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in Haida Gwaii GOLF & GLORY in North Carolina

+ the new cocktail ingredient: beer + discover georgia (no, not that one) + how to save more for RETIREMENT + take great photos, even on grey days

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splEndors of ThE adriaTiC: a CroaTian CoasT CruisE Current Medical & Dental Issues

Roundtrip Venice on The Moana with Paul Gauguin Cruises August 1 – 8, 2015

holy lands voyagE wiTh azaMara Club CruisEs Mediterranean History, Healing & Healthcare

Historical ports in Greece, Israel, Cyprus & Turkey September 29 – October 11, 2015

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Cuba: pEoplE To pEoplE

Exploring Cuban Healthcare & Culture

Havana, Las Terrazas, Santa Clara, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos October 10 – 18, 2015

ThE EnChanTing rhinE rivEr CruisE

Medical, Dental & Public Healthcare Issues

Switzerland – Germany – France – Holland on AMA Waterways October 19 – 26, 2015

2016 & 2017 upCoMing sEMinars

CosTa riCa advEnTurE: rainforEsT, volCano & bEaCh

Medicine & Issues in Primary Care San José | Tortuguero | Arenal Volcano | Monteverde Cloud Forest CME/CE CruisE & TravEl sEMinars Emerging January/February, 2016 Professional T C :b b ,s i &T Why Travel Treatment Considerations in Isolated Communities Education Society 10-nights aboard the luxury small ship m/s Paul Gauguin with PES? full page IFCMarch ad2 – 12, 2016 ahiTi ruisE

ora ora

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Challenges in Medicine and Dentistry

Copenhagen – St. Petersburg – Stockholm on Crystal Symphony June 12 – 22, 2016

iTaly & grEEk islEs CruisE

History, Healing & Healthcare in the Mediterranean

Roundtrip Rome | Italy | Greece | Turkey on Celebrity Cruises July 8 – 18, 2016

CirClE Japan CruisEs wiTh suMMEr fEsTivals Medical & Dental Symposium at Sea

Roundtrip Tokyo on Diamond Princess with Princess Cruises August 4 – 15, 2016

nEw England & Canada CruisE

Current Medical & Dental Issues of North America New England & Canada Cruise on Crystal Serenity October 17 – 25, 2016

Medical, Dental & Public Health Issues

8 Night River Cruise | Prague to Vienna on Avalon Waterways November 27 – December 5, 2016

anTarCTiCa, souTh gEorgia & falkland islands Medical/Dental Challenges in Isolated Communities

Luxury Expedition Cruise with Abercrombie & Kent on the Le Lyrial

January 17 – February 2, 2017

wondErs of Japan CruisE

Exploring Japanese Healthcare & Culture

Discover Japan with Abercrombie & Kent on the L’Austral May 8 - 21, 2017

addiTional 2016 & 2017 CME/CE sEMinars CoMing soon! souTh afriCa & boTswana safari | TrEasurEs of Thailand | Tulip TiME rivEr CruisE | QuEEn Mary 2 TransaTlanTiC Crossing



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DOCTORS life + leisure


summer 2015

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Practise your swing (and more!) in North Carolina

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Get spiritual in Haida Gwaii

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Don’t put the camera away on a grey day

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11 pay it forward Tragedy in Pakistan

with Dr. Errol Billinkoff

12 the wealthy doctor

Are you really saving enough for your retirement?

cover photo

Early morning on a North Carolina beach (page 17).

14 motoring Olympic trials

15 the thirsty doctor

Beer is the new cocktail ingredient


27 the hungry doctor

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Summer fruit gets savoury

28 soapbox

Physicians need to be more demanding

Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


from the editor

summer vacation



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Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

armer weather breeds restlessness, itchy feet, or maybe just the desire to do something with all those extra daylight hours. School’s out and whether we’re students or not, summer feels like the season for epic travels. Or epic downtime. We like either one. For many of us that means…golf. And there’s no better place to practise your swing than in North Carolina, where you could play course after course over the summer months and still be navigating new holes. Our neophyte golfer yet accomplished writer tries his hand at driving, pitching and putting on some hallowed (read PGA) ground (page 17). Followed by some classic barbecue…it is summer fare, after all. Not all of us know the difference between a nine iron and a wedge (is there one?), so for the less sports-minded and more spiritual sort, we suggest a sojourn to northern BC’s storied land of Haida Gwaii to commune with weathered totems, living giants (that’d be towering trees), soaring eagles, breaching whales… And even here the sports-minded are catered to with what might be golf’s equivalent on water: fishing, and lots and lots of it. Think of it as the best of both worlds (page 32). Summer’s also the go-to time for European trekkers, but instead of the usual tourist-choked spots (save Paris and London for another time), explore Flanders in Belgium, where the almost-too-pretty cities of Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels beckon with beer, fries (Belgians invented this manna), chocolate and waffles (page 21). Be sure to visit the more sombre parts of Flanders, as in “Flanders fields” near Ypres, where various commemorative sites and events are going on until 2018 for the 100th anniversary of World War I (page 5). Or go really off the beaten track in eastern Europe to Georgia. Yes, Georgia. More than Stalin’s birthplace, it’s home to one of the oldest wine-making traditions in the world (page 6). You can say madloba (thank you) to us later… After all that planning and then globetrotting, a beer on the patio is in order. But make it a “beertail” (page 15). We’ll be having a Michelada… Bottoms up! feedback@InPrintPublications.com

what/when/where > summer

style | food | drink | festivals | places | getaways | gear…

In Flanders fields

remember At the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing (below) in Ypres, where soldiers are honoured in a daily ceremony, and at St. Julien Canadian Memorial (left).

B. Sligl


honour A clay figure with the ComingWorldRememberMe project’s stamp, as well as its particular creator’s subtle touches—one of 600,000 in a land-art installation to be unveilled in 2018 (see below).

reflect Artwork (left) at the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917, which commemorates the 500,000 casualties of this 100-day battle. mmp.zonnebeke.be

ast year was the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI, the Great War that was meant to end all wars. How little we seem to learn from history. “ComingWorldRememberMe” (CWXRM) wants to change that. This bold and innovative project began in 2014, near Ypres (or Ieper in Flemish), the epicentre of WWI, and continues throughout the same four-year length of the

war until 2018, when the land-art installation will be erected in no-man’s land to commemorate WWI’s 600,000 civilian victims. The non-profit kunst or art project has a meaningful message without being high-brow or exclusive. It’s participatory, and you —whether artsy or not—can have a hand in it, literally. Participants—young or old, multi-generational family or corporate team-building group—


can come to one of the project’s workshops and create a clay (evoking the epic mud of Flanders fields and a mix of actual clay from Ypres and Germany) figurine (curled up in a fetal position yet with a visible spine of strength) from a mould. Each figurine is the same yet not (with each participant’s individual touches), and each creator is the godfather/mother of the figure, a link between the past and present,

and will be named on its dogtag alongside an actual victim. Chills. It’s just one of the remarkable commemorative projects and events going on in Flanders between now and 2018. Much of WWI played out on the soil here, from Ypres to Passchendaele, and to visit is a chance to reflect on the past and yet marvel at the present. History matters. comingworldrememberme.be/en (For more on Belgium, see page 21.)

Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


Georgia calling


say “madloba”




ng ine-tasti From w aths, this ur b to sulph iet republic ov S l former a cultura rs e ff o . ia p cornuco

Qvevri vessels for Georgian wine

Fall colours in mountainous Svaneti

Tbilisi’s Bridge of Peace

The Rike Park Theatre in Tbilisi

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi


ou’re relaxing in Vino Underground, a wine cellar in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and sipping a glass of Rkatsiteli, a deliciously acidic amber wine with exotic notes. Before coming here, you had no idea that this romantic Black Sea country in the Caucasus has a wine tradition that get- goes back an estiaway mated 8,000 years and draws upon 525 endemic grape varieties. Yet now that you’ve had a taste of Georgia, you want more. Georgia became independent in 1991, and it has survived a war-torn history to become the latest destination for adventurous, ahead-ofthe-curve travellers. Granted, you might have to explain that it wasn’t the setting for Gone With the Wind or the inspiration for Ray Charles’s “Georgia on My Mind.” But Georgia is a recipe for excitement.


The Great Canadian Travel Company arranges tours around the nation of 4.6 million, shepherded by experienced, multilingual Georgian guides. The tours are designed to satisfy all your appetites. For instance, in addition to sipping traditional vintages at the Azarphesa Wine Restaurant in Tbilisi, you’ll devour a vast spread with dishes like chicken with sweet Cornelian cherry sauce and chestnut soup with ginger. Family-style dining is traditional in Georgia, often accompanied by heartfelt toasts with drinking horns and strangely entrancing polyphonic singing. The capital offers multiple ways to relax. You can check into the surprisingly upscale Tbilisi Holiday Inn, or check out (mentally, that is) while soaking and getting scrubbed down at the central sulphur baths, under red brick domes that date to the 17th century.

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

The Georgian language and alphabet may look perplexing to Western eyes, but it’s easy to appreciate the architecture, both new and old. Since the peaceful “Rose Revolution” of 2003 ushered in increased democracy, strikingly modern landmarks have sprouted around Tbilisi, like the 2009-built glass-domed President’s Palace and the Bridge of Peace. Ride the cable car up to the Narikala Fortress for a superb view of the Mktvari River winding through the city. Fascinated by the solemn iconography of the Orthodox Church? Travel to the Alaverdi Monastery, where ancient frescoes and flickering candles adorn the cathedral—the second-highest religious building in Georgia after Tbilisi’s new Holy Trinity Cathedral. (Unsurprisingly, the monastery is adjacent to a lush vineyard.) Alternatively, explore the picturesque, mountainous wilds of Upper

Svaneti, where medieval towers dot the hillsides. The rambling drive to Ushguli, Europe’s highest village (2,200 metres above sea level), is an unforgettable odyssey. For a glimpse of Georgia’s 20th-century darkness under Communism, visit the capacious Stalin Museum in the infamous dictator’s hometown of Gori. His luxurious green train carriage, Kremlin office furniture, and bronze death mask are among the displays. Strangely, the museum has hardly changed since Soviet times. The gift shop sells Stalin coffee mugs, T-shirts and wine. The Georgian word for “thank you” is madloba, and you’ll use it repeatedly, filled with gratitude for the chance to freely visit this extraordinary land today. — Lucas Aykroyd For more info go to georgia.travel and greatcanadiantravel.com.

