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Introducing The Power of AIDE sm It takes more than just pretty pictures, stylized fonts or clever copy to get noticed these days. Remember “The Medium is the Message?”

PURLs. This is usually followed by personalized emails that replicate the message and process. Increases Interest

At NEW REACH media, we recognize that it’s difficult to get your message above the crowd. Our proprietary multi-channel platform of Personal Relationship Optimizationsm (PROsm) achieves this using a process we refer to as AIDEsm.

A connection is made with stakeholders by driving ongoing relevant content based on the individuals’ specific feedback and website behavior. Content is targeted to their particular known interests, which can even include personalized video content. Online they are enticed to interact and provide additional or corrected information about their interests, concerns, and preferences which provides the basis for further actionable information in subsequent follow ups. Develops Desire PROsm enables your organization to respond to individual stakeholders’ hot buttons and yearnings, increasing the relevance of your communication. Information is made available to download and save, print, or forward to others.

This term is an acronym that stands for the 4 steps identified as necessary to lead prospects, patrons or other stakeholders to your desired actions of commitment and advocacy. These are:

Attract attention Increase interest Develop desire Enhance engagement

Your organization is provided daily email reports of individual’s web activity to help them gauge each stakeholder’s level of interest based on observed actions or expressed concerns, and then respond accordingly. Additional access to a real-time dashboard provides both micro and macro campaign information to aid in making informed decisions and support organizational goals. PROsm platform tools enable automated responses to key situations to optimize interaction.

The PROsm Integrated Multi-Channel Platform provides AIDEsm in the following ways:

Enhances Engagement

Attracts Attention

Pre-populated forms make it easy for stakeholders to respond and take the desired action. This ranges from requests for additional information to event registration to membership applications.

The first step involves sending personalized print and electronic communications developed around known interests of your target market. Stakeholders are sent postcards, brochures, and/or letters that incorporate a combination of personalized graphics, personalized message and personalized URL (PURL).

Why Wait? Please contact NEW REACH media today to learn more about bringing AIDEsm to your stakeholder relationship efforts.

The personalized graphics appeal to known interests and personalized messages deliver relevant content for better connection with the individuals. The purpose of these mailed communications is to drive them to their

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Attract attention Increase interest Develop desire Enhance engagement Please contact NEW REACH media today to learn more about bringing AID...