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The following pages contain logo designs for designated businesses using the element of a traditional dip pen as the basis for their creation. They were designed for the USFSP Graphic Design Program’s Introductory Multimedia Systems class.

Fast Food Logo

This logo is designed to represent a classy quick bistro. The script logo is reminiscent of a line of ink, and is meant to convey classiness and quick movement. The colors are a subtle combination that might hint towards quality stationary. The company niche would market primarily to young business professionals who want quality meal quickly. Other customers might be families stopping in for an evening or weekend meal. The slogan fresh food, fast provides information about what the business is all about in a catchy and quick manner.

Local Organic Grocer Logo

The Dip Pen Coop logo is representative of an earthy organic grocer. The owner of the store prides himself on the quality food that his business provides. The logo represents organic farming through color and image. A play on the letter I using a carrot incorporates the company name into the logo. The slogan reinforces the image of the store.

Big Box Store Logo

The Dip Pen Depot logo represents a logo for a big box store. The tetrad of squares is easily recognizable while the color pallet is not as harsh as it’s nearest competitor, Target. The store has positioned itself as a competitor with a more earth-friendly and socially aware selection of goods. The color pallet is meant to reflect that while also setting the store apart, graphically. Likewise, the slogan encourages quick casual stops while ensuring enough selection for all of the customer’s needs.

Law Firm Logo

Dip and Pen Public Attorneys want to establish themselves as a smart and aggressive law firm. The chosen colors are meant to represent strength and refinement while maintaining a design that is clearly representative of a law firm. The icon of the dip pen works well to represent legal documents and the ideas of a constitutional law. The slogan further assures the customer that this firm wields powerful knowledge of the law.

Indie Music Label Logo

Dip Pen records is a homegrown progressive independent music label. The logo design uses lines combined with the circular Bauhaus font to reinforce the idea of records. Integration of the dip pen icon creates a second “read” of the word “dip” while reinforcing the visual image of a dip pen. Basic tints of magenta, yellow, and cyan convey the progressive nature of the label. The slogan reinforces the independent nature of musicians the label represents.

Professional Athletic Team Logo

The Dip Pens soccer team logo was designed to convey the action of the kick while symbolizing excitement. The bright colors are stimulating and representative of both field turf and the summer playing season. The cropped ball helps to show movement as does the treatment of the text. The slogan represents both the tip of a pen and points for making goals during a match.

Dip Pens and Laser Cannons  

This is a logo example book using a dip pen as the main object. It was created for multimedia systems class.

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