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t c e f r e p e h t Discover . e m o h l l a c o t place

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DOCTORS life + leisure



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Road trip in Scotland…by Bentley

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31 pay it forward One Canadian doctor is making a big difference in Afghanistan


Colombia’s culture is thriving, from gondolas gliding over the hilly streets and art of Medellín to the colourful colonial architecture of Cartagena. Stories on pages 18 and 21.




fresh take


he Year of the Snake has already rang in (Lunar New Year was February 10), but the snake has only begun its journey…so it might be apropos to indulge in some authentic Asian cuisine in, um, a Canadian suburb: Richmond, BC. The Vancouver suburb definitely offers a feast unlike any where else—year round (page 5). Or celebrate with a spring getaway, whether a last round of stellar skiing at Sun Peaks, just outside BC’s tucked-away town of Kamloops (page 8), or perhaps a bit of armchair travel to Mexico through some tequila tasting (page 16). There’s a tequila renaissance going on, and we’re telling you what to start sipping (no shots please). For somewhere a little less obvious, there’s Medellín. You may recall this Colombian city’s brutal recent past as the epicentre of an infamous drug cartel… No more. Now a vibrant, thriving cultural centre, Medellín is an inspiration of just how much change is possible (page 18). If you’re looking for something more mellow and low key…well, you’ll find that on Canada’s easternmost coast. Prince Edward Island has the quintessential bucolic landscape of rolling hills, lush fields and sandy shores (page 12). Across the pond, our motoring columnist takes us on another spectacular drive, sharing his envy-inducing road trip— by Bentley!—in the Scottish Highlands (page 28). En route, wherever you are, keep our photo expert’s tips in mind. This issue the “MD” tells us how to make those landscapes and portraits pop by following the rule of thirds (page 10). Start practising and send in your photos and questions! And then there’s travel with real purpose. We’re happy to share the inspirational story of Dr. Asmatullah Naebkhil’s courageous efforts in opening a cardiology clinic in Afghanistan (page 31). He’s bringing plenty of heart and soul to war-torn Kabul, and we applaud him. Let us know who else is following his lead and making a difference in the world by paying it forward. We’re always happy to hear from you; tell us where in the world you’re travelling, photographing, volunteering, working…and stay in touch through justforcanadiandoctors.com. feedback@InPrintPublications.com



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Stall fare: Japanese buckwheat soba noodles topped with ]LNNPLZ ÄZO¯ and a tiny tiny octopus.

foodie escape Not your typical food court… barbecue duck.




Sampling abalone at the Richmond Night Market.

The Jungfrau Railway, Europe’s highest-altitude rail line, celebrates its centenary in 2012 >> Frappé with green[LH ÅH]V\YLK shaved ice.



far east fare…in the Year of the Snake


if you GO

dim sum yum

spring foodie





t’s called, simply, “Eat Street.” That, at least, is how locals refer to the stretch in Richmond, BC, along Alexandra Road that is endto-end mouthwatering, authentic Asian food. You could eat every day in Richmond and still spend weeks chewing, slurping and sighing with satisfaction without running out of new places to try. The Vancouver area of British Columbia has long been known for Asian food because of its connection to Hong Kong (as part of the Commonwealth, a flood of upper elite moved here when Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain). Today, the Vancouver suburb of Richmond is 65% Asian. There are Hong Kong style malls, 200 restaurants, Buddhist temples, a Lunar New Year’s Festival that is arguably North America’s finest (2013 rang in the Year of the Snake on February 10). You can sip wine from an Asian-owned winery that’s won awards in China and sample gourmet chocolates, made by a Japanese couple, that are flavoured with wasabi, green tea and sake. It is, as one local only half joked, a trip to

Asia minus the jetlag. You’d think all of Richmond is Asian when you’re in its midst, but the Asian core, known as the Golden Village, is not much more than four square blocks. And don’t expect a grand gateway entrance like the one in Vancouver’s historic (and much smaller) downtown Chinatown. The Richmond area was never intended to be an Asian district. It just happened. So how to navigate this bit of suburban serendipity? Start with dim sum…in a mall. “Dim sum” means “little bites” but also translates to “touch the heart.” Either way, it means yum. It’s customarily eaten for brunch in a restaurant. A good place to start is local favourite, Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant in the Aberdeen Centre, where it’s immediately obvious why this is an eat-out experience. There are 75 items to choose from, ranging from simple pork-filled dumplings to chicken feet. Prawn dumplings are a classic starter and test of how good the chef is. Each


Richmond’s Aberdeen Station, the centre of the Asian district and the “Golden Village,” is nine stops from the Vancouver City Centre stop on the Skytrain’s Canada Line. And, as of May 17, the Richmond Night Market is an outdoor extravaganza for the senses: richmondnightmarket.com. For more on what to do and see in this vibrant suburb, check out Tourism Richmond: tourismrichmond.com.

on the road


tiny bite is surrounded by pleated wheatstarch skin thin enough to be translucent but strong enough to not break when handled with chopsticks. Folding those pleats takes intricate finger work and reveals the chef’s skill. And that’s only one dish. On, then, to the rest of the shopping centre, one of three huge ones within walking distance of each other in the Golden Village. This is not your standard mall. It sounds, looks and feels like you’ve stepped into Hong Kong. Bright, noisy, flashy. There’s a LOT of gold jewelry, gold-plated good-luck statues and Hello Kitty stuff, and the food court here isn’t filled with burger stands and fried chicken. Rather, it’s Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Thai fast food. Dim sum, noodles, soups. And frappé. The frappé is ice that’s flavoured with green tea or fruit shredded into delicate slivers and topped with fresh fruit, red beans, taro and more. This is no shave ice or slushie—it’s so light, it just dissolves on your tongue. Alone, it’s a great palate cleanser, and topped with ice cream, a killer dessert (see page 5). You could chew your way through Richmond’s shopping centres (and supermarkets that sell everything from dim sum to sushi) and never have room for dinner. It’s best to save that meal for another trip. — Yvette Cardozo




sample authentic Asian fare in Richmond, BC


ometimes, packing light means gear ZHJYPÄJPUN JYLH[\YL JVTMVY[Z )\[ `V\ can bring the soothing scent of your shower (or soaker) on the YVHK ^P[O [OLZL ;:( MYPLUKS` NS`JLYPU ZVHWZ Buy a set—Aqueous or Botanical (each comes with three soaps)—and tailor the HYVTH [V `V\Y [YPW 2P[L Z\YÄUN H[ /VºVRPWH& 7HJR H IHY VM >(=,: PU `V\Y JHYY` VU MVY ZOV^LYPUN VMM [OL ZHS[` ZLH >HSRPUN PU [OL ^VVKZ VM ;PWWLYHY`& >HZO [OL KH`»Z HJOLZ away with the blackberry-infused aroma of =05, ;OL ZVHWZ HYL WLY JLU[ ]LNHU HUK JY\LS[` MYLL $20/set of 3; UV[UL\[YHS JVT —Janet Gyenes

warming trend


outdoor play





hether quick trip or slow sojourn, travel read+ always equates escape escape, but the best trips are about Ă„UKPUN ZVTL[OPUN [VV Escape Hotel Stories: Retreat and Refuge in Nature (Assouline) by Francisca MattĂŠoli offers a window into this world, where dramatic scene shifts unfold PU LJVSVNPJHS ZHUJ[\HYPLZ ;OLYLÂťZ *HUHKHÂťZ 2PUN 7HJPĂ„J 3VKNL ILSV^ H S\_L YL[YLH[ Ă…VH[PUN PU the remote reaches of the Great )LHY 9HPUMVYLZ[¡OVTL VM [OL 2LYTVKL ¸ZWPYP[š ILHY 4HRL UV TPZ[HRL! [OL ^VYK ¸Y\Z[PJš ^PSS UL]LY JYVZZ `V\Y SPWZ OLYL (UK *V[[HYÂťZ Z Camp (left), a smattering of tents set on a 6,000-acre WYP]H[L JVUZLY]HUJ` VU (MYPJHÂťZ 4HZHP 4HYH NHTL reserve, where guests are treated to the golden age VM ZHMHYPZ JVTWSL[L ^P[O SP]LYPLK Z[HMM 6Y HUV[OLY ¸3VZ[ /VYPaVU š )HU`HU ;YLL 9PUNOH PU *OPUHÂťZ @\UUHU province, where you can devour an exotic sample platter of spas, steamboats, legends and lakes in TVUHZ[PJ WLHJL >OPJO PZ [Y\S` :OHUNYP 3H& ;OH[ÂťZ MVY `V\ [V KLJPKL $45; HTHaVU JH ¡1 .

luxe retreat

When the weather gear à XFtXateV between IrRVt\ anG IrLJLG Rr wet anG wLnG\ Vta\LnJ warP aSrqV RXtGRRr aGYentXreV Fan be a VSRrt Rn LtV Rwn %Xt thLV tRR Fan be RYerFRPe thanNV tR *OerXSV IeOt VhReV³a bOeVVLnJ tR the FXrVe RI FROG Ieet 7he FaVXaO LnGRRr IRRtwear LV hanGPaGe IrRP Ser Fent SXre wRRO whLFh natXraOO\ LnVXOateV bare Ieet VR \RX Fan VNLS the Oa\erV RI VRFNV *OerXSV are LGeaO IRr trRPSLnJ arRXnG LnVLGe the FabLn anG the\ FRPe Ln a ranJe RI Vt\OeV IRr Pen wRPen anG FhLOGren &hRRVe IrRP hRt hXeV OLNe RranJe anG reG Rr LF\ bOXe anG Jre\ anG VteS RXt Ln Vt\Oe whLOe XVherLnJ Ln the VSrLnJ thaw $64.95 – $99.95; JOerXSV Fa —J.G.







Powder skiing on a sunny day at Sun Peaks Resort.

stay &


Mountain biking at Razorback Mountain near Kamloops.


The golf course at The Dunes at Kamloops.




Find out more about this tuckedaway “centre” in BC’s interior at tourism kamloops.com.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Apparently, some 25 years ago, a strange robe-clad man appeared northeast of Kamloops claiming to have found the “Centre of the Universe.” He was sent from San Francisco to verify the existence of what Tibetan monks believe is the centre of the universe on earth. Long story short, the monks’ tests determined that the top of a grassy knoll by Vidette Lake in Deadman Valley was the spot. Geographically, anyway, Kamloops is just about in the centre of BC, and, as such, a must-stop on the Trans-Canada highway and the railway (and an stay+ overnight on the popular Rocky Mountaineer sample coast-to-Rockies train tour). SUN VALLEY Being so centred in BC’s interior, Kamloops claims the hottest summers in the country—with over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. All the better to take advantage of the city’s sweet spot in terms of location. With its mix of desert plateaus, river valleys, pine forests, lakes and snow-capped mountains, the Thompson Valley is all about the outdoor westcoast lifestyle. Within an hour of the city there are more than 200 lakes, guest ranches, provincial parks, 14 top-notch golf courses and BC’s second-largest four-star ski- and mountainbike haven, Sun Peaks Resort. Hello powder and single track… GET PHYSICAL All that powder and single track means a year-round adrenaline rush. Shred the light fluffy stuff at Sun Peaks Resort just north of Kamloops, and then barrel down those same slopes come summer at the resort’s mountain-bike park. Of course, there are more sedate ways to enjoy the surroundings: golfing or hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing around Stake Lake or the hills of Batchelor Heights, Knutsford and Juniper Ridge. And, right in town, hop on a cruiser bike (if you’re staying at Hotel 540, there are courtesy bikes for guest use) and tour the waterfront of the Thompson River and Kamloops Lake. TASTE TOUR After exertion, there’s fortification. Take the self-guided walking “brew tour” through Kamloops’ downtown, featuring five pubs and restaurants. Finish at the Noble Pig Brewhouse where beers range from the seasonal Kiltlifter Scotch Ale to the Fascist Pig Pilsner. For accompanying fodder, sample the local-beef burger and (our pick) pulled-pork tacos. Need some culture beyond the sips and bites? Kamloops also boasts the title of Tournament Capital of Canada. On at any time: arts performances and fests (there’s a fine arts university and dance academy) and sports championships, including skating, soccer, rugby, waterpolo, biking and even a bonspiel or two… HAPPY VALLEY It may have something to do with that vortex of spirituality as the centre of the universe, but Kamloops also has the moniker of BC’s friendliest city. And walking along the waterfront paths, you’re sure to bump into the Kamloops Mounted Patrol, a community service organization of smiling Stetson-wearing locals atop horses. Think classic cowboy charm. Then it’s back to the Noble Pig for a local pint of the April brew, Hair of the Pig, and more of that western hospitality. —B. Sligl


It’s been claimed as the centre of the universe (really), and, while closer to the centre of British Columbia, Kamloops may have just enough of everything to earn such a title…or at least a stay.