lucas aykroyd

no, not that georgia…

true romance


Staying power


Diamonds, pearls, Paris? You’ll fall in love with these elegant items that are as enduring as they are endearing Written + produced by Janet Gyenes

blue crush Lord Byron, Herman Melville, Ernest Hemingway … they were all inspired by the temptation and tempestuous nature of the sea. Tiffany & Co. is now making waves with its haute joaillerie collection: The Art of the Sea. The trove includes strands of cultivated Tahitian and white and golden South Sea pearls, elegant earrings shimmering with blue wear tourmalines, and bracelets heavy with sparkling sapphires. Our blue crush: a glam ring that features waves of diamonds suspended in 18-karat gold, crashing up against a massive tanzanite, perfectly smooth as if polished by the twin forces of sea and wind. Not to be outshone by this tidal wave of treasures is the new collection of Tiffany CT60 watches —for men and women—which exemplify the finest in Swiss watchmaking tradition. Stainless steel, self-winding mechanical movement, blue soleil finishing, alligator or stainless straps ... these are just a few of the hallmarks of another soon-to-be classic collection. tiffany.ca

like a local Insider knowledge is the new travel currency. Anyone can Google a listicle of the highestread rated restaurants and swankiest boutique hotels. But unlike such shallow online content, nothing transports the traveller down the rabbit hole quite like a carefully curated book. Two newly updated travel tomes— TASCHEN’s Paris and TASCHEN’s New York (shown)—are packed with practical and dream-inducing content you can ogle without online distractions that burst blue-sky bubbles. Find the venues and sanctuaries in these cities that locals keep secret. From $42 each, amazon.ca

oceanic inspiration

From left Ring with a 23.03-carat tanzanite in 18-karat gold with diamonds (price on request); necklace of South Sea golden cultured pearls with a clasp of tanzanites and 18 karat gold (price on request); Tiffany CT60 Chronograph in stainless steel, 42 mm, self-winding mechanical movement with a blue soleil dial on a blue alligator strap, $8,500 CAD.

ultra-soft + super-slim pick

slim and sexy Bulging pockets are never in gear fashion, but being sans device is hardly an option. Dutch company Mujjo® has fashioned a compact case made from super-soft leather for your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that lets you tote the trifecta of musthaves: ID and ATM and credit cards. Choose from the classic black or tan cases or opt for the elegant and understated shade of grey (shown) from its new Desaturated collection. From $40, www.mujjo.com

detailed design


travel must-have Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


p h o t o p r e s c r i p t i o n m i c h a e l d e f r e i ta s Michael DeFreitas is an award-winning photographer who’s been published in a wide variety of travel publications. With his initials, MD, he’s been nicknamed “doc,” making his photography prescriptions apropos.

don’t fade from grey

Instead of pining indoors on grey days, embrace the photo op they offer


hurdles, but not when shooting turquoise-tinged glacial landscapes, which reveal the many shades and textures of ice and snow without the sun’s glare.

many shades

of grey

Deep, velvety greens and textures of the forest floor come alive under cloud cover.

Photographing people in soft, diffused light on grey days eliminates harsh shadows.

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

Grey days let you capture the subtle shading of dark-hued animals, like this grizzly.

Shooting mist-covered treetops on overcast days means no sunlit hot spots.

michael defreitas

or an outdoor photographer, living on the west coast can be a blessing and a curse. BC’s spectacular snowcapped mountains, cobalt waters, turquoise glacial streams, lush green rainforests and abundant wildlife are the envy of other provinces. These natural attributes offer photographers an endless supply of photo opportunities, but at the same time we have to contend with plenty of grey days. If Pacific Northwest photographers waited for ideal shooting conditions, we would probably spend half the year indoors watching Gilligan’s Island reruns. Instead, we’ve learned to embrace grey days. Overcast days have their hurdles, with moisture, unattractive skies and low-lighting levels topping the list. But learning what subjects to shoot, and how to utilize the soft diffused light, opens a world of new photographic possibilities. With a few simple tips you’ll be surprised at the variety of opportunities grey days provide. Direct sunlight is harsh photographically because it produces dark, defined shadows and strong highlights that add depth (three dimensions) to your images. Photographing dark coloured animals like grizzly bears or bison on bright sunny days tends to produce dark blobs. Also, bright direct sunlit makes muted or softer pastel-coloured wildflowers look dull and creates hard shadows on faces. The diffused light of overcast days produces soft shadows and subtle highlights, ideal for shooting subjects such as mistcovered treetops, sparkling water droplets clinging to hanging moss, wispy waterfalls, blue glacial ice, animal and human portraits and wildflowers. On overcast days you don’t have to worry about sunlit hot spots ruining your rainforest scenes or unflattering shadows in your portraits (animal or people). But some advantages can lead to other problems. Diffused light can result in “flat”

overcast days have their


Send your photos and questions to our photography guru at feedback@ inprintpublications.com and your shot may be featured in a future issue!


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PRO TIPS for shades of grey

> Try to shoot colourful subjects on grey days. You’ll get good shots and the colours will lift your spirits.

> Grey days are perfect for shooting shiny antique cars, but use a polarizer filter to reduce reflections.

> Think small. Diffused light is perfect for macro subjects like small flowers, insects, leaves, etc.

> Overcast days are great for shooting wildlife (birds are less active so

you can get some good portraits), as well as black and white (especially seascapes, dark cars and old architecture.

> Always use a lens hood to keep stray drops of moisture off the front glass of your lens.

> Wrap your equipment in plastic wrap from the dry cleaners. It keeps the

gear dry, and its softness makes it easy to adjust your lens and controls.

gear up Tripods and their associated heads (the part where your camera connects) are an essential part of photography especially on grey days, but selecting one can be a daunting experience. Carbon fibre tripods are lighter and less susceptible to cold than those with metal legs. I recommend ball heads for simplicity and ease of operation. Vanguard offers a full line of tripods and heads starting at $150. Graduated filters are rectangular pieces of tinted glass/plastic with coating on one end that gradually fades to clear at the other end. They come in a variety of colours from pinks, oranges, reds, blues and neutral densities. I use a glass sunset graduated filter (orange) to give grey skies a warmer look. All filters reduce lens sharpness, so make sure you buy the best you can afford. Glass Tiffen graduated filters start at $100 while plastic Cokin filters start around $40.

embrace an overcast day…

like this one in the Walker Cove area of the Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness Area in Southeast Alaska, captured on a Nikon D300 with 95mm lens at f4, 1/2 second and ISO 200.


Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

images with less depth. Therefore, if you want to separate a subject like mushrooms or leaves from their background, try adding natural back- or side-light or a bit of fill flash. Also, diffused light is cooler (bluer) than bright sunlight, so if you shoot in jpeg mode set your white balance control to cloudy to add a bit of warmth (orange/red). My best piece of advice for shooting on grey days is to use a tripod. “No, not the tripod again,” I can hear you saying. Well, cloud cover can reduce light levels by as much as six f-stops. That means either shooting wide open at f 2.8 (a very shallow depth of field), increasing your ISO (causing more noise) and/or using shutter speeds much slower than is practical for handheld shooting. On grey days I typically shoot rainforest scenes at 1/15, portraits at 1/60 and waterfalls at 1/10 of a second with a tripod (review some slow-speed tips in my column in the September/October 2013 issue). Also, avoid including too much grey sky in your image. In most cases it’ll be overexposed and stark. If you must include grey skies, try using graduated filters (see “Gear up”). A graduated neutral density filter will darken the sky without darkening the rest of the scene, while a graduated colour filter tints and darkens the sky without adding colour to the rest of your scene. So, the next time the grey clouds gather, skip Gilligan, grab your tripod and go shooting.

michael defreitas

photo prescription [continued]

pay i t f o r w a r d

r o b e r ta s ta l e y

Roberta Staley is an award-winning magazine writer and the editor of the Canadian Chemical News, published by the Chemical Institute of Canada. She is also a magazine writing instructor at Douglas College and a graduate student at Simon Fraser University.

tragedy in Pakistan

A young physician makes a difference on multiple MSF missions

courtesy of Dr. Sarah Giles


inety dead babies a month—all of them needless, senseless deaths. And despite her training, there was nothing Dr. Sarah Giles could do about it. The infant deaths began as soon as Giles, a family doctor in Fort Smith, NWT, started her four-month mission with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) last fall in Pakistan’s Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Nothing in her past—not even missions in war-torn South Sudan and Myanmar—had prepared her for this aberration. “In my entire career in Canada, I only had one child die. And that child came in without vital signs from drowning. Pakistan was up to three deaths a day,” says Giles, a 2005 graduate of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine who has trained in tropical medicine and hygiene. “It was very hard to cope with. I had to keep going without thinking about it; if I stopped to think I couldn’t function.” The high death rate was due mainly to the deregulation in Pakistan of oxytocin, used by medical professionals to induce labor and control bleeding after childbirth. Sudden access to this powerful drug by nonprofessionals led to the creation of “birth on demand” clinics, Giles says. Adding to the popularity of such clinics was the subtle but insidious cultural factor of female oppression. Pakistan practises patrilocal exogamy: when a married couple resides near or with the husband’s family. A new young wife becomes the drudge of her mother-in-law who controls her life—even deciding when she should give birth. As her due date nears, the young mother is taken to a birthing clinic and given a large dose of oxytocin. The painful contractions (sometimes the uterus ruptures) are controlled with high doses of morphine and valium. Not only do the intense contractions reduce the amount of blood that the fetuses are getting through the placenta but they overdose on opiates. When born, they are either struggling to breathe or not breathing at all. Family members would rush the babies to the nearby MSF clinic, where Giles would try to resuscitate them. Those that were resuscitated often had “unrelenting seizures,” says Giles, who would administer medication to try to control the convulsions. Other times, the

