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Own a home in the heart of it all In downtown Vancouver one sky-rise home offering stands above all others, the Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia. Surrounded by signature shopping, fine dining and evening entertainment: Vancouver Art Gallery, The Orpheum and Queen Elizabeth Theatres, Rogers Arena. Within walking distance of international banks, the Board

of Trade, private clubs and the downtown campuses of UBC, SFU and BCIT. The adjoining Rosewood Hotel offers spa and fitness facilities, a 54’ saltwater lap pool, and ‘Hawksworth’ Restaurant. And should you feel the need to go elsewhere the Canada Line, a block away, whisks you to YVR in 24 minutes.

Call 604-682-8107 today for an appointment to secure your preferred view and floorplan. Sales Presentation Centre open noon to 5pm daily. 569 Howe Street, Vancouver BC DELTA REALTY SERVICES LTD

Sales by disclosure statement only. E&OE. Delta Realty Services Ltd. 604-678-9239. Now selling from $1.3 m. A Georgia Properties Partnership project. The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia is not owned, developed or sold by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts or any of its affiliates. Neither Rosewood Hotels & Resorts nor any of its affiliates assume any responsibility or liability in connection with the project. Georgia Properties Partnership uses Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ marks pursuant to a license agreement with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, L.L.C. This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, to residents of any state or province in which restrictions and other legal requirements have not been fulfilled.

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The Zeus gulet is a traditional sailing ship and unique way to explore the Greek islands. Story on page 28.

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from the editor

clockwise from top The view

by land or sea

overnight in the desert to haggling in the medina, all accompanied by some mint tea (page 25). Or Kauai, where the sun’s blazing and the surf’s on year round (page 8). Of course, fall here in Canada has its own charm, with golden leaves, misty mornings, and the first fragile frost. Head into Alberta’s cowboy country to take in that autumn aroma, and some of that cando spirit. Giddy up! You may even end up sitting on a 2,000-pound bull...or at least chomping on a bison burger (page 12). And there’s plenty more fall flavour to indulge in—from Vietnamese cooking classes (page 5) to zesty zaatar (page 35). What’s on your menu? Let us know and send us your feedback. Go to or reach us at We want to hear from you!

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xtend summer this fall—by land or sea, from the Cowboy Trail in Alberta to the Aegean off of Turkey’s Riviera. On the Aegean you’re suffused in bright blue—the sky, the sea, the cobalt accents on white-wash buildings—sailing the Aegean, from fishing village to village, castle to castle, monastery to monastery, ancient ruin to ruin, in a Homeric journey. Even more so when sailing from Turkey’s Turquoise Coast on a traditional wide-bottomed gulet. There’s no better way to embark on a Blue Voyage through the Greek islands off of Turkey’s southwest coast. Days consist of dips in secluded bays, feasts of fresh seafood, sips of rakı and ouzo and treks into the past—all in between soaking up that Aegean sun (page 28). Then there’s Morocco…another heady and hot destination—from tenting

from the castle on Leros down into Pandeli bay and village; Sparki of Kauai Surf School; and Miss Rodeo Sundre 2010.


We take pride in our work so that you can take pride in our work. 1638 West 3rd Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1K2 P 604 873 0888 · 1 800 561 0926

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September/October 2011

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spice it up immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture through its food


Yvette Cardozo

Bowl of steamed catfish and vegetables, a popular Vietnamese dish.


hey are EVERYwhere in Vietnam, from the largest city to the smallest village and even aboard tourist boats in Ha Long Bay. No, not T-shirt sellers.

We’re talking cooking classes. This is THE thing to do in Vietnam and we sampled several. There was the well polished class in Hoi An…15 people at tables, the instructor under an angled mirror up front. There was the spring roll class aboard the Emeraude cruise

ship in Ha Long Bay. There was a chance to learn fried spring rolls while squatting in a real village kitchen over a coal fire at Cat Ba island. But best, honestly, was Mrs. Pham Thi Tuyet in Hanoi. City classes are taught in city restaurants and Mrs. Tuyet’s

is no exception. Mrs. Tuyet taught us herself. Not much English but lots of guiding of hands and patting of knuckles. She has been teaching these classes for 30 years and now, has her own cooking show on TV. Thirty years? Private enterprise? continued on page 7 >>

September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

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September/october tour




big breakthrough

herearen’t many cities whereyou’ll finda hospital onthelist of attractions, but CapeTownis oneof them. Thecity onthesouthernmost tipof Africa is hometotheHeart of CapeTownmuseum, whichcommemorates thefirst ever human-to-humanheart transplant performedin 1967 by dr. ChristiaanBarnard. it’s housedinsidetheGrooteSchuur Hospital onthe slopes of TableMountain, a massive, stately buildingflankedby palmtrees (below). LouisWashkansky, 53, neededa newheart in1967, andhis opportunity arrived

whena youngwoman, denisedarvall, was injuredina car accident a fewkilometres away andwas declaredbraindead. Washkansky becamethefirst personintheworldtoreceivea heart transplant andthemuseumrelays thestory of that first transplant indetail. Joina guidedtour andyouaretakenthroughthesteps of dr. Barnard’s life, learningabout theyoung donor andher tragicaccident, thehealthreports of Washkansky andthefirstpersontestimony of his doctor. Beforehediedin2001 Barnardrecalledfeelingscaredduringthefirst heart transplant operation.“After wetook out his heart i lookeddownat thebody i was operatingonandfelt terrified,”hesaidina documentary shownat themuseum.“i’d doneplenty of operations beforethen, but i’dnever beforelookedintoa body that didn’t containa heart.” Thoughthetransplant operationseemedsuccessful at thetime, Washkansky wouldliveonly 18 days after theoperationbeforedyingof pneumonia. His was the first of six heart transplants by dr. Barnard, andoneof thosetransplant recipients wouldlive25 years. For his work, dr. Barnardwouldbecomeaninternationally recognizable figure, findinghimself inthecompany of stateheads likeisraeli PrimeMinister Golda Meir, PopeJohnPaul Vi, thePrincess diana of Wales andmany others. But behindhis charismaticsmilewas a personal lifethat lay inshambles. Helived throughthreedivorces andlost oneof his six children. inhis oldageheagreed toendorseanti-ageingcreams withdubious results, andthis addedcontroversy tohis reputation. ultimately hediedaloneinCyprus at theageof 78. But theheart transplant hepioneeredwas a significant medical breakthroughthat continues tosavelives today. intheuS aloneit is performed in160 hospitals, witha 75%five-year success rate. TheHeart of CapeTown Museumremembers himas a manof skill andpassion, a doctor whohadthe couragetoget totheheart of thematter. —Lauren Kramer IF YOU GO The Heart of Cape Town Museum is located inside the Groote Schuur Hospital. For more information visit or call (2721) 404-1967.


caffeine fix taste


WEASELGuTCoFFEE. Yum. Yes, really froma weasel. Eaten, digestedand, well, youknow…Andyes, really, really yum. it is thick, richandhas a hint of chocolateflavour. Frankly, wedon’t carewhoseintestinal tract this stuff may or may not havecomefrom. Thecups wehadinHanoi andtheones wehavebrewed sincecominghomearethebest coffee, hands down, we’vehadinour lives. Thestory goes likethis: intheearly 18thcentury thedutchestablished coffeeplantations inindonesia. But thedutchwouldn’t let thelocals pick coffeefruits for their ownuse. Weasels lovedtheberries andleft thebeans undigestedintheir droppings. Thedutchdidn’t carewhat thelocals didwith theweasel glopso, voilà, a newcoffeewas born. Accordingtothosewhohavestudiedall of this, thedigestiveenzymes ferment thebeans andbreak downtheproteins, resultinginmoreamino acids. Andsincetheflavor of coffeedepends a lot onits proteins andamino acids, thetheory is that this shift results inthecoffee’s unique, mildbut also smoky, chocolatey flavor. Thebeans arethoroughly washed, driedandroasted. Andyes, some paranoidnorthAmericanscientist (whoelse?) testedthestuff for harmful bacteria andfoundnoneof any consequence. All theguidebooks say thereal stuff is breathtakingly expensive—one Philippinewebsitesells it for $890a kilo. And, of course, thereareimitations, evenby a company inFlorida, CoffeePrimero( which peddles its versionfor $16a pound. TrungnguyênCoffeeCompany ( inVietnamdoes thesame, proudly braggingabout howit has duplicatedtheuniqueweasel gut taste. ThecoffeeinVietnamis called“cafechon,” after theVietnameseword (chon) for weasel. There, it is pricedaccordingtothepercentageof weasel coffee, from#1(80%) to#6(30%) or full onchon(100%). Shouldyoube inHanoi, wegot our stashfromCa PheGia TruyenKimLai inHanoi’s old Quarter. Sodidweget thereal thingfor $40a kilo? Maybe, maybenot regardless of what our guideandthewomanat theshopclaimed. Whocares, it’s still beyondfantastic. —Y. Cardozo



Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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stir it up



slice + dice top, from left Celebrity chef MadamPhamThi Tuyet. > Market alongThuBonRiver inHoi Anincentral Vietnam. bottom, from left Moremarket fare. > Baby banana flowers at themarket. > Cha ca, popular traditional dishof northernVietnam. Chunks of snakeheadcatfisharemarinatedinspices andbriefly seared, thensauteedwithshavedscallions, peanuts, noodles andother vegetables.


continued from page

Yvette Cardozo

5 >> Wasn’t that, um, a problem in the early 1980s? Yes, of course. Those first classes were done in secret in her home. But today, frankly, for a communist country, Vietnam has thoroughly embraced capitalism and there’s hardly a molecule in the nation not for sale. First, though, at our class, the traditional trip to the market. We followed along as Mrs. Tuyet bought dill, basil, Chinese coriander, baby

banana flowers, pork, fish and more. Then we walked up a dark, narrow staircase into her restaurant and were escorted to a small balcony overlooking the life of the Old Quarter. Into a bowl went sliced green papaya, carrots, the tiny banana flowers, sugar, rice vinegar, chilies, garlic, basil, coriander and other things we could hardly identify. This was set aside to marinate a bit. Next, we sliced catfish thin, added dill, saffron, ginger, mushrooms with soy sauce

and oil. That dish disappeared to be steamed and we went to work on the spring rolls. The secret? You wet down the center of the rice paper with raw egg, then add a teaspoon of the pork/ vegetable mix and make a thorough mess trying to fold it. That, too, went off to be cooked clumsily by us for 10 minutes in a wok of boiling oil. By now, it was time to eat the first salad, which was crunchy with the sharp flavor of vinegar and exotic spices. Then the spring rolls, then the

catfish, which returned in a tiny bowl with delicate mushrooms and more veggies. Mrs. Tuyet added a bit of crisp-skinned chicken with lemon/salt dip, which we had not cooked, and for dessert, we had a small banana, breaded with rice flour and fried tempura style, then served with syrup. It was so light, we thought it might levitate off the dish. And we were so full, we skipped dinner that night. — Yvette Cardozo

stir it up Cookingclasses arenot dirt cheap, dependingonwherethey’retaught andwhois teachingthem. Theclass withMrs. Tuyet was $38per person. Theclass in Hoi Anwith15other peopleandtaught by anassistant, was $25. Theclass aboardtheEmeraudewas freewiththecruise. Hanoi: CafeAnhTuyet, 25Ma May; 0438258705, Or book Hoi An: MorningGlory CookingSchool; vietnamese_cooking_class.php. Emeraude: September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

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Old schOOl cOOl gear


ride it in

Fine accoutrements for the modern cowboy


if you’regoingtolearnhowtosurf, doit inHawaii. Better yet, doit onthesouthshores of Kauai, wherethesunis blazing, thewater toasty, thebeaches likesugar, andthere’s surf for sport everyone—beginner topro. Kauai, thefarthest northandwest of theHawaiianislands, still feels somewhat undiscovered, anunspoiledretreat aptlycalledtheGardenisle. Thevibeis laidback but theadrenalineis abundant, whether snorkelling, diving, kayaking, hiking, mountainbiking or anythingona board, fromSuP(stand-uppaddleboarding) tosurfing. But, really, hereyou havetotry surfing. Andif you’rea surf newbieor squid, takea lessonwithbigkahuna nathan “Sparki” Metzger (above). Co-owner of Kauai Surf School, this former prosurfer (who’s surfedwiththelikes of Andy irons) could, as onestudent put it, teacha pigtofly, let alone surf. Think yoga inthreesimplesteps: lyingontheback endof a board, youpushup, bring onelegupina lunge, thenstepforwardwiththeother leg…andyou’reridinga wave! And Sparki—grinningandcheering—stands withyouinthewater andtimes your waves: “Start paddling”… eyes onthebeach, a fewfast armstrokes…”nowstand”…eyes onthebeach, andsteps one, two, three…This student stoodup, plantedher feet androdea waveright ontoshoreher first go. Gnarly! — B.Sligl

You may be hauling your laptop or charts to and from the office rather than provisions in saddlebags for a week in the bush, but why shouldn’t that briefcase or portfolio be as hardcore— and fine looking—as the saddlebags? Even though the ride to the office likely involves less wear-and-tear than crossing the Continental Divide, it’d be nice if modern-day gear lasted years and could even be handed down as a heirloom. The Colonel Littleton Heritage Collection is a nod to the past, with handmade longlasting, high-quality goods designed for today, like the No. 1 Saddlebag business briefcase. Or the No. 18 Portfolio (below), which inspired the opening of the Derry & Wallis Trading Co. in Water Valley, Alberta (just off the Cowboy Trail; see story on page 12). This tucked-away store is both nostalgic and hip (everything old is new again), and it’s Canada’s only source for Colonel Littleton gear. Visit the outpost in cowboy country or order the Colonel’s luxurious goods throughout Canada online at WaterValleyLeather. com OR For more on the Colonel Littleton story go to — B.S.

No.18 Portfolio


hang ten in hawaii


Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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D r . k e l ly s i l v e r t h o r n

Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is Just For Canadian Dentists’ automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

kitted out kiwi style The Dunlop Targa in New Zealand is a twisty thrill ride down under

courtesy Targa NZ


ew Zealand has long pulled at my heart. Decades ago I was both a Houseman and a Senior Houseman on the South Island. My Canadian fiancée and I wed in Christchurch on Valentine’s Day 26 years ago. More recently, thanks in part to our best man, I’ve had two quite amazing North Island adventures. I’m scheming to ensure these will not be my last visits to the land of Kia Oro. For me, travel and motorsport go together like fish-and-chips. Late each October is the largest New Zealand Motorsport event, the grueling week-long Dunlop Targa tarmac rally. With my best man as navigator, an ex-pat Kiwi dentist, we survived to finish the Dunlop Targa in 2008. We were so chuffed by that experience that in 2010 the new Targa Canada West owner (Duane Bentley) agreed to navigate for me. I gravitate to “arrive and drive” packages at Targas. As such, our driving team hires a race car and support crew from the local area of the event. Mutual physician friends put me in touch with a NZ race shop for classic Porsches—Carerra Sport based at Hampton Downs—the moniker aptly derived from the famous Mexican Le Carrera Panamericana road race of the 1950s. For NZ 2008 Carrera Sport had put us in a front-engined water-cooled Porsche 924S. This is a safe, predictable, and semiaffordable race car. However, I’ve progressed in the Targa discipline since and crave a more testosterone-infused steed. An iconic early Porsche 911, air-cooled, rear-engined and tail-happy, beckoned for 2010. So Steve, Luke and Co at Carrera Sport built up just what the doctor ordered—a hotrodded 1973 Porsche 911 RS tribute race car tailored just for this ultra-marathon tarmac rally. In order to survive a week flat out in an early 911 across twisty rural roads, I opted for pre-event driving instruction. Carrera Sport’s Steve Rasmussen is a multi-time New Zealand racing champion. He organized a day at each of Pukekohoe and Hampton Downs race circuits where he taught me the “nuances” (some call it treachery) of early 911s on the knife-edge of control. At race pace in a 911 there are a list of “do’s” and more important “don’t’s.” Experience has no substitute. To quote Steve: “As you turn in to the corner, give it

