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The Shelter City advantage

Applying lessons learned

In the time that Czarina has been abroad, a colleague of hers was shot dead, and six trade unionists and a journalist were arrested in Manilla.

The training on advocacy and policy ‘Especially now that fascist influencing reminded ‘WE SHOULD DO regimes are sprouting up Czarina of the means to, WELL BECAUSE WE around the world and lawyers and value of, maintaining ONLY HAVE ONE are under attack for precisely one’s credibility. As a LIFE TO LIVE.’ doing the roles that we have result of the session, in society, to administer Czarina helped her justice, to help the oppressed, the organisation, the National Union of underprivileged, all the more that Peoples Lawyers, strengthen their lawyers around the world should rally submission to the Philippines Supreme behind lawyers [at risk].’ Court on the attacks against lawyers. ‘The security training was also very timely. In fact, in May we’re planning to do a workshop on digital security because it is very important to secure our data, to protect it from phishing and hacking and everything else.’

Where Czarina used to have the impression of being isolated in her dreams of a just and peaceful world, as a result of participating in Shelter City she now feels strengthened by her connection to an international movement and re-energised to continue her important work.


rights defence is a universal thing. And the attacks against human rights defenders is also a universal thing.’

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The oath that we took as lawyers is to defend justice, to defend equality. We were taught in law school that this is not a money-making scheme, this is not business, this is not for profit. We are called upon by the law to serve for equality, for justice and all these ideals in a peaceful society.


Filipino human rights lawyer and former Shelter City guest