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About Us Interactive Marketing Systems is a marketing company unlike any other. Our purpose is to drive business to our clients using a variety of different methods. Many business owners struggle just to run the day to day operations of their company, much less research all the different marketing possibilities. We work in both print and on the internet and will incorporate events and merchandise that feature a strong, likeable mascot. We utilize popular social

Interactive Marketing Systems “Driving business to your business.”

networking sites in an effort for businesses and clients to become more personal and stay connected. We’re not an advertising company in the traditional sense; we’re an Interactive Marketing System.

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239-244-8633 888-818-5106 Meet the mascot for, Fin the C-horse. This entertaining character will be featured in nearly every facet of the various programs being offered. His funny and blunt demeanor appeal to both children and adults alike. He even has his own Facebook and Twitter pages! Fin the C-horse will bring interactive marketing to a whole new level. Learn more about Fin at

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Cartoon Map The Cartoon Map is the first step in our Complete Interactive Marketing Program. This program is geared towards new visitors to the area. Because the map is a caricature of the area, it becomes a keepsake for people who visit and is unlikely to be discarded. Our maps are hand drawn and packed with interesting facts about our area The map is published bi-annually, extending its shelf life and value. Each advertiser will receive a supply of maps.

Distribution Locations • Select Car Rental locations • Hotel and Accommodations Program • Request through website • Special Events • Airport Visitors Kiosk • Select RV Parks • Chamber of Commerce • County Chamber Events • Local printed publications • Real Estate Offices

T-shirt Program

Internet Program

The T-shirt Program is the next step in our Complete Interactive Marketing Program. Our T-Shirt is the “Ultimate Keepsake” for visitors to the area because our map is printed on the shirt. In order to be included on this shirt you must also be on our paper map. You cannot be on this shirt without being on our paper map!

Our Cartoon Maps will be placed on our website with an Interactive Coupon program that contains additional bonus offers for visitors. Businesses will have an internet presence on other sites as well.

• There are only 12-15 spots available, so space is limited. • Each shirt is worth between $250 to $350 dollars or more in savings. • Each advertiser receives a supply of shirts to be sold at $60 per shirt.

Promotional Campaigns These campaigns are designed to promote the interactivity of our marketing system. Each one is unique, will run for 3-6 months and is limited to only 12-18 participating businesses.

Hotel Program The Hotel Program is designed to capture visitors by distributing the Map and T-Shirts to select hotels, resorts, and/or seasonal accommodations. The property will distribute the package to each visitor as they see fit. The map will also be distributed to realtors in the area, as they tend to send these out to clients and potential clients.

Tri-Fold Brochure  

Client: Cartoon Maps

Tri-Fold Brochure  

Client: Cartoon Maps