full welly two heartbeats before you think it even possible, and she’ll be right.” An early 911 is not for the faint of heart, but unrivaled when you have entered the mythical zone of harmony between man and machine. And what a menacing soundtrack that flat-six bellows! Dunlop Targa New Zealand starts in Auckland, and ends thousands of kilometres later, dockside in Wellington Harbour. The cumulative time from the ~30 closed-road competitive stages of ~700 km against the clock determines the finishing order. Cars are divided at 25 years of age into Modern and Classic Divisions, with the ~120 car field further sub-classified by their age. Our RS Porsche competes in the third oldest of 10 classes. New Zealand boasts an unlimited supply of twisty roads through lush pastoral farmland and native tropical forest. Dairy cattle and sheep are near-everywhere, rendering Duane and my episodes of the driving game “my cows” more about the cemeteries than the livestock. (A game taught to me by medical school roommate Chris Coburn). The Event’s signature stage is Whangamomana—37 km of twisty climbing/ dropping over three “saddles,” with both twisty and fast valley sections intervening. We hung it ALL out and averaged just 96 km per hour. Quinn/Tillet (2010 and threepeat Modern winners) averaged 109 kph on Whangamomana in their 600 hp Nissan R35 GT-R. The NZ event also boasts stages through windmill farms, seaside roads and small towns. The evergreen NZ gardeners showed off their cherry blossoms and other sure signs of spring. Daylight hours are heaps longer than contemporaneous October in Canada. And on the warmer days I did spot a few hardy souls swimming and surfing in the ocean. Spring can be a wet season in New Zealand though only 10% of the competition stages were wet in 2010. For me, racing in the wet does add a further “memorable” dimension. Of the 30 competitive stages 2010 Targa New Zealand stages, Duane and I set fastest Class time in 14 of them, including Whangamomana and two of the wet stages. Unfortunately that was not enough to battle back from a penalty

(my bad, I must obey navigator fully) incurred on the Manfield racetrack stage. After a week of racing the top two cars in our Class we were separated by just four seconds (a 0.017% variance). Such is the comradeship in this sport that one cheers for and assists other teams in need, even those you directly compete with. The Fiat teams had won the Marque prize in 2008, and yet we were welcomed at their restaurant table, despite our contributing to Porsche teams winning that award in 2010. The Dunlop Targa is so intense it seems much longer than a week. It is also hard to

Team Silverthorn and Bentley en route in the 2010 Dunlop Targa tarmac rally.

believe most of us return to our “normal” lives the following day. I recommend at least a minor trip extension in Wellington, which is truly a remarkable city. As the Fiat boys pointed out to Duane and me, the racing is only half the attraction of a Targa—equally it is about the many people in this circus you are embedded with for the week. There is a great mix of personalities, from professional drivers, to committed amateurs, to first-time motorsport participants. Multi-generational teams, sibling teams, and spousal teams abound. My eldest son Connor has inquired if I would have him as navigator in one of the world’s Targa events. That seems a natural progression having had my wife, best man, friends and business partners in those seats. If Connor chooses the New Zealand Targa he’ll appreciate my affection for that great country and rear-engined Porsches at the edge of control. And “Bob’s your uncle,” I’ll find myself back in NZ again.

September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

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C o r e y Va n ’ t H a a f f Corey Van’t Haaff is Just For Canadian Dentists’ technology columnist and the owner of Cohiba Communications. She can be reached at medicalnews@ and welcomes ideas for future columns.

heart friendly Health screening in the dental office


ust because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Few people sit in the doctor’s office when they’re feeling just fine, but many will visit their dentists twice a year. Dentists, then, are in an ideal position to play a vital role in health screening. That was the idea behind HeartFriendly Dentist, which helps identify previously undiagnosed medical conditions including hypertension and diabetes. The HeartFriendly Dentist program is a UFIT blood pressure wrist cuff that connects via a USB cable to any PC, and uses an advanced algorithm to infer systolic and diastolic pressures. Of course, dentists aren’t in a position to diagnose, but using this screening test, dentists can suggest that patients follow-up with their own physicians if the blood pressure reading is abnormal. Part of the charm of the program is its ease-of-use for both the professional staff and the patient. “Because it’s a wrist cuff, one size fits all,” says Steve Colivas, President, Bioanalytics, the company that produces HeartFriendly Dentist. “It’s not cumbersome; they don’t roll up their sleeve. It’s lightweight and portable.” More so, the technology behind the product— responsible for gathering information and producing a blood pressure—is believed to be more accurate than a traditional blood pressure reading that relies on human hearing. In addition to taking a blood pressure reading, it also monitors pulse rate and pulse time. “The dentist puts the cuff on the patient’s wrist and clicks a button on the graphic user interface. It maps out a pulse signature which is analyzed by a central


server one hundred times per second.” The cuff inflates and deflates automatically for hands-free operations, and measures pulse wave velocity. Then, it applies an algorithm, producing a blood pressure reading. The cuff is pretty intuitive with an intelligent scheduling system that automatically reminds the user when to do the next reading so an accurate trend of blood pressure data is collected. Because it doesn’t rely on an operator’s skill, every reading is performed identically and precisely, regardless of who is taking the measurement. The hardware has an encrypted serial number that protects the device from being tampered with and authenticates each individual device. The hardware won’t work until the server gives permission, and the device tests itself before every use, refusing to work if it finds deficiencies. HeartFriendly Dentist, says Colivas, helps individual dentists play a vital role in screening for oral and systemic health. “Stats Can says that 50% of those over 50 have high blood pressure and half are untreated or undiagnosed. A large percentage is at risk for eye disease, heart attack and stroke,” he says. “If dentists encounter problematic blood pressure readings, referral to a family physician is the protocol.” He says some governing bodies are beginning to recommend blood pressure monitoring for patients as the standard of care. The problem up until now was that analog devices didn’t provide a high enough level of accuracy, took longer to administer, and needed regular calibration

and maintenance. Together, that meant that monitoring wasn’t routinely done on patients. “Now dentists can electronically cut and paste critical data and store it in the caregiver’s practice management software. It’s easy to keep current and share securely.” Colivas says the company’s mission is to allow dentists to use leading edge medical devices to easily, reliably and routinely measure and monitor patients’ vital signs, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and medical emergencies while undergoing dental treatment, and detecting undiagnosed medical conditions so patients can seek the treatment of a physician. “Medicalization of dental and hygienic clinics is the new trend that complements front line physician care. HeartFriendly Dentist improves the overall health of the patient by focusing on the oral-systemic link, and differentiates the traditional dental offering by providing a unique value-added service,” says Colivas. “Better service equates to increases in the number of dental patient visits.” HeartFriendly Dentist is sold on a subscription basis. Dentists install the software on their own computers and try out the cuff for two months. Once they are comfortable with routinely taking blood pressure readings on patients, they usually find that HeartFriendly Dentist improves their revenue stream, increases their standard of care and provides the patient with added value. “It’s value-added not an extra charge. Dentists can make more money because patients appreciate this; it increases customer loyalty. It’s an opportunity to make someone’s life better,” says Colivas. “It helps dentists deliver better patient care and integrates a whole health approach to practicing dentistry.”

Dentists are in an ideal position to play a vital role in health screening

Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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Feeling a little About About About About About About


ongoing handpiece Costs? the Time between repairs? the Warrantee provided? the Quality of the parts used? the Turn-around time? how well they Operate?

Maybe it’s time to put a little SUNSHINE in your life, and let us diminish those concerns for you. Our clients get value: top quality service, the best warrantee in the industry, the best quality parts, access to accurate advice, and fast turnaround. And, of course: References, facts, & education are available at

5140 232 St, Langley, BC, V2Z 2R5 604-539-7739 Locally. 1-877-539-7739 The rest Canada.

w w w. c a n a d a h a n d p i e c e . c o m

Handpiece Service and Repair Specialists.