babies never drew breath. “It was incredibly the base was dismantled, an unconscious frustrating,” says Giles. “I had a spiel I would pregnant woman in her 20s was brought in give the grandparents. I told them that I by her mother. “Barely breathing,” she was wasn’t laying blame and while they couldn’t feverous, septic and seizing from eclampsia. change what was happening with this baby, With the help of three courageous nationthey could with the als who stayed behind, next.” as well as Nicole Desi, The extreme an MSF nurse from vulnerability of babies, Toronto, Giles adminbirthing mothers and istered oxytocin to get children in much of the contractions going the world was also and filled the woman apparent in Giles’ two with intravenous fluids other MSF missions, and glucose. Using a which were underportable fetal Doppler taken earlier in 2014 unit, Giles listened for before the sojourn a heartbeat, amazed to Pakistan. In the to detect the rhythmic Rakhine region of east swoosh indicating Myanmar, Giles prolife. Against all odds, vided care to Rohingya the baby and mother Muslims who, due to survived. Giles and MSF persecution by radical staff loaded the new Buddhists, were living mother and her small as internally displaced family into a motorboat persons. Towns to flee down the Sobat were full of sick and River 30 kilometres east desperate Rohingya. to safety in neighbourChildren—suffering ing Ethiopia. fever and diarrhea— During the two were treated sympweeks spent in tomatically, as Giles Ethiopia’s capital of had no access to labs, Addis Abba trying to X-rays or ultrasound. obtain documentaThe outcome was tion to return home to often tragic. Canada, Giles was hit, The South at the same time, with “When I see Sudan mission typhus, dysentery, a kidthings that don’t seem put Giles—litney stone and campyfair, I want to fix them…” erally—within lobacter and clostridium difficile bacterial says Dr. Sarah Giles. She’s the line of fire. infections. Each affliction is debilitating helped save lives around Stationed in on its own; the combination was doubly the globe—from Pakistan rebel-held terso. Giles’ recovery was due, in part, to the to the South Sudan— ritory in April help of her MSF colleagues. while working with 2014, governIt took Giles three and a half months to MSF. ment forces—in fully recuperate. But she’d do it all over, she anticipation of the says, if it meant saving the life of someone rainy season—unexpectedly moved the like the Sudanese mother and baby. “When front line 100 kilometres almost overnight I see things that don’t seem fair, I want to to the town where MSF was based. An fix them, whether it’s people in the North emergency evacuation ensued, with MSF or those in conflict zones who don’t have national staff fleeing with their families. As access to health care.” Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


t h e w e a lt h y d o c t o r m a n f r e d p u r t z k i Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki & Associates Chartered Accountants. You can reach him at manfred@purtzki.com.

get corporate

Are you really saving enough for your retirement?

solution from Spring 2015 contest

debts are rising as well, forcing doctors to of $120,000 over the next 25 years at an use their discretionary income to pay off interest rate of 4%. By age 90, your savings student debt rather than investing for the are used up. If you just want live off your future. income, you need to accumulate $3 million Thus, it is not surprising that a lot of that will provide you with the $120,000 of doctors are planning their exit strategy annual income. At age 90, you will still have with trepidation. Retirement means your capital. that the tide will change from To reach the goal of “financial Your saving money and building up independence,” you need to medical the nest egg for retirement to save more. Fidelity recomcorporation living off the savings. Despite mends that doctors should is an assurances from financial save 15% of their practice inamazing advisors that they are retirecome. The need for the higher vehicle ment ready, some doctors are savings rate, according to this skeptical of their advice and report, is that pension benefits, continue to work part-time. such as OAS or CPP for doctors age What does “retirement ready” mean? 60 to 67, account for a much smaller portion You see the personal financial snapshots in of retirement income (12%) than other The Globe & Mail and National Post, in which retirees who are in the same age range and financial experts, like movie critics, rank have an average $60,000 salary (30%). readers’ net worth on a five-star retirement The medical corporation is an amazing readiness scale. Oftentimes, it’s surprising to vehicle to boost your retirement savings. read that a modest portfolio ranks high on With an average corporate tax rate of 15%, this scale, which is based on the assumption depending on the province, you are able that you will use up all your capital during to invest $850 out of $1,000 of before-tax your lifetime, basically dying penniless. practice revenues. In the absence of the Having enough money to last you a corporation, however, you would only be lifetime should not be confused with being able to save $550, assuming a personal “financially independent,” implying that tax rate of 45%. Basically, the corporation you are not touching your capital. Hence, boosts your savings rate by 50%. you become a “rentier,” a French term for a The benefits associated with using your person who lives on income from property corporation as a retirement vehicle means and/or securities. that you will be able to fulfill the dream of Let us assume you have a $2 million becoming a “rentier.” By doing so, achieving portfolio at your retirement age of 65. You the enjoyment linked to financial indepenwill generate a pre-tax annual income dence is certainly not out of reach.


Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

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espite being top earners with an average annual income of $300,000, many doctors fail to have a financially secure lifestyle. Surveying 5,000 physicians, the Fidelity Investments report’s analysis suggests that doctors will only be able to replace 56% of their income during retirement. This is considerably lower than the income replacement rate of 71% for those individuals who earn $120,000 or more. Results from this survey reveal that the 15% income replacement gap is attributed to factors that limit a doctor’s ability to save more for retirement, such as a shorter savings horizon. This is mainly due to the fact that many doctors do not start their career until they are in their mid-30s. Student loan

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D r . k e l ly s i l v e r t h o r n

Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is Just For Canadian Doctors’ automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

Olympic trials

Intrigue meets opportunity in a spirited circumnavigation of the Olympic Peninsula by Boxster

Taking the ferry from downtown Victoria to Port Angeles, I started my route northwest through Sequim (pronounced “Skwim”), known for its annual lavender festival each summer, before following Highway 101 to trace the Peninsula. Touring motorcyclists with cushy seats can make the loop in a day, but the western half is less than sporting. So, if you have the good fortune to be in a sporting car—as I did— and are not pressed for time, alternate and more-sporting parallel routes exist. Closer to the north coast are Highways 112 and 113, and edging the west coast are Highways 109 and 110—all of which fit my leisurely purposes nicely.


Regardless of time and inclination, all circumnavigation routes take you past Kalaloch on the west coast, and more inland at Lake Quinault. Stop for a bite at Kalaloch Lodge and a beach stroll along the adjacent breakers. The beaches are wide, long and driftwood-strewn. The Seattle-based local chapter of the Porsche Club suggests overnighting at Quinault Lake, but my plans took me

This famous main collection has only been in this architecturally attention-grabbing home for a few years, and I’ll have to revisit when I’m next in Tacoma-Auburn-Kent (Kent is the home of the still-operating racing track made famous from the glory years of Can-Am and Trans-Am). From Tacoma, the Porsche Club recommends Highways 16, 302 and 106 to get back on the Olympic Peninsula Highway 101 eastern loop going north. The bulk of the north-south traffic sticks to Highway 16 on the Kitsap Peninsula, which leaves the farther-to-the-west 101 scenic, twisty and relatively traffic-free. Some of my stops along the way included a couple of isolated antique shops (to please the Mrs.), as well as authentic Puget Sound seafood sampling at the Hama Hama and Geoduck. My three-day circumnavigation of the peninsula ended in historic Port Townsend, a gem of a town, with both a historic uptown and downtown, including lively Water Street and some interesting 1890s-era establishments. Moored at the Port Townsend landing I noticed a small cruise ship, the American Spirit, with 20 or so cabins. For those who don’t happen to have a Boxster, this mode The 2016 of transport, by water with stops in Puget Porsche Boxster Sound and the San Juan Islands, might just convertible is a be the next best way to travel the region. sporting choice to trace From here, it’s a one-hour drive to the Olympic Peninsula— complete the loop to Port Angeles and endless ocean beaches and rainforests—and return by ferry to Victoria. My timeline even better with was a little more indulgent, so I took the the top down. through the ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island, north beaches then across the bridge at Deception Pass communities of and onto Fidalgo Island to Anacortes. Ferries Pacific Beaches and Ocean Shores. I then also leave through the US San Juan Islands kept going to the outskirts of Olympia, to the Sidney, BC, ferry terminal, a 30-minute Washington state’s capital, where I spent drive from Victoria. Another side trip: Lummi the night, before going slightly off-course, Island, where The Willows Inn’s restaurant southeast of the Olympic Peninsula, to has been named one of the best in America Tacoma to check out the Lemay Museum (definitely on my next visit). (“America’s Car Museum”). Having spent a few days with the This must-see for car fans was always Boxster, it’s clear why this sports car is the on my itinerary. The building itself is darling of the automotive press. Great amazing, as are the “special exhibits,” and styling, performance, build quality, engine the main collection is ginormous (although sound, gas mileage, trunk space and usersometimes quantity outshines quality or friendly top. Like the Olympic Peninsula significance or accompanying information). itself, it promises intrigue—and delivers.

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015



ook south from Victoria, BC, across the Strait to the Olympic Peninsula, and intrigue is guaranteed by the eponymous snow-capped mountain peaks that seem to rise right out of the water. That intrigue met opportunity when a new Boxster from Porsche Centre Victoria fell into my hands for a few days. A spirited threeday circumnavigation of those Olympic Mountains ensued.

the thirsty doctor janet gyenes Janet Gyenes is a magazine writer and editor who likes to dally in spirits, especially when discovering something like corenwyn jenever (a gin-like Dutch spirit)—straight or in cocktails like the “bramble.” Have a boozy idea or question? Send it to feedback@inprintpublications.com

beer makes it better

Why beer is the latest unlikely (and, yes, tasty) cocktail ingredient


ast summer, when I was sitting on a patio in Whistler, BC, sipping a beer in the late-afternoon sun, I noticed that people were drinking massive margaritas with Lilliputiansized bottles of beer inverted inside, like some oversized garnish. What the …? A little research menu gave me the answer: it’s a beerita. Of course. What’s wrong with a well-made margarita? Or a crisp and refreshing beer? Why marry such strange bedfellows and expect that the union will be better than the sum of its parts? The beverage piqued my interest and I starting wondering about beer cocktails —beertails—an unfortunate portmanteau if there ever was one. I consider myself a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to sipping suds. Hold the fruity flavours, skip the seasonal pumpkin-spice ales and please: no orange wheel floating on top. But I’ll happily quaff a number of mass-market brews. A creamy Guinness hits the spot on a quiet evening, especially when it has been poured in a proper Irish pub. If I happen to be lounging beachside in Mexico, I skip lagers like Corona or Pacifico and go for the darker Negra Modelo (it’s a Munich Dunkel lager, in case you were wondering), whose caramel character seems to somehow cut through the heat. Of course, it’s hard to resist beguiling Cascade hops that flavour my fave — Deschutes Brewery’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale. For me, the malty, floral and not-too-bitter flavour hits the sweet spot. Why mess with a good thing? As it turns out, we’ve been mixing other ingredients

{ } try this

5 ways to mix up your brew

gl ass Fi l l a tul i p i th h al f-wa y w en Bass al e; th wi th sl owl y fi l l Gu i n n ess .

in our beer for some time. Europeans have been drinking versions of shandies or radlers (lager and “lemonade”—Sprite or 7-Up in Canada) for decades. It’s not technically a cocktail, but it’s lower in alcohol, making it a refreshing choice on a blistering day. Then there’s the the Black and Tan, made with half Bass Ale (tan) and half Guinness (black) poured over top. When crafted carefully, the two layers stay separate for dramatic effect. Plus the stout and ale balance each other beautifully. Europeans haven’t cornered the market on blending beer. Consider Mexico’s cerveza preparada (the Michelada is one variation), a 1940s-era beer cocktail that’s “prepared” with tomato juice, freshly squeezed lime juice and salt. If it sounds like Mexico’s beer-based answer to the Bloody Mary, you’re spot on. Added Worcestershire or Maggi sauce give it that appealing hit of umami. If your taste leans more to something less salty-meaty, you’re in luck: there’s the classic Black Velvet, where stout is floated over champagne in a flute glass. Back in 1861, when Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort died, the bartender at the Brooks’s Club created the cocktail to commemorate his death. Popularity of the drink spread and years later, in 1910, it also became known as the Bismarck, after the German chancellor who had a penchant for it. Two decades later, British novelist Richard Hughes introduced a drink called Hangman’s Blood in High Wind in Jamaica, his 1929 novel about a group of children

black & tan




1. Bière Monaco // This French take

3. Black Velvet, aka Bismarck // Fill a champagne flute halfway with champagne or sparkling wine; float stout over top by slowing pouring it over the back of a spoon.

