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*Dane Titsworth He is a consultant of Barcode label Service Provider Company. Dane Titsworth explain the concept of barcode label service and also introduc e this service to small business and Organization.

What is Barcode? Simply put: A barcode is a pattern that computers can r ead. The pattern contains data about the item it’s atta ched to. If it is a linear code the information is form atted in a series of parallel lines. A 2D code uses a g rid of squares, rectangles, dots or hexagons. In both c ases, the information can be “read” by a scanner or ima ger then relays the decoded data back to your computer system.

How You Can Start Barco ding In-house printing is a good option if you already have access to label desi gn software and a quality thermal transfer printer. Outsourcing your label printing saves on time and the investment of a printer. It is also more con venient to receive quality-tested, ready-to-use labels that are durable. If you do choose to print in-house, remember to ensure that your barcode is l egible. Make sure that the label material and printer ribbon are matched co rrectly. Print at 300dpi or greater for sharper barcodes at small sizes. Ma intain your printer so that you can prevent low-contrast printing or voids.

Barcodes Solving Food Safety Challenges Have you ever strolled the produce section at your local grocery store and wond ered where the food came from? Now, you might be able to. Consumers today are d emanding more transparency when it comes to their food — and producers are resp onding. Many are turning to barcode software that allows items to be labeled an d tracked across the food supply chain. This boosts traceability efforts and al lows buyers a more comprehensive overview of where their items come from. This barcode software also helps Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers meet stringen t food safety regulations. When food items are tracked at every touch point fro m the farm to the table, discrepancies are easily found. Also, issues are more quickly resolved, and teams can effectively work together. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the top ways barcode software can help F&B teams solve food s afety challenges head-on. Ready to get started? Let’s dig in!

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