Friction, debris buildup, autoclave heat, and poor viscosity. These are the problems.

This is the solution.

EZ lube OneStep Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Used by more than 50 repair specialist entities, and thousands of dental clinics in North America. Our clients such as Canada Handpiece and others actually increase repair warrantees if their customers utilize this product. There’s a reason. It’s the best there is. To order, please go to, call your local supplier, or call locally 604-539-7771, long distance: 1-877-539-7771.

Providing friction-relief second to none, has inherent cleaning properties, withstands temperatures over 200C, and has the highest viscosity available: it stays where it should. Comes in all of the different and proper forms of containers for a clinic’s handpiece maintenance needs.

JFCDentists-sepoct-wip2.indd 11

8/22/11 2:05:49 PM

travel at home


hat’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Aussie cowboy Joe Messina asks our group at Girletz Rodeo Ranch. What’s he getting at? Checking to see if we have any brass? Whether we have that cowboy spirit in us? Because if not, we will soon. We’re about to get a go-to answer to that question by getting on a live 2,000-pound Brahman bull. Once the exclusive arena of hardcore cowboys and rodeo pros, experiencing a live bull’s mass of shuddering muscle between your legs is now within the grasp of the sanguine layperson. Of course, it’s best to do so in a somewhat controlled environment. And just outside Calgary you can. Here, Messina runs a school for wannabe bull riders at Fantasy Adventure Bull Riding. A veteran of the rodeo circuit (and its usual


injuries: mashed vertabrae, cracked ribs, punctured lung), he came to Alberta for a girl but stayed for the bulls. He and local rodeo pros like buddy Riley Harvie (the great grandson of legendary Albertan cowboy and philanthropist Eric Harvie) bring swagger and charm to the hairy, damp and smelly world of bulls. “You’re gonna get stinky, dirty, and get snot on you…” warns Messina. it’s part of being a cowboy. And these Stetson-wearing cowboys guide you through the process of mounting a bull in a crash course called Bull Riding 101. From mindful approach (stay clear of horns and head) to stepping on top of the bull’s back with aplomb (“You gotta commit!”), it’s all about attitude. With Messina’s and Harvie’s calm reassurances and easy manner—and very firm grip—our group of eight urbanites (from a German radioshow host to a Calgary acupuncturist who insists on caressing the bull’s hump and whispering sweet nothings

ABOVE FROM LEFT Diane and Bear Baker of Wildhorse Mountain Ranch. >> Golden fall colour in Kananaskis Country Provincial Park . >> Bison Stew at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch. BELOW FROM LEFT The Rockies are literally at your feet on the Signature Rockies tour with Kananaskis Heli Tours. >> Bull Riding 101!


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in his twitchy ears) manage to straddle Snoop Dog the Brahman bull…for almost 8 seconds. Post bull we all crack a cold brew, like proper cowboys, steady shaky legs and share tales of snot and stink. I can now seriously state that I straddled a real, live bull or even just Snoop Dog—either way, jaws will drop. No need to mention that the chute never opened… or that Snoop Dog was rather well behaved. After sitting on any bull, I consider my inner cowboy unleashed. From here it might get a bit tamer, but there’s still plenty of swagger to discover outside Calgary, around Highway 22, also know as the Cowboy Trail. Like Bear. A big, booming character who wears leather cuffs and chaps everyday and tells us straight up at his Wildhorse Mountain Ranch that there’s “none of that canned Hollywood crap here.” Over a plate of beef jerky (a staple in these parts for 150 years) he tells us

that “If you have a little wildness in you, Alberta’s for you.” At this ranch (near Rocky Mountain House, north of Calgary), run by Bear Baker and his compadre and wife Diane, there are trail rides and workshops and even camps for kids to learn how to live off the land—something that’s been lost in concrete-contained and digitally dependent urban lifestyles. “Are you capable of just living?” asks Bear. Cowboys, of course, are. And here, riding on one of the ranch’s many rescue horses, there’s a realization of how far removed most of us city dwellers really are from just living. Before leaving, after some homemade bison stew and Saskatoon-berry pie, we down a shot of JD with Bear, whose cheer is “To the sunny slopes of long ago.” A little more of that inner cowboy unleashed, we head back south to Sundre, home of the Sundre Pro Rodeo and its motto “Go

ABOVE FROM LEFT Miss Rodeo Sundre 2010, Shelby Simmonds. >> High above cowboy country via a helicopter tour with Kananaskis Heli Tours. BELOW FROM LEFT Ranchers’ brands at the Water Valley Saloon. >> First fall colour and snow in Kananaskis Country Provincial Park off of the Cowboy Trail.

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travel at home

First snowfall deep in cowboy country off of Highway 22 north of Calgary .

Old rodeo photo at Rafter 6 Ranch in Canmore. Diane Baker at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch.

A lesson in lassoing at Rafter 6 Ranch.

Guest room at the Prairie Creek Inn, a luxurious getaway off of the Cowboy Trail.

Cowboys Joe Messina and Riley Harvey. LEFT Steer at the Girletz Rodeo Ranch.


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travel at home

IF YOU GO STAY Make your base at the log-cabin chic Prairie Creek Inn near Rocky Mountain House. This is an intimate and luxurious country inn with nine guest suites, each with its own theme, like Home on the Range, Woodlands and Stables. The Inn also offers gourmet fare at the Heartstone restaurant, featuring local and seasonal ingredients sourced from farms and ranches throughout Alberta. TOUR Kananaskis Heli Tours offers a bird’s-eye view of the landscape you’ve been exploring via the Cowboy Trail. RIDE Head to Wildhorse Mountain Ranch for trail rides and workshops on how to live like a cowboy. >> Unleash more of your inner cowboy at Rafter 6 Ranch. raftersix. com SIT If you want to claim bullriding (or at least sitting) as one of the craziest things you’ve done, you can do it with Fantasy Adventure Bullriding. MORE Find out more about the Cowboy Trail and discovering Alberta’s cowboy country at

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wild! Go West!” Enough said. Here we meet a sweet cowgirl, crowned Miss Rodeo Sundre 2010, Shelby Simmonds. And, even at just 17 years of age, it seems charm and good manners are part of the cowboy spirit. Another lesson for the jaded urbanite. Farther south, and just 50 minutes from Calgary, we veer west to Water Valley, where long-time ranchers mix with transplanted city folk who prefer the lifestyle in the foothills of the Rockies. Here you might have to wait for a cowherd to pass through town at the four-way stop. And at the long-running Water Valley Saloon, you can see one of the original Calgary Stampede signs alongside local ranchers’ brands burned into the wood-panelled walls. While here, don’t order Alberta’s own brew Big Rock on draft, “Only city people drink that!” says the bartender; locals prefer Bud or Bud Light. Everyone, however, likes the bison burger. And sated, post burger and beer (i went with the Big Rock Grasshopper; the city won that draw), we stock up on some high-quality, old-school leather goods (from gorgeous dry-milled leather-and-solid-brass travel bags to iPad cases; see page 8) at Derry & Wallis Trading Company. Owner Jodi Ouellette is one of those Calgary transplants who loves living amongst people who’ve had the same address their entire lives. She’s also, of all things, a yoga teacher here, and says that downward dog jives with cowboy culture just fine. “Cowboys are more connected to the earth.” And to feel more of that connection ourselves we finally head to Cowboy College at Rafter 6 Ranch near Canmore, west of Highway 22. This place is run by an authentic cowboy clan, the Cowley family. Stan Cowley rode bareback at the Stampede and his daughter Kateri has reigned as Stampede Princess as well as a top competitor in the Cowboy Up Challenge (basically a timed and judge obstacle course run by horse-and-rider teams). The Cowleys still sponsor their crew in rodeos, like Rob Johnson, one of the head wranglers who’s also on the pro circuit and a member of the Wild Horse Racing Association. Tough guy. He shows us how to throw a lasso (it’s all in the flick of the wrist), and we just about wrangle ourselves a calf…one that’s made of wood—does that count? We’ve sat on a bull, ridden a horse, chewed some beef jerky, ate a bison burger, and now lassoed a calf, albeit make-believe. That inner cowboy is just about out. Although, really, as Bear, back at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch, says, “There’re two types of people: those that are cowboys and them that wish they were.” i wish i was.

