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It is important for Commercial Tenants to understand that they have the legal right to receive all services set forth in their lease. The law does not disregard clauses which are favorable to tenants. Landlord and tenant law in New York is driven by both legislation and case law. Litigation in this field is complex, and the administrative procedures, filing limitations, evidentiary requirements and other procedural demands can be confusing without the skilled guidance of an experienced lawyer who specializes in landlord-tenant law.

Justin Brasch has a broad range of services and experience defending tenants in landlord-tenant disputes. From lease interpretation to trials and hearings, Mr. Brasch and his office have the expertise to prevent the loss of your business premises. If you are a tenant in New York and need legal advice, you can rely on our office to provide you with accurate legal direction to resolve your matter in an efficient and affordable manner.

As a commercial landlord, please remember that landlords may not force commercial tenants to vacate rented premises by themselves. A lawsuit must be brought.

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The law offices of justin c brasch landlord tenant attorney new york  
The law offices of justin c brasch landlord tenant attorney new york  

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