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Best product in bedford for pest control

PestSeal ®… An effective, ready-to-use liquid formulation against cockroaches, all flying and crawling insects such as flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs, silverfish, etc. For use in a pump or spray gun. PestSeal® liquid is available in ½ , 1 and 5 litre packing.

TermiSeal® Product… Ready-to-Use against Termites & other wood-boring pests. No mixing required Brush it, Spray it, Swab it or Inject it! Preventative & Curative effects ¼ litre, ½ Litre, 1 litre and 5 litre tins available at all leading hardware and other stores.

Roban®… Ready-to-Use Wax Block. Acts against all rodents, including Rats, Mice & Bandicoots. Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor use. HARMLESS to Humans and Pets. Available in 100gm & 50gm cake form. Also available as 0.25% concentrate in 5g sachet and 500g tin pack

Blue Stripe Dual Action Pest Repeller… Price: £20.86 Blue Stripe Dual Action Pest Repeller is a very good pest repeller that is more powerful than most other pest repellers which are typically more expensive. One Strikeback Blue Stripe Dual Action Pest Repeller is normally required to provide pest control within the home.

ALL-IN-ONE Bed Bug Kit… Price: £150.95 With these products combined you CAN get rid of your bedbugs. This kit includes: One B&G Home Professional Sprayer Fenva Star Plus 8.4% EC One 1oz bottle of Gentrol IGR One 1lb Jug of Drione Dust One hand duster 2 Cans of Phantom PI aerosol spray 1 16oz bottle of Rest Easy.

Termidor SC… Price: £50.95 Pump sprayer, foammer, power sprayer Each bottle will make 24 gallons; each bottle will treat a trench 4"x6" wide, 4"x6" deep by 60 ft. long. Target pests: Outside Ants, beetles, bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, flies, millipedes, silverfish, spiders.

Bed Bug Pest Kit… Price: £ 150.50 Weight: 11.00 lbs Kill Bed Bugs and other household pests.

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Best Product in bedford For Pest Control  

Here, you can get the all info about the best product provided in bedford for pest control like pest seal, TermiSeal, Roban, Termidor etc....