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t h e w e a lt h y d e n t i s t m a n f r e d p u r t z k i Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki & Associates Chartered Accountants. You can reach him at

practice purchase Remember, you are buying cash flow, not assets


ossibly the most important financial decision in your professional life is the purchase of a practice. Often this decision is made early on in your dental career when you have lots of enthusiasm and drive, but perhaps lack the business acumen to negotiate the best deal. When evaluating buy-in opportunities remember, it is the cash flow that counts. The values of equipment, leaseholds, or patient charts are irrelevant; you are only interested in the future cash flow that these assets can produce for you. If the equipment is old and decrepit, then the cost of replacement in a

few years would have a negative impact on your cash flow and you should take that into consideration when acquiring the practice. Similarly, if you are looking at a practice with three years left on its premise lease, then the potential relocation of your practice and purchase of new leaseholds would have a drastic impact on your future cash flow. Consideration of these types of items need to be factored in when determining the practice purchase price.

It is the cash flow that counts

CASH FLOW ANALYSIS Here is how to do a cash flow analysis to best estimate the practice price. > Start with the average annual net in-

come of the practice, which can be easily determined from the annual financial statements. > Add back items which do not affect the cash flow (e.g. amortization) > Add back optional expenses you don’t need to incur (e.g. salary to vendor’s spouse, travel, entertainment, excess continuing education costs, interest on debt) > Deduct expenses that you will incur which the vendor didn’t (a good example is rent on the building owned by the vendor). After going through this mathematical exercise, you will now have arrived at a net

PROFITABLE PRACTICE “A dentist deserves to retire with dignity - and profitably!”

*plus tax & shipping ($10.00/copy)


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t h e w e a lt h y d e n t i S t [ c o n t i n u e d ]

practice cash flow available to you before income tax. An illustration of the cash-flow analysis is shown below. As you can see, the cash flow analysis provides surprising results. The cash flow analysis shows that Practice B, which, at first blush, looks like the best deal, actually produces less cash flow than Practice A.

due dILIgeNCe When you look over a practice, you have to conduct a “due diligence” investigation. Due diligence means doing your homework and taking an objective look at the prospective practice. Due diligence means that you are not carried away by your emotions and accept the figures the vendor scribbled on a dinner napkin. As part of your review, you have to establish a profile of the dentist, the practice and the finances. 1. dentist Profile > age > specialty > years inpresent location > reasonfor selling > any futureplans, i.e. relocationor retirement > practicephilosophy

2. PracticeProfile > patient demographics > squarefeet of practice > number of activepatient charts > number of operatories > any roomfor expansion > hours of practice > staff requirements > extent of insurancecoverage > newpatients per month > howmany weeks bookedin advance

practice A

practice b

$ 600,000

$ 800,000

selling price



Net income per financial statements





Gross production

Add amortization Add discretionary expenses: (i) salary to spouse (ii) travel (iii) interest on debt

debt servicing and







$ 320,000

$ 290,000

Less: expenses purchaser must incur - rent (office owned)

cash flow before 3. Financial Profile income tax > averagegross productionper hour by provider > total productionand collections todatefor the last threeyears > askingpriceandterms > assets tobeincludedinthepurchaseprice > theopportunity toacquirereal estate > terms of leaseandrenewal options > financial statements for thelast threeyears


advisor who understands the dental business is the best investment you can make. Due diligence and cash flow analyses means that you are not buying the “pig ‘n the poke”, but to make sure that the investment you are planning to make will be a sound one.

The information that needs to be analyzed is overwhelming, and the help of an

Have you looked in the financial mirror lately?

Missing Something?

Most dentists pay too much in taxes and fees, get inadequate investment results, and run without a proper financial plan. business skills?

At Nicola Wealth Management, we help dentists and business owners create a plan that reduces tax and builds wealth, freeing you to fill your chair and serve your patients. Our sophisticated combination of wealth planning and portfolio management has benefited many professionals and their families by effectively integrating their tax, invest investment, and retirement planning - all under one roof. Learn more about how we help dental professionals and business owners. Visit us at

because...You need the

BUSINESS SKILLS dental school didn't teach! Financial Statements, Business Plans, Business Roles of a Dentist, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Staff Management & more 6 On-Line, Live, Interactive Classes No Production Lost - CE Credits - $850

Vancouver: V Van couver: Head Office: 5th Floor - 1508 West W Br Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1W8 T: 604.739.6450 Kelowna: Landmark III Suite 520 - 1632 Dickson Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2 T: 250.763.9757

Manage your business with confidence! For more info and schedule, visit

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practice management

timothy a. Brown

Timothy A. Brown specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage, consulting, locum placements, associateships and practice financing across Canada. You can reach Timothy at

my crystal ball—again! Five predictions to help you stay ahead of the curve


n the late spring of 2005, I made five predictions based on observations of the market conditions for dental practice sales at that time. Looking back, now six years later, I will revisit those predictions with a critical eye based on what is obvious about market conditions for the sale of dental practices today.

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Tel: 514.941.4450


prediction 1 My first prediction was that the number of baby-boomer dentists wanting to sell their practices, between the 2005 and 2010 years, would grow rapidly over that time period. I referred to them as the “Freedom 55” dentists, who had carefully planned for their early exit (by previous generations’ retirement standards) from the workplace. For the most part my prediction did not materialize as many boomer dentists are still practicing (albeit some on a reduced hour basis). My revised position: The original prediction was correct but missed the mark by five to seven years. prediction 2 The number of willing, ready and bank-approved buyers is likely to grow in the major urban centres. For the most part this prediction has materialized as many major western cities, like Vancouver and Calgary, have experienced substantial growth in dental practices. In 2005, I also stated that…unfortunately, the number of buyers would continue to decline for practices in the outlying, rural and more remote regions. Regrettably, if anything, migration to these areas is worse than first predicted and many people in these areas of Canada lack even moderately easy access to dental services.

prediction 3 My third prediction was that prices for dental practices would peak in one or two years. I had stated that with the continuing demand in the major urban centres, prices would increase another 5 to 10 percent and then peak. I argued that there is a point when the sale price does not justify the risks, and dentists would revert to setting up a new practice or continuing to associate while waiting for the market to decline. Today, the purchase of an

established practice continues to remain the No.1 choice for most young dentists, even though the peak values of practices have yet to be reached. I suggest that in 2013 and 2014, dental practice market valuations will reach their summit.

prediction 4 Six years ago, I maintained that financial institutions would begin to tighten their credit systems, rates would climb and dentists, among other professionals, would feel the pinch. Wrong. Financial institutions have continued to amaze me and many other advisors serving the dental profession. Despite the “recession” of 2008 – 2010, these monetary giants have steadfastly continued to lend to dentists 100% of the purchase price without any or little reservation. To me, this speaks volumes to the credit-ability of lending to dental practitioners and/or the profit-motive focus of these institutions. prediction 5 My fifth prediction was that when dentists did decide to sell their practice, they would want to exit ownership immediately, avoiding the many costly and unknown factors of the long-term transition. This development, I predicted then, as now, will free up more practices for today’s long list of buyers-in-waiting. The associate buy-in models of the past are not as viable due to the dramatic variances in philosophy of the two generations of dentists who contemplate such plans. Most of the baby boomers I speak with are seeking freedom from ownership, without the burden of working with or training their replacements. As in any predictions, there are unknowns. For example, recently, there have been suggestions of another (short term) economic down turn. While not all my predictions materialized, many did, and now with the updated and corrected results and the benefit of hindsight, I will ask the same questions as before. What is your timeline? And will you be ready when these predictions materialize?