5. Hangman’s blood // Mix together in a pint glass, 1.25 oz. each: gin, rum, whiskey, brandy, port. Add in 5 oz. stout; top with approx. 4 oz. champagne.

on the shandy is a mix of half lager and half lemon soda, with a dash of Grenadine.

2. Bloody beer, aka Red-Eye or Red Beer // Pour 2 oz. tomato juice into a beer glass. Add 12 oz. of beer. Season with salt and hot sauce, to taste.

4. Michelada // Rub the rim of a collins glass with fresh lime; rim with salt. Pour 0.5 oz. fresh lime juice into the glass; add a pinch each of black pepper and celery salt. Add in a couple dashes Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire (or Maggie sauce). Top with chilled lager beer. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

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thirsty [continued] mexico’s michelada :

i on , T h is ve rs , is ca i n O a x a n do i r a a “ Ta m ” an d a d a l Mi c h e i th a c om es w r i n d ma ta n g y ta o a t e d y ca n d c . s t ra w


Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

captured by pirates. It’s unclear whether the mix of porter, rum, gin and brandy was authentic or fictional, but in 1960, Anthony Burgess, who penned cult-favourite, A Clockwork Orange, was quoted in the Guardian as actually inventing the potent drink: “Into a pint glass doubles of the following are poured: gin, whisky, rum, port, and brandy. A small bottle of stout is added, and the whole topped up with champagne or champagne surrogate.” A cautionary note: don’t drink this alone. Beer drinkers who want less of a knockout but still want a kick can take inspiration from Charles Bukowski. The writer of the semi-autobiographical film, Barfly, drank Boilermakers, a pint of beer accompanied with a shot of whiskey. Adding that shot right to the beer makes it a Depth Charge, and plenty of interesting experimentation can be had by changing up the style of beer and spirit. One example is the unfortunately named Irish Car Bomb, where a shot glass filled with half Irish whiskey and half Irish cream is dropped into a glass of Guinness. A more elegant beer cocktail is the Beers Knees, a modern take on the Prohibition-era Bees Knees (basically a gin-based sour made with honey syrup) but with a couple of ounces of wheat beer. Sounds refreshing. That beerita I mentioned? It still doesn’t appeal, but then next time I’m having a brunch-time beverage, I’ll be tempted to order up a Michelada. And if there’s a patio or beach to be had, even better.

b. sligl

A yummy umami cocktail combo of beer + Worcestershire

hom t rt ar av ve el tl ha et w r l de



and the

glory A sub-par golfer tours some of North Carolina’s finest courses by tim johnson

Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors



travel the world t had been a very long day on Leopard’s Chase. A beautiful course, it had confounded me at every turn. I shanked shots deep into the Southern pines. Doglegs frustrated, and bunkers beckoned my ball into their expansive confines on several occasions. Time and again, I failed to carry the water, my ball rising—then, falling, far too early, tracing a steady and heart-breaking course, with a plop and a splash, into Carolina ponds and streams. But on the eighteenth hole, it all turned around—if just for a


Throwing caution to the wind, I used my 5-iron, hitting my best shot of the day, landing the ball just a few feet of the pin. In that moment, all the bad shots were forgotten. Probably overdoing it a little, I dropped the club and raised my hands in victory.

known around the world. North Carolina is home to more than 400 golf courses, many of them created by some of the game’s greatest designers, their fairways and greens spread across this truly varied state—spread out below big mountains and across green piedmont valleys and diving deep into lush seaside lowlands. And I was here to explore the food, culture and attractions that make this state more than just a golf destination— which is why I began my adventures in the charming city of Wilmington and neighbouring Wrightsville Beach. After walking along the Atlantic and trying my hand at some fishing in Wrightsville, I headed into

I am not a good golfer, but I absolutely love the game. My play is so bad, I usually choose to golf alone, lest my poor play rubs off on anyone else. But I was here in its heartland—North Carolina—to test my mettle on some truly fabulous courses, including Pinehurst No.2, 18 holes that are

Wilmington for a little antebellum history. Set on the Cape Fear River, Wilmington has long been one of the South’s great ports. It’s now home to the largest historical district in the state, which I toured in a horse-drawn carriage, clip-clopping down brick streets and past grand old homes,

if you go

golf & glory swing Part of the Big Cats Golf Courses of Ocean Ridge Plantation, Leopard’s Chase (bigcatsgolf.com/leopardschase) was named one of the finest new public courses in the nation by Golf Digest and Golf magazines when it opened in 2007.

STAY Set up base in the town of Wrightsville Beach at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort (blockade-runner.com), set right on the sandy beach of one of North Carolina’s best stretches of Atlantic Coastline. SWING + STAY In addition to 72 holes across three distinctive courses, Sea Trail Golf Resort (seatrail.com) offers fully contained villas, complete with a separate living room and a full kitchen, set just steps from the tees.

FLY A KITE The fun extends past the heyday of summer with the annual Cape Fear Kite Festival held the first weekend in November at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, Kure Beach. MORE For more information on the golf and glory found in North Carolina: VisitNC.com moment. I stood there, one club in each hand, and I faced a choice. I could play it safe and swing my wedge, laying up and living to play another day. Or I could go for it. The bent grass green spread out before me, guarded by a series of lovely— but potentially treacherous—waterfalls.


Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

all photos: Bill Russ / VisitNC.com and ncbrunswick.com

FLY IN Air Canada offers direct flights from Toronto to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

travel the world

previous page, clockwise from top left Kites aflight at the NC Cape Fear Kite Festival. > At Pinehurst No. 2. > Boy jumping off dock at Wrightsville Beach. > Classic example of antebellum architecture, the Bellamy Mansion. > Walking on the beach. > Heading to the beach…with surfboard. > At the Museum of History, an illustration of Blackbeard, a legendary figure who once plied North Carolina’s waters. > The Bar-B-Q Center in Lexington. opposite At Leopard’s Chase and the Jones Course at Sea Trail. this page, clockwise from top left Fishing pier at dawn, Wrightsville Beach. > Leopard’s Chase No. 4. > Grady’s BBQ in Dudley. > Jones Course at Sea Trail. > Beach houses under blue skies.

travel the world

After golf, hit the sand + surf… or go first thing for some of this early morning beauty on North Carolina’s beaches.

many of them passed down through the generations and still owned by the same famous families—which often included governors and captains of industry. I finished up at a charming waterside restaurant called Elijah’s, where I chowed down on Southern staples like fried catfish and seafood chowder.

Then I went to work it off at Sea Trail Golf Resort, which is home to not just one—but three—courses that bear the fingerprints of golf’s most legendary designers. They also bear their names. The Jones Course is named after Rees Jones, son of Robert Trent Jones, arguably America’s greatest course designer, who earned a degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and became a legend in his own right. The Maples Course is named after Dan Maples, a North Carolina native whose beautiful designs dot the South. And the Byrd Course is named after the late Willard Byrd, who created more than 100 courses during his half-century of designing. I tried my hand at the Byrd Course— and didn’t do so well. But that didn’t necessarily diminish the experience. Mindful of the sign near the first tee warning of potentially aggressive alligators, I wound my way through old pine forests and past lakes and streams—water plays

Vacation CME CANADA supratentorial medicine


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Asian cruise Atlantis (Bahamas) Banff British Isles cruise Caribbean cruise Disney World Kauai Las Vegas Maui Mediterranean cruise Whistler

Up to 18.0 Mainpro-Cs

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cbt.ca 20

CME Program Award National 2013 Winner College of Family Physicians of Canada

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

a part on eleven different holes. While the broad, mounded fairways were forgiving, it still took me awhile to duff my way to the 18th hole—recording far more strokes (or, in my case, purposely not recording) far more than the course’s par 72. Walking back to the clubhouse, I struck up a conversation with a retiree—and course marshal—named Joe McIlroy. A golfer all his life, he told me he moved down here for the love of the game— which is without parallel anywhere else in the nation. “We have 34 courses in this county alone,” he said with a smile. “There’s no congestion—it’s not busy. And you’ve got everything from courses for a beginner and recreational golfers to top-of-the-line ones like the Jones Course.” And he noted that nothing is far—the beach is just a mile from where we stood, and plenty of great spots are within close driving distance. I left the lowlands, headed in the general direction of Pinehurst No.2, stopping first in Raleigh, the state capital. There, I toured the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame and the North Carolina Museum of History. The city is home to a burgeoning craft brewery scene, and I downed some distinctive beers at the very cool Lonerider Brewery, then finished up the day with a plateful of Southern barbecue—pork shoulder and ribs and brisket, roasted low and slow, at a place called The Pit. And then, it was time for Pinehurst No.2. I wasn’t actually playing it, obviously—not a course that has hosted seven major championships since it opened way back in 1907. The masterpiece of Donald J. Ross, a legend and pioneer, whose courses remain some of America’s greatest, it plays a ferocious 7,565 yards and, on the occasion of my visit, was hosting the very best players in the world at the US Open, bearing the badge of honour of being the first course to ever host both the men’s and women’s tournament in the same year. Striding along the side of the fairways and hanging out near the tee boxes, I watched a full day’s play, taking notes on swings from the likes of Bubba Watson and Rory McElroy— fully cognizant of the fact that I could never replicate them. At the end of the weekend, a German golfer named Martin Kaymer would walk away with the Championship Trophy, beating his closest opponent by an astonishing eight strokes. I knew I’d never hoist the trophy—or beat anyone by eight strokes. But I would always have that remarkable shot on 18 at Leopard’s Chase.

flanders / coconut grove / lima / vancouver / izmir … | c a l e n d a r


A n intern ation a l guide to continuing medica l Education

summe r 2015 + beyond Locals are all on bikes.