D O C T O R O N A S O A P B O X D R . C H R I S P E N G I L LY Dr. Chris Pengilly is Just For Canadian Doctors’ current affairs columnist. Please send your comments to him via his website at drpeng.ca.

healthcare tango The relationship between nurses and physicians


his is a difficult subject and after considerable research I am still not able to clearly define the difference between the roles of physicians and nurses in the delivery of healthcare. One rather simplistic but interesting comment I like states that physicians treat illnesses and nurses treat patients. Physician education is substantially different in time and content from that of a registered nurse. From high school it is possible to be an RN in four years, and for a physician it will be at least nine. Physician education is directed toward developing problem solving skills, and that of a nurse toward abilities to intelligently observe and safely treat patients. An analogy would be comparing detectives and regular police officers. Terminology sometimes muddies the water; for example the fact that the physician writes “doctor’s orders” and the nurse has to interpret and follow these “orders”. The language does not imply equality. Many previously obvious differences are now disappearing. It used to be that physicians were mostly self-employed, and nurses were employees of health authorities. The autonomy formerly enjoyed by physicians has gradually been whittled away by different levels of bureaucracy. The result is many physicians feel they are functionally employees, and so now (quite sensibly and logically) wish the security of being paid a salary plus benefits and a pension by health authorities. The previous situation of nurses working regular eight or twelve hour shifts and physicians working every hour that God sent is being replaced by hospitalists signing off after their eight-hour shift, and walk-in clinic physicians leaving after their four hour spell of duty. The difference is becoming more unclear with the creation of nurse

practitioners and physician assistants as well as the increasing responsibility and autonomy enjoyed by midwives. Both professions are essential to the care of patients; together cooperatively they make a powerful combination. The problem is that there is some jockeying for position and status. There is no doubt that the status of being a doctor is not as elevated as it used to be. I can remember in the 1960s in the UK when the consultant came to do ward rounds; he would arrive in his Rolls-Royce, parking in his reserved spot just by the hospital main doors. The patients were all put to bed (in the 40 bed Nightingale ward) well before he arrived, and there would be a hushed silence for the entire rounds. No patient would dare ask for a bedpan. All work would come to a complete halt for however long the rounds would take. Recently when I was on call, I was requested to see a patient in a nursing home who was acutely quite sick. This was a relatively young patient who had a reasonable quality of life and was not palliative. I responded quickly, and when I arrived on the ward I asked the nurse in charge where the patient was. I was vaguely pointed in the direction of the patient room; when I asked the nurse to accompany me to help examine and assess the patient I was told “I am too busy -- she is in her room” and the nurse continued with her paperwork. I did not expect the red carpet treatment but I certainly did not appreciate her attempt to preemptively dismiss me. I pointed out that we should be a team working together for the benefit of the patient. I am pleased to say that the nurse did abandon the paperwork and did help me examine the patient, and we then discussed a reasonable plan of action. I hope that this was a learning experience for this young nurse, and that she could see

Physicians treat illnesses and nurses treat patients

how her presence was essential in choosing the best treatment for this patient. At the end of the day the ultimate responsibility for medical outcomes of any situation is that of the physician. The outcome can be profoundly affected, for good or bad, by all ancillary medical staff, but particularly the nursing profession. Everybody wants a good outcome and this is most likely to be achieved if nurses and physicians work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. I am beginning to see this developing but it is going to take a continuous concerted effort by nurses and by physicians as health care delivery roles continue to change.


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P H O T O P R E S C R I P T I O N M I C H A E L D E F R E I TA S Michael DeFreitas is an award-winning photographer who’s been published in a wide variety of travel publications. With his initials, MD, he’s been nicknamed “doc,” making his photography prescriptions apropos.

the rule of thirds Tic-tac-toe your way to better pics


Send your photos and questions to our photography guru at feedback@ PUWYPU[W\ISPJH[PVUZ JVT and your shot may be featured in a future issue!

Why you should learn the “rule of thirds”: ABOVE This photo of an Arab man drinking tea in the Egyptian countryside illustrates the rule of thirds. The tight composition places his eye right over the top-left intersection point to capture the viewer’s attention—and keep it (and his intense gaze makes it that much harder to look away). RIGHT The subject of the photo, signage for iconic Route 66, is placed in the bottom third of the frame, drawing attention exactly where the photographer wants.




he rule of thirds is one of the basic photographic composition principles, so how come many photographers still seem to have difficulty with it? After years of teaching photography I’ve realized that many photographers, especially newbies, find the phrase “rule of thirds” a bit too mathematical and intimidating, so in my workshops I renamed it the tic-tac-toe rule. The rule stems from the natural tendency of humans to quickly focus on certain “areas” of an image or scene. The longer it takes a viewer to find your point of interest the less visual impact your image has. The renaissance masters knew that if they positioned their subject or point of interest in those areas of the frame where humans naturally focus, their paintings would have more impact. So they prepared their blank canvas like a tic-tac-toe game and painted their subjects on the intersections of the grid lines and the rule of thirds was born. Two vertical lines crossing two horizontal lines forming four intersection points. By placing the focusing pattern/screen in the centre of the viewfinder camera manufacturers literally forced photographers to place their subject in the centre of the frame. Photographers had to make a conscious decision to focus on a subject and then shift their aim so the subject fell out of centre. Today most cameras have multiple focusing points and a grid view. For those without, just imagine the tic-tac-toe grid when composing. Or select one of the various focusing points that fall near an intercept. Since human eyes are drawn to the intersection points, that’s where we need to place our subjects for the greatest impact. For portraits, try to place your subject’s eyes on one

PHOTO PRESCRIPTION [continued] of the intercepts (the top two intercepts work best). Also, have your subject looking/ moving into the frame or at you, not out of the frame. If you are shooting someone running, or a racecar moving across your frame, be sure the subject is entering the frame, otherwise you risk leading the viewer out of the frame (and defeating the main goal of keeping a viewer’s attention focused inside your photo). Is there an intercept hierarchy? Yes. A subject placed at one of the intercept points has a stronger visual impact than one placed on one of the lines. Most Western cultures read left to right and top to bottom, so the upper-left intersection point is usually the more dominant for single-subject composition. If you have two subjects at equal distance from the camera and both are on top intercepts, the upper-left subject will appear more prominent in the viewer’s mind. However, if one of the subjects is closer to the camera, the closer subject will usually have more prominence regardless of its intercept location. Also, in two-subject images, the sharp/focused subject will usually overpower the softer/unfocused subject regardless of its position. The same holds true for colour. A brightly coloured subject will usually overpower a duller subject regardless of which intercept it’s on. Please note that you will have to adjust the intercept hierarchy for cultures with right to left or bottom to top reading. Typically, the dominant intercept will be in the corner where you start reading. When shooting landscapes try not to place the horizon in the middle of the frame. Place it on the top or bottom third line. Placing the horizon on the bottomthird line emphasizes everything above (sky) while a position along the top emphasizes everything below (foreground). The bottom line position is more dominant. Make sure that the horizon line is level. A skewed horizon will negate any positive visual impact created by using a third line. And remember, despite the tic-tac-toe rule and these tips (and those in the sidebar at left), in photography rules are meant to be broken—but it’s best to learn them first.

PRO TIPS on the rule of thirds > When shooting a family of four or more, try to

have at least one person on each intercept. Never line them up in a straight line.

> When shooting a sailboat at sunset, place the hull on the bottom third line and the main mast on one of the vertical lines.

> Shoot people with pets with the person in the

dominant position (upper left or right intercept). 7LVWSL [LUK [V SVVR H[ WLVWSL ÄYZ[

> For really tight portraits, place the eye closest

to the camera on the intercept. Make sure it’s sharply focused even if other parts of the face are not.

> If you do place a subject moving or looking out

of the frame you can place a less conspicuous (smaller/unfocused/distant) subject or point of interest on the opposite side of the frame to add balance and keep the viewer engaged.

> When shooting someone riding a bike or paddling a canoe, make sure that the person’s head is on an intercept point and not the bike or canoe (especially if the person’s face is visible).

> For multiple subjects, place the more dominant one in the foreground and on the lower right or left intercept (right is a bit more dominant).


In Alberta you can enjoy one of the best standards of living in the world while working in a leading-edge health-care industry. Investigate opportunities at www.albertadocjobs.ca or call 1-800-423-9911. Funded by the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan SPRING 2013 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS


travel at home

St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island.



travel at home

GENTLE ISLAND >P[O P[Z KVaLUZ VM Z[VY`IVVR ÄZOPUN ]PSSHNLZ YVSSPUN NYLLU OPSSZ HUK neatly combed rows of potato plants, laidback Prince Edward Island is known as the Gentle Island…with good reason STORY

+ PHOTOGRAPHY by Michael DeFreitas



travel at home

Singing Sands beach, Basin Head. LEFT 7V[H[V ÄLSKZ ULHY )V[O^LSS TOP, FROM LEFT ;OL ZTHSS OHYIV\Y VM -YLUJO 9P]LY" ÅVH[Z PU 5VY[O 9\Z[PJV /HYIV\Y ABOVE, FROM LEFT -PZOPUN ZOHJR ^P[O ÅVH[Z PU 4HSWLX\L /HYIV\Y" *V]LOLHK Lighthouse at Brackley Beach in PEI National Park; lobster-and-seafood crêpe.

travel at home


he soft light of sunset bathed the dusty window of the A number of beautiful beaches, including famous Singing Sands fishing shack, revealing the red lobster floats inside. Nearby, Beach at Basin Head, fringe the red sandstone cliffs along much of a Malpeque Harbour fisherman coiled a length of rope the east coast. Apparently, when the temperature and humidity beside a bin of neon yellow floats as his aptly named bright are just right, walking barefoot on the soft, white sand produces a green lobster boat, Greenwitch, rocked gently alongside squeaking sound. Those ideal conditions elude me, as I walk up and the dock. Perched on the boat’s stern, a gull feasted on a down that beach for an hour without a squeak. freshly caught crab. Another gentle day in PEI was ending. Farther south, potato and canola fields blanket the landscape Shaped like a resting butterfly with unfurled wings, Canada’s that flanks the highway all the way to Souris where I stop for a late smallest province, Prince Edward Island, is the emerald of the lunch at the Fiddlin Lobster restaurant. PEI cuisine is “clean and Maritimes and a prime example of “good things come in small green,” creative and tasty. So much so that in 2012 Zagat crowned packages.” It may be small geographically, but it’s huge on scenery, the island’s cuisine the second best in the world. I’m no restaurant hospitality, history, culture and cuisine. reviewer, but my lobster and mussel seafood platter: to die for. The best place to start? Where Canada itself began… Before returning to the capital, I visit Panmure Island and Wood Charlottetown. Islands Provincial Parks, taste wines and liqueurs at the Rossignol The island’s compact capital feels larger than its population of Winery in Little Sands, explore the 1846 Point Prim lighthouse (PEI’s 40,000 would suggest, but is still easily covered in a day or two. So, oldest brick lighthouse) and purchase a beautiful rolling pin at the after a scrumptious lobster-stuffed omelette at the Dundee Arms Brenda Watts Woodworking studio in Hermitage. The handcrafted near Queens Square, I set out to explore the city. pins are used by famous chefs around the globe. I amble a few blocks east to University Avenue and the imposing 1847 sandstone façade of Province House National Historic Site, CENTRAL FOCUS PEI’s official legislative building. The building played a significant After recharging my batteries back in Charlottetown (at yet another role in Canadian history as the venue for the 1864 Charlottetown Conference where politicians hammered out the details of of PEI’s ubiquitous and pleasant B&Bs), I resume my circumnavigaConfederation (and in 2014, the city will celebrate the Conference’s tion of the island on the Central and North Cape Coastal Drives. I 150th anniversary). head north along the Central Coastal loop (Highway 2) to spend a Continuing my stroll along University Avenue towards Founder’s couple of days swimming, walking and biking 13-kilometre-long Hall, I make a brief stop at St. Dunstan’s Basilica. Built in 1913, the spires Brackley Beach and its tall dunes in PEI National Park. The shoreline of this large stone French Gothic church are one of the most visible and adjacent salt marshes are rich with birdlife, especially waders landmarks in Charlottetown. It’s the only Roman Catholic cathedral in and shorebirds. PEI and one of the most elaborate churches in the Maritimes. Tracking west from the park, I take a short detour off Highway At Founder’s Hall and the adjoining Canada’s Birthplace Pavilion, 6 to stock up on jams and jellies at the PEI Preserves Company in I peruse exhibits spanning the story of Canada’s beNew Glasgow before checking out the quaint fishing ginnings to present day. It was here, in September villages surrounding Rustico Bay. That afternoon, 1864, that delegates from the colonies of British I discover picturesque North Rustico Harbour, yet if you go North America arrived on the HMCS Queen Victoria another too-cute fishing village with cosy restauBe sure to include one of these to discuss Canadian Confederation. other island fests in your visit. rants, shops and a beautiful 1876 lighthouse. Then, Or coincide your visit with the After wandering Charlottetown for a few of course, I cap off another spectacular PEI day with 2014 Confederation celebrations. days—reliving this country’s beginnings—I set an all-you-can-eat mussels and lobster feast at the out to explore the rest of the island. The province’s world-famous Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers. ISLAND FUSION preplanned driving loops, the Points East Coastal The next day, I pass through Cavendish (where FESTIVAL > The June Drive, the Central Coastal Drive and the North Cape 13 – July 1 celebration includes I make a requisite yet brief stop at Avonlea, the stothe Summerside Highland Coastal Drive offer three charming perspectives on rybook home of Anne of Green Gables) to continue Gathering, Scotchfort Powwow, island life. west on the Central loop as it hugs the shores of College of Piping Ceilidhs and New London and Malpeque Bays and then bends more. EASTERN EDEN south to Summerside. My route is full of postcard First up, the popular 500-kilometre Points East CAVENDISH BEACH fishing villages like French River and Malpeque and MUSIC FESTIVAL > loop that tracks northeast from Charlottetown on historic lighthouses at Cape Tyron and Profitts Point. July 5 – 7 Highway 2 to St. Peters, where I get in some birding along the three-kilometre-long coastal boardwalk GO NORTH ROLLO BAY FIDDLE in PEI National Park (Greenwich). After logging a The 500-kilometre North Cape Drive loops west and FESTIVAL > July 20 – 21 couple dozen marsh and shorebird sightings, I renorth from Summerside through the heart of French L’EXPOSITION sume my drive east along Highway 16 to the small Acadian country via Highways 11 and 12. Along this AGRICOLE ET LE fishing village and beach community of Naufrage winding coastal track I stop at the Bideford Museum FESTIVAL ACADIEN > Harbour. It’s the island’s top tuna sport-fishing (more Anne memorabilia) and the Northport and A four-day event celebrating centre (along with nearby North Lake Harbour) Judes Point lighthouses. That evening on the beach Acadian culture, August 29 – September 1. and a mecca for anglers hoping to hook a 200- to below the red cliffs of North Cape, I build a small fire 500-kilogram bluefin tuna. and barbeque the fresh tuna fillets I bought earlier PEI INTERNATIONAL Next is East Point, an ideal spot to whale watch in Northport, and marvel at yet another brilliant PEI SHELLFISH FESTIVAL with its 20-metre-high, 1867 lighthouse and tall sunset. > The “Biggest Kitchen Party cliffs. For a small fee I climb the lighthouse’s spiral Prince Edward Islanders often use the phrase in Atlantic Canada” takes place September 12 – 15. staircase to the top deck where I see two hump“from away” when they refer to anyone who isn’t backs passing around the point about 200 metres from the Island. And for the first few days I do feel Tourism PEI offers maps (with off shore. a bit like a fish out of water, but by the end of my marked points of interest) short-but-sweet visit, PEI’s gentle atmosphere and From East Point the loop skirts the steep for the various loop drives: locals make me feel like I belong. eastern coast as it meanders south on Highway 16. tourismpei.com