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oslo / new york / tahiti / bozeman / dubai …





A n intern ation a l guide to con tinuing dental Education

fall 2011 + beyond

Seafood at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant

Viking Ship Museum

Nobel Peace Center

Madonna painting by Edvard Munch at The Munch Museum Vigeland Park

Oslo waterfront in the Aker Brygge area

Gourmet fare at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant

View of the iceberglike sculpture She Lies in Oslofjord from the Oslo Opera House

Oslo is modern, cosmopolitan, fashionable, savoury, green—with a touch of that Viking spirit. (CE events in Oslo are highlighted in blue.)

B. Sligl


city of rolling green parks and billowing white sails set on a broad fjord, Oslo’s laid-back attitude and overall loveliness belies its importance on the global stage. Home to the Nobel Peace Prize, the Oslo Peace Accords and numerous prominent international conventions and conferences, Norway’s capital—which features 40 islands and 343 lakes within the city limits—presents visitors with a wide variety of culinary, natural and historical attractions. Whether you have a day or a week, prefer fine art or getting outside for a hike, this Scandinavian city will offer plenty to keep you busy. The National Gallery is a great place to begin. While the indisputable star of the show here is The Scream, the best-known work of Edvard Munch, Norway’s most famous painter, the Nasjonalgalleriet offers plenty of other wonderful pieces to enjoy, including works by Manet and Cezanne. And if you just can’t get enough Munch, visit the Munch Museum, which features drawings, graphic prints and paintings by Munch, one of

expressionism’s pioneers. When you’re ready for some fresh air, head to Vigeland Park, the world’s largest sculpture park dedicated to a single artist. In this giant, urban green space you can take in many examples of the human form crafted in careful detail by Gustav Vigeland, then join local Norwegians (an unusually super-fit bunch) as they jog the park’s many pathways and suntan on the manicured lawns. To get a sense of Oslo’s nautical nature, take a boat ride across to the Bygdøy Peninsula—en route, you will skim past tall ships and cruise ships and ferries headed for Denmark. Just minutes from the city, Bygdøy has a smalltown feel, with open spaces and tree-lined streets. It also hosts a surprising concentration of excellent museums, including an Oslo must-see—the Viking Ship museum, where you can view two of the world’s best-preserved Viking ships, built way back in the 9th century. Nearby, a very different seafaring history is commemorated at the

Kon-Tiki Museum, which showcases items from the career of Thor Heyerdahl, the eccentric Norwegian explorer and scientist who embarked on several expeditions to far-flung locales on boats of ancient design (which are on display inside the museum). And before leaving Bygdøy, make sure to swing by the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, a sprawling outdoor attraction that features more than 150 houses collected from all over Norway. When you return to central Oslo, your ferry will dock near Aker Brygge, a former shipyard that’s been transformed into a bustling waterside complex packed with shops and restaurants, including sidewalk cafes serving up everything from Italian to tapas to traditional Scandinavian fare. And while you’re there, pay a visit to the nearby Nobel Peace Center, which presents exhibits on war, peace and conflict resolution—often with a focus on Nobel laureates—in film, photography and other artistic forms. —Tim Johnson For more info on OSLO:

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c e calendar












Sep 23-24

Minneapolis Minnesota

Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation: A Training Program

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry


dentalce.umn. edu

Sep 24

Chicago Illinois

Moderate Sedation With Propofol For The NonAnesthesia Provider

Conscious Sedation Consulting


Dec 03-04

Aliso Viejo California

Pain Management Protocols

Progressive Ortho & Progressive Dentistry


Sep 17-18

Vancouver British Columbia

Introductory Course To Botox And Cosmetic Fillers

The Physician Training Centre

877-754-6782 See Ad Page 26

Sep 23-24

Vancouver British Columbia

Comprehensive Two Day Introductory And Advanced Botox Courses

Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics


Oct 07-08

Columbus Ohio

Function And Esthetics: Botox For The Modern Dental Practice

Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics


Oct 14-15

Vancouver British Columbia

Aesthetics Level 2 - Live Patient, Hands-On Course (Prep)

California Center for Advanced Dental Studies


Oct 29-30

Vancouver British Columbia

Introductory Course To Botox And Cosmetic Fillers

The Physician Training Centre

877-754-6782 See Ad Page 26

Oct 31

Vancouver British Columbia

The Physician Training Centre

877-754-6782 See Ad Page 26

Nov 18

Vancouver British Columbia

Direct Composite, Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention Of Cracked Teeth

Clinical Research Dental


Dec 03-04

Vancouver British Columbia

Introductory Course To Botox And Cosmetic Fillers

The Physician Training Centre

877-754-6782 See Ad Page 26

New Orleans Louisiana

2011 Fall Conference

American Association of Endodontists



Current Endodontic Technologies

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

888-281-1428 See Ad Page 39

Essential Dental Seminars


Nov 03-05

new CE to Advanced techniques In Botox Cosmetic be And placed Fillers

Just For Canadian Dentists

Issue:Nov Sep / Oct 2011 London Advanced Endodontics: Diagnosis & Review Of 11


Nov 11-12 Through

S. Hackensack

Safe & Predictable Engine Driven Endodontics 604 681 - 0456 New-Jersey Online

Medical Emergencies In The Office



Oct 23

Stratford Connecticut

Medical Emergencies In The Office

Professional Learning Services



New York




Attn: to 2013 Advertising in Print

Email: Copy sent toCPR, Henry Spenadel Nov New York Defibrillation And Emergency Medicine In

Continuing Education Program


Companion cruises FREE

Canary Islands Mexican Riviera Alaska Glaciers Baltic & Russia Tahitian Islands

Oct 8 - 15, 2011 Feb 18 - 25, 2012 May 19 - 26, 2012 July 14 - 24, 2012 Oct 20 - 27, 2012

Canada’s leading provider of dental cruise courses


Just For Canadian dentists

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Comprehensive Dentistry Oral dermatology & pathology Technology in Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Oral dermatology & pathology


September/October 2011

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General dentistry








through 2011

Key Biscayne Florida

essentials 1 through 4

the Pankey institute


sep 17-18

orange County California

Gingival display

Progressive seminars


oct 23-26

Foster City California

early and Late treatment in orthodontics: Functional and esthetic Goals

interdisciplinary dental education academy


oct 23nov 04

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Latest techniques in Laser dentistry

Mindware educational seminars


nov 22

edmonton alberta

achieving the Perfect Contact Hands-on With Mr. Gregg tousignant

Clinical research dental


nov 25-30

new York new York

Greater new York dental Meeting

Greater new York dental Meeting


nov 27-30

new York new York

Greater new York dental Meeting exhibition

Greater new York dental Meeting


dec 02-10

London ontario

dental-Clinical skills review: an ndeB Preparatory Course For internationally or Canadian trained dentists

schulich school of Medicine & dentistry

888-281-1428 see ad Page 39

dec 03

oklahoma oklahoma

socket Grafting


tulsainstitute. com

Jan 31Feb 02 2012

dubai uae

uae international dental Conference & arab dental exhibition


Mar 03-10 2012

Western Caribbean Cruise

Predictable, Profitable, Minimal Stress Dentistry the Comprehensive approach

Continuing education, inc./university at sea


Mar 08-10 2012

Vancouver British Columbia

Pacific Dental Conference

British Columbia dental association


Jul 14-24 2012

Baltic & russia Cruise

Pediatric dentistry

sea Courses Cruises

800-647-7327 see ad Page 20


2012 dental symposium

schulich school of Medicine & dentistry

888-281-1428 see ad Page 39 dentistry/cde

sep 14-17

Minneapolis Minnesota

Miniresidency in nursing Home and Long-term Care For the dental team

university of Minnesota school of dentistry


dentalce.umn. edu

oct 14-15

Los angeles California

the usC 4th Geriatric dentistry symposium: Providing dental Care For Geriatric Patients across the Functional spectrum

Herman ostrow school of dentistry of usC


nov 01-02

new CE tulsa to Periodontal institute be placed indeX Conferences & exhibitions organisation est.

