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February 7, 2013

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Pittman notches 22nd win at Entertainment Centre by Sheldon Kidd

entral Coast professional boxer Jamie “Mr Business” Pittman made a successful return to the ring after more than a 12 month layoff with a convincing win against Zac “Shaker” Awad, in a bout held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on W e d n e s d a y , January 30, on the undercard to the Geale-Mundine fight.


The East Gosford fighter showed no signs of ring rust, winning every round of the eight round contest on all three judges’ score cards. Prior to the bout, his team had promised fight fans that they would see a new and improved fighter and Pittman didn’t disappoint, scoring almost at will and landing a number of heavy blows via crisp combinations on Awad during each round. “I felt great tonight and I couldn’t be happier,” said Pittman following the fight. “My trainer Grahame Shaw is ‘over the moon’ with my display and that really satisfies me. “I beat a very talented

fighter every single round, I’m happy to be back in the ring and back in the limelight.” Showing more variety than in any previous fight, his work rate and accuracy troubled Awad in every round. Using footwork and head movement, he was able to make Awad miss with his punches and proved difficult to tag all fight. “I trained extremely hard for this fight with the team at the Grange Old School Gym and I knew I was ready,” Pittman said. “The feeling in the gym with Daniel (Geale) preparing to fight Mundine has been great and I’m stoked Gealey also got a win on the night and defended his world title.” Awad’s tactics at times were questionable and he was warned by the referee Les Fear several times for indiscretions including a chopping elbow that caused a cut to open above Pittman’s right eye. Supporters’ hearts fluttered a little when the referee called a halt in the action in the fifth round to ask the ringside doctor, Dr Lou Lewis to assess Pittman’s eye. Dr Lewis deemed the cut wouldn’t trouble Pittman significantly and the action resumed, with Pittman continuing on where he had left off, dominating Awad.

“I just knew I had to stay composed. “Zac was trying his best to unsettle me but it didn’t work,” Pittman said. “I knew he’d come to fight, he was ranked in the top 15 in the world before and a win would have seen him back on the world stage but I was lucky enough to stay calm and concentrate on outboxing him.” The rough house tactics from Awad continued and Pittman’s left eye was split open during the seventh round by Awad’s wayward head. Again the doctor was called to give his opinion and again said for the boxers to fight on. Pittman stayed composed and shut out the fight. “That’s the new me now in the ring. “I’m smarter, more relaxed, more confident and I’m just glad the fight was televised nationwide on such a big show so everyone could see my improvement and all my hard work I’ve put in plenty of people got see that Mr Business is back.” To give Awad his due, while simply outclassed by Pittman, he never took a backwards step all night. He was hurt on several occasions throughout the fight, however, he continually called Pittman into the fray and he gave

Jamie “Mr Business” Pittman his all. Pittman’s manager, Dean Singelton said he believed it was the best fight he has ever seen from his long time charge and if the reaction from the boxing community ringside was any indication, so too do many good judges. “I have been overwhelmed by the

reaction of Jamie’s win,” Singleton said. “I had a long line of people coming up to me ringside following the fight and the consensus is ‘wow’. “This is from people who have seen him develop from a kid into an Olympian, people who are better judges than me.

“I truly believe they are going to also see him win a world title in the not too distant future.” Pittman’s record now stands at 22 wins - 3 losses (8ko’s) with Awad falling to 18 wins - 3 losses -1 draw (7ko’s). Pittman UD 8 – Judges’ score cards: 80 - 72 x 3.

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The reason was not a desire to maintain the water table but because “upgrade works are currently under way at the Woy Woy Groundwater Treatment Plant”, according to council’s water and sewer operations manager Mr Michael Redrup. In the six months July to December, only 248.8mm of rain had fallen on the Peninsula, less than half the average of 504.4mm

Council’s project officer Mr David Medcalf said the path was a continuation of the cycleway constructed from the Woy Woy Town Centre, along the Woy Woy

Foreshore Reserve through to McMasters Rd Reserve, funded by the Department of Planning under the NSW Coastline Cycleway Program. Further funding has allowed the off-road pathway to continue south along Blackwall Rd, via Memorial Ave, Barrenjoey Rd, Uligandi St and then east to the existing shared pathway at The Esplanade, Ettalong. “Various options were investigated for the Uligandi St

Family and Relationships Parents Helpline 132 055 Centacare Gosford 4324 6403 Wyong 4352 1311 The Entrance 4382 9500 Gosford Family Support Service 4340 1099 Horizons (Families or single parents) 4333 5111 Interrelate - Family Relationships 1300 736 966 Uniting Care Burnside Wyong 4352 3222 Gosford 1800 067 967

Counselling Mensline - talk with a bloke 1300 789 978 Lifecare Family Services 1300 130 225 Centacare: 4324 6403 Relationship Australia: 1300 364 277 Interrelate: 1800 449 118


however, we do monitor rainfall at the Mangrove Creek Dam, and the Mardi and Somersby Water Treatment Plants,” he said. In the last 12 months Somersby Water Treatment Plant has had 1212mm of rainfall compared to 1929mm the previous year, down 37.2 per cent. Mardi Water Treatment Plant had 1141mm of rainfall compared to 1846 the previous year, down 38.2 per cent. Mangrove Creek Dam had 843mm of rainfall compared to 1264 the previous year, down 33.3 per cent.

alignment, including locating the pathway in the roadway as a separated shared pathway,” said Mr Medcalf. “However, these options would have seriously impacted traffic flow, resident kerbside parking, bus zones and drop off areas associated with the Ettalong Beach Primary School as well as the existing pedestrian crossing. “In addition to this, an alternative route in surrounding streets was also investigated, however, the

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Mr Redrup said the current daily water demand for the Gosford region was around 45 million litres. In comparison, between 10 to 20 years ago, daily water demand for the Gosford region during January was over 100 million litres. The Peninsula currently comprises around 30 per cent of total water demand across the Gosford region, he said. “Council closely monitors total water storage over time and has developed demand management strategies to reduce historical demand,” said Mr Redrup. “We have also commissioned

adjoining streets all contained many more trees than the northern side of Uligandi St. “Therefore, it was recommended that the proposed shared pathway be constructed along the Uligandi St northern footway. “Negotiations with the school allowed the planting of trees within their grounds particularly along the Uligandi St road boundary. “They agreed that if the Brush Box trees along the northern footway of Uligandi St were

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the Mardi to Mangrove Link which harvests water from the Wyong River and transfers it to Mangrove Creek Dam for later use. “Despite the reduced rainfall over the last 12 months, the total storage situation actually improved by 5.5 per cent as a result of the transfers available following completion of the Mardi to Mangrove Link (12,446 ML has been transferred for the year to date),” he said. Media Statement, 17 Jan 2013 Michael Redrup, Gosford Council

January 30, 2013 February 7, 2013

Issue 047

The East Gosford fighter showed no signs of ring rust, winning every round of the eight round contest on all three judges’ score cards. Prior to the bout, his team had promised fight fans that they would see a new and improved fighter and Pittman didn’t disappoint, scoring almost at will and landing a number of heavy blows via crisp combinations on Awad during each round. “I felt great tonight and I couldn’t be happier,” said Pittman following the fight. “My trainer Grahame Shaw is ‘over the moon’ with my display and that really satisfies me. “I beat a very talented

fighter every single round, I’m happy to be back in the ring and back in the limelight.” Showing more variety than in any previous fight, his work rate and accuracy troubled Awad in every round. Using footwork and head movement, he was able to make Awad miss with his punches and proved difficult to tag all fight. “I trained extremely hard for this fight with the team at the Grange Old School Gym and I knew I was ready,” Pittman said. “The feeling in the gym with Daniel (Geale) preparing to fight Mundine has been great and I’m stoked Gealey also got a win on the night and defended his world title.” Awad’s tactics at times were questionable and he was warned by the referee Les Fear several times for indiscretions including a chopping elbow that caused a cut to open above Pittman’s right eye. Supporters’ hearts fluttered a little when the referee called a halt in the action in the fifth round to ask the ringside doctor, Dr Lou Lewis to assess Pittman’s eye. Dr Lewis deemed the cut wouldn’t trouble Pittman significantly and the action resumed, with Pittman continuing on where he had left off, dominating Awad.

