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Best product in bedford for pest control

PestSeal ®… An effective, ready-to-use liquid formulation against cockroaches, all flying and crawling insects such as flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs, silverfish, etc. For use in a pump or spray gun. PestSeal® liquid is available in ½ , 1 and 5 litre packing.

TermiSeal® Product… Ready-to-Use against Termites & other wood-boring pests. No mixing required Brush it, Spray it, Swab it or Inject it! Preventative & Curative effects ¼ litre, ½ Litre, 1 litre and 5 litre tins available at all leading hardware and other stores.

Roban®… Ready-to-Use Wax Block. Acts against all rodents, including Rats, Mice & Bandicoots. Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor use. HARMLESS to Humans and Pets. Available in 100gm & 50gm cake form. Also available as 0.25% concentrate in 5g sachet and 500g tin pack

Blue Stripe Dual Action Pest Repeller… Price: £20.86 Blue Stripe Dual Action Pest Repeller is a very good pest repeller that is more powerful than most other pest repellers which are typically more expensive. One Strikeback Blue Stripe Dual Action Pest Repeller is normally required to provide pest control within the home.

ALL-IN-ONE Bed Bug Kit… Price: £150.95 With these products combined you CAN get rid of your bedbugs. This kit includes: One B&G Home Professional Sprayer Fenva Star Plus 8.4% EC One 1oz bottle of Gentrol IGR One 1lb Jug of Drione Dust One hand duster 2 Cans of Phantom PI aerosol spray 1 16oz bottle of Rest Easy.

Termidor SC… Price: £50.95 Pump sprayer, foammer, power sprayer Each bottle will make 24 gallons; each bottle will treat a trench 4"x6" wide, 4"x6" deep by 60 ft. long. Target pests: Outside Ants, beetles, bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, flies, millipedes, silverfish, spiders.

Bed Bug Pest Kit… Price: £ 150.50 Weight: 11.00 lbs Kill Bed Bugs and other household pests.

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Best Product in bedford For Pest Control