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Laureate Announcement Ceremony June 11, 2009 • Washington, D.C.

Hon. Hillary Clinton

Hon. Tom Vilsack

Secretary of State

Secretary of Agriculture

John Ruan III World Food Prize Chairman

Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn World Food Prize President

Benjamin Franklin Room • U.S. Department of State

The World Food Prize 2009 Laureate

Dr. Gebisa Ejeta Ethiopia

Dr. Ejeta’s development of sorghum hybrids resistant to drought and the devastating Striga weed has dramatically increased the production and availability of one of the world’s five principal grains, and enhanced the food supply of hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. The $250,000 World Food Prize will be presented to Dr. Gebisa Ejeta on Thursday, October 15, at the Iowa State Capitol.

The 2009 Borlaug Dialogue Downtown Marriott • Des Moines


lobal leaders are increasingly viewing agricultural production and food availability as critical factors underpinning national and international security in the face of economic, political, and environmental crises. The same challenges confront experts working in international agriculture and rural development, such as our 2009 Laureate pictured here, as poverty and malnutrition continue to rise. The 2009 Borlaug Dialogue will gather experts and decision-makers from around the world to engage in a range of conversations on topics including: • The intelligence outlook for international food security

• Threats to agricultural yields and food availability

• Rural development to promote peace and reconciliation

• The critical role of gender in food security and stability

• Poverty and hunger in areas of severe crisis

• Global institutions required for a food-secure world

Monday, October 12

7 pm

Borlaug Lecture: Gebisa Ejeta

Tuesday, October 13

All Day

Iowa Hunger Summit

Memorial Union, Iowa State University

Keynote speaker Vicki Escarra

Wednesday, October 14 1 pm - 4:30 pm Borlaug Dialogue Day I Evening

President’s Welcoming Reception

Vicki Escarra President & CEO, Feeding America

Featuring the World Health Organization’s “Art 4 Health” exhibit

Thursday, October 15

8 am - 4:30 pm Borlaug Dialogue Day II 7 pm

The 2009 World Food Prize Laureate Award Ceremony The Iowa State Capitol

Friday, October 16

7:30 am - 4 pm Borlaug Dialogue Day III

Saturday, October 17

8 am - 3 pm

The World Food Prize Global Youth Institute Pioneer Hi-Bred International Carver Center


Food, Agriculture & National Security in a Globalized World

Joaquim Chissano

Former President, Mozambique

Bill Gates Co-Chair, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ellen Kullman

CEO, DuPont

Indra Nooyi Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo

Patricia Woertz Chairman, President & CEO, Archer Daniels Midland Company

Chelston Brathwaite

William Dar

Louise Fresco

Geeta Rao Gupta

Mahabub Hossain

Director General, IICA

Director General, ICRISAT

Professor, University of Amsterdam

President, ICRW

Executive Director, BRAC

Gene Kahn VP, Global Sustainability Officer, General Mills

Jami Miscik

Namanga Ngongi

Joachim von Braun

Weibin Yan

President, Kissinger Associates

President, AGRA

Director General, IFPRI

CEO, Longping High-Tech Agriculture


* Full schedule of events and speaker information available online

FOUNDATION John Ruan, Chairman Emeritus John Ruan III, Chairman Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn, President

COUNCIL OF ADVISORS H.E. Corazon C. Aquino Hon. George Bush Hon. Jimmy Carter H.E. Joaquim Chissano Dr. Norman E. Borlaug Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Margaret Catley-Carlson Chair, World Economic Forum Advisory Council on Water Dr. Zhangliang Chen Vice-Governor, Guangxi Province, China A.S. Clausi Past President, Institute of Food Technologists Dr. W. Ronnie Coffman Director, International Programs, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Cornell University Sir Gordon Conway Professor of Intl. Development, Imperial College Michael G. Gartner Pulitzer Prize Winner Dr. Gregory L. Geoffroy President, Iowa State University

On behalf of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, I invite you to join us in Des Moines October 14 – 16 for the presentation of the $250,000 World Food Prize to Dr. Gebisa Ejeta of Ethiopia for his monumental achievement in sorghum breeding, and to participate in the 2009 Borlaug Dialogue. Our international symposium will gather global leaders and experts from diverse areas of expertise to engage in “conversations” about the crucial role food and agriculture play in connecting national and international security – and how meeting national and regional food-security needs can be done in a way that contributes to global stability. This is a particularly auspicious year to visit Iowa as we commemorate significant milestones in Iowa’s role in promoting peace through food: • 95 years ago, in 1914, both Dr. Borlaug and World Food Prize Chairman Emeritus John Ruan were born in small towns in Iowa; • 80 years ago, in 1929, the relationship between George Washington Carver and Mahatma Gandhi that led to a lifelong friendship and the exchange of nutritional information got its start; • 50 years ago, in September 1959, Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev visited the Garst farm in Iowa to share agriculture knowledge in the midst of the Cold War; and

Hon. M. Peter McPherson President, APLU

• 30 years ago, on October 4, 1979, Pope John Paul II made his historic visit to Iowa in which he declared farmers “stewards” of the Earth that have “the potential to … rid the world of famine.”

Cynthia H. Milligan Dean Emeritus, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska

It is in this context that we host our 2009 events, which we hope will be seen as “the most significant observance of World Food Day anywhere around the globe.” Please join us.

H.E. Roberto Rodrigues Former Minister of Agriculture, Brazil

Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, President

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The World Food Prize: 2009 Borlaug Dialogue Brochure  
The World Food Prize: 2009 Borlaug Dialogue Brochure