Town hall in Leuven.


In Bruges…

Moules et frites, bien sûr!

The MAS Museum in Antwerp.

Atomium in Brussels.

Canal culture in Ghent.

Fancy flanders? The Flemish part of Belgium has oh-so-pretty towns, fab food,

even better beer and too much to see and do… (CME events in Flanders + just beyond are highlighted in blue.)

b. Sligl


n Flanders fields, the poppies blow…” It’s the unforgettable first line of the poem written by Canadian physician John McCrae on the battlefield during World War I. It’s become synonymous with Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. Near Ypres you can see these fields, this Flanders that’s been irrevocably tied to and marked by WWI (and is commemorating its 100th anniversary from now until 2018; see page 5). But Flemish Belgium is also firmly in the present—vibrant, flavourful (oh, the beer, waffles, moules et frites!) and enchanting. In the film In Bruges, Colin Farrell’s character describes the town as a “f---ing fairytale.” Indeed it is. A rather touristy one. But the BRUGES Markt or main square and its multi-coloured and -gabled buildings certainly does charm. And there’s some rather impressive art and artifacts within Bruges’ old walls—from the serene visage of Michelangelo’s The Madonna of Bruges sculpture to the twisted and tortured figures in The Last Judgment triptych by Hieronymus Bosch in the Groeninge-

museum. There’s even a relic said to contain Christ’s blood at The Basilica of the Holy Blood… Similarly pretty yet thrumming with hip locals—all on bikes—is LEUVEN, where students still register in the same building as when classes first began at the University of Leuven in 1425 (the library’s archives are recognized by UNESCO). The Gothic-era Stadhuis or town hall, dating from the mid-15th century is the city’s pride, as well as the 1232 Groot Begijnhof (Grand Béguinage), a sort of single women’s non-convent residency. And, if you haven’t had a Belgian beer yet (there are thousands), then a local Domus brew is in order. In GHENT, there’s more beer to be had (some 260 varieties at de Dulle Griet pub alone) before gazing upon more art, like the 1432 Ghent Altarpiece by Flemish painters/brothers Jan and Hubert Van Eyck. Or spend the afternoon navigating the medieval alleys and canals and trip even farther back in time at the 1180 Castle of the Counts of Flanders. Antwerp is a marvelous mash-up of old and

new, with a cathedral that houses Rubens triptychs (Rubenshuis, his house-cum-artist-studio, is another to-do) alongside avant-garde fashion designers with flagship stores in centuries-old warehouses (the Antwerp Six includes Ann Demeulemeester and Dries van Noten). This is Europe’s second-largest port, its container-dotted waterfront referenced in the MAS Museum’s striking architecture. Here, a Bolleke beer from De Koninck brewery—in a proper bowl-shaped glass—is a must, preferably with fries topped with a generous dollop of mayo. Yum. Of course, Brussels, the capital of Belgium (and EU), has it all: art (Magritte, for just one local legend), architecture (hello, still-audacious Atomium from the 1958 World Fair), artisan chocolate (try Neuhaus or Mary) and yet another beer and moules et frites (go to Chez Léon for the full-on touristy yet still authentic experience). — B. Sligl For more on Flanders, Belgium, go to visitflanders.com.

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Aesthetic Medicine

c mcmee when calendar where


website bapras.org.uk

Jun 24-27

Bruges Belgium

2015 British Association Of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)


Sep 19-20

Vancouver British Columbia

Botox And Dermal Filler Training

The Physician Skincare and Training Centre

877-754-6782 See Ad Page 25


Oct 02-03

Boston Massachusetts

Laser & Aesthetic Skin Therapy: What’s The Truth?

Harvard Medical School



Nov 14-15

Vancouver British Columbia

Botox And Dermal Filler Training

The Physician Skincare and Training Centre

877-754-6782 See Ad Page 25


Sep 17-20

San Diego California

6th Annual Conference: Integrative Medicine For Mental Health

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health



Sep 29Oct 11

Mediterranean Cruise

Medical Symposium: Healing & Healthcare In Historical Ports From Greece To Turkey

Professional Education Society

877-737-7005 See Ad Page 2


Jan 28-31 2016

San Diego California

13th Annual Natural Supplements: An EvidenceBased Update

Scripps Conference Services



Jun 24-27

Kiawah Island S. Carolina

2015 Carolina Refresher Course: Update In Anesthesiology, Pain, & Critical Care Medicine

Mountain Area Health Education Center



Sep 02-05

Ljubljana Slovenia

34th Annual European Society Of Regional Anaesthesia Congress

Kenes International



Sep 30Oct 03

Maui Hawaii

UC Davis Health System

916-734-5390 See Ad Page 24

ucdmc.ucdavis. edu

Oct 03-13

Mediterranean Cruise

Evidence-Based Lifestyle Factors That Enhance Cardiovascular, Cognitive, Metabolic, And Hormone Function. Including Food, Exercise, And Nutritional Supplements As Optimal Medicine For Aging

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea



Oct 24-27

Toronto Ontario

Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC)

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

866-317-8461 See Ad Page 12

cardiocongress. org


Montreal Quebec




London England

Med Guidelines


med-guidelines. co.uk

Vancouver British Columbia

International Diabetes Federation



Jun Issue: 19





Nov 30-

Fax: Dec 04




10-21 Attn: Aug 21-25 2016


new CME to beMedicine placed Advances In Cardiovascular 2015:

Featuring Application Of Current Guidelines To Your Practice

Just For Canadian Doctors 15e Congrès Annuel De La Société Des Sciences Vasculaires Du Québec (SSVQ)

Summer 2015 issueUpdate Diabetes Guidelines 2015 World Diabetes Congress 604 - 681 - 0456

Fiji, Tonga and Tahiti Cruise

Endocrinology 2015

Sea Courses Cruises

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seacourses. com

Leuven Belgium

28th Conference Of European Comparative Endocrinologists

European Society for Comparative Endocrinology



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Discover the World more CME cruises Asia Caribbean Fiji & Tonga New Zealand St. Lawrence South America Tahiti & Cook Islands India, Myanmar & UAE

NOVEMBER 20 - 30, 2015

JUNE 19 - JULY 1, 2016




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General & Family


Emergency Medicine










Multiple Dates

Multiple Locations

Hospitalist And Emergency Procedures CME Course Jul 19 - Vancouver, British Columbia Sep 12 - Washington, District Of Columbia

Hospital Procedures Consultants



Oct 13-17

Mauna Lani Hawaii

12th Annual UC Davis Emergency Medicine Update: Hot Topics 2015

UC Davis Health System

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ucdmc.ucdavis. edu

Nov 07-08

Chicago Illinois

Hospitalist And Emergency Procedures CME Course

Hospital Procedures Consultants



Nov 07-08

Las Vegas Nevada

Hospitalist And Emergency Procedures CME Course

Hospital Procedures Consultants



Jul 01-04

Barcelona Spain

17th World Congress On Gastrointestinal Cancer



worldgicancer. com

Sep 11-12

Shenzhen China

IBD: East Meets West

Falk Foundation


drfalkpharma. com

Nov 18-21

Lima Peru

2015 Latin & Ibero American Congress Of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition

Tilesa Kenes Spain


laspghan2015. com

Sep 04-05

St. Petersburg Florida

16th Annual Current Concepts In Sleep

All Children’s Hospital



Sep 04-09

Barcelona Spain

6th EuCornea Congress

European Society of Cornea and Occular Surface Disease Specialists



Sep 05-09

Istanbul Turkey

istanbul@ epilepsycongress.org


Sep 13-17

Havana Cuba

DevelopingEM 2015 Conference



developingem. com

Sep 17-20

Québec City Québec

2015 Canadian Surgery Forum

Canadian Association of General Surgeons



Sep 18

Coconut Grove Florida

3rd Annual Foot And Ankle Symposium

Baptist Health South Florida


baptisthealth. net

Sep 19

Coconut Grove Florida

Wound Care And Critical Limb Ischemia 10th Annual Symposium

Baptist Health South Florida


baptisthealth. net

Sep 20-27

St. Lawrence & Quebec Cruise

Hot Topics In Medicine

Sea Courses Cruises

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seacourses. com

Sep 26-30

Denarau Island Fiji

Medical Specialists’ Peer Education Conference

Medical Specialists’ Peer Education Conference (MSPEC)

info@mspec. education

www.mspec. education

Oct 19-30

Mediterranean Cruise (Vision of the Seas)

Medical CBT For Depression (And Happiness): Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada

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new CME to 31st International Epilepsy Congress be placed Epilepsy Congress


At Mexico's newest 5 STAR ALL-INCLUSIVE

Nov 22-29

COMPANION TRAVELS FREE SAVE $200 Book before June 30

Topics of interest to you and your patients, including: "Physician Heal Thyself... How to Manage Your Stress"

Learn more or book today at

www.CMEinMexico.com Summer 2015 Just For Canadian Doctors



Obstetrics &



Infectious and Chronic




General & Family

c mcmee when calendar where






cumming. ucalgary.ca

Nov 16-19

Calgary Alberta

40th Annual Family Practice Review And Update Course – Pearls For Practice

University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine

Mar 02-12

Tahiti & Bora Bora Cruise

Current Medical Issues

Professional Education Society

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Mar 25Apr 09 2016

New Zealand Cruise

Autism, ADHD And Developmental Disabilities Through The Lifespan - Biological And Environmental Perspectives

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

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Apr 11-25 2016

Asian Cruise (Diamond Princess)

Medical CBT Tools: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada



Apr 12May 02 2016

Asia, Myanmar, India, UAE Cruise

Adventures In Medicine

Sea Courses Cruises


seacourses. com

Oct 16-17

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

23rd Annual Pennsylvania Society For PostAcute & Long-Term Care Medicine Symposium

Penn State Hershey



Jan 05-19 2016

Australia & New Zealand Cruise

Caring For An Aging Patient

Sea Courses Cruises


seacourses. com

Jul 29Aug 01

Amelia Island Florida

25th Annual Mayo Clinic Hematology/Oncology Reviews

Mayo Clinic



Sep 18-20

Tehran Iran

Challenges In Pediatric Hematology & Oncology: 2nd International / 9th National Congress Of Iranian Society Of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (IPHOS)