“I just knew I had to stay composed. “Zac was trying his best to unsettle me but it didn’t work,” Pittman said. “I knew he’d come to fight, he was ranked in the top 15 in the world before and a win would have seen him back on the world stage but I was lucky enough to stay calm and concentrate on outboxing him.” The rough house tactics from Awad continued and Pittman’s left eye was split open during the seventh round by Awad’s wayward head. Again the doctor was called to give his opinion and again said for the boxers to fight on. Pittman stayed composed and shut out the fight. “That’s the new me now in the ring. “I’m smarter, more relaxed, more confident and I’m just glad the fight was televised nationwide on such a big show so everyone could see my improvement and all my hard work I’ve put in plenty of people got see that Mr Business is back.” To give Awad his due, while simply outclassed by Pittman, he never took a backwards step all night. He was hurt on several occasions throughout the fight, however, he continually called Pittman into the fray and he gave

reaction of Jamie’s win,” Singleton said. “I had a long line of people coming up to me ringside following the fight and the consensus is ‘wow’. “This is from people who have seen him develop from a kid into an Olympian, people who are better judges than me.


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Memorandum of Understanding to bring a University of Newcastle presence to the Gosford CBD has been signed by the NSW Government’s Central Coast Regional Development Corporation (CCRDC) and the University.


The Central Coast region’s proportion of 25 to 34 year olds with a Bachelor degree is approximately 15%, falling below the national average of 27%. “The presence of the University of Newcastle in Gosford would be a positive move toward offering more tertiary education options for local residents,” said Minister for the Central Coast, Mr Chris Hartcher. “Research commissioned by the Central Coast Regional Development Corporation indicated that extending higher education on the Central Coast could lead to a boost in participation in university study in the region. “The need for a university presence in the Gosford CBD has also been clearly identified by the community and is reflected in research developed as part of the Gosford City Centre Masterplan. “This is an important step forward in the ongoing revitalisation of Gosford. “A university presence can have a hugely positive impact on a community, bringing an economic and social boost to surrounding areas,” said Mr Hartcher. University of Newcastle vice-chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen said building a highly skilled

Jamie “Mr Business” Pittman his all. Pittman’s manager, Dean Singelton said he believed it was the best fight he has ever seen from his long time charge and if the reaction from the boxing community ringside was any indication, so too do many good judges. “I have been overwhelmed by the

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Issue 50

University campus in Gosford formally accepted

by Sheldon Kidd

entral Coast professional boxer Jamie “Mr Business” Pittman made a successful return to the ring after more than a 12 month layoff with a convincing win against Zac “Shaker” Awad, in a bout held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on W e d n e s d a y , January 30, on the undercard to the Geale-Mundine fight.

removed as part of the shared pathway construction then the school would welcome advanced specimens of the same tree to be planted within the school grounds along the same road boundary. “Replacement trees were planted within the school grounds at the beginning of summer 2012 which, as they grow, will gradually reinstate the streetscape,” said Mr Medcalf. Media Statement, 31 Jan 2013 David Medcalf, Gosford Council

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Pittman notches 22nd win at Entertainment Centre C

“I truly believe they are going to also see him win a world title in the not too distant future.” Pittman’s record now stands at 22 wins - 3 losses (8ko’s) with Awad falling to 18 wins - 3 losses -1 draw (7ko’s). Pittman UD 8 – Judges’ score cards: 80 - 72 x 3.

Officials at the announcement of the Memorandum of Understanding

workforce through quality education was a priority for the University. “An important focus for the University is to provide more opportunities for people from all walks of life with ability and determination to enter and succeed in higher education,” Professor McMillen said. “Through the presence in Gosford, the University will offer enabling courses that prepare students to thrive at university. “The preparatory courses will be targeted to meet skills gaps in the region to ensure the University’s Gosford presence contributes to the economic and social development of the Central Coast. “Contributing to the region’s growth and development, the University

will also participate in a ‘research and innovation hub’ where our academics and postgraduate researchers can connect with local business to share ideas and foster new knowledge. “The University has a long and demonstrated commitment to providing first-rate education to communities on the Central Coast through our campus at Ourimbah. “We are delighted to be building on this commitment through the establishment of a presence in Gosford,” said Professor McMillen. Gosford Council mayor Cr Lawrie McKinna has also welcomed the announcement and said establishing a university presence in the city centre will go a long way to revitalising Gosford as the

capital of the Central Coast. “A university campus in the heart of Gosford will be a key driver for economic growth and vitality within the Gosford CBD and as such for the Central Coast as a whole. “A university presence will bring people and dollars into the city, attract business and investment and go a long way in helping re-establish Gosford as our regional capital,” said mayor Cr McKinna. The mayor said greater opportunities for higher education at a local level would also help to keep young people in our area and assist in preventing the ‘brain drain’ to the big cities. “Evidence suggests that the Central Coast can not only support another university campus but

would in fact benefit from one. “Increased avenues for participation in tertiary education will help to lift our local levels of higher education in line with those around the state. “Creating greater opportunities for higher education and training will also help to broaden our local skill base and keep our kids on the Coast. “This is a fantastic initiative between CCRDC and the University of Newcastle and I look forward to seeing this agreement activate our City’s heart,” said mayor Cr McKinna. The Federal Member for Robertson Ms Deborah O’Neill said the benefits for Gosford would be significant. “There will be more

opportunities for Central Coast young people to study locally, while businesses will reap the rewards of more people wanting to live, eat and socialise in and around the Gosford CBD. “It is exciting that the University of Newcastle has identified the potential of Gosford to expand. “I would especially like to thank Professor Caroline McMillen for working closely with many local stakeholders to achieve this agreement. “The Ourimbah Campus is a great success story. “It would be fantastic for Gosford to follow suit.” Ms O’Neill said data released by the Gillard Government proved there was a growing appetite for tertiary education on the Central Coast. “Between 2007 and 2011 there has been a 24.5% increase in the number of students from the Robertson electorate enrolled in an undergraduate degree. “Census data shows a whopping 50% jump in the number of Central Coast students enrolled in a higher education course of some kind,” added Ms O’Neill. Gosford Council is currently working with CCRDC on location options for the university, one of which is the town centre redevelopment. Media Release, 18 Jan 2013 Peter McCabe, Office of Deborah O’Neill MP Media Release, 17 Jan 2013 Gosford Council Media Media Release, 17 Jan 2013 Caroline Hutcherson, Office of Chris Hartcher MP

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January 31, 2013

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Issue 13

Marlene Pennings is Citizen of the Year s Marlene Pennings of The Entrance North was named Wyong Shire’s Citizen of the Year at the Wyong Council Civic Centre on Thursday, January 24.


The evening also paid tribute to other members of the Wyong Shire community who have aided others through a service. Guests heard that, over the past 12 years, Ms Pennings was responsible for obtaining almost $1 million in grants to help the community. Ms Penning’s work has included driving roles with Coastcare The Entrance North, the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary, Coastline and Flood Plain Management Committee, The Entrance Community Precinct Committee, The Entrance North Progress Association and Wycare. Ms Pennings has also volunteered her

time for many other community causes including the Wyong Shire Community Nursery, Tuggerah Lakes Reserve Trust, Wycare-CEN Liaison Committee, Landcare, the steering committee for Empowering Aboriginal Women and Wyong Shire Council’s Vision Committee. Last year Marlene was included on the Hidden Treasures Honour Roll, organised by the NSW Department of Primary Industries to highlight the work of outstanding volunteers in regional and rural areas. Wyong Shire Council’s Australia Day award for a Business Person went to Mr Don Dagger. The Community

Volunteer Award went to Mr Allen Currie and the Youth of the Year award went to Ms Rachel Davis. Other winners included Brackets and Jam event stalwart Ms Julie Smith in the Arts and Culture division, martial artist Mr John Gill in the Sportsperson of the Year category, Mr Tim Silverwood from the Take 3-A Clean Beach Initiative won the Environment Award and both the Central Coast Outreach Service and TNC Lakes Food Care shared the honours for outstanding Community service organisation. Media release, 25 Jan 2013 Wyong Council Media

Ms Marlene Pennings and mayor Cr Doug Eaton

Central Coast airport ruled out “The NSW Central Coast which is inister for the Central Coast Mr Chris Hartcher has rejected to increase capacity has why we need to ensure a proposal to build an airport on the Central Coast, including at Sydney Airport to Government boost efficiency. written to the Federal the existing Sydney a proposed site at Bushells Ridge in Wyong Shire.


