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Full Range of Marine Audio


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Accessories Amplifiers Head Units Speakers Stereo Kits Subwoofers

Audio Cables #1 Accessories

Pyle PLMRIPWG Marine 3.5mm to RCA Audio Connecting Leads

Crossovers #1 Accessories


Housing #1 Accessories

Pyle PLMRCW2 Marine Radio Cover Housing Flip Down Front White

Housing #1 Accessories

Pyle PLMRCB1 Marine Radio Cover Housing Flip Down Front Black

Housing #1 Accessories

Pyle PLMRCB3 Marine Radio Housing Cover Full Body Flip Front

RCA #1 Accessories

Pyle PLMRCA12F Marine RCA Audio Connecting Leads

2 Channel #2 Amplifiers

VIBE Space 2-Ch 500w Marine Audio Amp

2 Channel #2 Amplifiers

Pyle PLMRA200 Marine 2-Ch 400w Stereo Amplifier

4 Channel #2 Amplifiers

VIBE Space 4-Ch 1000w Marine Audio Amp

4 Channel #2 Amplifiers

Pyle PLMRMP3A Marine 4 Channel iPod Ready 800w Amplifier

Amp & Speaker Combo #2 Amplifiers

Pyle PLMRKT4A Marine Media Player Amplifier & Speakers Kit 800w

CD Head Units #3 Head Units

Pyle PLCD15MR Marine CD Player With Remote Control

Non CD Head Units #3 Head Units

Pyle PLMR86B Marine Deckless USB SD MMC MP3 Media Radio Stereo

13cm or 5.25" #4 Speakers

Pyle PLMR5K Marine 5.25" 180w Speaker Components

16.5cm or 6.5" #4 Speakers

VIBE BlackAir Marine 6.5" 345w Speakers

20cm or 8" #4 Speakers

Pyle PLMR82 Marine 8" 300w 2-Way Speakers

Box Type #4 Speakers

Pyle PLMR66W Marine 5 500w Reflex Box Speakers

Box Type #4 Speakers

Pyramid 3071WP Marine Box Speakers

Ovals #4 Speakers

Pyle PLMR692 Marine 260w 6x9" 2-Way Speakers

Square #4 Speakers

VIBE BlackDeath Marine 6x9's 600w Speakers

Tower Speakers #4 Speakers

Pyle PLMRB85 Marine Weather Proof 8" Tower Speakers 600w

Tower Speakers #4 Speakers

Pyle PLMRW85 Marine Wakeboard Tower 8" 2-Way 300w Speakers

CD Head Units #5 Stereo Kits

Pyle PLMRKT109T Marine Audio Head Unit, Speakers & USB Set

Non CD Head Units #5 Stereo Kits

Pyle PLMRKT34WT Marine Audio Head Unit & Speaker Set

10”" #6 Subwoofers

Pyle PLMRW10 Hydra Marine 10" 500w 4 Ohm Subwoofer

12" #6 Subwoofers

Pyle PLMRW12 Hydra Marine 12" 600w 4 Ohm Subwoofer

Square #6 Subwoofers

VIBE BlackDeath Marine 6x9 600w Subwoofer

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Full Range of Marine Audio  

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