Meningococcal Serogroup B Frequently Asked Questions

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Sep 03-04

Barcelona Spain

7th International Conference On Ocular Infections




Sep 22-24

Barcelona Spain

2015 International Union Against Sexually Transmitted Infections Europe Conference


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Nov 13-17

Bethesda Maryland

Fall 2015 Clinical Vaccinology Course

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases



Aug 13-14

Melbourne Australia

3rd Annual National Acquired Brain Injury Conference

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Oct 04-08

Izmir Turkey

43rd Annual Meeting Of The International Society For Pediatric Neurosurgery

Kenes Turkey



Jul 27-29

New York New York

XXIII World Congress Of The International Society For The Study Of Vulvovaginal Disease

International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease



Jul 30-31

New York New York

International Postgraduate Course

International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease



Sep 13-16

Canberra Australia

2015 Fertility Society Of Australia Annual Meeting

Waldron Smith Management


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A dit PR re A 1C AMory teg


Big Island of Hawaii HIGHLIGHTS:


• Advanced Airway Hands-on Session

• Trauma Management

• Advanced Ultrasound Hands-on Session

• Altitude Illness

• Pediatric Emergency Care

EMERGENCY MEDICINE UPDATE HOT TOPICS 2015 October 13 – 17, 2015 24

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

• Ultrasound for Dyspnea and Vascular Access • Management of Strokes

• Heat Illness • Lightning Strikes • Resistant Infections • Rooms Starting at $215 • No Resort Fees

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Oncology &

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Modernizing The Code Of Medical Ethics: Chapter 5 - Ethical Issues In Caring for Patients At The End Of Life

American Medical Association



Oct 09-10

Brussels Belgium

2nd European Organisation For Research & Treatment Of Cancer Cancer Clinical Research Methodology Course For Patient Advocates

EORTC Education Office

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Nov 01-04

Liverpool England

2015 National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference

National Cancer Research Institute




Multiple Cities Colombia

Capacity Building Internship For HIV/AIDS Orphanage (Volunteer Opportunity)

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Jul 04-10

Maui Hawaii

Pediatrics In The Islands…Clinical Pearls 2015

American Academy of Pediatrics & Children’s Hospital Los Angeles



Jun 11-14

Sarasota Florida

39th Annual Florida Suncoast Pediatric Conference

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Sep 04-06

Barcelona Spain

3rd World Congress Of Paediatric Ophthalmology And Strabismus




Nov 22-29

Mexico, Luxury All Inclusive Resort

Physician Health


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Feb 07-14 2016

Costa Rica, Luxury Beachside Resort

Time Management for Physicians

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Jul 24-26

Naples Florida

14th Annual Primary Care Focus Symposium

Baptist Health South Florida


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Oct 12-23

Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

Topics In Critical Care For Primary Care Providers

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

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Oct 19-23

Maui Hawaii

5th Annual Primary Care Fall Conference

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Nov 02-06 09-13

Duck Key Florida

6th Annual Primary Care Fall Conference: Session I (Reference) - Nov 02-06 6th Annual Primary Care Fall Conference: Session II (Reference) - Nov 09-13

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Nov 28Dec 06

Eastern Caribbean: Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, & St. Maarten

Internal Medicine In Primary Care Conference

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Jan Marco Island 4th Annual Essentials In Primary Care Winter 25-29 Physician Training Center (REVISED).pdf 12/05/2015 2:13:45 PM Florida Medical Conference 2016

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Psychology Medicine

Wilderness and Travel




c mcmee when calendar where





Sep 10-13

San Diego California

2015 US Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress

North American Center 609-371-1137 for Continuing Medical Education

Dec 12-19

Caribbean Cruise (Disney Fantasy)

Medical CBT For Anxiety: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada

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Aug 06-20 2016

British Isles Cruise (Celebrity Silhouette)

Medical CBT Tools: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada



Aug 03-07


NYU’s Clinical Imaging Symposium In Bermuda

New York University Department of Radiology



Sep 25-26

Miami Florida

34th Annual Echocardiography Symposium

Baptist Health South Florida


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Oct 19-23

Sedona Arizona

NYU’s Fall Radiology Symposium At The Enchantment

New York University Department of Radiology



Dec 14-18

New York New York

34th Annual Head To Toe Imaging Conference

New York University Department of Radiology



Jan 11-15 2016

Costa Rica

NYU’s Clinical Imaging Symposium In Costa Rica

New York University Department of Radiology



Jun 25-27

Las Vegas Nevada

Obesity Week-End 2015: ASMBS’ Annual Clinical Symposium

American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery



Sep 05-09

Barcelona Spain

33rd Congress Of The ESCRS

European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons



Jul 29Aug 02

Big Sky Montana

The National Conference On Wilderness

Wilderness Medicine



12 Days Aug

Bariloche Argentina

Argentina Ski/Avalanche I Mountain Medicine CME Conference

Andes Mountain Guides



Sep 21Oct 02

Papau Indonesia

Raja Ampat Liveabord Dive And Marine Medicine CME Conference

Andes Mountain Guides



Oct 03-23

Papau Indonesia

Carstensz Pyramid Jungle And Mountain Medicine Expedition

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Jan 31Feb 19 2016

Aconcagua Mendoza Argentina

Aconcagua Expedition

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Having a facial difference can create barriers to opportunities and aspirations. It affects over 1.5 Million Canadians. AboutFace promotes positive mental and emotional well-being of individuals with facial differences and their families through social & peer support, information and educational programs. We work to encourage, empower and educate. YOU CAN HELP ABOUTFACE RIGHT NOW: TEXT “FACE” TO 20222 AND MAKE A $5 DONATION For more information on how you can get involved, visit www.aboutface.ca “It was the first time in my life that I met people who had facial differences, as I did. It was also one of the few times in which I walked into a room full of strangers and did not feel even the tiniest air of judgment.” -Samantha Loucks, 23


Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

t h e h u n g r y d o c t o r d r . h o l ly f o n g Dr. Holly Fong is a practising speech-language pathologist with three young children who’s always trying, adapting and creating dishes.

tasty tang

Take advantage of rhubarb’s tangy flavour well into the summer

Pan-fried Pork Chops with Rhubarb and Caramelized Onion Sauce (serves 4) 4 double-thick pork chops (bone-in tenderloin, if possible) ½ teaspoon each of ground dried sage and thyme 2 teaspoons fresh ground pepper 1 ½ tablespoons kosher salt 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large sweet onion, peeled and diced salt to taste approx. 4 stalks rhubarb rinsed, ends trimmed, sliced on the diagonal to yield 2 ¼ cups 2 tablespoons water ¼ cup sugar chopped chives to garnish, if desired


hubarb is plentiful during early summer. The bright red stems are usually added to strawberries for pies or jam or compotes (minus the poisonous high-in-oxalic-acid leaves), but rhubarb is also great in savoury dishes. In salads, it provides a crunchy sour foil when paired with something sweet such as corn, peaches or mangos. And it makes a fantastic salsa or sauce for fish or pork—an alternative to the red dye and cloyingly sweet-and-sour pork found in most Chinese restaurants. Pan fry some double-thick pork chops (bone-in for best flavour) and top with a rhubarb-and-caramelized-onion sauce. Take the time to caramelize onions to a rich brown to bring out their full sweetness. Add the rhubarb and cook until tender but still crunchy. Stir in the pan juices from the pork to create a mouth-watering sauce. Serve with rice, steamed asparagus and a dry or off-dry Riesling for an easy summer dinner. The Selbach-Oster 2012 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbrocken is so well balanced that you don’t notice its sweetness. The scent of dry herbs, green apple and kiwi flavours with a hint of citrus complement the pork and asparagus perfectly. Enjoy !

Rhubarb has long been in use…and not just for sweet-and-savoury fare. This vegetable was cultivated for medicinal purposes in China— as far back as 2700 BC.

Preheat theovento475˚Fwitha rack set inthemiddle. Add1tablespoonoil toa largefrying panset over medium-highheat. When theoil is shimmering, addtheonions. Stir frequently toprevent burning. Whenthe onions begintoyellow, turndowntheheat tomedium-lowandcontinuebrowning, stirring often. Lightly salt andlet theonions caramelizetoa deepbrown, approximately 25minutes. Addthesliced rhubarb, sugar andwater. Increasetheheat tomediumhighandstir fry for about 4minutes until therhubarb is tender but still retains somebiteor crunch. Remove fromheat andset aside. Ina small bowl, combinethedriedherbs, pepper andsalt. Pat thepork chops dry andsprinklebothsides withtheherbmixture. Set asideona platetomarinate for 5minutes. Add1tablespoonoil toa largeoven-proof pan that’s largeenoughfor themeat tobrownanddevelop a flavourful crust. Set thepanover highheat. Addthe chops whentheoil is shimmering. Brownwell for about 5minutes, turnover andbrownfor another 4minutes. Transfer pantotheovenandroast pork for about 8–9 minutes until a thermometreinsertedintothecentreof a chopfromthesideregisters 145˚F. Transfer themeat ontoa warmservingplatter. Addtherhubarbmixturetothepanusedtocook the pork. Set thepanover highheat, stirringtocombine withthepanjus. Turnoff heat andspoonthesauceover thepork. If desired, garnishwitha sprinkleof chopped chives toserve.

Riesling and summer just go together. Pair this tangy rhubarb-and-pork dish with the well-balanced Selbach-Oster 2012 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbrocken and its herbaceous bouquet and hint of citrus.

Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


d o c t o r o n a s o a p b o x D r . c h r i s p e n g i l ly Dr. Chris Pengilly is Just For Canadian Doctors’ current affairs columnist. Please send your comments to him via his website at drpeng.ca.

we can do it

A CMPA meeting underlines that we physicians need to be more demanding


great deal has happened since I last wrote. I have retired. This is giving me more time to undertake some peer assessments and to attend a recent Canadian Medical Protective Association meeting. The latter meeting was well attended by physicians from all across Canada. There was an increasing rumbling in the background as the day progressed—“we just cannot do it”—that referred to achieving a medicolegally safe record and medical care. Each and every interaction between a physician and patient should be documented fully. This will include the presenting complaint, some history that includes a time line concerning the symptoms, findings of the physical examination with positive and negative findings, a list of differential diagnoses and an action plan. It does not stop there. All investigations ordered should be recorded, and a system should be in place to ensure that the result of every test is received and to ensure that the patient actually did go for the investigations. It is no longer simply okay to order a test. It is now expected that the physician will contact the patient if the test does not appear to have been completed and encourage the patient to go for the investigation. It should then be recorded in the medical record that the patient has been counselled to understand the significance of omitting the investigation. In the case of family practice all this must be achieved in 10 or 15 minutes. It is just not doable. The result is that the majority of family physicians, whom I have been peer assessing, admit to working at least two

or so hours every evening and often on the weekends completing charts, forms etc. This further means that they can see only a limited number of patients, leaving thousands of patients across the country without a physician—generalist or specialist. This cannot continue; new physicians will be reluctant to come into full-service family practice, as well as some non-interventionist specialties such as paediatrics. I suggest that a whole new mindset needs to be considered to increase the productivity for all physicians.

