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Parrallels This photo composite was a ton of fun to do actually. Mean to sort of symbolize the ability to wander without thought. A problem much of us idealists have.

Rescue Here’s the foliage poster. Extremely personal piece as well. I’d rather keep this one to myself however. Overall took some time though.

Skin Poster The skin poster was fun to do. The skeleton probably took the longest just having to change strokes and not to mention the AMOUNT of strokes. I think it paid off in the end though.

Self Portrait This was some good image trace practice which also made for a good Facebook profile picture. Very minimalistic settings on it. I figured the less of my face the better.

Mood Board Ah the first assignment. It was pretty good all things considered but if I have to do another fashion thing so help me. But anyway, it came out well and I got to shove in my favorite band so it’s all good.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth Face Mash Best assignment hands down. This was just too much fun. Especialy since I just got to randomly put Iron Man and Thor together. Totally worth it.

November’s Eve Not an assignment just a personal piece using image trace and distortion. November is my birthday so you can sort of see the importance of the date. Among other things.

Twisted Transistor This work was also some image trace practice that went hand in hand with some real life painting. A personal piece of course

Vividity Believe or not this photo came from a Buddhist Temple in Nevada of all places. Funny where random cultures can wind up.

Stiffy The Bug A holga project using more cardboard than Home Depot would deem normal. But then again my work isn’t normal so cheers mate.

Hawk’s Wing Sometimes nature will hand you art on a platter...or in this case a piece of wood.

Sister Another personal one. This was done with image trace and paint as well. The bleeding effect especially showed up well on the image trace.

Locked Habits Some Photogram work that was a lot of fun to do. Personal much like most of the art.

Boned A holga picture done in the middle of our forests in Utah...yes they do exist.

Self Portrait 2016 I like to believe the face is the least important part of the artist. For any craft, it’s always the hands.

Bottazzi catalog  
Bottazzi catalog