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Community Samen Hier sponsorship Groups Samen Hier develops public-private partnerships between (local) governments, civil society and residents, empowering citizens to take a leading role in the reception of refugees in their city.

Citizens form groups of five and are matched with a refugee (family). They commit to supporting the refugee (family) for a period of 12 months, unlocking established social networks and accelerating a process of mutual integration.


In 2019, Justice & Peace started the Samen Hier pilot in Haarlem, Almere, Rotterdam and The Hague. Samen Hier is the very first Dutch implementation of community sponsorship, and offers an alternative model for the reception of refugees. Samen Hier empowers and mobilises Dutch citizens to invest their time, networks and resources to receive and welcome refugees in their communities. In the coming years, we’re scaling up this movement together with local implementing partners to create a national network of safe havens for refugees.

Safe pathways Samen Hier communities offer safe havens in their communities and work towards the development and promotion of safe and legal pathways. For instance through receiving resettled refugees.

What makes the Amsterdam coalition so special and powerful is that it consists of a diverse group of people who are committed to welcoming refugees into their communities.



Member of the Samen Hier coalition Amsterdam