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Constructing Journal 1 Lecture This week’s lecture was an introduction to the subject and tutors which we will be working with throughout this subject. We were given the printed subject guide with all information about the subject within the booklet. Tutorial Ice breaking activities allowed introductions to group members to go smoothly. The challenge for most of the tutorial time was to build the highest structure out of small approx. 30ml x 15ml wooden blocks which allowed access in and out for a plastic object. Our structure had structural integrity and was strong, however not as tall as we hoped. Brick-type layering was used with windows added on two sides of the structure. The horizontal use of bricks allowed for structural integrity but not height. *Need to put pics in (problem with camera)

As seen in other groups, the circular foundation and differing orientation of bricks allowed for height and removal of blocks that offered no structural need.

Concepts Learnt Orientation of Beams: more strength can be held by a beam if placed with the narrowest part of the beam taking the direct weight.

Shearing: the beam (while under stress) will want to shear away from the edge of where it is based with the more weight added. Compression: Any structure that uses compression to disperse weight will not fail if compression is applied directly. (Centre of gravity straight down the structure).

University of West England, 2008

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