Mr Hartcher has instead called on the Federal Members for Dobell and Robertson to support the joint approach of the NSW Government to boost efficiency at Sydney Airport.

“The NSW Government does not support a second airport in the Sydney basin whether it’s Wilton, Badgerys Creek or the Central Coast,” said Mr Hartcher.


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4 February 2013

Council defends tree removal Gosford Council has defended its removal of a number of Brush Box trees along the northern footway of Uligandi St as part of the construction of the shared footpath and cycleway between Woy Woy and Ettalong.

G-Line Telephone Counsel 1800 633 635 Gamblers Anonymous 9564 1574 Alcoholics Anonymous 4323 3890 Narcotics Anonymous 4325 0524 Quitline 131 848


No groundwater extracted during drought for the second half of the year. Mr Redrup said that despite rainfall declining across the region by between 33.3 per cent (one third) and 38.2 per cent, “the total storage situation actually improved by 5.5 per cent”. He said this was a result of water transferred through the “missing link” pipeline between Mardi and Mangrove Creek Dam. “Council is aware that the Gosford region has been experiencing below average rainfall,” said Mr Redrup. “Council’s Water and Sewer Directorate doesn’t maintain rainfall records for the Peninsula,

Financial Counselling Service 4334 2304 Central Coast Legal Centre 4353 4988 Legal Aid Commission of NSW 1300 888 529 Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service 4353 5515 NSW Aboriginal Legal Service 8842 8000 Consumer Credit Legal Centre 1800 808 488 NSW Ombudsman 1800 451 524 Community Justice Centre 1800 990 777 Family Law Court 1300 352 000 Law Access NSW 1300 888 529

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Gosford Council did not extract ground water during the drought on the Peninsula in the last six months of last year.

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“While Sydney “We will not support Airport is a matter for a proposal that dumps the Commonwealth, we aircraft noise on want to see maximum the families of the efficiency achieved Central Coast. at the facility because “The NSW the economy of NSW Government announced depends on it. plans late last year

Government proposing Airport asset is being a joint approach fully utilised,” said addressing aviation Mr Hartcher. capacity and operational Media release, improvements. 17 Jan 2013 “The NSW Caroline Hutcherson, Government does not Office of Chris Hartcher MP support an airport on the

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February 7, 2013 - GRANDSTAND - P3

Brianna Cartwright is State Dressage Champion

Graham to ski for Australia

by Stephen Graham

arara’s Matt Graham, 18, will represent Australia on March 5 and 8 in mogul skiing at the FIS Freestyle World Championship at Voss-Oslo in Norway.


Matt most recently competed in the World

Cup mogul skiing event at Deer Valley in the United States over the weekend of Saturday, February 2, which saw his Australian Institute of Sport - NSW Institute of Sport athlete’s world ranking jump 13 places to 23. The next round of the World Cup, to be held between February 12 and


by Kerrie Cryer

19, is the official Test Event for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, which will begin on February 6, 2014. Graham has already met the individual qualification for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, and only needs to maintain his top 30 world ranking.

Zone 24 riders at the presentation Photo: Kerrie Cryer

orse riders from Central Coast Pony Clubs competed as part of Zone 24 in the State Dressage Championships in Wagga Wagga on the weekend of Saturday, January 19, and Sunday, January 20.


Matt Graham competing at Deer Valley

Riders from Bouddi, Mangrove Mountain, Matcham Valley, Tall Timbers and Wyong each completed two dressage tests over the two days of competition. The competition was split into different age groups, including U13, 13 to U15, 15 to U17 and Associates (17 to 25 years.) Brianna Cartwright from Mangrove Mountain Pony

Club was crowned State Champion for the 13 to U15 age group, winning both her tests against her competitors. Zone 24 is made up of eight clubs, including Wyong, Tall Timbers, Bouddi, Mangrove Mountain, Matcham Valley, Cooranbong, Watagan, and Toronto.

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P4 - GRANDSTAND - February 7, 2013


Coast girls win cricket national championships

Athletics team wins Hunter Track Classic by Mick Kranendonk

by Benjamin Cuevas

hree Central Coast girls, Lily Bardsley, Taryn Heddo and Lauren Smith, played in the NSW U18 female cricket team that defeated Victoria by 120 runs in the final of the U18 Female National Championships held in Ballarat on Tuesday, January 22.


The combined Central Coast athletics team

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female Central Coast athletics team has been declared the overall winner of the U14s Little Athletics Team Challenge at the Hunter Track Classic held at the Hunter Sports Centre in Newcastle recently.


The U14s Little Athletics Team Challenge is a Zone and State team based point score competition across five individual events (100m, 400m, 1000m, shot put, boys triple jump and girls long jump) and a Swiss medley relay (100, 200, 300, 400). The winning Central Coast girls team comprised Paige Farrant of Gosford, Harriette Boursnell of Gosford, Elizabeth Chippendale of Gosford, Jessica Morrice of Gosford, Heather Duffy of Tuggerah Lakes Mingara and Bethany Kranendonk of Wyong. The Central Coast boys team, which came fourth, comprised John Dahan of Wyong, Nathan Johnston of Tuggerah Lakes Mingara, Max Fitzgerald of Gosford, Tristan Croke of Wyong and Tyler Gunn of Gosford. The Hunter Track Classic is a grand prix style athletics meet that showcases some of NSW’s and Australia’s best athletes. It brought together all components of the athletics community with events for U14s and professional athletes. The 2013 Hunter Track Classic is part of the National Athletics Series which supports the best athletes in the country. That

Computer Guy


Winning the toss and batting first, NSW suffered an early set back with Jenny Taffs out in the first over of

the match. However, a brilliant 159 run second wicket partnership between Lily Bardsley and Mary Molloy quickly put NSW in control. The partnership was finally broken in the 36th over when Molloy was out for 82. Bardsley followed soon after for the same score. NSW went on to set Victoria an imposing 254 runs to win. NSW started well in the field with Anna Horton claiming two early wickets. Stefanie Daffara and Emma Newman then got in

on the action with Victoria finding themselves in a world of trouble of 4-31 after 11 overs. Despite some late resistance from the last pair, the Victorians were bowled out for 133. NSW’s victory maintained its stranglehold on the Betty Butcher Shield, which has resided in Sydney since 2004-05. The Shield was presented to the winners of the U17 National Championships until 2010-11 when the age classification for the tournament was changed to U18s.

Manly win Jason Annear sevens by Shayne Hayne

he Inaugural Jason Annear Memorial Rugby League Sevens event was held on Saturday, January 26, at Berkeley Vale Oval.


The seven teams that competed were the Berkeley Vale Panthers, the Manly Sea Eagles, the

Wyong Roos, The Entrance Tigers, the Northern Lakes Warriors, the Terrigal Sharks and Natural Talent of Moore Park. The Manly Sea Eagles took home the first prize of $2,500 in the finals with a score of 26, followed by the Berkeley Vale Panthers in second with $1,000. Game day entertainment included dance routines from

the Ritz Dance Company and music by Monique and the Six Dollar Shoes. Peak Sports sold merchandise such as Jason Annear Sevens’ shirts, singlets and stubby holders. Canteen and barbecue facilities operated throughout the day, with a tropical snow cone stall set up for the kids, as well as a jumping castle.

WYONG RSL Bowling Club

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Bowls Ladies – Tuesdays @ 9.00am Men – Thursdays @ 12.30pm Mixed Mufti Social – Saturday & Sunday 12.30pm Ph: Allan on 0431 275 664 or Maree on 02 4353 2085 or … just turn up!

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February 7, 2013 - GRANDSTAND - P5

Marlins lose in close game at Blacktown


International Judo coach speaks at seminar by Pete Acciari

by Michael Ashton

he Central Coast Marlins went down to the MacArthur Orioles 8-5 at Blacktown International Sports Park on Wednesday, January 23.


