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Videojet ink‌

Why Videojet…?? Videojet established the non-contact marking and coding industry in the early 1970's. Videojet virtually created the ink jet coding industry, and now serves the largest installed base with the most extensive sales and service network available. With Videojet® TotalSource® offerings, you have access to the best, the fastest and the most effective service and support.

Videojet inks…

Videojet inks are known for their high quality and top performance.  By using Videojet inks, you can be confident that you will achieve maximum printer productivity in the long run. All raw materials for the Videojet ink are hand-picked and subjected to careful quality control procedures. Videojet inks are triple-filtered and elaborate testing is done on our finished products to make sure that they meet every expectation, even under the most demanding conditions.

Products of Videojet inks… CJ8 Make-up - Make-up for 4530 ink CJ21 Black - Black, alkali scrubbable CJ21 Make-up - Make up for 8530 CJ22 - Plastic ink, dye-based CJ27 - Black, chemical resistant ink CJ28 - Violet, Methanol General Purpose Ink CJ40 White - Pigmented, white MEK ink CJ52 (V) - Cable-coding ink for Videojet CJ62 - Thermochromic, retort ink CJ63 - MEK/Methanol, Black

Features of Videojet inks… Products supplied in bottles designed to fit directly into the printers and suited for use with in-bottle filters. All products can be supplied in 25 L and 200 L containers. Inks and make-up are fully compatible. Fully compatible ink, make-up, cleaning solution.

Videojet inks and Supplies … Videojet formulates, manufacturers and delivers more inks and related fluids than any other industrial ink jet manufacturer. increase your production efficiency. Videojet’s premier inks deliver high quality codes because they are premium quality products.

Manufacturing Quality… Videojet inks must pass rigorous development tests that prove robustness of design before they are delivered to your door. These include: accelerated aging, printer/ink qualification across full-range temperature extremes, chemical stability testing and raw material and process variation control. Videojet manufactures and tests each batch of fluids in ISO 9002-certified manufacturing locations.

Contact Us The Needham Group Unit 2a/2b Civic Industrial Park Waymills, Whitchurch +44 (0)1948 662629 Shropshire SY13 1TT E-mail: Website:

Videojet ink  

Needham Inks is the UK based company involved in the development process of Videojet Inks. We have a team of well guided members who can gen...

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