Let’s demand


therefore cheaper, staff. A registered or licensed practical nurse will increase a physician’s productivity by performing an effective triage, undertaking injections and minor intervention such as removal of sutures, handling chronic disease management measurements and documentation and ear syringing. The list could go on and on. Medical students should be constantly educated in working efficiently, and in how to safely and fairly delegate tasks. I am woefully deficient in this skill, and I know that I am not alone. I can hear the complaint already that this will mean loss of some autonomy for physicians. Well, if autonomy means working two or three hours every evening, and still not meeting demands, maybe it is time to review the value of this independence. Physicians can also become active in rationalizing clerical demands. I have increasingly returned all sorts of forms, but mostly insurance ones, with a note that I consider the demands unreasonable. One example is a demand for a list of dates of the last six office visits and a copy of the patient’s medical record. I point out that this is a duplication of information and I refuse to furnish both. So far I have received no complaints, and the patient has received their benefits. Though health care is a provincial matter, this meeting reflected a parallel problem across all the provinces; the Canadian Medical Association has made a good start in streamlining insurance disability forms, but we physicians must insist that insurance companies now accept these and encourage the CMA to explore further similar initiatives. Let’s be more demanding.

I suggest that a whole new mindset needs to be considered to increase the productivity for all physicians


Fee-for-service seems a fair way of rewarding physicians, but this should be hybrided with direct financial help for overhead costs. One suggestion is to make available to all physicians an affordable, and preferably free, transcription service, such as is available to physicians working in hospitals. Computer voice recognition is not bad, but it is still not as quick as being able to dictate to a transcriptionist. This is now feasible with the electronic medical record. The dictation can be digitalized, encrypted and sent to a stenographer in the same building or anywhere in the world. The transcribed record can equally be encrypted and sent back to the doctor’s office to be entered into the medical record. Many physicians try to keep overhead down by employing under-qualified, and

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

opportunities employment


Your work/life balance awaits If you’re ready for a rewarding change of pace, we invite you to join our medical team in treating obesity and related disease with safe and highly effective methods proven for over 40 years. You’ll work closely with your patients, building healthy relationships in a positive environment that changes lives. Enjoy your evenings and weekends and be free from calls, emergencies, and administrative stress. To learn more, contact Michael McGuire: tel: 1-888-372-3438 ext. 234 e-mail: Michael@DrBDiet.com




Have a successful career. Achieve balance in your life. Choose New Brunswick! www.gnb.ca/health Ayez du succès dans votre carrière et un équilibre dans votre vie. Choisissez le Nouveau-Brunswick! www.gnb.ca/santé EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

Interested in working in Northern Newfoundland and Labrador? Then you may be the type of physician that Labrador-Grenfell Health is seeking to join our multi-disciplinary health care team which provides integrated health care and emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention.

Interested in working in Northern Newfoundland and Labrador? Then you may be the type of physician that Labrador-Grenfell Health is seeking to join our multi-disciplinary health care team which provides integrated health care and emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention.

We are currently recruiting for Medical Internists, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, Obstetrician/Gynecologists, Anesthetists and Family Physicians.

We are currently recruiting for Medical Internists, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, Obstetrician/Gynecologists, Anesthetists and Family Physicians.

Candidates must be eligible for full or provisional licensure by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador. For a preliminary review of your CV for licensure, please submit using the format provided by the College at www.cpsnl.ca. Physicians are eligible for a non-pensionable retention incentive which is paid after one year of service and increases as the period of service continues up to three years. Additional remuneration is also available for coverage of extra call. We offer an accredited CME program and an allowance for Continuing Medical Educational activities. We also assist with relocation costs and immigration.

Candidates must be eligible for full or provisional licensure by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador. For a preliminary review of your CV for licensure, please submit using the format provided by the College at www.cpsnl.ca. Physicians are eligible for a non-pensionable retention incentive which is paid after one year of service and increases as the period of service continues up to three years. Additional remuneration is also available for coverage of extra call. We offer an accredited CME program and an allowance for Continuing Medical Educational activities. We also assist with relocation costs and immigration.

The LGRHA region offers an abundance of outdoor activities, spectacular scenery and wildlife and a very safe family environment. If you are interested in one of these demanding but rewarding positions and feel that you have the skills required to work in this challenging environment please contact:

The LGRHA region offers an abundance of outdoor activities, spectacular scenery and wildlife and a very safe family environment. If you are interested in one of these demanding but rewarding positions and feel that you have the skills required to work in this challenging environment please contact:

Dr. Kweku Dankwa, Associate VP, Medical Services Angie Elliott, Manager, Medical Services Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Authority 178-200 West Street • St. Anthony, NL • Canada • A0K 4S0 T: 709-454-0127 • F: 709-454-2052 • www.lghealth.ca Email: kweku.dankwa@lghealth.ca or angela.elliott@lghealth.ca

Dr. Kweku Dankwa, Associate VP, Medical Services Angie Elliott, Manager, Medical Services Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Authority 178-200 West Street • St. Anthony, NL • Canada • A0K 4S0 T: 709-454-0127 • F: 709-454-2052 • www.lghealth.ca Email: kweku.dankwa@lghealth.ca or angela.elliott@lghealth.ca

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

at your




— BROCKVILLE SITE The CPHC Community Family Health Team invites applications for the position of 1 Regular Full-Time Physician for our Brockville site to work in a new state of the art facility which opened in August 2013. This Blended Salary Model (BSM) Community Family Health Team is a fully electronic medical record group which uses Telus (Practice Solutions EMR). We have a great team consisting of six physicians and four nurse practitioners. Registered nurses, a dietitian, a social worker and support staff complete the complement.

! e r e h d a r u o y

This is the ideal clinic for a physician with a long-term goal. New grads are welcomed. As a CFHT, overhead expenses, human resources issues and hiring are handled by our management team allowing the physicians to have more time to devote to their practice. Physicians are salaried with an excellent benefit package and pension plan (HOOPP). The successful candidate must be licensed or eligible for a license to practice in Ontario with accreditation in Family Medicine by The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP). Excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to inter-professional care are essential.

Use this space to deliver your message to 28,000 doctors across Canada.


Call 604-681-1811 now.

Jenny Lane, Acting Executive Director CPHC-CFHT 2235 Parkedale Avenue Brockville ON K6V 6B2

E-mail: jlane@cphcare.ca Phone: 613-342-1313 x 2007 Fax: 613-342-8992

c l a ss i f i e d a d s


office space / positions / locums / + more


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Richmond, BC — Family Physician Recruitment Very busy group family practice in south-east of Richmond BC (juncture of Richmond, Ladner and Tsawwassen) with easy highway access requires a family physician who must be comfortable with good primary care, women’s health and EMR skills. Fast paced, friendly environment, supportive staff, 4 -5 working days, competitive split. Seeking a long term associate to build up a longitudinal care practice with some walk in component. www.mydoctor.ca/drsinghal CPSBC Provisional Licensure Applicants from IMGs also encouraged to apply. For information please contact office number: (604)-4489595 or email: msinghalmd@gmail.com Richmond, BC — Family Physician Locum Recruitment for March – April 2016 Very busy group family practice in south-east of Richmond BC (juncture of Richmond, Ladner and Tsawwassen) with easy highway access requires a family physician locum comfortable with using our custom EMR- training provided. Fast paced, friendly environment, supportive staff, 4 -6 working days, competitive split. Seeking a locum to cover when regular family physician(s) on holidays. Some walk in component. www.mydoctor.ca/drsinghal For information please contact office number: (604)-448-9595 or email: msinghalmd@gmail.com

14-01-13 5:21 PM

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Islands in the

History comes alive on the mystical, magical islands of

Haida Gwaii by tim johnson

Destination BC/Tom Ryan

travel at home

Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors



travel at home wave of anticipation Set about 130 kilometres off the northern rippled through our British Columbia mainland—within sight of zodiac, as Erin Pederson, the Alaskan panhandle—Haida Gwaii is the our unflappable captain, traditional home of the Haida people, whose radioed ahead to the coastal culture pervades every part of this shore, requesting permisplace. Once, the villages of the Haida covered sion to land. As one, we the full length of Haida Gwaii leaned forward, but, beset by disease eyes peeled, peering into and hardship in the the impenetrable woods. 19th century, What lay beyond those they migrated Zodiacs aren’t for everyone, and Haida Gwaii towering red cedars, north, leaving offers a number of ways to experience its natural western hemlocks a string of wonders—including some of the very best salmon and Sitka spruce, we sites in fishing in the world. The renowned West Coast Fishing knew already, was their wake, Club, on Langara Island, a short helicopter ride from the one of Canada’s most which are Haida Gwaii town of Masset, has offered a five-star fishing

go fishing

trips for almost a quarter century. A visit here includes days on a Boston Whaler, fishing for Chinook, Coho and Sockeye salmon, and nights featuring gourmet meals, top-drawer wines, and luxury accommodations. And if you fancy a day on dry land, you can spot bald eagles and deer from the comfort of the Club’s two outdoor hot tubs, and enjoy a treatment from their on-site spa therapist. westcoastfishingclub.com

the two young women who were midway through several weeks at Skedans, before taking a tour of the site. Pederson, wearing her tour guide hat, showed us grainy black and white photos that showed a series of wooden buildings lining the shore, beneath an imposing cliff. Each one was seemingly paired with a pole, and these remain to this day, albeit in a diminished form. This, Pederson explained, is intentional—like all living things, totems are traditionally left to death and decay. However, although leaning and sometimes fallen, I could still feel their power, testifying to a strong people and a compelling culture. From there, we roared south on the zodiac. Riding in that giant rubber boat was

