Somersett Living September/October 2018

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Mission & Purpose Reno Bike Project is a non-profit community bicycle shop and resource for the Truckee Meadows committed to creating a nationally recognized, cycling-friendly community through education, cooperation and advocacy. The organization is built around the belief that the bicycle is the world’s greatest, most utilized mode of transportation and that every individual, regardless of age, gender, race, or class has a right to afford, maintain, and enjoy one. Since our inception in 2006, RBP has grown from a basement operation to a full cycling community center and advocacy group. RBP’s current and permanent home is at 216 E. Grove St., open to the public 38–50 hours a week. We are constantly striving to achieve our mission of getting more people on bikes, and last year alone we distributed over 1,930 bikes back into the community through our shop and various programs. Our public workstations that provide affordable access to the tools and expertise cyclists need to maintain their own bikes, and our customers logged over 1,600 hours of workstation time in the past year. Our educational programs include “Ladies Night” every Tuesday night, and “Dan’s Night” every Wednesday night, and a 9-week “Bicycle Repair Class,” offered quarterly on Thursday nights. Outside of our community bike shop, RBP engages people through our Major Taylor, Biggest Little Commuter, and FutureCycle Programs, which bring the message of the bicycle to the people; to engage, educate and empower them to be the change they want to see in the world. RBP also hosts many annual events promoting cycling and cycling culture which include community rides, the We HeArt Bikes Art Show, Bike Week Pancake Feed, Bike Swaps, and provides a Bike Valet at various public events.