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Hieroglyphs may be fake Alternative E plan is not an alternative


he alternative plan referred to in the Gosford Central Community News of November 21 raises a number of concerns. Burying Dane Dr along the waterfront has already been independently costed at over $200 million. How will this amount be funded? The proposed relocation to Market Place, of the long awaited iconic Regional Performing Arts Centre, is not a proven viable option. This centre "would stand as a key public building and create a new heart for our regional city". This landmark complex would be to Gosford, as the Opera House is to Sydney. The alternative plans also propose to develop waterfront land for residential purposes. The chosen location is questionable as it is in the Broadwater and is immediately adjacent to the railway line and tidal Fagan's Bay. The existing ferrymooring wharf appears to have been relocated to the wrong (south) side of the breakwater and replaced with a 300 berth marina. By contrast, the fully costed Landing Masterplan

Letters to the editor should be sent to: Gosford News PO Box 1056, Gosford 2250 or See Page 2 for contribution conditions is a genuine community endeavour to capitalise on Gosford's unique asset. This Masterplan already has broad governmentcouncil support and also recent feedback from the public visitation to the recent display. It envisages the creation of 4000 Gosford office jobs and the flow on trades effect during construction would be an enormous boost to the local economy. Having witnessed the boom years leading up to 1985, it is time for the decline of Gosford over the last 25 years to be corrected. Email, 13 Dec 2011 Peter Turnbull, Point Clare

veryone is getting very excited about the engravings in the bush below Woy Woy Rd, Kariong.

So much so, that Express Advocate’s Terry Collins misspelt the word “Hieroglyphs”, not just in the large headline to the article, but throughout the piece, which was advertising the meeting in the Kariong Arts Hall. What makes this even more extraordinary is that your December 5 edition of Gosford Central Community News had front page coverage of this story with the correct spelling! It is now time for me to put a spanner in the works. This is what I believe to be the probable truth about the “Egyptian Hieroglyphs” at Kariong. My family and I have lived in Woy Woy since 1983. Being keen on bush walking, we regularly explored the local bush walks and tracks and, over the years, became very familiar with the local bush areas. Sometime around the late nineteen eighties, my teenage son and his mate returned from a bushwalk in the area below Woy Woy Rd and were very excited about these “amazing carvings” they had come across, which didn’t look like Aboriginal ones, but looked like Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols. The following day, I accompanied him to the site and was equally amazed and curious. I telephoned the Gosford National Parks office and had a long conversation with a gentleman there. He told me that they were aware of these engravings and that a few years prior, someone from the Australian

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Museum had inspected the site, taken photographs, measurements, etc. Apparently, the engravings were estimated to have been made no earlier than 35 years prior, and, in addition, the symbols portrayed were not authentic in style and formation or coherent in meaning. In other words, the verdict was that they had been done in the not too distant past by a person or persons unknown. The culprit would certainly not wish to be identified, as it is a serious offence to deface or damage the rocks in the natural bush. We continued to visit the site now and then as part of a walk and sometimes took visitors there. You could drive along Bambara Rd and park in the clearing below the site, which is on a rocky outcrop above. The rocks were fun to clamber through, as they formed a group of large boulders in an interesting formation, especially the narrow space between the two great slabs of rock, on which the carvings had been made. At that time, there was no gate across the access road. Not many people knew the engravings were there and nothing had been mentioned about them for years. Move a few years on, to an occasion in about 1993, when I spent a brief time in Royal North Shore Hospital. In my ward, I spent a few days in the company of a fellow patient who was a woman in her forties, a New Zealander named Helen, with whom I had some interesting chats.

She was due to be discharged on this particular day, and we exchanged phone numbers, as one does, thinking one might keep in touch, but end up not doing so. I asked her if she had ever been to Woy Woy, and she replied that she had quite a few times, but not for many years. She told me that a very good friend of hers at the time had lived on Woy Woy Rd. She used to visit him, but at some point their relationship had ended and they had not been in touch for many years. She added that he was a very unusual and interesting man and that he was very interested in Egyptology, in fact he had been “obsessed” with the culture of Ancient Egypt. He had even tried to teach her “the Egyptian Alphabet”. He had never visited Egypt, or studied Egyptology formally, but had studied books on the subject, watched documentaries, etc. She said that he had a kind of “spiritual empathy” with their belief system. As soon as she started to tell me about this guy, I had made the connection. I immediately told her about the engravings and she exclaimed something like “Oh, he would have been the one who did them for sure! That’s just the sort of thing he would have done”. She said that he would spend a lot of time in the bush which was “virtually his back yard”. He used to sketch the trees, and used to sit on the top of the rocks and “meditate”. When I returned home, I excitedly related this story to my family. I looked in the local

phonebook and the listing for that surname and initial was listed, at a street number on Woy Woy Rd, Kariong. We decided to keep the knowledge under our hats, as I did not wish to get this person into trouble by blowing his cover. During the intervening years, occasional mention of these engravings started occurring with all sorts of fanciful theories abounding. I used to smile to myself and make wry comments amongst a few friends and family members who knew that I had a theory about who had done them, but wouldn’t say. Recently, when I heard about the documentary and read the latest press articles about the public lectures and PHD’s, I referred to the current telephone directory to see if this man’s name and address were still listed, but it was not. I felt so exasperated that I visited Gosford library and accessed a whole series of past telephone directories to try to verify that listing from the early 1990s. To my surprise and disappointment, I couldn’t find it. Now I wonder if I was mistaken in my memory of the gentleman’s surname. He may have moved or not even be alive by now. Nor could I track down Helen whose phone number I had not kept. I was so frustrated by this that I contacted Mrs Yvonne Hart, an elderly long time resident who used to work in the local post office for many years. I asked her if she recalled a past resident of the area who fitted the description of this man, but she did not. I wonder if anyone recalls this man, or knows of any other details which might fit this story. Email, 12 Dec 2011 Yvette Pritchard, Woy Woy


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