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Week 5 Lecture:

Property development professional Dermot shared with us the trials and tribulations of property development and its

interdisciplinary nature, along with risks (many). Property development is based upon; space creation, profits made and lost, capitalizing on opportunity, knowing product, market and marketing and achieving set outcomes. Feasibility studies are conducted frequently throughout the industry to assess risk vs reward. Online Lectures: online lectures were based upon the building material


Growth   

Early Wood: lighter colour (larger cells) Late Wood: thick small cells (darker colour) Knots prove is natural nature however are subject to fractures

Green Sawing   

Quarter Sawn Back Sawn Radial Sawn (wedges)

(Recreational Flying, 2010)

Seasoning Timber – moisture content is appropriate/same as indoors.


Air 

Cheap but slow (6 months/ 2 years for 50mm thick)


20 – 40 hours (good for strength and quick)

Less expensive to run, slow

Fully seasoned timber has less than 15% of all water content in wood.

Soft Woods: Pine Hard Woods: Gum, Jarrah, Brown Box and Mountain Ash. Durability of Timber Biological/Physical Hazards Weathering Fire Termites Fungi

Glued laminated timber can be used to form curves.

Type of Timber Species Natural durability of hardwood Treatment enhances durability of sapwood

Ching: This week we focused on

Flooring Systems. “The depth of the floor is directly related to the size and proportion of the

structural bays it must span and the strength of materials used”.  

Linear Beams: bearers and joists Homogenous slabs of concrete

Horizontal I beam member parts are the flanges.



Vertical I beam member part is called the web.

Members underneath floors are called bearers (supporting joists)

Tutorial: This week we again focused on architectural drawings of the Queens College Extension site, answering questions on sheets provided. Presentations were given on our models for Spanman with many different designs given. (Mine below). My design is a simple Skillion roof that spans the whole of the house giving the house simple geometry and clean lines.

Reference List Recreational Flying 2010, accessed 9/2/2013

05 justin  

Constructing Journal University Of Melbourne

05 justin  

Constructing Journal University Of Melbourne