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How Printing Ink Manufactured In Factory???

Raw Material 

Ink Comprise two classes : 

Printing Inks

Writing Inks

90% of inks are printing inks, in which color is imparted by pigments.

The raw materials for ink production are :

 pigments, additives, binders and solvents.  Pigments- color the ink and make it frosted.  Resins- bind the ink to the surface and bind it together into a film.  Solvents- make the ink flow so it can be transferred to the printing surface.  Additives- alter the physical properties of the ink to suit different situations

Manufacturing Process The Manufacturing process involves two stages:

varnish preparation Varnish is principally a mixture of solvent, resins and additives. It exists as a clear liquid that solidifies as a thin film, wets the pigment particles and binds the pigment to the printed surface. There are two main types :

Varnishes - oleoresinous

Non - oleoresinous

Dispersal of pigments Dispersal of Pigments is essential to observe that the pigment particles do not clump together. If the clumps are formed these have to be broken up with the help of some specially designed equipments for even dispersal of pigments throughout the resin. There are three different types of equipments :

Three roll mills

Bead Mill

Cavitations mixer

Ink Color, Drying and curing characteristics 

Color :  The technology of printing ink color is based on the Young-Helmholtz theory of

three color vision which implies that white light is composed of light from a continuous spectrum of wavelengths, humans perceive only three broad bands of this light, blue, green and red light. any other color of light is borne by an appropriate combination of these three ‘primary colors’. 

Drying and curing :  Drying or curing involving a series of cross linking and polymerization reactions

that result in film formation thus binding the ink to the printed substrate. Ink drying or curing may occur by any one or by suitable combination of the following processes. ○




Radiation curing


Facilities for Manufacturing

Rotary and High-shear mixing facilities

Heated mixing capability

Our Zone 1 rated equipment gives us the ability to safely work with flammable materials

Automatic filling machines

High through-put filling units for manufacturing marker pens

Automatic equipment for manufacturing

Various packaging / repackaging options available

Modern QC laboratory

Research & Development 

Needham Inks have well equipped Research and Development facilities and substantial internal resources to offer custom-made products for specific applications.

Needham Ink could also call upon external resources in the form of Universities and academia of international repute.

Needham Ink solve issues within a wide area ranging from the traditional printing or marking methods to providing high-tech inkjet fluids, their characterization and optimization of various properties including print quality and functional performance

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How printing ink manufactured in factory????  

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