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Justin Carson BLA // Cal Poly

Table of Content Senior Design Studio 1. Introduction 2. Program 3. Process 4. Design

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Prep Kitchen Del Mar 1. Project

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Torino Studio 1. Introduction 2. Project 3. Precedent 4. Design

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1. Senior Design Studio


The SixtyNine Seventy project was an international design competition in May of 2013. I became interested in the competition because it was an urban design project of around the scale I was looking to work on. The project includes two central blocks, SixtyNine and Seventy, in downtown Salt Lake City. Another bright spot is that the competition was put on by Utah AIA, and they gave entrants an informational packet with resources to websites, maps, and GIS. The objectives were made pretty clear, so for my senior design studio I used the competition as a guideline for program, and even submitted my work.


2. Senior Design Studio


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Sixtynine Seventy, The Spaces Between: an urban ideas competition invites design teams around the world to re-envision the circulation spaces and passages of two blocks in downtown salt lake city. The competition seeks to harness fresh and provocative design ideas that will activate the spaces between the disparate arts, entertainment, and business groups on blocks sixty-nine and seventy - amplifying our city’s cultural amenities and acting as a catalyst for design-led growth. The competition focuses on, connection, placemaking, in-between spaces, history and economic growth.







Band and strip connections approach.


3. Senior Design Studio


For the project I divided the understanding of place into a few different layers.

I created a series of fields based on where the threshholds are between spaces as they differ from each other through function and space, alleys, corridors, streets, intimate spaces, open spaces. I also extracted the urban topography to understand how people feel in the space as they relate to the different scales of the built environment. Another layer was one of place-making potential and influence on the site and its context. Lastly, I developed a strategy of connecting the blocks together by way of bands and strips that indicate where new pedestrian circulation can be made without destroying historic and sensitive buildings. Because it is an ideas competition, the strategy is meant to be a changing and adaptable tool for developing the site.


Concept Diagramming


How the site will change


New Development






5 4




1 UTAH Film and Media Arts

9 Jessie Quinney Center for Dance

7 11




Scale: 1:20

1 Killowatt Park


2 Installation Plaza

Senior Design Studio

3 Cinema and Dance Court 4 Urban Plaza


I submitted a design for SixtyNine Seventy that was tailered towards the design competition but for our capstone show I produced a redesign.

5 Pocket Park 6 Food Court 7 Main St. 8 Food Truck Plaza 9 UPAC Common 10 Parking Garage Court 11 Recreation Center

One of my objectives when designing the blocks was to make the site cohesive and have the two blocks feel like one place, I was able to achieve this goal through a similar paving in both blocks that leaks out and connects accross main st. Another vision was to pinch main st. and make it only one lane to increase the pedestrian realm and make the streetscape feel more like a plaza with a smaller distance to cross the street and a larger surface to walk on. I also maximized some of the open space by replacing some of the ground parking, yet still replacing those spots in garages. Not only was space opened up, new buildings and development was created which will grow the economy of downtown.







1. Project Engineer

Prep Kitchen Del Mar

In the summer of 2012 I got hired by the general contra RBS and Bluemotif Architecture in San Diego.

A few weeks before I was hired, a previous job, Prep Kitchen

commissioned Bluemotif to redesign and rebuild the same b the very beginning of the project.

As the project engineer, I was the liason between the field an

Chuck, our superintendent every morning to take pictures, an

our head architect Matt Ellis and David Reese the GE. I handl

and estimates for the job, filed ASIs and RFIs, created spread

This job gave me valueable experience in the work place. I le


improved my business communication, learned new program implementation.

acting side of a design/build team between

in Del Mar underwent a greasefire and the owner

building. I was lucky enough to join the team at

nd the office. I went on site and talked with

nd get updates on construction. I went between

led procurement of materials, performed takeoffs

dsheets and took business calls.

earned the intricacies of construction,

ms, and developed my knowledge of design


Prep Kitchen under construction



Finished product 9/





1. Torino, IT Studio

Introduction In Fall quarter of my 4th year at Cal Poly I studied abroad in Torrino, Italy. There I took an architecture studio, that focused on building and plaza design as one piece.

I studied at the University of Torino - SAA, and in our architecture studio we had two Italian professors, Sebastian and Marcia. It was in this studio that I was introduced to a different way of thinking and designing. Sebast and Marcia are practicing architects and worked with the school taking time out of their day to come teach us. Since they have a large list of completed projects they had very good input. The more interesting part about studing under Italian architects was learning a different perspective of design. The Italians are much more concept driven and has us complete our design concepts in two weeks. They taught us that design is only 10% of the work. The last 90% was spent developing and buliding the graphic communications to represent our design on paper.


2. Torino, IT Studio

Project In Torino, we took on a unique project. We were to design a “mediatheque� and the plaza outside.

A Mediatheque is a type of digital library that is more progressive. The idea is that about half of the library would have books while the other side would have outlets and lounge seating for people to bring their ipads and e-readers. Not only did we design the building but we also designed the plaza to work with our mediatheque.




3. Torino, IT Studio


To understand what a mediatheque is, Marcia and Sebast introduced us to the most famous and successful one, Sendai Mediatheque.

We had to research how to design a library and then come up with new ideas for the digital function of the project. What we found is that much of the design is creating space for the client to program like where the stacks will go and how they want to use the spaces that we create for the library. Much of the layout is very free form and user programmed.


4. Torino, IT Studio


With formal training in landscape architecture I designed the plaza first and then carried the same motif into the architecture.

Concept I turned the plaza into a sunken park as I noticed that Torino has a lack of park space with grass. I specifically turned the park into a bowl so that it pushes people who are not trying to use the park to the outside of the plaza and therefore must pass by the mediatheque. The idea is the force visitors to walk right by the mediatheque so they do not miss the library. As for the building I created a transparent facade so that people can see


exactly what the buliding is, and it will also light up the plaza at night.

30 Plaza design with first floor plan

Ground Floor


Plaza view

Level 5



Anthology Beyond the 5th year studio, I have completed six other projects during my tenure at Cal Poly.

Here is an assortment of selected works.


34 UCSB Dormatory Master Plan


Willie Brown Academy - Rendering


37 Willie Brown Academy - Floor 1 Diagram

38 Willie Brown Academy - Floor 2 Diagram




Graduate Cal Poly BLA portfolio 2013  
Graduate Cal Poly BLA portfolio 2013  

Final portfolio of selected works from my 5 years studying landscape architecture.