THE THIRSTY DOCTOR JANET GYENES Janet Gyenes is a magazine writer and editor who likes to dally in spirits, especially when discovering something like corenwyn jenever (a gin-like Dutch spirit)—straight or in cocktails like the “bramble.”

tequila renaissance This agave-based spirit is far more worthy of sipping and savouring than its shot reputation


ric Lorenz hands me a tiny vial of liquid and asks, “What do you smell?” The herbal aroma is familiar. Oregano? It’s actually thyme. The second aroma is an easy guess: mint. “Which mint?” asks Lorenz, and hands me a third vial. Peppermint. Spearmint. “In which order?” Wrong again. I’ve only nosed a few of the 50 vials of tequila aromas on hand, but the subtlety of tequila has already become obvious. And we haven’t even had a sip yet. Lorenz, a tequila enthusiast and educator (who holds the Distintivo “T” Diploma from the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, plus he’s Canada’s first mezcalier), started importing premium agave spirits to Western Canada at the behest of both his students and Mexico’s A taste master distillers. His goal for tequila was to “change (Part 2: people’s hearts mezcal) and minds” about



Part 1:

the much-maligned spirit, and to transport memorable tequila-tasting experiences from Mexico to Canada by bringing in brands to satisfy aficionados and seduce neophytes into slowing down—and sipping. Case in point: the first of our threepart vertical tasting—comparing blanco, resposado, and añejo tequilas (see “Primed for Tequila” sidebar) from two brands—Uno Mas (from $50) and T1 Tequila Uno (from $97), both 100% agave tequila. “Two different blanco tequilas, side by side, can taste very different,” says Lorenz. “In the case of 100% agave tequila, there are certainly different quality levels, but some blancos are worth sipping on their own too.” Blanco tequilas let the herbaceous and vegetal fragrances and flavours of the agave plant stand out. When the Uno Mas blanco is first poured, says Lorenz, mint and eucalyptus are at the forefront. As it sits and air mixes in, notes of melon and citrus develop.


agave appreciation

BLANCO/SILVER > This tequila is clear, colourless and un-aged; the true flavours of the agave plant shine through. Uno Mas blanco

b[LYYVPYd 16

Similarly, the T1 Tequila Uno Ultra Fino exhibits some of those cooked agave flavours that develop when the heart of the agave plant is slow-roasted in a brick oven. Overall, the flavour is more floral, less fruity, and markedly peppery. “This is definitely a tequila drinker’s tequila,” says Lorenz. So who is that tequila drinker? The question is loaded and the answer is laced with folklore, history, and agricultural angst. There’s an old rumour that doctors prescribed tequila, complete with lime and salt, to sufferers of the Spanish flu. You can blame old-school Mexican cinema, with rancheros singing laments and drowning their sorrows with tequila, and revolutionary namesakes, says Lorenz. “Chinaco was named after a group of warriors from Tamaulipas,” and “Siete Leguas was named after Pancho Villa’s horse.” Those machismo concepts were imported to the Canada and the U.S., in part because of cheap “mixto” tequila flooding


REPOSADO > Spanish for “rested,” reposado tequilas are pale yellow/straw in colour, and must be aged from two to 12 months. Chinaco reposado


AÑEJO > Añejo is Spanish for “aged.” This smooth, complex spirit must be aged for one to three years to earn its name. T1 Tequila Uno, Estelar añejo

;LX\PSH T\Z[ IL KPZ[PSSLK THKL PU VUL VM [LX\PSH KLZPNUH[LK Z[H[LZ PU 4L_PJV·1HSPZJV Michoacan, Nayarit, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas.


Fresh herbs and pepper? Maple and caramel, with a hit of cinnamon? Sugary white peaches and bittersweet chocolate? Yes, please! Indulge in the true taste of tequila with a selection of more than 30 brands at the second annual Vancouver International Tequila Expo (VITE). Local restaurants will serve up tequila-inspired food at this year’s celebration of agave spirits. May 24, 2013, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver; tickets from $40. vancouvertequilaexpo.com



THIRSTY [continued]

the market in the 1930s, which is made from only 51 per cent agave 49 per cent “random industrial sugars,” compared to the 100 per cent blue agave in premium tequilas. Blame that on the fact that the blue agave monoculture invites the risk of blights, and boom and bust cycles, Lorenz explains. True caramel flavour, along with fruity and buttery elements, come from the fermentation process. The mellow flavours of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and lingering hits of pepper in the straw-coloured Uno Mas reposado come from the aging process—nine months in former Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s oak barrels. By contrast, with just six months in oak, the T1 Tequila Uno Excepcional reposado is a bit more feisty, retaining more of its herbaceous and grassy flavours, along with hints of quince, peach and sweet spices. Although a taste for tequila has been reawakened in the U.S. and Canada, the sipping tequila cult following started in the mid-1980s, when Chinaco tequila, created by longtime master distiller German Gonzalez (who makes the premium T1 Tequila Uno we’re sipping), was imported stateside, with El Tesoro tequila following soon after. Booze experts don’t balk at comparing premium tequilas to single-malt Scotches in smoothness and complexity. Add extra age to those reposados, and they become añejos, with more woodsy elements, such as the layers of cocoa and cinnamon in Uno Mas and the robust and bittersweet cocoa notes that two years in Scotch barrels (formerly sherry casks) brings to T1’s Uno Estelar añejo. Premium tequila of all types continues to captivate, whether it’s named for warriors, has a timehonoured pedigree, or comes in a skull-shaped bottle. Substance always trumps style, and it’s what’s inside the bottle that truly counts. “As with everything,” says Lorenz, “balance is key.”


THE HUNGRY DOCTOR DR. FONG Dr. Holly Fong is a practising speech-language pathologist with three young children who is always trying, adapting and creating dishes.

taste trip Concocting a taste of Tuscany


y the end of February I’m usually tired of winter and longing for warm sunny days. During this time, I find myself making more noodle dishes that are both The comforting and remind me of faraway lemon and travel. green-apple nose of the dry white 2011 A favourite “sunny” meal is an Arnels Langhe by Italian-inspired lemony linguini. The Damilano brings out the inspiration is a delicious lemon pasta lemony herbaceous with garlic and parsley I had in the ÁDYRXUV RI WKLV pasta. south of Italy. Since then, I’ve made many variations, adding broccolini or greens for a slight bitterness or peppery kick (and table with a glass of wine, and a a subversive but tasty way of getting my crisp romaine salad, it’s like being transported children to eat more leafy green vegetables). to a scented lemon grove in sunny Italy. And, whenever available, I use Meyer lemons For the wine, the 2011 Arneis Langhe by as they have a floral fragrance and slightly Damilano is a medium-bodied dry white. sweeter taste. I serve this dish on its own or This wine made with the Arneis grape in as an accompaniment to fish. the Piedmont region is fresh with a nose of Have all the ingredients prepped and the lemon and green apple. There’s bright acidity sauce prepared while the pasta is cooking with a long finish of a hint of almond and to ensure that the dish is served hot. Even grapefruit that brings out the lemony herbabetter, have pre-warmed bowls. Then, at the ceous flavours of the pasta. Buon appetito.

LINGUINE WITH LEMON & RAPINI 1 bunch of rapini 1 clove of garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 box linguine (375g) 1 egg yolk 1/3 cup heavy cream 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan, plus more for garnish 1 lemon (Meyer lemon if available), zested, and juice of 1/2, plus more juice, as needed 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) unsalted butter 2 tablespoons chopped Italian or flat leaved parsley leaves fresh ground black pepper salt


In a bowl, add yolk, cream, Parmesan, lemon zest, half the juice and a good grind of pepper. Combine with a fork and taste. If you want it more lemony, add more juice. Set aside. Trim the ends of rapini by cutting about 1cm on a diagonal. Thoroughly rinse, taking care to remove the leaves from the main stalk. If leaves are big, cut in half. Cut stalks into 2–3 cm pieces by cutting on a diagonal. If the ends of stalks are woody, use a paring knife to peel the outer layer. Set stalks and leaves aside separately. Fill a big pot with water and bring to a boil. Add enough salt to make it taste like seawater. When the water is bubbling fiercely, add the pasta. Bring water back to boil, and give it a good stir to avoid the linguine sticking to one another. Cook until al dente (about a minute less than package instructions). Meanwhile, heat olive oil in a large pot over high heat. Smash the garlic

clove with the side of a knife and add to pot when oil is shimmering. Fry until slightly yellow. Add rapini stems and stir fry for a minute. If they start to brown, reduce heat to medium-high. Sprinkle some salt. Add leaves and stir fry another minute and a half until wilted. Remove pan from heat. Find the garlic clove and transfer to still-cooking pasta pot. When the linguini is al dente, remove a cup of the cooking liquid. Drain pasta and toss it back in the pot off the heat. Discard garlic clove. Add butter. Stir and swirl until butter is melted and pasta is coated with each strand slightly gleaming. Add the cooked rapini and toss to combine. Stir in the egg mixture, adding some of the cooking liquid if it’s too dry (only a bit at a time). Add extra salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle parsley and serve immediately with Parmesan cheese.



travel the world

The Metro-Cable ascending over Santo Domingo. LEFT Young boys play amidst the bomb-ravaged ruins of Botero’s The Bird.

t ugh a r f ff its nity to o n ake ommu merica h s A c as ty h ulture + n South i c bian ced c ation i m o Col mbra estin This t and e go-to d pas ome a GL bec SLI





School girls tour the photography exhibit on display at the entrance to the Jardín Botánico de Medellín. RIGHT Youth hanging out by the Biblioteca España in JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS SPRING 2013 Santo18 Domingo.


travel the world


if you go

he only risk is wanting to stay. It’s Colombia’s official tourism slogan. And it’s true. Especially so in Medellín, the once-notorious city in the country’s mountainous centre, where Pablo Escobar ruled supreme over his drug cartel in the 1980s and early ’90s. Well, things have changed. Shot down while scrambling to escape over rooftops, Escobar’s demise is documented in a painting by Medellín’s beloved and renowned artist, Fernando Botero. Today, in the Botero Museum, the almost comical scene of a rather portly Escobar seems distant and surreal. Yet, fewer than 20 years ago the people of Medellín were held hostage by this megalomaniac and the drug trade. It seems everyone from Medellín has been touched in some way by that volatile era. Local guide Daniel shares the story of how his grandmother, who, while sitting on a bench outside the police station, became a bomb victim in the very spot she thought was the safest. A sweet and sensitive 20-something, Daniel was sent away to school in Britain. Now, with perfect English, he’s come back here rather than stay in London. He sees Medellín as full of potential, where once it was rife with strife. Similar stories abound. A hip artist, who runs his own jewelry gallery/boutique Lasierpe in Medellín’s trendiest neighbourhood near Parque Lleras, has

STAY The El Poblado district is the most touristy and high-end part of Medellín. For an artsy, younger crowd, stay at The Charlee (thecharlee.com) on Parque Lleras in the Zona Rosa (nightlife district). For a more

also returned after being abroad. He and his friends tell of living in New York City, Sydney, LA…but being happy to be home again. And their energy and excitement about Medellín’s progress in the last 15 years is infectious. Of-the-moment window displays grace the boutiques down the street. Around the corner is über-cool hotel, The Charlee, where the latest beats match edgy art. Streetside cafes and bars surround a square that’s thrumming with life. Hautecuisine eateries serve dishes that look like art and taste of the verdant surrounding landscape. Art oozes out of every cracked sidewalk and crumbling wall. Graffiti is everywhere, and showcased. The Museo de Arte Moderno is housed in an old ironworks building with bold street art gracing the surrounding block. Public walls integrate climbing rungs with graffiti. Even the public transportation service, the Metro, sponsors the bold, graphic strokes of colour. The initiative has ended up inspiring the colloquial name, “metro culture”. And it’s a thing to behold. The Metro was put in almost 20 years ago now and it’s the cleanest, best-maintained— anywhere. An etiquette has developed: there’s no graffiti or vandalization inside cars or stations, and commuters themselves are appreciative and unfailingly courteous. Maybe that’s because there’s also a gondola service. Really. From the Acevedo Station, a gondola travels over the steep slopes and humble homes (and some stunning sponsored rooftop art,

subdued and businessoriented vibe, there’s Medellín Royal Hotel (medellinroyal.com).

