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This spring, the Rose Art Museum is featuring the artwork of renowned modern artist Howardena Pindell. Her artwork is diverse both in media and in message. Most of her work can be described as abstract paintings inspired by personal events or societal moments during her life, though the exhibit does not limit itself to the paintings, including videos and collages. “Untitled,” acrylic on canvas, jumped out at me in the exhibit. Unlike most of her abstract pieces, it depicts a chillingly familiar image: a skeleton. But unlike most pictures we see of skeletons, it is not hanging or standing upright, nor is it peacefully resting horizontally. The viewer is looking at it from a jarring angle, almost as though from underneath, through the ribcage. The bright purple and orange pigments Pindell chose for this piece reminds me of the color palette of the pop art of the ’60s, from artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. A fixture of pop art was the depiction of mundane objects in vibrant colors and photorealistic detail. Instead of choosing a soap box or soup can to paint, Pindell depicted a skeleton, perhaps the most basic and mundane of all objects, despite our usual disdain for them — everyone has a skeleton, after all. Skulls and skeletons are typically used in art as “memento mori,” or reminder that we will all die one day. But I think in the context of the themes of racial tension in Pindell’s work, the skeleton is also a reminder that no matter our skin color or status, we all have the same bones underneath the way in which the world see us. This exhibit close on May 19, so if you got a chance to see it, consider yourself lucky to have had the chance to see a contemporary art giant’s works for free on our campus. If you are interested in her multimedia art, some of her video performance pieces can be found online.



Top 10 Commencement Issues By Nia Lyn


Graduation is scary, stressful, but also really exciting. That being said, not everyone has their postgraduation plans figured out and that’s perfectly okay! 1. So what are your plans after graduation? 2. Do you have a job? 3. Why don’t you have a job yet? 4. What do you plan on doing with that degree? 5. You can’t make money with a degree in ____. 6. You should have majored in _____. 7. When are you having kids/ getting married? 8. Why don’t you have a partner? 9. When are you playing off your loans? 10. Why are your student loans so expensive?

Mariel Guzman ’19 Minnie Norgaisse ’19 Photo Courtesy of MARIEL GUZMAN

This week, justArts&Culture spoke with Mariel Guzman ’19, the president of Voices of Soul and Minnie Norgaisse ’19, music director of Voices of Soul. Voices of Soul held their Collegiate A Cappella of Boston Invitational on May 4. JustArts&Culture: Tell me a bit about yourself and your role in this event. Minnie Norgaisse: I was the music director of the group. … so my job in the group was arranging music and teaching it to the group. NOAH ZEITLIN/the Justice

Howardena Pindell, “Untitled,” 1967. 66 x 71 inches, Framed: 62 3/4 x 60 1/8 inches, Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Garth Greenan Gallery, New York

Mariel Guzman: I am also a senior with Minnie. I’ve been in the group since freshman year. I am the president. ... As president I kind of work together with both the business manager and the music director to plan out practices, look at set lists and keep the group in check when we need to. JA&C: How did you pick the songs that you performed? MN: So the way it goes is that at the start of the semester, we figure out what new songs we are adding to our repertoire. … As far as specific songs, for like particular event or concert, typically we want to make sure that every song gets their time to shine. So we are always trying to make sure that our newer songs get the chance to be performed. MG: It also depends on the gig sometimes … It also depends on the vibe, from smaller things like a coffee house to bigger things like a concert.


CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Celestial body that reaches temperatures over 50,000º F 6 Barbershop request 10 Word at the end of a countdown 13 Herman’s Hermits frontman 14 It may be five-alarm 15 “Mein Gott!” 16 Court figure who suggested split custody?* 18 Good pilot 19 One in the hoosegow 20 Half of the Odd Couple 22 “I will, no matter what!”* 25 Celebrity appearance on Reddit, often 28 NotePad file extension 29 Class for pre-meds, maybe 30 German-American businessman Strauss 32 1994 ABC sitcom cancelled after less than a year 36 Razors 40 Travel book listings 41 Pennsylvania county 42 ____ arms 43 Go downhill fast? 46 Theater company 47 Technique that won the 1960 Nobel Prize in Chemistry* 52 “Fare ye well” 53 Terms of endearment 57 Some fridges 58 Occupation of Napoleon, Jack, Evelyn and James ... as found in the starred clues 61 Official animal of Utah 62 See 39-Down 63 Trattoria dessert 64 The last Jedi, by the end of “The Last Jedi” 65 Where a pie may cool 66 Cover for a 58-Across, perhaps DOWN 1 Cleaning up a mess? 2 Midnight in Paris? 3 “Sula” author Morrison 4 What acne may cause in teenagers 5 Travel book listing 6 Fabled irritant for a lion 7 Edge 8 U.N. agcy. 9 Central figure in Greek mythology? 10 Org. founded by W.E.B. DuBois 11 Razor creator 12 “_____ the Wild Things Are” 14 Bit of soccer attire 17 Black gem 21 “Amen to that!” 23 Frontiersman Boone 24 Little brat 25 Onetime attendee 26 List of offerings

JA&C: What is the process like to organize the CABo Invitational with so many performers from different schools? MG: Andrew, our business manager, reached out to every group he could think of in the area. We started off asking our group members who we knew at other schools. … Some of us did individual outreach, but we gave Andrew all the information and he reached out to everyone. … Every semester we try to do one event off campus, but with this event was our opportunity to network with other groups in the area, and we are so happy he was able to put it to light, because it was even better than we expected. ... Andrew is the first business manager we every had. ... He paved the way for the rest of the group, and it’s going to get better. JA&C: What’s the most rewarding part of organizing this event?

Crosswords Courtesy of EVAN MAHNKEN

27 Enterprise foe 31 Hospital hookup 32 Defense grp. founded in 1948 33 Other, in Oaxaca 34 Flight of fancy 35 s^-9 37 Supports, as a cause 38 It’s used to hold one’s horses 39 62-Across button 43 Carnegie’s industry 44 Catwoman player whose name becomes a cat if a Y is added to the end 45 Preternatural 47 B-baller 48 “Rolling in the Deep” singer 49 Like investing in futures 50 Tax month 51 Have a hard time swallowing 54 “Jeopardy!” creator Griffin 55 Opposite of exo56 Word before put or down 59 Record label until 2012 60 “Silent” name 

MN: Being able to enjoy the fruit of labor at the end and listen to the other groups. We been looking forward to it for such a long time, and finally getting there and been able to enjoy it was huge. … Also meeting with the other group members. I wish we had more time to just chill with them after, but it was super rewarding just to talk with them for a little bit. … Having other colleges able to come and unite over our mutual love of music is super great. MG: I completely agree with Minnie. Seeing how hard our entire group worked as a whole was rewarding to me. I think how well this event ran was a result of all learning experience we had. … Whether it’s some as little as like how to film the event and stream it to something as big as just knowing the sound would be ok and we would have the space for it. … To be a representative of such a wonderful group was a really rewarding experience for me. JA&C: Anything else you want to tell the readers? MN: We hope that this event would get better and bigger over the next couple of years. … I love Voices of Soul and I am really proud of everything we have done. MR: Come audition for Voices of Soul! We are great! —Luke Liu


— Editor’s Note: Editor Andrew Baxter ’21 is in Voices of Soul.

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