The Marlins opened the scoring in the bottom of the first inning after a hit to Adam Howe, who later scored on a 2-out hit from Pat Maat to lead 1-0. The Sydney side then

took a commanding lead after taking advantage of some average defence from the Marlins, scoring two runs in three consecutive innings giving them a 6-1 lead. Meanwhile the Marlins were unable to capitalize on a number of chances they created. The Marlins hit back in the late innings after they plated four runs to give them a sniff in the last innings. The Marlins left their run too late and ran out of time.

entral Coast and Hunter regional judo coaches and clubs attended a seminar at the Kido Mingara Judo Academy recently which featured a talk from Italian judo athlete Alessandro Piccirillo.


“The region was very privileged to have Alessandro (Sandro) Piccirillo, to give his technical expertise to the well-attended local clubs,” State Baseball League First Grade Round 32. Standings as of February 1

said Kido Mingara Judo coach Mr Pete Acciari. “Organised and assisted by Olympian, and State coach, Daniel Rusitovic, we had judoka arriving from Sydney, Newcastle and Maitland; filling the Kido Tuggerah dojo mats to capacity. “Alessandro only arrived in Sydney that morning and was introduced to the Australian heat wave, yet provided lessons full of vitality, technical information and practical demonstrations. “The evening was packed It Works! We Guarantee It!

with technical information for both young and inexperienced to older and more seasoned exponents. “His credentials include coaching Giuseppe Maddaloni to a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. “He kept everyone spellbound with the finer details of making a successful throw. “With his demonstrations, it became evident in how much easier a technique is when applying those points. “At the end of the night,

everyone was soaked in sweat, very happy with their minds full of the huge quantity of information to work on in future classes. “Alessandro’s promised to return and enjoyed with interest the bush setting and resident wildlife, roaming right up to our gym. “All participants have much to learn and were instructed by the best. “Kido is already planning on bringing top line instructors from Japan and Russia to the Coast later in the year,” said Mr Acciari.

Free Call:1300 200 200


P6 - GRANDSTAND - February 7, 2013

Brisbane Roar hold Mariners to a draw by Central Coast Mariners Media

aniel McBreen’s 14th goal of the season ensured the Central Coast Mariners remained unbeaten this year, with Graham Arnold’s men securing a 2-2 draw with Brisbane Roar at Suncorp Stadium on Friday, February 1.


Michael McGlinchey’s clinical eighth minute strike gave the Mariners a deserved lead at the break, however, Roar produced a far more polished performance in the second stanza to hold a 2-1 advantage with just 10 minutes to play. Nevertheless, McBreen’s powerful 80th minute goal after good work between substitute Mitchell Duke and right-stopper Zachary Anderson earned the Mariners a point in the Queensland capital, cancelling out Besart Berisha’s second half brace. The Mariners started the match brightly and took the lead less than 10 minutes in. McGlinchey fired home clinically from eight-yards after a fluent move down the left resulted in Roar stopper Matthew Jurman failing to clear Mile Sterjovski’s cross. Soon after, McGlinchey was involved in a potentially match defining moment with new Roar recruit and former Consadole Sapporo defender

Jade North. After robbing North of possession, the nimble New Zealander appeared to be dragged down by the former Newcastle Jets player who also looked to be the last defender. Nevertheless, referee Lucien Laverdure deemed that no indiscretion had been made. Mariners’ goalkeeper Mathew Ryan made a smart save in the 18th minute when Brisbane midfielder Luke Brattan floated in a free kick, however, beyond this timely intervention the gun Central Coast custodian was largely untroubled in the opening 45. It was McBreen who had the last real opportunity to add to the scoreboard shortly before half time. The evergreen marksman’s shot followed neat work between Oliver Bozanic and Joshua Rose was palmed away by Michael Theo before being cleared by Shane Stefanutto. Roar made the early running in the second stanza and found themselves back on level terms two minutes after the break. Thomas Broich chipped in a well-weighted cross that Berisha gently directed past Ryan to restore parity to the clash. Ivan Franjic should have given Roar the lead in the 55th minute when he headed wide

of goal from a good position, while Duke was proving influential from the pine as he combined with Bernie Ibini to create a half-chance for McGlinchey 57 minutes in. It was Berisha who would give Brisbane the lead in the 69th minute. Roar new boy Stefan Nijland played an inch-perfect pass to Stefanutto down the left, who fired a crisp cross into the box. Berisha made no mistake from close range, slamming the ball into the back of the net after meeting Stefanutto’s centre with purpose. Central Coast boss Graham Arnold had stressed all season the need for his team to be resolute and collect points consistently away from home, and the Mariners showed why they were such a tough team to beat by turning the match around late on. With just 10 minutes to go, Duke prodded the ball into the box with Anderson skilfully flicking the pass into the path of McBreen. From just inside the area, McBreen rifled a fierce left foot drive beyond Theo to ensure his team departed Suncorp Stadium with a further point added to their tally. In fact, the Mariners looked the more likely team to snatch all three points late in the game, with Duke probing

around the penalty area and Rose forcing a sharp save from Theo. Following the game Arnold said he was satisfied with the draw away from home. “We knew Brisbane would fight back,” he said. “I am happy with a point. “I thought we played good in patches and we’re a bit down on numbers at the moment. “We had a young side out there tonight if you look at the way we finished the game. “It’s a tough game to come up here to Brisbane and they got a bit of confidence when they got the goal at the start of the second half. “(But) I couldn’t be prouder

of our boys. “They worked extremely hard.” Brisbane Roar 2 (Berisha 47’, 69’) Central Coast Mariners 2 (McGlinchey 8’, McBreen 80’) Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Brisbane Roar: 1. Michael Theo (Gk), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 4. Matthew Jurman (19. Jack Hingert 46’), 5. Ivan Franjic, 13. Jade North, 8. Massimo Murdocca (11. Ben Halloran 9’), 17. Mitch Nichols, 18. Luke Brattan, 7. Besart Berisha, 14. Steven Lustica (9. Stefan Nijland 64’), 22. Thomas Broich Substitutes not used: 20. Matthew Acton (Gk) Yellow cards: Berisha

13’, Jurman 30’, Lustica 34’, Franjic 42’, Stefanutto 83’ Red cards: Nil Central Coast Mariners: 1. Mathew Ryan (Gk), 2. Daniel McBreen, 3. Joshua Rose, 5. Zachary Anderson, 6. Patrick Zwaanswijk, 7. John Hutchinson (c), 9. Bernie Ibini, 11. Oliver Bozanic (17. Anthony Caceres 60’), 14. Michael McGlinchey, 16. Trent Sainsbury (13. Brent Griffiths 90+4’), 21. Mile Sterjovski (19. Mile Sterjovski 56’) Substitutes not used: 20. Justin Pasfield (Gk) Yellow cards: Bozanic 32’, Sainsbury 55’, McGlinchey 86’ Red cards: Nil Referee: Lucien Laverdure Attendance: 10,604

Futsal players to represent Australia by Tony Gerasimou

wo local futsal players who are part of the Central Coast Futsal Club at Erina will represent Australia in Malaysia and Spain in November.


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Ciaran Simmonds (U12) from Kariong and Matt Cahill (U13) from Green Point represented the Central

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the summer months and gain selection in the State team to compete at the Nationals. Futsal is an indoor version of outdoor soccer played on a 30 by 15 metre hard surface pitch. It is a five aside game played at a fast pace with the game teaching ball control, slick passing, quick reaction and shooting.

YOUTH INSPIRED is an exciting new initiative that encourages and educates young people (aged 16-25) to become involved as volunteers in local sporting clubs.

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Ciaran and Matt both started playing in the local futsal competition at Erina High School run by Tony Gerasimou of Central Coast Futsal. The boys joined the futsal academy headed by Tony and, with the support from NNSW Hunter Futsal Strikers, were able to compete in a representative program over

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Coast-NNSW state futsal team at the recent National Championships in Windsor and were selected from over 150 players in each age group. Matt’s team were the eventual winners of the Nationals in their age group. Both boys are relatively new to futsal and have only played at representative level for one season.

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Deborah O’Neill MP Member for Robertson

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Deborah O’Neill Authorised by Deborah O’Neill 91 Mann Street, Gosford

If I can assist you with any Federal Government matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 91 Mann Street, Gosford NSW 2250 PO Box 577 Gosford NSW 2250 Phone: 4322 1922 Fax: 4322 2066 Email: Deborah.O’


P8 - GRANDSTAND - February 7, 2013

Mariners clear on top in National Youth League as well by Ray Sandell

he Central Coast Mariners Youth team completed an Australia Day weekend double for the Club when they defeated Adelaide United 2 goals to 1 on Saturday, January 26, at Tuggerah.