SEE/DO For a first-hand look at Medellín’s progressive infrastructure, take the Metro to Parque Biblioteca España atop

Santo Domingo. Then continue to Parque Arvi (parquearvi.org). The botanical gardens are another must: Jardín Botánico de Medellín (botanicomedellin.org). Across the street is the Parque Explora complex (parqueexplora.org),

of course) of Santo Domingo or Comuna 1. In Medellín, some comunas are akin to the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, associated with slums and known by names like Barrio

Triste, the Sad Neighbourhood. Yet these poor communities are changing now that they’re connected to central Medellín by public transportation. Asked how the wealthy feel

Local guide, Daniel Alvarez Gonzalez, at the Parque Biblioteca España.

an innovative science centre (from aquarium to planetarium) for adults and kids alike. For art lovers, the Museo de Arte Moderno (elmamm.org) is a treasure-house of wow-factor contemporary Colombian art,

from Nadín Ospina to Débora Arango. For more Colombian art, including a massive Botero collection (largely donated by the artist himself), there’s the Museo de Antioquia (museodeantioquia.org.co), right

on Plaza Botero, a lively public square with 23 of Botero’s rotund beauties (again, donated by the artist).

MORE Find out more on why “the only risk is wanting to stay”: colombia.travel/en



travel the world about subsidizing such a service, guide Daniel simply says “Instead of making good neighbourhoods worse, it’s made the bad neighbourhoods better.” And indeed, while in Medellín, front page news includes the announcement of a new public outdoor escalator in another comuna. What at first seems quaint, that an escalator is cause for celebration, becomes the realization that accessibility and mobility is key to re-engaging and -integrating the disenfranchised. Now, that grandmother who needs to travel down the barrio’s steep streets for groceries can make it back up easily on her own, via a state-of-the-art 384m escalator. But the real gem at the top of the Santo Domingo comuna is the library. Opened in 2007 (by Spanish royalty, no less), the Biblioteca España is an architectural wonder atop the long incline of ramshackle dwellings. Riding the gondola up and up, the black beehive-like mass perched at the very top gets closer and closer, like some beacon. And it is. Designed by Giancarlo Mazzantti, Colombian’s most-renowned architect, it’s one of 46 libraries in Medellín comunas. Local guides give free tours, greeting visi-

tors with a heartfelt “Welcome. My library is your library too.” The goal is to integrate and provide access to those who may not have new technologies at their disposal. Here, anyone can get a free hour of computer time. A smiling group of kids happily tinkers away on keyboards or simply reads, as one solitary boy does, hunched over a book. Library guide Christian, just 23 himself, talks about how this new generation—with less segregation and more social interaction—already has a different perception of community and practice in the streets. And, again, he points out the art on display—from photography of Santo Domingo residents to handmade crochet pieces made of plastic bags (the library has a strong eco ethos and even screens Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth). Back on the gondola, the Metro continues even farther up the mountain…or rather across the top of it, over a chunk of the 3,750-hectare Parque Arví. Suddenly the stacked-and-squeezed homes of the barrio are gone and the gondola glides above uninterrupted jungle. A green carpet stretches in all directions and there’s a new misty quality to the air. The entire cable ride from base to peak is 2,072m long and 2,600m high—

Vacation CME Baltics B l i cruise i •B Banff ff • C Caribbean ibb cruise i • Disney Di World W ld Las Vegas • Maui • Mediterranean cruise • Waikiki Whistler summer • Whistler Wh winter


ro-C Mainp s credit

CANADA N supratentorial i medicine



quite a trip for 3,500 pesos (less than $2). Disembarking, there’s a whole new world atop the mountain. This is Colombia’s cloud forest and it’s why Medellín maintains a balmy spring-like temperature year-round. A vibrant little market sells fresh fruit and snacks for outdoor adventurers, like the picnic-ready fiambre, an all-in-one lunch of rice, pork, egg and beans wrapped in a banana leaf. A roadside “candyman” makes gelatina, a marshmallow-like treat. With an infectious grin, he also spouts poetry in Spanish with a flourish. From here, the fun way to get down back down the mountain is via particular, a kind of truck with a jaula or “cage” that consists of rustic benches and ropes with leather handles to hang on to. Used by the commuting working class (like the region’s many flower pickers), it feels a bit like a joy ride—fast and fun. Stops along the way include a traditional lunch of bandeja paisa (a hearty platter of rice, eggs, beans, chorizo, avocado, plantains, arepa and chicharon) and sopa de cebolla (onion soup), and then a snack of buñuelos (a savoury donut-like ball with cheese) in Santa Elena, the village where La Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers) parade starts each July, snaking down into Medellín. Back in the buzz of downtown Medellín, there’s one more must-stop at Parque San Antonio, a place of pilgrimage of sorts. This is where Botero’s two “The Bird” statues sit side by side. The original was virtually destroyed in 1995 after a bomb beneath it exploded, killing 27 people. It’s speculated that the attack was part of the aftermath of Escobar’s death, when violence escalated as remaining members of the drug cartel fought for control. In 2000, as part of a larger donation of his art to the transforming city, Botero replaced the ripped-apart sculpture, on the condition that the original would be left as is in memoriam. Today, in the heart of Medellín, the vast square with the twin-yet-worlds-apart birds has a sense of the sacred. And yet, two young boys scramble atop the burst pigeon, climbing amidst its gaping wounds. They giggle and grin, oblivious to the statue’s significance. And that’s the thing that resonates here. New promise. Everyone in Medellín, whether the optimistic and bright young guide Daniel, the artistic and effusive boutique owner, giggling children at the library, serenading candyman…seems joyful. The previous incarnation of this city hardly matters anymore. This is Medellín now. And everyone wants to stay.

cartagena / birmingham / maui / portland / bali ‌ | c a l e n d a r



spring 2013 + beyond

Cruising past the highrises of the modern city. RIGHT Islas de Rosario idyll. BELOW Fresh-fruit and

local-food stands are juxtaposed with gritty graffiti.

Doorman at the Santa Clara, a posh boutique hotel and one of many colonial-architecture gems in Cartagena.


! This fairytale-like city by the sea has a maze of ancient cobblestone




artagena is Colombia’s Caribbean paradise. It has the turquoise water, hot sun, swaying palm fronds, fresh-caught seafood, frosty cerveza‌ and so much more. When that tropical sun goes down the steamy seaside night starts with live acts, food stalls on every corner, people dancing in the streets‌life in full takes the stage. On the gulf coast, Cartagena de Indias, as it’s ofďŹ cially called, has long been a go-to getaway spot for Colombians, and even while the drug war was consuming the rest of the country, it was a tourist destination. The old walled town (dating from 1533) is a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts gorgeous colonial architecture in myriad colours—pinks, yellows, blues—juxtaposed with gleaming skyscrapers of the new city. A seaside recreational path follows the shore here and people bike, jog, rollerblade along the water. It almost feels like Miami‌but with bluer water. And just as much partying. When night falls, you can board one of the rollicking open-air chiva party buses, singing and drinking cerveza

and shots of aguardiente (literal translation: â€œďŹ re waterâ€?), the anise-tinged, rum-like national liquor. Then, after being dropped off at the gates of the old town, it’s like you’re entering a fairytale land. Horse-drawn carriages, food vendors hawking wares, locals dancing to Caribbean beats. The atmosphere is intoxicating and walking the maze of pedestrian-friendly cobblestone streets offers unending entertainment‌here’s an elaborate Colombian wedding taking place at one of the many massive elaborate churches, there’s a young dance troupe doing acrobatics, here’s a plaza crowded with packed cafĂŠs, there’s a narrow street over which ornate bougainvillea-adorned balconies arch. The vibrant vibe makes Cartagena an easy choice for the many cultural events and festivals that take place here, including the prestigious Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias and the Cartagena Film Festival. This is, after all, the home of internationally revered writer Gabriel GarcĂ­a MĂĄrquez. He once worked here as a journalist, and you can tour sights that have made their way into his classics

(like the leafy Plaza FernĂĄndez de Madrid, lifted straight from a scene in Love in the Time of Cholera). Alongside the cultural brouhaha is any number of meetings and conferences taking place at the string of beachside resorts just outside the city. And beyond that is a boat ride to the tranquil treasure islands of Islas de Rosario. Hole up here post-conference on a day bed by the beach (yes, there’s wiďŹ ) or tramp through an eco reserve in the tropical jungle. Or travel even farther to discover what the rest of Colombia has to offer‌from the capital of BogotĂĄ to magical, made-over MedellĂ­n (see page 18). Back in Cartagena, there’s a grittier side to the city too, one that offers its own beauty in the form of grafďŹ ti and working class authenticity. It’s all about the juxtaposition. Because the beauty of this Caribbean outpost is that it has a bit of everything. —B. Sligl For more info on Cartagena, go to cartagenadeindias. travel; and Colombia in general, colombia.travel/en/.



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XL %RRYEP 7GMIRXM½G 7IWWMSR 3J 8LI %QIVMGER Society Of Nuclear Cardiology

American Society of Nuclear Cardiology



Nov 20Dec 08

Trans-Atlantic Cruise

Neurology & Cardiology

Sea Courses Cruises


seacourses. com

May 13-17

Oxford England

Adverse Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions, And Pharmacovigilance

University of Oxford



Jun 21

Vancouver British Columbia

International Cannabinoid Research Society 2013 Clinical Day

Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids



Sep 22-24

Bethesda Maryland

2013 Annual Meeting Of American College Of Clinical Pharmacology

American College of Clinical Pharmacology



May 08-11

Edinburgh Scotland

International Investigative Dermatology 2013

IID 2013



Jun 07-09

Amelia Island Florida

58th Annual Georgia Society Of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery (GSDDS) Meeting

Of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery



Jul 31Aug 05

Brighton England

Occupational Contact Dermatitis And Skin Surveillance

University of Birmingham


birmingham. ac.uk

Dec 09-23

Singapore to Hong Kong Cruise

Primary Care: Dermatology And Oral Dermatology Review

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea



Apr 22-25

Vancouver British Columbia

Diabetes Educator Course - Vancouver

UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education



Jul 14-21

Alaskan Cruise

Diabetes And Its Comorbidities Update 2013


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Apr 17-20

Maui Hawaii

17th Annual Spring Conference On Pediatric Emergencies

Symposia Medicus



Jun 19-21

Seattle Washington

Preventing & Treating Biological Exposures: An Occupational Health Colloquium

Eagleson Institute



Aug 28-31

Vienna Austria

15th European Burns Association Congress

Vienna Medical Academy



May 20-22

Xian China

BIT’s 3rd Annual World Congress Of Endobolism-2013

BIT Congress Inc.