A magical place wrapped in mist & mysticism Ancient totem poles at Nan Sdins Llangaay (Ninstints) on Anthony Island in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). this page, left to right Weathered carving in Haida Gwaii. > Bird’s-eye view of an island in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. opposite page, clockwise from top Longhouse and totem pole in Haida Gwaii. > A humpback whale breaching in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. > Among giants. Hiker in a moss-covered forest in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.

remarkable historic sites. Given the go-ahead, Pederson piloted us to a small dock, and we disembarked at Skedans, ready to walk among the totems. I was in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, a massive, magical place that includes 138 islands wrapped in mist and mysticism. The site covers the lower section of Haida Gwaii, a historical and beautiful archipelago that was once known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. Part of a four-day zodiac trip operated by homegrown outfitter Moresby Explorers, I was here to ride the waters and explore its remotest parts.


now preserved by Gwaii Haanas. Created thirty years ago, first as a Haida Heritage Site, the reserve protects everything in the designated area, from the tips of the mountains to the bottom of the sea, the world’s first and only national park reserve that’s co-managed by indigenous people and a federal government. Skedans didn’t disappoint. Once a flourishing village, we learned that the site was abandoned in the 1880s during a smallpox epidemic that killed some 90% of Haida Gwaii’s inhabitants. Each historic site employs a pair of Haida Watchmen, who are charged with its care and protection, and we first met

Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

a thrill in itself, as we skimmed past stands of old-growth forest, towering mountains, and, more than once, pods of humpback and orca whales. Clad in full-length raincoats and sturdy rubber boots, we were insulated from the elements while at the same time being a part of them, enjoying the occasional shower almost as much as the sun that glinted off the bays and inlets all around us. Soon, we arrived at the quirky community of Rose Harbour, which boasts a permanent population of just two inhabitants, and two businesses—a guesthouse and a small restaurant, both of them firmly off the grid. After settling into my comfortable but spare

left to right: M. Dorigo; Destination BC/JF Bergeron

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clockwise from top left: Destination British Columbia; Destination BC/Tom Ryan; Destination BC/JF Bergeron

travel at home

Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


More Haida Gwaii scenery, from expansive skies, rocky shorelines and mountainscapes to bald eagles and colourful totems.

I felt like I was in an enchanted land

room at the guesthouse, I chatted with its eccentric proprietor, an expat German named Götz Hanisch. He told me about his first years in this far-off place more than three decades ago, when he lived by his wits, off the land, in a tent, before building both his own two-story log cabin home and the adjacent guesthouse with wood he sourced from his surroundings. A self-taught guitarist who records CDs in a studio that he also built himself, Hanisch played me a couple tunes he composed. Then, I went off to dinner with the rest of the group in the cheery little restaurant next door, run by a woman named Susan Cohen, who has lived here almost as long as Hanisch. She had prepared a hearty feast of local crab gathered from the tidal zone a few steps away, and we happily cracked the meat out of legs and claws in the flickering light of a lantern. Back on the zodiac early the next morning, we roared even further south, to the tip of Gwaii Haanas and arguably its crown jewel—SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home of the largest stand of original totem poles in the world. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in Canada. Its closest equivalent is perhaps Easter Island, both in the physical similarities between the poles and the great stone Moai that guard the latter, and in the voices of the past that almost audibly echo from their faces. While they showed decay, these poles mostly stood upright, and many of the carvings—human features, as well as eagles and ravens, symbolic of the two dominant clans in Haida Gwaii, plus bears and other animals—remained very distinct. Being here was a trip back in time, but it was more than that—I was transported to another world. Walking back to the boat, I knew I was in Canada—in fact, not so far from the mainland, and from busy towns and cities. But on these mystical islands, I felt like I was in an enchanted land, a million miles from home. I vowed to return again soon.

if you go Moresby Explorers offers everything from full-day trips to Louise Island to four-day excursions deep into the heart of Gwaii Haanas. moresbyexplorers.com West Coast Fishing Club offers four and five-day packages, which are inclusive of meals, drinks, boat and guide, as well as charter flights from Vancouver and helicopter from Masset, ranging from $4,500 to $7,300, depending on accommodations and options selected. westcoastfishingclub.com Go to hellobc.com and travelnbc.com for more info on the Haida Gwaii region and northern BC.

Destination BC

travel at home

diversion Relax and Learn…

Reserve Your Spot Today!

sudoku Solve puzzle #2 for a chance to win a $50 VISA gift card!

CME Conferences

Each sudoku puzzle has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9.

sudoku 1 easier solution on page 12 sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

4 3 3 6 2 4 8 3 1 7 9 2 4 7 8 3 5 9 4 2 9 1 9 4 3 5 8 2 5 2

October 19-23, 2015


Maui, Hawaii

November 28-December 6, 2015


Internal Medicine in Primary Care Conference Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas Departs from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

5th Annual Primary Care Fall Conference Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa (Ka’anapali Beach)

$50 Visa Gift Card winner: Dr. Paul B. Kerr of Fredericton, NB



2 3 Y E A R S O F P ROV I D I N G L I V E C M E P RO G R A M S



20 CME

November 2-6, 2015

Duck Key, Florida Keys

7 5 1 3

Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, & St. Maarten

6th Annual Primary Care Fall Conference I Hawks Cay Resort


November 9-13, 2015

4th Annual Essentials in Primary Care Winter Conference Hilton Marco Island Resort and Spa

Duck Key, Florida Keys

6th Annual Primary Care Fall Conference II Hawks Cay Resort

January 25-29, 2016

Marco Island, Florida

February 15-19, 2016

Maui, Hawaii

800-327-4502 1-516-882-5551

4th Annual Primary Care Winter Conference Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa (Ka’anapali Beach)


Puzzle by websudoku.com

7 3 8 9 4

5 3 1 2

5 3 2 6 6 9 5

3 4 7 2 1 4 4 1 5 9 6 4

Puzzle by websudoku.com


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Summer 2015 Just For Canadian doctors


dr. Errol Billinkoff has plenty of creative drive, from shooting scenes like the image below, taken on a recent trip to Cambodia, to designing and building his future home…one day (if he wasn’t a doctor, he’d be an architect). He even channels his creative side in his medical practice, in which he divides time between performing vasectomies for men and offering Botox and dermal filler treatments to (mostly) women. “The former is an important medical service, the latter a creative outlet for a frustrated artist,” he says. All of which provides an enjoyable balance to his day. My name: Errol Billinkoff I live, practise in: Winnipeg, Manitoba My training: BA, MD U of M Why I was drawn to medicine: The usual… felt the need to help others. Seriously. My last trip: Cambodia

A “wow” hotel/resort I’d happily stay at again: Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

I always travel with: Gravol

A favourite place that I keep returning to: Palm Springs, CA. There aren’t many other direct flights from Winnipeg!

Favourite film: Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman and Sir Lawrence Olivier

Can’t believe I’ve never been to: Newfoundland. Those travel commercials are very inviting.

Favourite city: New York

Must-see TV: House of Cards Favourite band/album or song: Oliver Jones Trio/ Second Time Around/ Broadway

Dr. Erroll Billinkoff standing by a tuk tuk in Phnom Penh on a recent photography workshop tour, and his image, taken on the same trip with his Canon D70, of the floating village Kampong Chnang in Cambodia.

Favourite spectator sport: Hockey. Go Jets Go! Celebrity crush: Amanda Lang, CBC The National I’d want this with me if stranded on a desert island: A drone with a GoPro camera mounted on it. My secret to relaxing and relieving tension: Hanging out at the squash club with my boys A talent I wish I had: Remembering names The word that best describes me: Punctual—it’s an obsession

The most exotic place I’ve travelled to: Cambodia Best meal anywhere: Ahi Bruschetta at Honu. Maui, HI

Dream vacation: Photography tour of India with Michael DeFreitas [our intrepid photography columnist; see page 8]

Memorable restaurant: Tuscan Grille on the Celebrity Silhouette during a Mediterranean cruise.

If I could travel to anytime, I’d go to: 15th century Italy during the Renaissance to meet Michaelangelo


Just For Canadian doctors Summer 2015

I’d describe my home as: For sale—mid-century modern in a highly desirable neighbourhood. Offers now accepted! My car: Audi A5 convertible My last purchase: New property My last splurge: Canon PowerShot G7X

Most-frequented store: Apple store I have too many: My wife says shoes. I’m hard to fit so I buy whatever does. My guilty pleasure is: DQ Skor Blizzard My go-to exercise/ sports activity: Squash

I’m inspired by: Architect Frank Gehry My motto: Surround yourself with positive people Something I haven’t done that’s on my must-do list: Build a new home. They say everyone should do it once in their lives. If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be: An architect

photos courtesy of Dr. Errol Billinkoff

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doctors share their picks, plans + pleasures

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University at Sea AD IBC

August 21, 2015 Palliative Medicine and End of Life Care: 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 AAFP Prescribed Credit(s) 14 Contact Hours 10-Night Eastern Mediterranean Round-trip from Rome Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Reflection October 2, 2015 Topics in Mental Health for Primary Care 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 CE Credits for Psychologists 14 Contact Hours 7-Night Iberian Repositioning - Southampton to Barcelona Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas November 7, 2015 Preventive Medicine 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 7-Night Southern Caribbean Round-trip San Juan, Puerto Rico Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit December 20, 2015 Emergency Medicine 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 7-Night Eastern Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas January 23, 2016 Dermatology for the PCP 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 7-Night Hawaiian Islands, Round-trip Honolulu, Hawaii Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America Course Fees vary based on number of hours and year. Please visit our web site for current fees and cancellation policies.

Selected Cruises listed here. See a complete Program Listing at www.ContinuingEducation.NET Accreditation: Continuing Education, Inc is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Designation: Continuing Education, Inc. designates these live educational activities for a maximum of 14-21 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. Florida Seller of Travel Reg. #14337

March 5, 2016 Infectious Diseases 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 7-Night Southern Caribbean from San Juan, Puerto Rico Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas April 23, 2016 Women’s Health 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 14 APA Credit Hours 14 CLE Credits 8-Night Bermuda and Caribbean from San Juan, Puerto Rico Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit May 24, 2016 Primary Care Update: Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 AAFP Prescribed Credits 14 Contact Hours 9-Day Baltic Sea Round-trip Copenhagen Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Star June 17, 2016 Sports Medicine 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 10-Night Italy and Greece Round-trip Rome, Italy Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Reflection September 15, 2016 Cardiology for the Non-Cardiologist: What every healthcare provider should know 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 14 Contact Hours 9-Night Italy & France, Round-trip Rome, Italy Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Silhouette

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