The Mariners dominated from the kick off with Adriano Pellegrino penetrating into the Adelaide penalty area and forcing two early corner kicks. About eight minutes into the match, Pellegrino and Adelaide’s captain Jacob Melling “had words” after a tackle and referee Kevin Peddie showed Pellegrino a red card. Despite the loss of their main midfielder, the Mariners continued to press and it was really no surprise when, on the 24 minute mark, they attacked down the right hand side and Patrick Dixon opened the scoring with a shot from just inside the penalty area. Five minutes later the

Adelaide defence made a blunder that left Brad McDonald with the task of slotting the ball into an empty net for goal number two. Adelaide started to make a few ventures into the Mariners’ penalty area but were still unable to penetrate the hard working defenders. Too often runs by Awer Mabil ended with crosses into the danger zone, but either none of his team mates were there, or the Mariners’ defenders were on hand to clear the ball. Adelaide came out for the second half in a more determined manner and immediately went on the attack. Ten minutes after the break the ball was played well into the Mariners half and goal keeper David Bradesevic came out of his penalty area to clear the ball but mistimed his kick. Thomas Briscoe had a simple job to score, albeit he shot from at least 35 metres out from goal. Adelaide continued and Bradesevic made up for

his early blunder by busily thwarting the opposition. Mabil hit the cross bar around the 76th minute mark, but other than that they never looked like scoring. With seven minutes remaining, Hayden Morton was shown a straight red card for what appeared to be a yellow card offence. Down to nine men, the Mariners worked hard and were able to keep the opposition at bay until the final whistle. None worked harder than the two big boys at the back, Brent Griffiths and McDonald. Adelaide were well served by Mabil and Melling. The Mariners have increased their lead at the top of the table to six points, dependant on the result of Melbourne Victory’s Sunday match against third placed Melbourne Heart. Mariner’s coach John McLafferty said he was pleased with the way his team had performed under hard circumstances.

Central Coast Mariners Player listing: 1 Daniel BRADASEVIC (gk), 4 Kieren PAULL, 5 Haydn MORTON (c), 6 Daniel BRAGG ( 2 Nikola STANOJEVIC 61m), 7 Adam JENNER, 8 Adriano PELLEGRINO, 12 Patrick DIXON (9 Aaron PETERSON 54m), 13 Brent GRIFFITHS, 14 Jordan CHRIGHTON (11 Louis BOZANIC 57m), 15 Brad McDONALD, 17 Anthony CACERES, Subs not used: 20 Daniel SADAKA (gk) Coach: John McLAFFERTY Yellow Cards: 13 Brent GRIFFITHS 35m, 3 Jordan

CHRIGHTON 44m, 11 Louis BOZANIC 66 m. Red Cards: 8 Adriano PELLEGRINO 8m, 5 Jayden MORTON 83m. Adelaide United Player listing: 1 John HALL (gk), 2 Shaun HARVEY 913 Daniel PRITCHARD 57m), 4 Sasa ZEKANOVIC (9 John KARATZAS 46m), 5 Scott VAGEL, 6 Jake MONACO, 7 Liam WOODING (c), 8 Thomas BRISCOE, 10 Dion KIRK, 12 Jordan ELSEY, 14 Awer MABIL, 15 Jacob MELLING ( 11 Nathan KONSTANDOPOULOS 57m). Subs not used: 29 Paul IZZO (gk)

Coach: Michael VALKANIS Yellow Cards: 12 Jordan ELSEY 1m, 14 Awer MABIL 29m, 10 Dion KIRK 54m. Red Cards: Nil Referee: Kevin PEDDIE Assistant Referees: Byron JAYE and Glen PETERKIN Fourth Official: Adrian ARNDT Players to watch: Central Coast Mariners: Brent GRIFFITHS, Brad McDONALD and Daniel BRAGG. Adelaide United: Jacob MELLING, Awer MABIL and Jake MONACO.

Morton and Neill sign two year contracts

by Central Coast Mariners Media

o u n g s t e r s Hayden Morton and Michael Neill have been rewarded for their stellar form in the 2012-13 National Youth League (NYL) competition with two-year Hyundai A-League contracts with Central Coast Mariners.


Versatile defender Morton and left-back Neill, both 18, have starred for John McLafferty’s youth team this campaign, and have impressed the Mariners coaching staff in their efforts at first team training. Morton made his debut appearance in Australia’s top

flight in round 13 this season against Sydney FC, handling himself impressively in a highpressure encounter at Allianz Stadium. Having been selected in Paul Okon’s last three Qantas Young Socceroos squads, Morton is in the reckoning to feature at the FIFA U20 World Cup in Turkey later this year. Neill previously played with Sutherland Sharks in the NSW Premier League and has been rewarded for his cultured, composed play down the left flank this campaign, as well as his progress since joining the Club. While Morton and Neill’s senior contracts include the 2013-14 and 2014-15

Hyundai A-League seasons, both players have also signed extensions to their current NYL deals to ensure they are part of Central Coast’s 2013 AFC Champions League squad. Goalkeeper David Bradasevic, 19, has also extended his youth contract for the Mariners’ third foray into Asia’s premier club competition. Morton and Neill have expressed their delight in signing for the reigning Hyundai A-League Premiers. “I am really happy with getting a professional contract,” Morton said. “It’s been my dream since I was young and I am really pleased.

Mannings Sports

“I have a lot of room to improve and I think Arnie (Graham Arnold) is the best coach, especially for young boys. “Hopefully I can improve a lot and keep doing well,” he added. Neill said he was looking to learn from arguably Central Coast’s most consistent player, Josh Rose, during his time with the Club. “When I am sitting off on the sidelines Mossy (Phil Moss) and Arnie get me to watch the little things that he (Rose) does and just take into account how he plays as player. “There are little things he does that I can do better,” Neill said.

“It’s a privilege to be playing at such a great club and I’m just looking to develop as a player.” Central Coast Mariners head coach Graham Arnold said Morton and Neill were two players who deserved their chance as fully-fledged professionals. “Hayden is an U20 international with the Young Socceroos and has had one appearance with us already. “He’s fitted into the group real well, and we’re expecting big things off him,” Arnold said. “Micky Neill, he’s a left footer, a young Josh Rose. “Both have been given two-year contracts to give them time to develop and

hopefully by the time Josh Rose retires Micky Neill will be ready. “We’re about youth up here at the Mariners. “When I first came in twoand-a-half years ago now I signed six 18-year-olds, and I like to give them two years to develop,” he said. Central Coast Mariners chairman Mr Peter Turnbull added: “It is really exciting to see the chain of great young talent continuing to come into the Mariners and being given the chance to compete at the highest level. “We expect big things from the lads, as we do from all players we give their first pro contracts to.”


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February 7, 2013 - GRANDSTAND - P9



“5,000 years of Chinese music and dance in one night.” — The New York Times


A performance I encourage everyone to see and all of us to learn from.” — Donna Karan


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P10 - GRANDSTAND - February 7, 2013

Central Coast Football sells naming rights

by Sally McGarn

entral Coast Football (CCF) has again partnered with local business, CountryNet IT, for another season.


In a boost for local football on the Central Coast, the partnership includes support for the Central Coast Cup and the 2013 winter season. Due to the unprecedented support from CountryNet IT, Central Coast Football will also rename the Men’s Premier League to the CountryNet Football League for the 2013 season. CCF director of partnerships Mr Alistair Kennedy has welcomed CountryNet on board for a third season. “Simon Totonjian and his team have been delivering quality IT solutions for the Central Coast for a number of years now and Central Coast Football is excited to again partner with this

organisation. “Simon has a great passion for football on the Central Coast and this partnership allows CCF to further develop and lift the profile of football on the Coast. “CCF is appreciative of the generosity shown by CountryNet IT,” said Mr Kennedy. CountryNet CEO Mr Simon Totonjian said he was pleased to be associated with the largest sport on the Coast. “CountryNet IT has always supported grass roots football on the Central Coast and is pleased to be the major partner for the 2013 season. “We are looking forward to a successful season and wish all players well in the 50th Year of football on the Central Coast,” said Mr Totonjian. Commencing on

February 16, the preseason tournament will be known as the CountryNet Cup. Three grades will compete in the round robin tournament - Men’s First and Reserve plus Women’s First. Following the initial three rounds, the CountryNet Cup will culminate in a finals series with the decider to be held on March 17. Due to the unavailability of Pluim Park, the CountryNet Cup will be played at several venues in 2013 including Budgewoi and Mingara. Pluim Park will reopen this year with three brand new fields, a new club house and a new car park. The 2013 CountryNet Football League season kicks off on April 7 and promises to be an exciting season with newly promoted Gosford and Kincumber adding to the already strong competition.