bitlifesciences. com

Jun 21-25

Chicago Illinois

VH 7GMIRXM½G 7IWWMSRW 3J %QIVMGER Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Association


professional. diabetes.org

Oct 05-06

Monterey California

New Concepts & Emerging Therapies In Metabolic Disorders & Vascular Disease

UC Davis Health System


ucdmc.ucdavis. edu

new CME list fromGeorgia Adam Society

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C M E calendar

Infectious and Chronic Diseases



General & Family Medicine










Lima Peru

Volunteer Work In Lima

Cross-Cultural Solutions



Apr 11-12

Calgary Alberta

30th Annual Calgary Therapeutics Conference

University of Calgary



May 27Jun 03

Eastern Europe River Cruise

Current Medical Issues In Eastern Europe

Professional Education Society



Jun 22Jul 06

Baltic and Russian Cruise

Internal Medicine Update

Sea Courses Cruises

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Jul 11-13

Banff Alberta

Medical CBT For Anxiety: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada



Jul 13-20

Tuscany Italy

Mindfulness Training

Eat Breathe Think

tina@eatbreathethink. com


Jul 28Aug 01

Cartagena Colombia

Physics For Clinical Radiotherapy: - Joint Course For Clinicans & Physicists

European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology



Aug 17-24

Mediterranean Cruise (Disney Magic)

Medical CBT For Anxiety: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada

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Feb 18Mar 05 2014

Vietnam and Cambodia River Cruise

Healthcare Delivery

Professional Education Society

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May 18-21

Orlando Florida

Digestive Disease Week 2013




Jul 15-19

Snowmass Colorado

35th Annual Aspen Conference On Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center



Sep 05

Graz Austria


Medical University Graz


drfalkpharma. de

May 10-12

Toronto Ontario

International Society For Laboratory Hematology 2013 Symposium

Society For Laboratory Hematology



Sep 19-21

Los Angeles California

2013 Annual Meeting Of The Society For The Advancement Of Blood Management

SABM Annual Meeting



Nov 06-07

Barcelona Spain

ESH International Conference On Haematological Disorders In The Elderly

European School of Haematology



Apr 27-29

Paris France

Gaining Expertise On Mycobacterial Infections, ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course

Société Française de Microbiologie



Jul 12-28

Tanzania & Rwanda

Disease Prevention

Professional Education Society



Sep 19-28

Italian Dreams Updates In Disease Prevention & Public Crystal Cruise Healthcare Delivery

Professional Education Society

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Primary Care


Oncology & Palliative

Obstetrics & Gynecology


Ethics and Legal

Internal Medicine










Apr 19-21

Atlanta Georgia

High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA)

American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology



May 15

Glasgow Scotland

Acute NIV For Physicians

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow



Jul 14

Estes Park Colorado

49th Annual Internal Medicine Program

University of Colorado



May 17

London England

Legal Aspects Of Surgical Practice

Royal College of Surgeons of England



Sep 29Oct 06

Rhine River Cruise

Mental Health And The Law

Sea Courses Cruises


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Apr 15-17

Singapore Singapore

Pharma-Nutrition 2013


See Website


Aug 09-12

Portland Oregon

Society for Nutrition Education & Behavior (SNEB) 2013 Annual Conference

Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior



Nov 08-09

Boston Massachusetts

Frontiers In Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology And Nutrition

Harvard Medical School


hms.harvard. edu

Jun 19-22

Moscow Russia

11th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine



Oct 06-16

Barcelona to Athens Cruise

Family Medicine: Women’s Health

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea



Nov 01-02

Auckland New Zealand

Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy & Surgery (AGES) Focus Meeting

Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy & Surgery



Jun 02-03

Vancouver British Columbia

BC Hospice Palliative Care Association Conference 2013 - Moving Forward Together Collaborating With Creativity And Compassion

Sea to Sky Meeting Management Inc



Sep 21Oct 01

Amsterdam Netherlands

33rd Congress Of The European Society Of Surgical Oncology

European Society of Surgical Oncology




Multiple Cities Capacity Building Internship for HIV/AIDS Colombia Orphanage (Volunteer Opportunity)

Positivos por la Vida The Humanity Exchange



Jun 03-14

British Isles Cruise

Pediatrics: Autism, ADHD, And Other Behavior Disorders

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea



Jun 29Jul 05

Maui Hawaii

Pediatrics In The Islands … Clinical Pearls 2013

Los Angeles Medical Group & American Academy of Pediatrics



Jun 10-11

Birmingham England

Management Of DVT And Pulmonary Embolism Within Primary Care

University of Birmingham


birmingham. ac.uk

Aug 18-25

Alaska Glaciers Cruise

17th Annual Renaissance In Primary Care

Sea Courses Cruises

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new CME list from MCA Adam Events

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Tel: 416-850-9250 ~ Toll-free: 877-850-9222 ~ Email: sales@simplelifeinsurancesolutions.com SPRING 2013 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS


C M E calendar



Rural Medicine











Apr 06

Calgary Alberta

6th Annual Addiction Day Conference

University of Calgary



May 02-04

Montreal Quebec

2013 International Conference On Eating Disorders (ICED)

Academy for Eating aed@aedweb. Disorders Headquarters org

Dec 07-14

Caribbean Cruise (Disney Fantasy)

Medical CBT Tools: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada

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Sep 08-11 2014

Cape Town South Africa

Medical CBT Tools: Ten-Minute Techniques For Real Doctors

CBT Canada



Jul 03

Glasgow Scotland

Acute NIV for Physicians

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow



Jul 18

Northbrook Illinois

Essentials Of Airway Management: Skills, Planning, And Teamwork

American College of Chest Physicians



Aug 19-21

Las Vegas Nevada

2nd International Conference And Exhibition On Orthopedics & Rheumatology

OMICS Group Conferences


omicsgroup. com

Oct 21-23

San Diego California

Forensic Psychiatry Review Course

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law



Nov 21-24

Brussels Belgium

2nd World Congress On Controversies, Debates & Consensus In Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases

GL events/ CongressMed


congressmed. com

May 08-09

Sausalito California

Wilderness Medicine For Professional Practitioner

Ready SF



Sep 14-19

Rakiraki Fiji

Retrieval Aquatic Safari

Medicine On Location



May 06-10

Auckland New Zealand

RH %RRYEP 7GMIRXM½G 'SRKVIWW 3J 6S]EP Australasian College Of Surgeons

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons


asc.surgeons. org

Jul 13-14

Calgary Alberta

Fundamentals of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

University of Calgary



Aug 25-29

Helsinki Finland

International Surgical Week 2013

CONGREX / Blue & White Conferences



Oct 08-19

Italy and Holy Land Cruise

Perioperative Medicine And Surgery

Sea Courses Cruises


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Apr 17-20

Washington DC

Contraceptive Technology Conference 25th Anniversary

Contemporary Forums



May 29-31

Washington DC

Toward A New Psychiatry: Implications Of Neuroscience, Neurotechnology & The DSM-5

BioMed Central



Oct 21-25

Boston Massachusetts

Become A Permanent Digital Citizen: Technology For Lifelong Learning & Health

Harvard Medical School


hms.harvard. edu

new CME list from Adam


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vels FREE! Companion tra UP TO 42 CME HOURS *All funds in USD. CMEatSEA reserves ves the right to make changes, correct corrrec e t errors or omissions. ect o ns. BPCPA BP PA #28364. BPC #


sudoku Solve puzzle #2 for a chance to win 1 of 2 prizes: a $50 gift card to Bikram Yoga Vancouver or a $50 Visa gift card. Both gift cards are compliments of Bikram Yoga Vancouver. Each Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9.

sudoku 1 easier solution on page 33

winner of last issue’s sudoku contest: Dr. Jidong Lian of Mississauga, ON

8 1 7 9 3 9 6 4 8 4 2


7 3 6 2

4 6 3 7 6 6 8 3 8 2 5 9 7 5 4 9 1 3

sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

Puzzle by websudoku.com

6 2 9 1 2 7 6 4 2 1 3 7 9 4 8 2 3 5 9 4 1 7 1 8 5 5 6 2 3 7

Puzzle by websudoku.com

entry form (please print clearly): NAME: __________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________ CITY, PROVINCE, POSTAL CODE: _____________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL: ________________________________________________________________ TEL: ______________________________ FAX: _________________________________ Sudoku Puzzle Contest Rules: 1. Entry form must be accompanied by solved puzzle. Only correctly solved puzzles entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle and entry form to Just For Canadian Doctors, 200 – 896 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2P6 or by fax to 604-681-0456. Entries must be received no later than May 29, 2013. 3. Prize: $50 VISA or Bikram Yoga Vancouver gift card. Odds of winning dependent upon number of entries. Winner contacted by telephone and announced in Summer 2013 issue. 4. Contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice. 5. All entries become property of In Print Publications. Employees of In Print Publications and its affiliates are not eligible to participate. SPRING 2013 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS



D R . K E L LY S I L V E R T H O R N Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is a radiologist and Just For Canadian Doctors’ automotive writer.

Scotland high


friend’s postulate ignited our Scottish adventure: “Your doctor says, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is your travelling days are over in two years. The good news is today you’ll meet the Genie that is going to take you on three trips, each trip to a country you’ve never visited.” So, gut reaction moment…what three countries would you visit? Don’t hold back,

What better way to experience Scotland than behind the wheel of true British “Gentleman’s Express”? Bentley blends Britishness, bespoke luxury and brute force like no other brand. Bentley has a fascinating history. Early epochs of fame include the W. O. Bentley years, 1919–1926, and the Woolf Barnato years, 1926–1931, during which Bentley famously won the 24 Hours of LeMans five times. The Great Depression saw fortunes reversed when the Bentley brand was acquired in a hostile takeover by rival Rolls Royce (RR), after which RR progressively ignored its Bentley line-up until the latter’s nadir in the 1970s when it was outsold by RR 19 to 1. New ownership of RR by the Vickers Group in 1980 saw Bentley re-branded closer to its roots as DREAM: a brutishly powerful Touring by Bentley high-performance line (here, the Continental in a finely tailored Savile Row suit. GT Coupe) on Conspicuous bravado resonated Highland roads like in the 1980s marketplace. By this one through 1991 Bentley outsold its in-house Glencoe. adversary RR. In 1998 German rivals BMW and VW Group were entangled in a complex corporate takeover drama with Vickers of RR/ Bentley. By 2003 the shakedown resulted in BMW owning RR and VW Group owning Bentley. VW reportedly invested $2 billion USD in Bentley and its revival. In as these are your last trips ever, at least figuratively. 2011 Bentley delivered the second generaWe had the genie discussion at our tion of its volume-leading Continental GT kitchen table. I’m a Red Green disciple, in Coupe, a bouncy 5,200-pound behemoth. To ensure always-on-call performance comthat I concur “a happy wife is a happy life.” My wife’s surname is McLeod. Not surprismensurate with a Bentley, three engines are ing, Scotland was atop her hypothetical available—a 500hp V8, a 567hp W12 and the Genie-visit list and our first trip under the range-topping 621hp “Speed” 12 cylinder. new carpe diem ethos. Top speeds are 188 mph, 198 mph and 204 mph respectively. Land transportation is my department.



The unique baritone burble of the W12 would propel our pewter-hued Conti GT around Scotland. I have a tendency to overschedule trips; my wife’s approach is more plan nothing and rely on impulse. Over the years we’ve adjusted to one another, including my driving. We agreed that in Scotland we would check out a big city or two, a castle, a whisky distillery, the Highlands and St. Andrews (the home of golf). Big cities are often better without cars in tow. So we experienced Edinburgh largely on foot. The “Royal Mile” extends from the old Edinburgh Castle to the working Palace at Holyrood House. In between are countless souvenir shops, restaurants and points of interest. We stumbled across Adam Smith’s gravesite, the witch-burning square, the Royal Scotland Museum, the Grey Friar’s Bobby memorial and Scotch whisky tasting. From the Royal Mile we take the serpentine, scenic, seaside 52-mile journey north to St. Andrews’ ancient links, guided by the Bentley’s GPS. Once there, we’re fortunate to have Mike Woodcock as our host. As media relations manager he gives us a tour of the storied golf establishment. I’m surprised to learn that the facility has been doggedly “public” throughout its long history. The Old Course is even closed to golfers every Sunday so locals can stroll it, play frisbee or walk their dogs. Still, you have to win a lottery eight to 14 months in advance to play the Old Course. That’s no reason to not play St. Andrews though. There’s the adjacent and almostmatching “new” (1895) course, and then, next over, another look-alike, the seaside Diamond Jubilee Course (as in Queen Victoria’s, vintage 1897). The surrounding city of St. Andrews is a worthy tourism destination in its own right, with its ancient university, monastery, and the modern home of Will and Kate’s pre-nuptial romance. We primed the Bentley’s able GPS once more and are off to Loch Ness in the Highlands. It’s been a long day in the saddle and we revel in the Bentley’s luxury accoutrements. The fantastic Naim Audio. The heating/cooling/massaging seats all deployed. The 700 Newton metres of torque underfoot that make passing lorries


Why just dream of Genie? Ticking off must-do and -drive boxes in Scotland

MOTORING [continued]

if you GO

Find out more on what to see + do in Scotland at cometoscotland.ca or visitbritain.com. And, if driving that Bentley sounds good, check out bentleymotors.com.

a breeze…not that the sublime character of the Bentley beckons hooliganism in the driver. The thousands of automated British speed-ticket cameras also conspire to temper our velocity…and, besides, there’s no point in flashing by the scenery too quickly. The Highlands are gorgeous, even for hard-to-impress British Columbians. We cruise by a plethora of lochs (lakes) and bens (mountains), forests and wild flowers. Above the tree line the heather’s in full bloom, so we stop for a hike. Such a walk often requires some B or C road travel to the trailhead, so the Bentley gets to strut its sporting side free of traffic and speedcameras. There are castles throughout Scotland, and we visit one on the shores of Loch Ness in the Highlands: the Urquhart. Castles are a poignant backdrop to Scottish history: Picts, Romans, Norse, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Jacobites…William Wallace, MacBeth, Black Donald, King Edward I, William of Orange, Cromwell. All that history is a bit like biochemistry for me—I semi-understood it for a moment in time, but have resigned myself to a short half-life of retention. Which may explain why Scotch whisky enjoys the bigger international following. Still in the Highlands, we tour Ben Nevus distillery at beautiful Fort William. Its claim to fame is sourcing water from lochs on Ben Nevus, the highest peak in Britain. The distillery experience didn’t turn me into a Scotch drinker, but I did get a read on what Scotthemed movies locals support (Local Hero and Rob Roy) and find offensive (Braveheart). Having ticked off all the boxes on our trip list, we finish at Bentley’s Lowland drop point, sad to give up the sporting and luxury sides of the Bentley Continental GT. I leave thinking that the car’s immense capabilities, including its girth and all-wheel-drive, would showcase just as well, if not better, in Canada. Of course, we miss Scotland’s charms too. The countryside is enchanting and the locals downright hospitable. Having travelled the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, I’m hoping my wife will re-populate her Genie list with the Irish Sea (Isles of Man, Isley, Skye and Lewis). I wonder who makes the Bentley of the yachting world?

