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Human rights defenders play a vital role in standing up for their own rights and the rights of others, in the Netherlands and worldwide. They can be journalists, environmental and indigenous rights defenders, women’s, civil and political, or LGBTI+ rights activists, artists, writers and bloggers, lawyers, or even health workers. Their work is important for creating a better world for everyone, everywhere, but unfortunately, human rights defenders are often considered a threat and face challenges in their own country.


Protection and support for change makers worldwide

Over the last 30 years, Justice & Peace has supported defenders from around the world through trainings and capacity building, lobbying and advocacy, and now through our initiative Shelter City. By building a network of solidarity and support around the world together with our partners, our mission is to support these change makers so that they can continue their work sustainably, safely, and effectively.


More and more human rights defenders are being intimidated (online and offline), threatened or even murdered. That is extremely alarming. For many people, human rights defenders are a source of hope and inspiration. They fight bravely and tirelessly for our human rights. And their work is sorely needed, because human rights are under serious pressure all over the world. That’s why my colleagues and I are working with like-minded countries and partner organisations such as Justice & Peace to support human rights defenders.


The Netherlands’ Human Rights Ambassador


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