Mariners invite international investors

by Central Coast Mariners Media

wo Asian football investment groups will visit Gosford to discuss i n v e s t m e n t opportunities in the Central Coast Mariners Football Club and its Centre of Excellence at Tuggerah.


The two groups are among several interested parties who have received and reviewed an extensive Information Memorandum on the Central Coast Mariners. The Mariners Board of Directors have formally invited further expressions of interest by investors locally, nationally and globally as the Club strives to accelerate its growth plans and capitalise on additional business opportunities available to it. Central Coast Mariners chairman Mr Peter Turnbull said it was the right time for the Club to further broaden its capital base, having completed the startup and formative phase, and achieved an enviable position in Australia’s national competition, the Hyundai A League. “This is exciting juncture in the club’s short, yet proud

history,” said Mr Turnbull. “We are currently top of the Hyundai A-League and National Youth League and we are the reigning premiers in each competition. “The Mariners will this year compete in the Asian Champions League for the third time and is on track to do so again in 2014. “The on-field success is underpinned by the Club’s unique, innovative Centre of Excellence complex, which is well underway. “The Tuggerah facility is now home to the Mariners’ entire football department and has a thriving community facility in the Soccer 5s complex, which is open and doing an excellent trade,” said Mr Turnbull. Next year, the Central Coast Mariners Centre of Excellence will see further developments towards a 130 room hotel, licensed clubhouse, six storey office tower and an aquatic centre, in addition to the training facilities, football administration block, and leisure amenities launched last year. Mr Turnbull said the Mariners brand was known internationally, having its players sought after by top

Mariners super-sub crushes Adelaide entral Coast Mariners further consolidated their place atop the Hyundai A-League ladder following a well-earned 3-1 victory over Adelaide United in the Round 18 topof-the-table clash at


Bluetongue Stadium on Friday, January 25. Central Coast Mariners head coach Arnold told media his side’s performance was up there with their best of the season. “I think if we were more clinical in front of goals you could have had another

Sydney FC score,” Arnold said. “Our boys really stepped up tonight, the senior boys especially. “The young boys had a lot of energy. “Overall it was a great performance and it could have been five or six at half time.” After picking up points

but not playing their best football of the season in the last few rounds, Arnold said he was delighted with the reaction shown against the second-placed Reds. “The type of football that we played was exciting to watch,” he said. “I wanted a reaction because I didn’t think our form against Melbourne

clubs in Europe and Asia. “This year also marks the second full year of the Club’s elite Academy pathway, providing gifted local juniors with the opportunity to progress from their grassroots side to the Hyundai A-League and beyond,” he said. “In order to consolidate the Club’s position as Australia’s top nursery for football talent and build upon the impressive achievements made by the franchise since its foundation in 2004, Central Coast Mariners Football Club is currently assessing a range of additional investment options to underpin its strategic growth plan moving forward.” Over the past few months, the Mariners have been contacted by a number of groups expressing an interest in investing in the future development and expansion of the organisation. These expressions of interest include the possibility of direct investment from local and foreign consortiums and individuals, as well as the option of an initial public offering (IPO) which would see the Mariners as the first publicly owned football club in Australia.

by Central Coast Mariners Media

Victory was top, and our form against Newcastle last week wasn’t our best.” Arnold also offered praise for two-goal super sub Duke, who staked his claim for a regular return to the side after struggling with a slight ankle injury this campaign. “I think everyone knows I have a very high opinion of

him,” he said. “I felt over the last few weeks he’s been getting back to his best, and I just said to him ‘it’s your night tonight’. “He (Duke) adds a lot of energy.” Adelaide coach, John Kosmina resigned two days after this match.

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February 7, 2013 - GRANDSTAND - P11

Sherriff in the race for International Bowler of the Year

by Aidan Davis

t t a l o n g M e m o r i a l Bowling Club’s Aron Sherriff is in the running to win the Sandhurst Trustees International Bowler of the Year trophy at the 2013 Sandhurst Trustees Hall of Fame and Awards night to be held in Greater Bendigo on Saturday, April 27.


The Jackaroos vicecaptain is vying for the trophy against world number two Karen Murphy who claimed the 2012 World Championships blue-ribbon singles gold medal, the PBA Ladies World Matchplay Singles crown in England and a top of the dais finish at the six-nation South Australia International Series in the triples on the international arena. Sherriff took home both the International Bowler

and Male Bowler of the Year awards last year. He commenced this year with a silver medal in the pairs at the South Australia International Series and played a role in the green and gold contingent’s dominance over New Zealand at the Trans Tasman test series which culminated in a gold and silver medal at the World Championships.

Aron Sherriff - Profile of a Champion by Bob Bourke

entral Coast’s s u p e r - s t a r of lawn bowls, Aron Sherriff, was destined to be a world champion in his chosen sport from an early age due to the influence of family members who were already involved in the game.


Although born in Sydney in 1985, Aron’s parents Tony and Kathy moved the family to Budgewoi when he was about two years old. By age 10, encouraged by his parents, he had started to play bowls at Halekulani Bowling Club where he soon became so dedicated that, instead of roaming the streets after school with the local kids, Aron could be found practicing out on the bowling green ‘rolling-up’ until he had to be dragged off as night fell. Aron’s first tournament win was as a 13 year old Northlakes High School boy who was part of the winning Triples team in the 1998 Halekulani Easter Carnival and more success was to follow. He regularly travels away from the Central

Sherriff selected for Trans Tasman by Aidan Davis

ttalong Bowling Club’s Aron Sherriff has been selected for the Australian Men’s Pairs and Fours teams that will compete in the Trans Tasman test series in Auckland


Big Cash Prizes Sporties @Woy Woy The Old Pub Woy Woy The Lakes Hotel, The Entrance


over seven days from March 17 to 23. Sherriff will contest the Pairs event with Queensland’s Brett Wilkie. Wilkie and Sherriff will then join Matthew Flapper of Victoria and Wayne Ruediger of South Australia in the Fours event.


Coast, including overseas, to compete in bowls tournaments and has found success in events such as a gold medal in the 2010 World Champion of Champions Singles on Norfolk Island and the Port City Invitational Singles at Port Macquarie. Between the years 2008 to 2012 Aron competed at international level and won six gold, five silver and one bronze medal. To cap it off, his lifelong ambition of being a bowls World Champion was realised at last year’s World Bowls Championships in South Australia where he skipped the Australian Men’s Fours team to a gold medal backed up with a silver medal in the Men’s Pairs and a gold medal for Australia winning the Leonard Trophy as the most successful men’s side. Aron learnt from his experiences at the 2008 World Championships, where he was runner-up in the men’s Singles, that the gruelling schedule of competing in both the Fours and Pairs in 2012 would require a high level of fitness. He played 27 games in 14 days straight.

Once again his determination came to the fore leading up to the 2012 World Championships as he embarked on a self-imposed strict diet and exercise regime that saw him lose 22kgs. His success in South Australia speaks for itself. Another success for Aron last year was winning his local area’s Bowls Central Coast-Zone 15 Bowlerof-the-Year Award for the eighth time since he first

won it in 2003. Aron freely acknowledges the massive support he has received from his family who have sacrificed a lot to help him get to where he is and further acknowledges the support of his present club Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club since transferring there from Halekulani in 2011. He has now declared his present goals as competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, and to do his best

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P12 - GRANDSTAND - February 7, 2013


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February 7, 2013 - GRANDSTAND - P13

Australia Day bowls at Toukley

Ettalong and Bateau Bay win district level fours

by Elaine Middleton

he Ladies’ and Men’s Bowling Clubs at Club Toukley RSL combined to celebrate Australia Day on Saturday, January 26, with a friendly competition.