Stonehenge, England




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Essential Britain 12 days from London to London $2,449, based on Oct 12, 2013 departure London :: Stonehenge :: Salisbury :: Plymouth :: Cornwall :: Bath :: Llandrindod Wells :: Chester :: Liverpool :: Grasmere :: Gretna Green :: Mallaig-Armadale :: Isle of Skye :: Braemar :: St. Andrews :: Edinburgh :: Alnwick :: York :: Stratford-upon-Avon


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T H E W E A LTHY DO CTOR MANFRED PUR TZ KI, C .A. Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki & Associates Chartered Accountants. You can reach him at manfred@purtzki.com.

pay less Reducing the tax on draws from the corporation


he most frequently asked question by doctors about their corporation is how to minimize the personal tax on cash draws from their company. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. When you are self-employed, you pay tax on the income you make; when you are incorporated you pay personal tax on the income you take. By only drawing funds from the corporation to pay for personal

from the corporation for the RRSP are taxed as a dividend or salary, offsetting the RRSP tax deduction. While the RRSP contribution may not save you any taxes, the psychological benefit of being a forced savings vehicle should not be overlooked. It prevents doctors to dip into their corporate nest egg for a luxury car or boat.


there is a slight benefit of taking a dividend rather than a salary in most provinces. Dividends also give Deferral of Saving of you the opportunity to Keeping $10,000 income split with family $10,000 in Dividend members in a lower tax Company bracket. A salary must Alberta $ 117 $ 2,500 be justified in terms of reasonableness, a test not British Columbia $ 104 $ 3,020 applicable to dividends. Manitoba $ 56 $ 3,540 You can devise a strategy where you take the funds New Brunswick $ 175 $ 2,780 from the corporation for Newfoundland $ 183 $ 2,730 your own use, and have your family members Northwest $ 285 $ 2,805 pay the tax on the draws. Territories To illustrate, you take Nova Scotia $ 422 $ 3,500 out $80,000 for yourself from the corporation and Nunavut $ 88 $ 2,550 you would like to have Ontario $ 339 $ 3,091 your son pay the tax on it. Consider having your Prince Edward $ -86 $ 3,537 medical corporation Island issue a cheque of $80,000 Quebec $ -22 $ 2,922 to your son, which he deposits into his bank Saskatchewan $ 200 $ 3,100 account. Your son then Yukon $ 155 $ 2,740 issues a cheque to you, which you then deposit 2012 Tax Rates into the corporate bank account as a repayment and living expenses, you create the tax of the funds you took from the company deferral benefit, which is the difference during the year. between the corporate and personal tax. In particular, young doctors do not The deferral is significant as the table always count on the Canada Pension in shows. By leaving $10,000 in the company, their old age, and are opting for dividends the Ontario doctor saves about $3,100. As instead to avoid the CPP premiums. For a result you should abstain from any type 2013, CPP premiums increased by 4% over of personal savings, such as the Tax-Free the previous year to $4,712.40. Savings, and RRSPs. The funds you draw



3. MOVE DEDUCTIBLE DEBT INTO THE CORPORATION. If you have personal debts incurred to finance a stock or real estate investment, consider transferring the investment and the associated debt into the corporation. A special tax election is available to avoid the tax on any unrealized gain. The benefit is that you need less after tax cash to pay off a corporate debt. The company only needs $118,000 (at 15% tax rate) to pay off a $100,000 loan. As an individual in the top marginal tax bracket of 45%, you need $180,000 of your precious cash flow to repay the loan. The $62,000 savings boosts your retirement savings.

4. INCOME AVERAGE YOUR DRAWS OVER 2 YEARS. If you do not declare your draws as income during the corporate fiscal year, you have to report the outstanding amount in the following year. If your average draws are $50,000 plus your salary, and in one year you take an extra lump-sum payment of $100,000, rather than paying tax on $150,000 you can avoid the high marginal tax rate by leaving $50,000 until the following year. Another reason to postpone the tax on the draws is availability to split income. For instance, if your child is turning 18 in 2014, which gives you the ability to income split, then you may want to leave the draws in 2013 outstanding until 2014 and have them converted to a dividend to your child. Doctors do not need to be overly concerned about the impact of the drawings on their personal taxes. Being familiar with the available tax saving options gives the doctor the opportunity to reduce the personal tax bill to the absolute minimum. Everyone wants to pay less tax and by implementing one or more of the strategies above, you may be able to do just that.



Roberta Staley is an award-winning magazine editor and writer with experience reporting from the developing world and conflict and post-conflict zones. Staley specializes in medical and science reporting and is a magazine instructor at Douglas College and Simon Fraser University.

the heart of Kabul An Afghan ex-pat returns home to treat patients in the face of a war zone


hese days, more phone calls are coming,” says cardiologist Dr. Asmatullah Naebkhil, seated in the airy lunchroom of Kabul Medical University Cardiac Research Centre (KCRC) in Afghanistan. “They say: ‘pick up your bags and go back to Canada.’ ” Naebkhil shrugs. These “medical mafia, they just want to scare me,” he says. “Their private hospital is in danger of closing

and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and, later, Regina General Hospital. But the grim news out of Afghanistan haunted him. The Taliban invasion of Afghanistan in 1996 brought reports of terror, torture and murder. Naebkhil yearned to help his beleaguered Dr. Asmatullah brethren. Health Naebkhil is doing care in Afghanistan what he can to help Afghan patients through the cardiology clinic he established in Kabul.

opened its doors in 2008—minus some very basic amenities. “We walked to the male dormitory with buckets to get water,” Naebkhil recalls. “We didn’t have enough money to buy gas to warm the building. If we were lucky, the electricity would last long enough to complete a patient exam.”


Creating a cardiology clinic in the midst of a war zone requires fearlessness, ZHJYPÄJL HTIP[PVU HUK VW[PTPZT because we offer better quality care and free service.” Creating a cardiology clinic in the midst of a war zone requires fearlessness, sacrifice, ambition and optimism. Naebkhil has all in generous measure, as well as a burning passion to care for the nation’s ill and destitute, who have suffered for three decades under foreign invaders and Islamic fundamentalist overlords. “The victims are women, children, the elderly and sick civilians,” says Naebkhil, the 54-year-old founder and director of KCRC who also calls Windsor, ON home. Naebkhil was a medical student at Kabul Medical University when the Soviet Union invaded Kabul in late 1979. He was thrown into jail, along with more than 1,000 other university students, during a march to protest the Soviet occupation. Most students fled to Pakistan upon their release. Naebkhil, however, continued his education at Kabul’s Ali Abad Hospital. Four years later, married and with his country in chaos, Naebkhil fled to India. He won a cardiology scholarship to PGI Chandigarh in the Punjab, one of India’s top medical schools. In 1988, he immigrated to Canada with his family. Like many immigrant physicians, Naebkhil’s qualifications weren’t recognized in Canada. However, he found work as a cardiology associate at Mount Sinai Hospital

had been decimated, so why not create a cardiology clinic? With the ousting of the Taliban in 2001 by United States and NATO forces, Naebkhil sprung into action. By now Naebkhil was working at Windsor General Hospital, and turned for help to the Windsor Rotary Club 1918 to help him stockpile enough equipment to create a cardiology clinic in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. Equipment—ECG machines, furniture, heart monitors, treadmills and computers—began trickling in from Windsor Regional, Mount Sinai, St. Michael’s and Toronto General hospitals as well as the NGO Medical Relief International. Afghanistan communities throughout Canada raised money to transport the equipment overseas. In 2007, four shipping containers of medical equipment were loaded onto a tanker in Detroit and sent to Afghanistan. Its final destination was a four-year-old building, originally constructed as a female student dormitory, across from Kabul University. The clinic

He laughs. “When I got here my hair was black. One year later it was grey.” Today, Naebkhil and his team of nine cardiologists treat more than 9,000 patients a year—about 30 a day—most of them referrals from all over the country. No one is turned away, and no one has to pay for care. It is a labour of love. KCRC’s cardiologists are also professors who are paid the equivalent of $190 a month from Kabul Medical



PAY I T F O R WAR D [ c o n t i n u e d ]

University. Every month they must pool their money to buy ECG paper. KCRC’s services are desperately needed. Heart disease is epidemic in Afghanistan due to diet, the war, pollution and stress. Afghans’ diet is high in cholesterol: 80% of the food is derived from milk, cheese and meat. An offshoot of war is a sedentary lifestyle. It is too dangerous to venture outside because of suicide bombings, and many

women never leave the house. Some of those responsible for the violence come to KCRC for care. Ex-Taliban Abdul Salam ‘Rocketi’—infamous for his precise missile launching skills—sought medical attention at KCRC a few years ago. Naebkhil sent Salam to see Dr. Angila Luqmanie, one of KCRC’s four female cardiologists. Near the end of the appointment, Luqmanie, 37, reminded her patient of past

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Three convenient locations offering 140 classes per week to meet your needs and schedule.

CAMBIE Unit 22 - 555 W. 12th Ave City Square Mall 604 568 0688 KITSILANO 2681 W. Broadway 604 742 3830 WEST END 101 - 1650 Alberni St. 604 662 7722



torments. “I told him, ‘you beat us and killed us and tortured us.’” Salam had the decency, Luqmanie says, to look ashamed. Luqmanie knows first-hand the brutality of the Taliban. As a medical student, Luqmanie was stopped twice by the Taliban morality police on her way to classes and beaten with a rubber truncheon for breaking mahram, the edict that forbids women to walk without a male relative. NATO and US forces are planning to withdraw in 2014, and Naebkhil dares to hope that the changes he has brought to Afghanistan will prevail. “When the Taliban get sick, they come to us. I think if they return to power they will remember this, and remember that you need a woman to deliver your children.” (In Afghanistan, men

“The only way to cope with the fear PZ [OH[ 0 ILSPL]L that I am doing the right thing…” cannot perform gynecological or obstetrical procedures due to cultural and religious mores.) Naebkhil is even daring to dream. He is planning to create an Afghanistan National Heart Institute for pediatric and adult heart surgeries. Although NGOs like British Columbia’s Boomer’s Trust have been generous, paying for children’s surgeries at a local hospital and donating equipment like a transesophageal probe, Naebkhil looks to Canada for further help. He will need a cardiac surgeon and nurses and financial assistance for salaries and expenses. “Then I can pick up my briefcase and go home to Canada,” he says with a smile. Naebkhil confesses that he sometimes feels overwhelmed. “The only way to cope with the fear is that I believe that I am doing the right thing. The patients that we treat today can sleep without pain and suffering. In this corrupted system and cruel war zone there must be someone to take care of the vulnerable victims of this injustice. As for tomorrow—I am not sure what will happen to me.” Dr. Asmatullah Naebkhil can be reached at asmatn1@gmail.com


You can win the fight against colon cancer


Colon Cancer is the number two killer of all cancers – and it can affect anyone. But with early detection the survival rate is estimated at 90%. And it all starts with a simple self-administered test that you do in the privacy of your own home. Talk with your doctor and get the test. Not knowing is not the answer.

