   be   in   my  mind  forever!  


Simon Beaulieu,  Lac-­‐St-­‐Jean   Every  laught  we  had  together,  every   beers   we   drank   together,   every   activities   we   did   together  ;   all   this   was  amazing  !  

Jamil Ahmadi,  Montreal  

I’ve met   wonderful   people.   I   discovered   an   amazing  city  and  I  improved  a  language  that   will   open   up   great   opportunities   in   the   future.   And   for   this,   I   would   like   to   thanks   all   the  explore  team!  XXX  

Joanny Girard  

Noémie Poisson  

Emy-­‐Julie Deschenes  

Jessica Maltais  

‘’There’s two  things  that  never  lie  at  Explore:  Drunk  people  and  leggings…  (Leggings   never  lie)’’  


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