Players dressed up to celebrate with the prize for the best dressed woman won by Patricia Rule and the prize for the best dressed man by Ken Allen.


by Lesley Swales

Margaret Graham, Joe Forgacs and Merle Jenkins

BARBS Blues Angels Acoustic Roots’n’Blues Sessions

Sunday February 17 1-5pm $5

Senior Fours Winners Bateau Bay (L-R) Daphne Streher (skip), Judith Bambury, Judith Spano and Rhonda Taylor

Kantara House 431 Avoca Drive Green Point

he State Open Fours and the State Senior Fours at district level were held concurrently at a number of clubs on the Central Coast from Monday, January 21, to Thursday, January 24.


Luke Mahler, Tom Mahler, TopCat, Robinson/Lockheed, Shane Shepherd, BluesAngels2 and Friends + more. Mic bookings open. Still plenty of spots. 4324


The Open Fours, which saw 31 entries from clubs throughout the district, began at Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club on Monday. Winners then travelled to Avoca Beach Bowling Club on Tuesday to contest the


F U N,



quarter finals in the morning and the semi-finals in the afternoon. The final was played at Bateau Bay Bowling Club on Thursday which saw an Ettalong Memorial team comprised of Lauren Williams, Valerie Brownlie, Valma Wynn and Tracy Ward emerge victorious against a Munmorah United team comprised of Doris Kirk, Helen Stevenson, Kay White and Pamela Robson. The Senior Fours, which was being run for the second year in a row, had 35 entries. Everglades Bowling Club and Halekulani Bowling Club

were the venues on Monday and Avoca Beach Bowling Club on the Tuesday. The quarter finals were played in the afternoon at Avoca Bowling Club and the semi-finals were played on Thursday morning at Bateau Bay with the winners going through to the final in the afternoon. The Bateau Bay team of Rhonda Taylor, Judith Spano, Judith Bambury and Daphne Streher were victorious against the Ettalong team of Jan Hopley, Jeanette Taylor, Marie Brailey and Pam Donnelly.

Mixed bowls for Australia Day

by Miriam Cotton

owlers from Woy Woy Men’s and Ladies’ Bowling Clubs joined together on Australia Day to play a mixed bowls competition.


F E B R U A R Y 20

dominant hand. “There were many shirts worn depicting Australia Day as well as Aussie hats and many schooners were enjoyed,” said Woy Woy

Women’s Bowling Club publicity officer Ms Miriam Cotton. “The weather was great and it was a most friendly day.”

Keg Systems Distilling Wine Making Gift Vouchers

The mixed bowls event presented alternatives to normal bowls such as playing with the non-

2 2 N D


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On The Water

P14 - GRANDSTAND - February 7, 2013

Umina finish sixth at Nipper Nationals

Ocean Beach win Malibu charity challenge

by Craig Coulton

by Peter Talty

small group of Umina Surf Life Saving Club nippers competed at the All Australian Nipper Nationals at Manly Beach on Sunday, January 20.


Wallarah Longboard Club president Pete McTaggart, Ocean Beach Malibu Club president Craig Coulton and Shelly Beach Malibu Club president Michael Marley

Pphoto:Cyndi Zoranovic

he Ocean Beach Malibu Club hosted the fifth annual Three Way Charity Challenge against Wallarah Longboard Club and Shelly Beach Malibu Club at Umina on Sunday, January 20, in messy one to two foot waves.


Ocean Beach proved too strong for the visiting clubs and won the first six consecutive heats, finishing with a total eight of the 12 heats.

Heat winners for the Ocean Beach Malibu Club were Craig Coulton in heat one, Richie McClelland in heat two, Bryce Williams in heat three, Garry Halliday in heat four, Ben ScullyHawkins in heat five, Matt Sing in heat six, Tom Payne in heat eight and Hayden Emery in heat 12. Cyndi Zoranovic and Hayden Wellington also surfed well to claim second place in their respective heats. The Ocean Beach Malibu Club has now claimed the title for four of the five years since its inception, missing

out last year to Shelly Beach by one point. The presentation was held in the beer garden of the Ocean Beach Malibu Club’s new sponsor, the Ocean Beach Hotel. “Despite the lousy weather considerably reducing the barbeque and drink sales on the day, a total of $722 was raised for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia,” said Ocean Beach Malibu Club president Mr Craig Coulton. “An Image Surfboards Malibu, supplied by Tony Irwin, was the main raffle prize and was won by Scotty

Higgins from the Wallarah club,” said Mr Coulton. The Ocean Beach Malibu Club also held its 2012 season presentation night at the Umina Beach Surf Club on Saturday, February 2, which saw Garry “Hands” Halliday crowned the 2012 Club Champion and Cyndi Zoranovic the 2012 Ladies Club Champion. The first Ocean Beach Malibu contest for the year is scheduled for Sunday, February 24, and registrations will be taken on the day. New members are welcome.

The annual carnival attracts nippers from all over Australia and is second in size to the State Titles. “Umina did exceptionally well with some great results and a Top Six finish overall,” said Umina Surf Club committee member Mr Peter Talty. Lachlan Braddish won the U11 male ironman and came second in the U11

male surf race and U11 male board race. Harry Braddish won the U13 male beach sprint and Rachel Wood won the U14 female surf race. Rachel Wood also won the U14 board rescue with Jemma Smith. Jemma Smith placed fifth in the U14 female surf race and the Ironperson and placed seventh in the board race. Kieran Braddish placed fourth in the U14 male beach sprint and fifth in the board race. Other Umina competitors to make finals were Molly Murphy and Kirsten Miller.

Harry Braddish winning the U13 male beach sprint

Where do you get it? Following is a list of all good outlets on the Central Coast where you can get your free copy of Central Coast Grandstand Avoca Avoca Bowling Club Avoca Hotel Avoca Surf Club Bateau Bay Bateau Bay Bowling Club Bateau Bay Village Newsagent Shopping Centre Chemist Community Centre Golf Driving Range Bateau Bay Hotel PCYC Red Rooster Ten Pin Bowling The Entrance Leagues Club The Footy Shop The Men’s Shed McDonalds Bellevue Road Caltex Service Station FBI Swim Centre Budgewoi Budgewoi Hotel Budgewoi Soccer Club Halekulani Bowling Club Newsagent Service Station at Budgewoi shops Swim Centre Buff Point IGA Chittaway Chittaway Service Station Chittaway Tavern Davistown Davistown RSL Doyalson North BP Service Station

Caltex Service Station Doyalson Golf Driving Range Doyalson RSL Metro Service Station Shell Service Station East Gosford Gosford Sailing Club East Gosford Hotel East Gosford Olympic Pool Empire Bay Bottle Shop Empire Bay Real Estate Empire Bay Tavern Liberty Service Station Newsagency The Entrance Bowling Club Bowls Shop Centrelink Diggers RSL Newsagent Seven Eleven Service Station The Entrance Hotel Erina Erina Fair Library Erina Leagues Club Football Shop Erina Fair Information Centre Erina Fair Jacks Bar and Grill Organic plus Service Station Erina Mall Woodport Inn Singos Meats Erina Heights Glee Ettalong Edge bike shop

Ettalong Bowls Ettalong Physiotherapist Hotel Mantra Resort Newsagency Senior Citizens Club Ettalong Memorial Club Cinema Paridiso Forresters Beach Swingers Golf Driving Range Gorokan Caltex Service Station Charm Haven Indoor Sports Centre Northlakes Tavern Tunkuwalli Newsagency Sports Club Community Centre Lake Haven shopping Centre Fitness Centre Library Newsagency Wallarah Bay Club Gosford Central Coast Leagues Club Ducks Crossing Publications Gosford Bowling Club Gosford Council Gosford Court House Gosford Hospital main entry Gosford Hospital emergency Gosford Hotel Gosford Library Imperial Centre Liquorland Littles Surf-Imperial Centre