Have a successful career. Achieve balance in your life. Choose New Brunswick! www.gnb.ca/health

Adam van Koeverden, Olympic medalist Father is a colon cancer survivor

Ayez du succès dans votre carrière et un équilibre dans votre vie. Choisissez le Nouveau-Brunswick! www.gnb.ca/santé

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solution from WINTER 2013 contest

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For more information or to donate visit coloncancercanada.ca

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Family Physician ~ Clearwater, BC QualiÀcations and experience: CCFP and

Clearwater is a vibrant community of 2,500 with a surrounding catchment population of

CMPA are mandatory and/or eligibility for CCFP, ACLS, ATLS.

approximately 5,000. This is a safe, friendly and peaceful community where four season

Remuneration: Fee for Service plus multiple

recreation opportunities abound. Clearwater’s


relaxing lifestyle is well suited for young working families or those looking to live a balanced

Clearwater Medical Centre is seeking a Family Physician to join the collegial and modern single-group clinic that is open daily Monday through Friday. The Centre’s physicians generally

$18,842.40), REEF, Medical On Call Availability

work four days a week and provide on-call to the hospital either 1:3 or 1:4 (depending on locum

volume (before overhead and multiple stipends), and relocation assistance if eligible.

availability). Medical Students join the Centre during the summer months which is located only

If interested in this role, please contact

for a new career where people truly LOVE WHERE THEY LIVE, check us out at

2 kilometers from Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital. The Hospital is a 24-hour Level 1 community

physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or for more information


hospital. The nearest tertiary referral site is located in Kamloops.

lifestyle. The community is proud to offer many services and amenities available to families, professionals and seniors including a hospital and many other supporting services. Located: 5 ½ hours north of Vancouver (475 km), 1½ hours north of Kamloops (120 km) and 3 ½ hours to Kelowna (300 km). If you are looking

This is why you want to be a doctor. Whether you’re a young practitioner with an old soul or a seasoned physician who is looking for new life experiences, we need you. The Colchester East Hants Health Authority (CEHHA) and Indianbrook First Nation are looking for a family physician to welcome into Nova Scotia’s second largest Mi’kmaq community.

Your practice: t t t t t t

collaborative practice practic with NP and health team competitive payment agreement turn-key operation minutes to newest Regional Hospital in Nova Scotia for country or city lover Contact: Dr. Manoj Vohra Vice President Medicine P: (902) 893-5554 ext. 2296 E: manoj.vohra@cehha.nshealth.ca

Real family medicine. 34

rural incentives (Recruitment Incentive $20,000; Retention Fee Premium 21.14%; Annual Flat Fee


Program (Level 1), for approximately $250 – 350,000 per year depending on patient



Find Your New Career in Health Care here.

My family and I enjoy everything that Northwestern Ontario has to offer. Dr. Clark (Orthopedic Surgeon) Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

• Exciting careers • Research & professional development opportunities • State-of the-art facilities • Family friendly communities • Affordable housing • No commuting • Nature in your backyard

We’ve got the best of all worlds www.immigrationnorthwesternontario.ca


FAMILY PHYSICIANS Prince Edward Island, Canada

The Physician must have experience working in rural settings as well as possess all Canadian exams. CCFP certified physicians shall be granted priority. Prince Edward Island offers a relaxing life style combined with an exciting career opportunity. A recruitment incentive package is available.



The Province of Prince Edward Island is seeking three rural family physicians. One physician is required for the community of Montague where the Physician will work in a family practice setting, be required to participate in on-call for a 30 bed hospital and be required to participate in on-call (1 in 8) providing ER coverage for 14 hours per day. The second position is located in the community of Souris where the Physician will work with 3 other physicians and a nurse practitioner in a health centre setting. The Physician shall be required to participate in on-call for a 17 bed hospital and participate in walk-in clinics. The third position is located in the West Prince Health Network. The Physician shall be responsible to provide community patient care, participate in 24 hour on-call in a rural 27 bed hospital which has an Emergency Department and participate in 12 hour walk-in “urgent care” clinics.

Practise as a family physician in rural Western Australia Do you hold the CFPC (plus evidence of Canadian Qualifying Examinations Part 1 & 2 post 1992)? If so, we will be visiting Vancouver from 1-3 April 2013 – email us for information or to book a personal appointment and quote CANADA in the subject line. E tina.donovan@ruralhw.com.au T +61 8 6389 4500

For more information and to submit CV: Sheila MacLean, RPR Physician Recruitment Coordinator Ph: 902-368-6302 E-mail: smmaclean@gov.pe.ca


B.C. ~ Physician Opportunities

The Interior Health region is comprised of safe, friendly communities situated in a breathtaking “four seasons” playground with a wide range of activities to enjoy. We can offer you plenty of choices, whether you prefer community clinics or hospital settings, larger urban centers or small towns, the lake or mountains. Immerse yourself in the arts and culture scene or take on recreational adventure with skiing, mountain biking, and fishing right outside your door, any day of the week. Learn more about the different regions that make up Interior Health. Come and experience it for yourself! Please see the classified ads in this publication for both our General Practitioner and Specialty postings! For more information check our website, www.betterhere.ca, or contact physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca.



JSHZZPÄLK ads locum opportunity

SHORT TERM LOCUM FAMILY PHYSICIAN Richmond BC (April 27–May 6): A Family Physician wanted for a Richmond BC collegial group medical practice with EMR and Chronic Disease Nurses as well as excellent support staff. We also have a walk in practice. We wish a current Canadian Licensed non-conditional for double coverage M-F and single coverage Saturdays. We are flexible for dates and times worked, breaks, etc. We anticipate professional satisfaction with excellent earning potential. 70-30 split. Please phone 604-448-9595 or email us at msinghalmd@gmail.com

GP positions LONG-TERM ASSOCIATE FAMILY PHYSICIAN POSITION A Family Physician wanted for a Richmond BC collegial group medical practice with EMR and Chronic Disease Nurses as well as excellent support staff. We wish a current Canadian Licensed non-conditional for Triple coverage Thursdays 9am-5 pm and single coverage Saturdays. Other shifts may be available and will likely evolve. We anticipate long term growth clinically as well as professional satisfaction with excellent earning potential. We could also welcome transitioning physicians with their own patient base who would benefit from full support. 70-30 split. Please phone 604-448-9595 FAMILY PRACTICE: Deep Cove, North Vancouver Play, work, love! Ideal personal environment for family and professional life with all the necessary accoutrements for a rewarding career. Large, young practice with shared 1,860 square foot office and two cross covering colleagues, no locum hassles. EMR installed 2011 MED ACCESS. Flexible transition. doctorb@shaw.ca 1-604-657-5949 PHYSICIANS WANTED: Regina, SK – Prince of Wales Medical Clinic invites family physicians to join busy practice located in East Regina, close to major shopping centers and first class housing. Full-time, part-time or locum basis positions are available. Regular and walk-in patients are accepted. You control the number of patients you wish to see. Fully networked EMR, internet accessible system is used to manage patient records. Each office and exam room is equipped with a computer and a printer. ECG and lab


GP positions

facilities are available on site. We have pleasant and efficient staff. The potential for income is excellent with very attractive split. Please contact our office at (306) 546-2005 or e-mail us at princeofwalesclinic@gmail.com PHYSICIANS WANTED: Regina, SK – Family Physicians are invited to join busy Quance East Medical Clinic, located in the East Regina, close to major shopping centers and first class housing. Full-time, part-time or locum basis positions are available. Regular and walk-in patients are accepted. You can be as busy as you wish. Each office and exam room is equipped with a computer and a printer networked with our EMR system. Remote access to the system via internet is possible. ECG and lab facilities are available on site. Our staff is pleasant and efficient. Very attractive split arrangement. Please contact clinic manager at (306) 522-2278 or email us at quanceclinic@yahoo.ca for more information. KELOWNA, BC – Well established clinic looking for a doctor to join our practice. Flexible hours, convenient schedule, highly organized office with great associates and staff in the sunny Okanagan. Great recreational amenities, cultural activities and lifestyle opportunities. Contact Wendy at 250764-8873 or wendy.lakeshoremed@ shawcable.com FAMILY PHYSICIAN: BC – Princeton. The city of Princeton is seeking a permanent family physician for their vibrant, active community. The successful candidate will work with a team of physicians who provide a full range of medical services in a six-bed community hospital. Scope of practice includes joining on call for 24/7 emergency department. Princeton General Hospital provides emergency, general medicine, and basic laboratory and diagnostic imaging services. Hours are 9 am to 5 pm plus on call 1:4. With its friendly people and scenic location among rivers, mountains, and lakes, the area offers a wide range of year-round outdoor recreational opportunities. Please reference following number when enquiring: PrCa-CMAJ-4001. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www. betterhere.ca


GP positions GENERAL PRACTITIONER: BC – Creston. Two permanent family practice positions available in Creston. Come live among the cherry orchards and vineyards. This position would appeal to someone looking for the perfect mix of rural practice and country lifestyle. Small modern group practice facility. ACLS required. Anesthesia, surgical and obstetric skills are desired. Full-time, part-time or locum doctors guaranteed to be busy. Excellent remuneration, numerous incentives and reimbursements. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@ interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www.betterhere.ca. FAMILY PHYSICIAN: BC – Nakusp. Come and live the peaceful life that you have always wanted on the shores of the pristine Arrow Lakes and surrounded by a hikers paradise. Nakusp offers a close community and rural environment that you only read about. This friendly village of 1,524 is perfect for people who want a slower pace of life. Hiking through great cedars on the weekend, lounging on the beach with your family, taking in the spa with your partner, or visiting the local hot springs by yourself, Nakusp offers something for everyone. Eligible for MOCAP funding and numerous other incentives. Fee-for-service. Approximately $300,000 per annum. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www. betterhere.ca. FAMILY PHYSICIAN: BC – Clearwater. Family physicians with ER skills wanted to join the medical team in this beautiful community. Rural setting, relaxed pace of work, newer hospital, excellent compensation and an amazing provincial park as your backyard; this is what Clearwater has to offer you. Known for world-class recreation, enriched culture, and vibrant community life, Clearwater offers the balanced lifestyle you have been looking for. Enjoy working in a single group practice, the modern acute care facility, and 21-bed residential care facility. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@ interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www.betterhere.ca. FAMILY PHYSICIAN: BC – Lillooet. Every fifth week you get a one week vacation!

GP positions Further vacation negotiable! Excellent incentives and remuneration are only part of this opportunity. Wanted: family practitioner with ER skills to enjoy rural living and a magnificent wilderness playground. Lillooet is a rural town set against the beautiful backdrop of the Fraser River and spectacular B.C. Coastal Mountains. Located only 1.5 hours from Whistler, there are endless opportunities to enjoy fishing, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ice-climbing, and skiing. Work with five other physicians in a single, unopposed practice. On call: 1-in-5. Fee-for-service. Numerous recruitment and retention incentives. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@ interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www.betterhere.ca. FAMILY PHYSICIAN: BC – Enderby. Interior Health is seeking a full-time physician to join a well-established clinic located in the beautiful North Okanagan. Collaborative practice in multidisciplinary setting that includes laboratory, mental health, public health and community care. Contract includes guaranteed income and no overhead; and Enderby qualifies for benefits under the Rural Incentive Program. Year-round recreation includes access to lakes in the summer and skiing in the winter. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www. betterhere.ca. FAMILY PHYSICIAN: BC – Elkford is located in the beautiful Elk Valley in the Rocky Mountains, close to Calgary. Recreational opportunities are limitless, including world-class mountain biking, fly fishing, and skiing at nearby Fernie Alpine Resort. Elkford seeks a full-time physician to fill a salaried, contract position in an EMR clinic with an integrated multidisciplinary team, laboratory and diagnostic imaging services, and ER (daytime only). Good regional specialist support. Generous signing bonus, relocation funding, rural retention bonuses, 43 paid vacation days per year, accommodation (6 months), and local recreation passes provided. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www. betterhere.ca.

