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Heather’s   Class





Marielle  Bernard   Quebec  city   The  most  interesting  activity  I   did  in  Explore  was  Whistler!  :)    





Marie-­‐Pier  Blanchette   Gatineau   My   best   memory   is  when   we   went   to   see  the  final  game  of  soccer  Whitecap  of   Vancouver   vs.   Impact   of   Montreal.   The   atmosphere   was   so   crazy   and   we   were   like   the   only   girls   chearring   for   Montreal!!   And   after   we   went   to   party   at   Darby's,   a   Karaoke   bar.   We   had   so   much  fun!!  But  all  my  memories  will  not   be   the   same   without   the   amazing   girls   that  I  met  here  :).  

  Marie-­‐Pier  Blais   St-­‐Damien  


My  favorite  moment  is  when   I   went   to   the   Grouse   Grind   Mountain  


Vanessa  Bouchard   Girardville  (Lac-­‐Saint-­‐Jean)   Vanessa  Boisvert   Longueuil  

My   favourite   Explore   moment   is   the   trip   to   Whistler.   Be   with   7   friends  in  a  beautiful  suite,  to  visit   and   see   the   landscape   of   this   village  with  the  snow  on  the  peaks   of   the   mountains   was   simply   amazing.  I  enjoyed  all  of  my  trip  :)  

Favourite  Explore  memory:  Peak  2   peak        

    Fannie  Charrette-­‐Pépin   Québec  city  


 Best  memory:    #Carpe  d iem    


Elizabeth  Cormier   New  Richmond   My   best   time   to   explore   is   when   I   did   the   surf   for  the  first  time.  I  loved  my  trip  to  Ucluelet  


Fatiha  Rachdi   Laval   My   best   memory   is   Peak   2  Peak  in  Whistler  


‘’Someone  speaking  with  her  friend:   "I  saw  boobs  and  penis.  That’s  what  I  have  done  in  Vancouver."  

Stéphanie  Dion   Quebec  City  

Mehdi  Guerroumi   Trois-­‐Rivières  

Best  memory…  Whistler,  for  sure!    

Best  memory  :  Vancouver   Downtown  



Gordien  Horugavye   Montréal  

Explore   2013   is   an   unforgettable   experience   in   my   life.   I   have   an   excellent   occasion   to   meet   many   interesting   persons   and   activities.   I   improved   language   skills.   I   had   wonderful   time   by   visiting   Lynn   Canyon;,,   during   the   cruise  


Meram  Korom  Okora   Trois-­‐Rivières  


Best  memory:  Whistler  



Alexandra  Bissonnette-­‐ Lauzon     Mirabel     My  favorite  moment  was  the   trip  in  Whistler!  It's  a   memorable  weekend  :)  



Rose  Vadeboncoeur,   Victoriaville   My   favorite   moment   during   the  explore  program  was  when   we   left   to   Whistler!!!!!!!!   It   was   so   funny   with   a   lot   of   explore   student!   The   whistler   village   was   amazing   and   the   view  was  incredible!!!    

Sabrina  Labelle   St  Jean-­‐sur-­‐Richelieu   Best  memory:  Everything  was  amazing   but  I  have  to  choose  one  it  will  be  the   bungee   jumping.   It   was   more   than   a   jump  for  me.  I’m  really  proud  about  it.        

Jean-­‐Michel  Mailloux   Rivière-­‐du-­‐Loup     My  best   memory   at   explore   is   certainly  my  week  end  at  Whistler.  I   really   enjoyed   doing   the   bungee   jumping.  I  also  liked  the  landscape  in   the  village  and  also  on  the  top  of  the   mountain.         Fanny  Stamper    La  Prairie   My   favorite   explore   memory   was   when   we  went  to  Darby's  Pub  for  the  Karaoke   Night.   We   were   a   lot   of   explore   students   so   the   ambiance   was   incredible.   We   sang   together   all   the   night   and   everybody   had   fun.   I   will   always   remembre  this  moment   Maude  Vaillancourt   Saint-­‐Jean-­‐Port-­‐Jolie   My  favourite  activity  in   explore  is  the  grouse  grind    


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