Mannings Sports Newsagent-Manns St Police Headquarters Tourism Information Centre Gwandalan Bowling Club Corner store Service StationKanangra Dr/Orana Rd Takeaway shop Orana Rd Kariong Kariong Liquor Shop Kariong Service Station Kariong Tavern Kariong Tourist information Centre Shell Service Station Kincumber Golf Range & Sports Club Gym Kincumber Hotel Kincumber Library Kincumber swim centres Killcare The Point Cafe Lake Munmorah Lake Munmorah Bowling Club Lisarow Lisarow Service Station Niagara Park Community Centre Niagara Park Library Niagara Park Tavern Long Jetty Caltex Service Station Falcon Service Station Long Jetty Hotel Metro Service Station Newsagency

Service station Squash Courts Mingara BP Service Station KFC McDonalds Mingara Sports Bar Recreation Club Subway Norah Head Norah head Bowling and Sports Club North Gosford North Gosford Private Hospital The Ultimate Brew Shop North Avoca General Store and Takeaway Ourimbah Department of Sport and Recreation Metro Service Station Newcastle University Ourimbah Campus Newsagent RSL Tall Timbers Hotel Summerland Point Tennis Club News agency Triple Lakes Real Estate office Terrigal Crown Plaza Hotel Gosford City Sports Stadium Terrigal Bowlo Terrigal Hotel Terrigal Surf Club Toukley Aquatic Centre Beachcomber Hotel

Canton Beach Bowling Club Newsagent Service Station Metro Toukley RSL Toowoon Bay Toowoon Bay Service Station Tuggerah Anytime Fitness BP Service Station Hogs Breath Hungry Jacks Lone Star Tavern McDonalds Metro Service Station Newsagents Rebel Sport Subway The Foot Locker Tuggerah Lakes Shelly Beach Golf Course Umina Caltex Sevice Station Library Ocean Beach Surf Shop Paws on the Coast Peninsula Village Shell Service Station Umina Bait & TackleUmina Bowling Club Umina Caravan Park Umina Hotel Umina Newsagency Umina Surf Shop Wamberal Newsagent Caltex Service Station Breakers Country Club Lotus Cafe The Green Room The Village Emporium

The Point Cafe West Gosford Anaconda Bait and Tackle Shop Bunning’s Warehouse Golf club Golf shop Golf range Gosford Tennis Centre Honda Bikes KTM Bikes Master Builders Association Newsagent Caltex Service Station Seven Eleven Service Station Show Ground West Gosford RSL Club Woy Woy Bay View Hotel Boulevard Pub Bourke road shop Campbells Hardware Courthouse Deepwater Plaza Liquorland Everglades Country club Peninsula Community Centre Peninsula Leisure Centre Shell Sevice Station Repco TAB Woy Woy bottle shop Woy Woy Bowling Club Woy Woy Hospital Woy Woy Leagues Club Woy Woy RTA Ya Local Bait shop

Wyoming Ten Pin Bowling Wyoming Fitness Centre Woolworths Service Station Wyoming shopping Centre Wyong Alberts Cafe Canteen TakeawayNorth Wyong Dam Hotel Golf Range Hotel Pacific Hwy/ Robley Lane KFC Newsagency - Village Central Oasis Youth Pizza in the Pan Phyllus UP Service Station - Amy Close Service Station - Wyong Rd Seven Eleven Service Station Subway-Village Central Wyong Bowls Club Wyong Council Wyong Hospital Wyong Hotel -Pacific Hwy/Church St Wyong Leagues Club Wyong Racecourse Wyong RSL Wyong Tennis Club Wyong Golf Course

If you would like your outlet added to this list please let us know - see contact details Page 2

February 7, 2013 - GRANDSTAND - P15

Braddish wins Junior Ironman

Woy Woy swimmers succeed at State event

by Sonny Hinwood

oy Woy Swim Club has started the year on a high with great results at the Stage Age Swimming Championships held at Sydney Aquatic Centre, Homebush.


The first event was the NSW Stage Age Championships for 10 to 12 years held on January 5 and 6. Woy Woy Swim Club was represented by Lachlan

Braddish, Myles Bailey, Corey Kerr, Charlie Polson, Regan Champley, Olivia McParlane, Jasmine Darwin and Kaylah Holmes who swam a total of 37 events between them. The majority of their swims were personal bests with some Top 10 finishes. Stand out performer was Myles who came first in the 200 metre backstroke, second in the 100 metre freestyle, second in the 100 metre backstroke and third in the 50 metre freestyle.

Another highlight was the Girls U10 four by 50 metre freestyle relay, consisting of Kaylah Holmes, Tasha Oberlander, Josie Burraston and Jade Vadala. The girls finished ninth in the State in a strongly contested event, three of them at their first NSW Championships. The following week saw the NSW Stage Age Championships for 13 to 18 years held from January 8 to 13. The Club was

On The Water

by Richard Braddish

represented by Rachel Wood, Laura Ghali, Mimi Henderson, Ethan Dodd and Sienna Inglis. Highlights were Rachel who came third in the 200 metre freestyle, second in the 400 metre freestyle and second in the 800 metre freestyle. A string of personal best times and Top 10 finishes rounded off what proved to be a successful month for the club.

Surf crews to compete in Navy Australian Open by Darren Saffin

mina Surf Life Saving Club nipper Lachlan Braddish competed at the annual Australia Day Junior Ironman event at North Cronulla beach and won the U11 boys race.


According to Lachlan’s father Mr Richard Braddish, the surf was challenging and the course was big

and for the first time there were heats due to the large number of entrants. “Lachlan came in well ahead of nearest rival in the final after a good swim leg and board section,” said Mr Braddish. Lachlan also won the Ironman at the recent Manly All Australian carnival and said he was looking forward to the State Titles in March which are to be held at his home beach of Umina.

TIDE CHART (Fort Denison)

The Killcare Ramonas 180 Masters crew at the Navy Australian Open at Stockton last year

even surf boat crews from the Central Coast will participate in Australia’s biggest surf boat racing event, The Navy Australian Open, from Friday,


February 8, to Sunday, February 10, at Stockton Beach in Newcastle. Teams from Ocean Beach, MacMasters Beach and Terrigal will compete in the Open Men’s event while the Avoca Beach Zeniths

and a team from Ocean Beach will compete in the Open Women’s event. A women’s team from Killcare, called the Killcare Ramonas, will contest the Masters 160 Women’s event and the Avoca Beach Silver Tails will contest the Masters

180 Men’s event. The event is the culmination of 28 events held across Australia with over 400 crews from over 100 surf lifesaving clubs competing for individual glory as well as a state versus state series of races.


From 6am Weekends and 7.30am Weekdays

LAT 33° 51’ S - LONG 151° 14’ E - TIME ZONE - 1000 Times and Heights(m) of high and low waters Time - Height(m) Time - Height(m) Time - Height(m) THU - 7 0526 - 1.75 1213 - 0.32 1809 - 1.34 2350 - 0.41

FRI 0624 1307 1904

-8 1.84 0.23 1.42

SAT - 9 0047 0.35 0717 1.90 1355 0.17 1954 1.49

SUN - 10 0140 0.30 0807 1.92 1440 0.15 2040 1.55 WED - 13 0107 0.30 0741 2.00 1422 0.11 2020 1.46 SAT - 16 0348 0.36 1017 1.96 1658 0.14 2301 1.43

MON - 11 0230 0.28 0854 1.89 1521 0.17 2125 1.58 THU - 14 0200 0.30 0833 2.04 1515 0.08 2115 1.46 SUN - 17 0444 0.41 1108 1.85 1748 0.22 2356 1.41

TUE - 12 0015 0.32 0648 1.91 1329 0.18 1924 1.45

TUE - 19 0050 1.39 0638 0.57 1250 1.54 1927 0.40

WED - 20 0145 1.39 0741 0.63 1345 1.39 2015 0.47

FRI - 15 0254 0.32 0926 2.03 1607 0.09 2208 1.45 MON - 18 0540 0.49 1159 1.70 1838 0.32 THU - 21 0242 1.40 0849 0.67 1445 1.28 2103 0.52


Ettalong 40 min, Rip Bridge 2hrs - Wisemans Ferry 2 hrs 30 min, Koolewong 2 hrs 10 min

In view of the variations caused by local conditions and meteorological effects, these times are approximate and must be considered as a guide only. They are not to be relied on for critical depth calculations for safe navigation. Actual times of High and Low Water may occur before or after the times indicated

Central Coast Grandstand 047  

Issue 047 of Central Coast Granstand

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