specialist positions NEPHROLOGIST: BC – Kelowna. Interior Health is seeking a full-time clinical nephrologist to join two other nephrologists in sunny Kelowna. Our group serves the large Central Okanagan catchment area offering a full nephrology service including emergency and inpatient consults, MRP for primary nephrology patients, in-center and community dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, home hemodialysis and management of renal transplant and chronic kidney disease patients. We work within a structured renal program supported by the BC Provincial Renal Association as part of a multidisciplinary team. We are looking for an experienced nephrologist with strongly developed clinical, administrative and leadership skills capable of taking a leading role in building an outstanding renal program in Kelowna as well as supporting the smaller Interior Health sites. Kelowna is the home site of the newly established UBC Southern Medical Program and the successful candidate will be expected to be actively and enthusiastically involved in the education and mentoring of medical students and residents. Compensation is fee-for-service, $500-600,000 +/- depending on patient volume. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@ interiorhealth.ca or view our ad online at Web site www.betterhere.ca PEDIATRICIAN: BC – Penticton. Live in the heart of the Okanagan vineyards. This is a great opportunity to establish a consulting office practice in pediatrics combined with hospital-based acute care in the Penticton area. There are two other specialist pediatricians in Penticton and the area is in need of developing their preventative pediatrics community. Opportunities to teach undergraduate and residents. Shared network database of clients/patients; 1:4 rostered call. Fee-forservice with MOCAP Level 1 call payment. Estimated remuneration: $300,000 - $400,000. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@ interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www.betterhere.ca. OBSTETRICIAN/GYNECOLOGIST: BC – Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH) invites candidates to join their team in providing consultative obstetrics to family physicians and midwives. PRH is an acute care facility and referral centre with 40

specialist positions consultants, 56 family physicians and 134 beds to serve a population of 90,000. The local physician community is very collegial and provides a broad base of specialists who share the values of medical excellence and a balanced lifestyle. This role is ideal for an individual who loves the outdoors, health and fitness. The successful candidate will be someone who functions well in a team setting, has a strong interest in consultative obstetrics, antepartum/intrapartum care as well as gynecological surgery. Paid on-call coverage. With full complement, on-call shifts (24 hour shifts) are 1:4. Teaching opportunities available. Fee-for-service. Eligible for Level 1 MOCAP funding. Estimated remuneration: $350,000 to $475,000. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@ interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www.betterhere.ca. HOSPITALIST: BC – Kamloops. The primary responsibility of the Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) Hospitalist is to provide general medical care for adult medical and surgical patients for orphaned inpatients and work with the community of family practitioners around discharge planning and communications at this busy referral center. This role may include being the only doctor involved, most responsible physician (MRP), or to provide medical care for orthopedics, psychiatry, trauma and/or other co-managed patients. On-site hours are generally 8 am to 6 pm based on an average of 18-22 inpatients per day. Schedule is 7 days on and 7 days off and is flexible as necessary. Participation in after-hours call is mandatory. This is a very diverse and rewarding position as one always works in a highly-valued, positive environment. RIH is a tertiary hospital and referral center with 230 beds and is the primary acute care facility in the region. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth. ca or view a more detailed ad (posting # IHRIH-HOSP-1118) at our Web site www. betterhere.ca. PATHOLOGIST: BC – Trail. Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains and embraced by rolling hills and the shores of the Columbia River, Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital (KBRH) seeks a permanent general pathologist with experience in clinical pathology. Main responsibilities of this role will be in


specialist positions

specialist positions

anatomic pathology, hematopathology, chemistry and transfusion medicine. The oversight for microbiology is provided by microbiologists in Kelowna and Kamloops. Laboratory services are fully integrated with full professional support from the other pathologists in the health authority through various means including telepathology. There is no scheduled obligated on call; it is based on availability only. Eligible for additional remuneration including: 11.34% retention premium; $9,914.40 annual retention flat fee; significant recruitment visit and relocation reimbursements. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www. betterhere.ca.

physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www.betterhere.ca.

ANESTHESIOLOGIST: BC – Kamloops. Royal Inland Hospital, located in the B.C. interior, is currently looking for two or more anesthesiologists. This hospital is a 230-bed tertiary referral hospital and regional trauma center that serves a population of approximately 240,000 within the Thompson Cariboo Shuswap region. In addition to providing medical and surgical care to this population, in 2013 Royal Inland Hospital will become a teaching hospital for third and fourthyear medical students. Kamloops is close to the pristine wilderness of Wells Gray National Park, to the interior plateau of the Cariboo, and to the lakes and vineyards of the Okanagan. Outdoor activities are popular and immediately accessible. Significant recruitment visit and relocation reimbursements. For more information contact: email

GENERAL INTERNIST: BC – Salmon Arm. We are seeking a general internist to join two other general internists with subspecialty interests in the beautiful Shuswap region of British Columbia. Salmon Arm is a four-season destination city. The Shuswap boasts a high quality of life for families, retirees, and business. Salmon Arm is home to a satellite campus of Okanagan College. Visitors come for our clear and warm lakes, golf, hiking and cycling, winter sports, agri-tourism and the arts. Shuswap Lake General Hospital is a 40-bed facility with two OR’s, a modern CT, echocardiography and new Emergency Department. Community Level 2 ICU with three beds. Current staff hold UBC clinical appointments hosting medical students, residents, and GIM Fellows. On call: 1-in-3. Work hours: variable. Fee-for-service. Estimated remuneration: $400,000. Low overhead. Additional incentives available. For more information contact: email physicianrecruitment@interiorhealth.ca or view us online at our Web site www. betterhere.ca.

office space RICHMOND, BC – Office space available four days a week for Consultant / Specialist / Podiatrist etc. in a busy group Medical Practice in Richmond BC’s Premier Strip Mall. For Information please phone 604-448-9595

at your service

One week "Everything" course includes Botox, Dermal Fillers, Sclerotherapy, Laser, Microderm and Business. Our courses meet or exceed the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Partial classes are available, please enquire. Apr 8-12 t May 6-7 t May 27-31 t Jun 17-21 training@botoxtrainingcanada.com Dr. Deborah Martin, MD, CCFP (EM) www.botoxtrainingcanada.com 570 Bryne Drive, Barrie, ON SPRING 2013 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS


Dr. Wendy Sligl splits her professional time between weeks in the ICU and ID service at the University of Alberta Hospital. She spends much of her free time doing clinical research while also being a mom—making trips to the Valley Zoo to see the zebras or West Edmonton Mall to ride the merry-go-round with her daughter Lucy. She also enjoys running in the River Valley with her rescue mutt from Mexico. Oh, and she’s also managed to train for and compete at the 2012 Ultimate Frisbee World Championships in Japan—coming back with a silver medal. Yes, she has lots on her plate, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. My name: Wendy Sligl I live and practise in: Edmonton, AB My degrees and training: BSc, MD (UBC); MSc Epidemiology (Harvard); Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Infectious Diseases (U of A)

The most exotic place I’ve travelled to: Uganda? Nepal? Costa Rica? All great trips.

If I could travel to any time, I’d go…: Back to my childhood.

‘one-stop’ grocery shopping). Anthropologie. Starbucks.

Must-see TV: Super embarrassing…The Bachelor. I can’t believe I admitted to that!

I have too many: lululemons

A favourite place that I keep returning to: Home :) My ultimate dream vacation: A secluded beach…anywhere hot. Or the ski slopes. Either work.

My favourite CD/album or song: Death Cab For Cutie (Plans).

Why I was drawn to medicine and my specialty: I don’t know. It just happened. By association, timing, mentors along the way, and luck. My last trip: San Diego, California. For an ID conference and to hit all the usual kid sites (Sea World, Zoo, Safari Park…)

My first job: Scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins when I was 13. The gadget or gear I could not do without: My Macbook Pro. My car: Audi A3

Dr. Wendy Sligl with mutt Misha, the rest of the moms on her medal-winning ultimate team (each showing how many kids they have), and two-year-old daughter Lucy throughout Edmonton’s seasons.

My fridge is always stocked with: 2% milk My medicine cabinet is always stocked with: Ibuprofen Guilty pleasure: Chocolate. And coffee. My favourite exercise/sports activity: Ultimate Frisbee—so much fun! Celebrity crush: Again, can’t pick just one…Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling and Tom Brady (go Pats!). I’d want this item with me if stranded on a desert island: Toothbrush My secret to relaxing: Napping A talent I wish I had: Singing. For my daughter’s sake. My scariest moment: Car crash on highway 21 south, en route to Gull Lake, SK, from Edmonton. My fondest memory: Endless summer days growing up at our family cottage in Muskoka My biggest challenge: Motherhood One thing I’d change about myself: My impatience The word that best describes me: Intense I’m inspired by: My daughter

Last splurge: Fly London boots Off call you’ll find me…: Spending time with my daughter. Sleeping. Doing laundry. Running. Writing papers. At home, you’ll find me…: On the couch with my mangy Mexican mutt (Misha; aka the monster) Most-frequented store: I can’t pick just one. The short list: Superstore (I’m all about



I’m happiest when: I get to sleep in. My greatest fear: Losing my family On my must-do list: New York city. I still can’t believe that I’ve never been there. If I wasn’t a doctor I’d be: Living in San Francisco, letting my partner fully live his dream of being a software entrepreneur in the Valley. I’d find something to do…



doctors share their picks, pans, pleasures + fears

TA-65, World’s ¿rst patented and proven Anti-aging Telomere Reversing Supplement Now available for Doctors and their patients in Canada.


hen a Harvard research team turned back the clock on aged mice with a telomerase

Suzanne Somers in her 2012 anti-aging book, ‘Bombshell’, devotes an entire chapter to the bene¿ts of TA-65.(6)

activator, it announced legitimacy to the antiaging effect of telomere lengthening.(1) Telomere science is new. Three US scientists, Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, and Jack Szotak received the Nobel Prize in 2009 for their 1984 discovery that there is a dormant enzyme in your body’s cells, called telomerase. When activated, it causes the telomeres, the protective ends of your DNA, to stop shortening and even increase in length. The Harvard experiment, with many others,(2,3) is proving that the clock in your aging cells can be slowed and even reversed. The rejuvenated mice, who were the same age as the control group, when examined, had larger brains, increased muscle and bone density, healthier skin, hair and eyesight and even started reproducing.

TA-65, a rare molecule Fair warning, TA-65 is considered expensive. Not all Astragulus contains the TA-65 molecule and for the select strains that do, it takes over 6000 pounds to make about 2 pounds of TA-65. The good news is, for most patients, one pill a day is suf¿cient. There are some instances, such as advanced age or major illness, that could require a larger dosage. One capsule a day costs approximately $7/day. It’s comparable to a Starbucks or Tim Horton’s latte and muf¿n.

Enter TA-65 Based on the Nobel Prize discovery, TA-65, developed by Geron Corporation, is proven to increase the effectiveness of the immune system(3) to help the body ward off agerelated diseases.(4) A nutraceutical, TA-65 is a rare extract of Astragulus, the Chinese medicinal herb used for over 5000 years to increase immunity and combat diseases caused by aging.

Safe and Effective TA-65 has been double blind studied (2, 3, 4) for ef¿cacy and safety for ¿ve years before being released in the market, and patented world-wide. For over 6 years, and after the 5 years of testing for safety and ef¿cacy, TA-65 has been marketed in the US through doctors and clinics such as Dr. Dave Woynarowski’s practice in Pennsylvania and Dr. Ed Park’s Recharge Biomedical Clinic in California, David Wolfe’s Anti-aging Seminars/Clinics and by many graduates of A4M. TA Sciences, the company who purchased the world-wide patent rights from Geron, has chosen Core Natural Ltd. as the exclusive Canadian distributor for TA-65. As the world’s only commercially available Telomerase Activator, it has a Natural Product number (NPN) for the Canadian market.(7)

Dr. Gifford Jones and Suzanne Somers promote TA-65 Dr. Gifford Jones wrote in his Sun Media April 12, 2012 syndicated column,(5) that studies showed TA-65 increases lymphocytes and NK cells, which would help improve immunity especially in the elderly. Other studies indicated TA-65 also improved eyesight, sexual function in aging males, blood cholesterol, bone and muscle density, blood sugar, blood pressure, cognitive behaviour and verbal memory. Patients anecdotally reported improved energy due perhaps to an increase in lung/air capacity.

Education TA Sciences has developed a 78 page manual on the science of telomeres and the Advertorial

effectiveness of TA-65 in addressing the shortening of telomeres. The manual and other marketing materials distributed by Core Natural to the Canadian market give you the tools to educate your patients on age-related disease and add to your income. How your Practice and your Patients Eene¿t Telomere and Telomerase activation science is the newest defence against aging diseases. When you prescribe TA-65 to your patients, you get a three month, money back, unconditional guarantee that assures you and your patient of a risk-free purchase. Call now and receive a sample 30 capsule bottle of TA-65 for your own use (a $219 retail value). Quantities are very limited and for new licensees only*. Become a Licensee and Core Natural Limited will send you your sample bottle of TA-65 plus the 78 page instruction manual, brochures, a poster and an 8 ½” x 11” counter card. No purchase is necessary and shipping is free within 2 days via Fedex. For those who do not want to be involved in the business transaction we have a convenient drop ship plan to your patients. Please call or email for the details. *offer good until April 7, 2013. Limited quantities available. References: 1 ‘Nature’, Nov 28, 2010. 2. Pivotal 2005 Anti-aging trial of TA-65. 3. ‘Rejuvenation Research’, Sept. 2010. - TA-65 strengthens immune system. 4. ‘Aging Cell’ April 2, 2011 – TA-65 increases life span in mice without increasing cancer incidence 5. Toronto Sun April 12, 2012 Dr. Gifford-Jones column. 6. ‘Bombshell’ by Suzanne Somers, published by Random House. 7. NPN # 80024720. Canadian Patent # 2528483 Sourced from www.corenatural.ca

Phone: 289-217-3004 Email: info@corenatural.ca Web: www.corenatural.ca

Richness is:

You define richness. With the Scotia Professional ® Plan, we can help with the money part. You’ve worked long and hard to build your career. It only makes sense to do everything you can to ensure your continued success, both professionally and personally. The Professional Plan is a fully customized banking package designed to help you build a strong, profitable business while ensuring your personal finances receive the attention they deserve. Which is the kind of good feeling we’d like to spread around. To learn more about Scotia Professional Plan, visit your nearest Scotiabank branch or visit scotiabank.com/professional today.

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