2012 Geriatric dentistry



LEARN Virtually ANYTIME - ANYWHERE Access your CME worldwide Travel & Learn Format Connect with us 24/7. Toll-Free:1-866-685-6860 7X2.5_canadian_family_physicians1 1

JFCDentists-sepoct-wip2.indd 21


3/15/07 9:28:25 AM

September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

8/22/11 2:07:00 PM

c e calendar












Nov 10

Victoria British Columbia

Infection Control: That Thing You Do, Why Do You Do It?

University of Victoria


Dec 03

Memphis Tennessee

Build a Better Practice: All About OSHA Blood Borne Infections & Hazard Communication

University of Tennessee Health Science Center


Feb 18-19 2012

Vancouver British Columbia

Diagnosis And Treatment Of TMD

Rondeau Seminars


Through 2011

Loma Linda California

MaxiCourse 2011

Loma Linda University


Oct 14-16

Vancouver British Columbia

From Treatment To Planning To Surgical Implant Placement & Restoration



Nov 09-12

Eilat Israel

5th International Symposium In Implantology

Mindware Educational Seminars


Nov 11

Victoria British Columbia

Optimizing Implant Results For Fixed And Removable Prosthodontics

University of Victoria


Nov 12-13

Orange County California

Skeletal Anchorage (TADs)

Progressive Seminars


Nov 23

Edmonton Alberta

Adhesives: What, Where, When… With Mr. Gregg Tousignant


Nov 25

Calgary Alberta

The Rational For The Use Of Fibre Posts HandsOn With Mr. Gregg Tousignant

Mindware Educational Seminars


Feb 06-15 2012

South Amercian Cruise

Comprehensive Implant Prosthetics

Mindware Educational Seminars


Feb 12 2012

Ottawa Ontario

Dental Implant Maintenance; The Basics And Beyond

Dental Specialists Study Club


July 17-29 2012

Mediterranean Cruise

Restorative Driven Implant Therapy: The ‘TEAM’ Approach

Mindware Educational Seminars


Through 2011

Western Canada

I Can,You Can Occlusion Series



Oct 07-09

St. Pete Beach Florida

Functional Occlusion - From TMJ To Smile Design

The Dawson Academy


Jun 30Jul 07 2012

Mediterranean Cruise

21st Century Dentistry...Functionally Esthetic Occlusion

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea


Just For Canadian dentists

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new CE to be placedClinical Research Dental

September/October 2011

8/22/11 2:07:00 PM

oral radiology

oral Pathology


Office Management










dec 02-03

san Francisco California

Modern Practice Management analysis: real situations, real results

Pride institute


prideinstitute. com

Mar 03-10 2012

eastern Caribbean Cruise

Dentistry Update - Office Manager Course

Cr Foundation


cliniciansreport. org

sep 30oct 01

Vancouver British Columbia

Level i introduction to orthodontics 1 of 4 session series

rondeau seminars

877-372-7625 see ad Page 23

oct 01-02

Vancouver British Columbia

dentist’s role in snoring and sleep apnea

rondeau seminars

877-372-7625 see ad Page 23

oct 21-22

san diego California

Level i introduction to orthodontics 1 of 4 session series

rondeau seminars

877-372-7625 see ad Page 23

oct 23-26

Foster City California

early and Late treatment in orthodontics: Functional and esthetic Goals

interdisciplinary dental education academy


oct 27-29

Las Vegas nevada

sleep summit Conference

rondeau seminars

877-372-7625 see ad Page 23

nov 11-12

dallas texas

Miniscrew Mayhem

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dentist unleashed

Dr. derek turner

Dr. Derek M. J. Turner lives in Ottawa where he conducts a private aesthetic dental practice. Derek guest lectures at CE dental institutions in America. He is also the founder and Chairman of TTi/ProDrive Systems, a dental product company.

rock the casbah Make it Morocco for your next adventure

W an sn sn ha

Sahara at sundown at the end of the Draa River


n a friendly conversation with a New York City Sudanese airport cabby the subject of Africa came up. Mohammed asked me if I had ever been to Africa and I told him I’d just returned from a cycling trip in Morocco. “Morocco!” he exclaimed, “that’s not Africa! Only south of Sahara is Africa.” With a Mediterranean shoreline of cliffs to the north opposite Gibraltar, and an Atlantic shoreline of beautiful beaches to the west, Morocco is indeed part of the African continent. The snow-covered Atlas Mountains form a forward slash from southwest to northeast in the interior while the Moroccan desert and the Algerian Sahara loom to the south. A democratic and constitutional monarchy, with a

population similar to Canada, this secular and historic country is worthy of bucket-list consideration. The indigenous people of Morocco are Berbers, a race that populates a portion of Morocco and also Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Carthaginians, Romans, Venetians, Vandals, Visigoths, Portuguese, French, Spanish and British have all influenced or occupied this country. The capital is Rabat, but we chose to visit the most populated city of Casablanca. A must-see here is the Hassan II Mosque. It’s one of only two mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims, and the spectacular one-billion-US-dollar edifice, completed in 1993 on reclaimed land, is suspended over the Atlantic coast as a marvel of modern

earthquake-resistant architecture. But I was most impressed by the carved and painted wooden roof, retractable over 25,000 worshipers inside. The courtyard, like St. Peter’s in Rome, opens for tens of thousands more. And, I admit it, while in Casablanca, as incurable romantics, we went to Rick’s Café…why not? (Quick: What was Ingrid Bergman’s character’s name opposite Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine in the 1942 movie Casablanca? Answer: Ilsa Lund.) I’m still in love with Ingrid Bergman. As for the medina in Casablanca, it’s unremarkable compared to those in Marrakesh, Fes and Essaouira. So, unless you have lots of time and need the walk give it a pass, and just go to the one in Marrakesh.

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dentist unleashed [continued]

In the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, this Ottawa-sized city is on the ancient trade route from Timbuktu (Sudan) with a souk (market) you must discover. Keep your wallet and purse tight to your torso and tour this fabulous medina. The vendors are courteous and always enjoy a

Moroccan food is well spiced with turmeric, garlic, saffron, pepper, coriander, ginger, cumin and anise. Mint tea is the beverage of choice so B.Y.O.B.! From Marrakesh head into the High Atlas, make a bee-line to Essaouira on the Atlantic coast, or follow the Draa river to the


Carpet tenting on the Sahara

Saffron Valley


Botox & Filler Training Courses for Dentists

With our Sahara sunrise mint tea vendor

1 & 2 Day Workshop Courses Hands-on training & practice for Dentists wanting to offer cosmetic and therapeutic services For Course Dates in

Vancouver B.C. Call 1-877-754-6782 or e-mail:

Dr. Ralph Bieg * * Allergan Recognized Trainer for Botox & Juvederm Fillers


good barter. Avoid being lured to 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor boutiques unless you are in a group! And by night don’t miss Djemaa el Fna, a world-renowned square, busy with people, vendors and delicious food. Foodies will be happy in Morocco. Here’s a taste: Fresh, blackened, salt-encrusted, barbecued, broiled and fried fish or a tagine of lamb, beef or chicken with a salad of eggplant, peppers, olives and tomato with unrefined olive oil. The seafood is amazing. Try the almonds for sure. Couscous is a staple, as well as bread that’s used as an eating utensil along with your fingers.

Sahara. We did it all. First to the mountains and the Tiz ‘n’ Test pass at 2,100 metres, with access for climbers to the great Mount Toubkal, where our guides would not let us cycle the pass for fear of losing us over the vertical sides. Instead we endured a Land Rover rollercoaster ride, then the reward of a massage and a couple’s hammam (Turkish Bath) at Domaine de la Roseraie hotel. The trekking, photo ops and sheer beauty of the Atlas are worth the effort to visit. La Roseraie gets mixed reviews but we enjoyed its rustic feel. For a 5-star experience stay at Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot. (kasbahtamadot.

Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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dentiSt unleaShed [continued] To the southeast towards Zagora, follow the oases of the Draa river, another worthwhile side trip. Morocco’s longest river, the Draa’s mountain-melt waters irrigate date palm groves until the river disappears into the sands of the Sahara.

Sahara dunes at sunrise

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

if you get a chance, spend an overnight on the Sahara dunes. There are tourist companies that set up carpet tents for accommodation. Be sure to see the dunes at dawn…more mint tea! Then, on the ocean, Essaouira (eshwear’-a, a.k.a. Mogador) is a must. En route look for thorny gnarled Argan trees, the source of a healthy staple oil, often produced by women’s co-operatives. And spot some goats; they actually climb up into the thorny Argan boughs. The scenic harbour of the walled city is fabulous, including a stone gate welcoming Christians, Moslems and Jews. The Medina is UNESCO World Heritage listed, the beaches are unrivalled (take a camel ride), the shopping exciting and the food…mmmm! Blue sardine boat armadas return daily with their catch to the market. Point to your choice of fresh fish in the seaside market and have it prepared immediately to your liking…add fries and wow! Just beyond from this former pirate sanctuary lie the intertidal rocks where murex and purpura shells are found, the source of the tyrian purple dye once used for imperial Rome’s senatorial togas. it seems the treasures of this land have long been known.

the BaSicS Moroccohas a temperate climate withwinter rain. It’s a diverse, scenic, safe andinterestingcountry. By Bike + Beyond My Moroccanadventure was by bike (D&OAdventures at, but whether cycling, drivingor flying, the ancient city of Marrakeshshould be onyour itinerary. BasedinMarrakesh, the Britishcompany’s Mountain Voyage Morocco, ( andDiscover Ltd. ( uk) are great sources of infofor trains andplanes, cycling, touringwith a driver, trekking, fieldtrips, accommodations andall things Moroccan. Stay We stayedin3- and4-star Riads, oftenwithindoor pools and always cleanandcomfy. get there Easily reachedfromcontinental Europe we flewParis/Casablanca onAir France. Lufthansa alsohas direct service but fromFrankfurt.

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travel the world

On this storied sea you may snorkel above a thousandyear-old shipwreck and glimpse shards of ancient amphoras, walk amidst temple ruins and fallen columns, hear tales of goddesses and long-gone heroes, sip raki and savour just-caught seafood, and then swim amidst phosphorescence under a star-swamped sky... all in one day on the Aegean. story + photography by Barb Sligl


Guide Sidar Duman and ďŹ rst mate Erdal Altin leap from the prow of the Zeus into the Aegean

Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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travel the world

Captain Cura at the helm of Zeus

Captain Cura at Knidos lighthouse

Locals in Pali on Nisyros island in the Dodecanese

The Zeus under sail

September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

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travel the world Zeus in full sail

Hilltop church on Nisyros

Knidos ruins

First mate with his catch

Monastery of Panormitis on Symi

Ancient amphoras in Bodrum castle


Monastery of St. John on Patmos

Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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8/22/11 2:07:52 PM

travel the world Greek salad with kouloura bread The Aegean is a fairytale. From holding on to the handle of an ancient amphora from a thousandyear-old shipwreck to walking across the remains of mosaic floors and marble stairs of a longgone temple to Aphrodite, i’m submerged in so much historic essence it’s surreal. How many souls have trod this way, swam in these waters? Or hiked up the same scrub-dotted hillside to look over this amphitheatre and

columns standing in sight, i order rakı (the Turkish anise tipple) and freshcaught fish with mezes. Just offshore, Zeus, a traditional Turkish gulet (Odysseus didn’t have it as good as this ship) is anchored, its towering masts in line with the full moon rising over the nowinky water. On the zodiac ride back to Zeus i dip my hand into the indigo water and tiny gems of light do a jig

be more apropos) and its crew. The wide-bottomed, smooth-sailing gulet is mahogany with a teak deck and two masts—the same ship that’s been used by sailors and fishermen for centuries to ply these waters. This particular beauty was custom-built in 2009 in the shipyards of Bodrum. its owner, Selahattin Cura, also known as Captain Yorgo, is a charming Odysseus

Seaside town of Mandraki on Nisyros

shimmering expanse of sea? i trudge up to Knidos lighthouse like the goats that now outnumber people. At the top i sip a glass of wine (from a box of wine hauled in a backpack) and watch the sun set. i can almost make out a streak in the sea marking where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. And i imagine Odysseus sailing past, as besotted by the beauty (sirens or not) as i am. Back below and at the water’s edge, Hellenistic

where the water breaks. The beads of radiance— phosphorescence or yakamoz in Turkish—reveal themselves because there’s now a lunar eclipse under way. Seriously. The only thing to do is to get in the warm Aegean water amidst the luminosity for a late-night swim. it’s as if some sort of spell has been cast. i’ve become part of Homer’s parable. i’m a goddess. Well, that’s how the Aegean makes you feel… and the splendid ship Zeus (the name couldn’t

himself who can sail the Aegean without a compass, GPS or any charts. This is his playground (and he’s the one with the forethought to bring that box of wine to Knidos lighthouse). The Captain and his crew are based out of Bodrum, which is Turkey’s answer to the French Rivieria (and home of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as well as Halikarnas, a nightclub wonder since 1979).

Guide Sidar gives a lesson in sailing

Mandraki, tiny tasty fried fish in Pandeli on Leros

September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

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travel the world Amphitheatre at Knidos

Rakı, known as “lion’s milk”


Grilled octopus at Palionisos on Kalymnos

With the Dodecanese group of Greek islands just off Turkey’s southwest shores, Bodrum is the port from which to embark on a Blue Voyage or Mavi Yolculuk. Within an hour of sailing out of this happening town on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, i’m in my bikini and jumping off starboard into that unbelievable blue and swimming to a deserted beach. This particular Blue Voyage took me into secluded coves (where i spied WWii bombs below the surface of the water, so incongruent with the clear cobalt blue) and fishing villages where time seems to have stood still. There’s the oncesupreme sponge capital of Pothia on Kalymnos, where the men who risked their lives by pipe diving up

to 90 feet for table-sized sponges now reminisce and socialize over a coffee metrio (Greek style: short, black, one sugar or medium sweetness). On the other side of the island in a tiny community that only received electricity last year, another ex-sponge diver, Nikolas Makarounas, now runs a taverna aptly named Palionisos (Paradise) where rock climbers (here for the challenging limestone cliffs) mingle with yachters. He says people should come here to experience “a silent place.” That and his food, from ubiquitous grilled octopus to a Greek salad with chunks of kouloura, a traditional Kalymnos bread. Arki, an island of about 40 permanent residents, CoNTiNUed oN PaGe 37

Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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travel the world

if you go

Hiking into the caldera on Nisyros

GULET TOUR This Blue Voyage was about far more than the storied Aegean. The splendid gulet and the Zeus crew—gregarious guide, legendary captain (known for his skillful assistance-free manoeuvres), envy-inducing chef and stellar first mate and apprentice—are what made this cruise memorable. Sidar Duman of Avanti Tourism offers a number of Turkish tours, but get on his sailing trips with the Zeus and Captain Yorgo to tour the Dodecanese and beyond. The next tour following a similar itinerary is set for May 13 – 23, 2012, and with only 12 spots, book early. You can also charter the Zeus and Captain Yorgo and crew and plan your own itinerary—he’ll take you wherever you want to go, whether it’s dips in deserted coves or the nightlife of Kos (home of Hippocrates). There’s probably no better way to do a group trip. GET THERE Getting to Turkey is easy with Turkish Airlines, which operates direct flights between Toronto and Istanbul. Spend a few days in this vibrant cosmopolitan city, then fly south to the Turkish Riviera and Bodrum. Indulge in business class; service inflight is splendid (and you can order rakĹ!). MORE For more on the chic playground of Bodrum go to or and for more on Turkey go to

Full moon over Knidos

Don’t let fraud catch you off guard. With your name on the front door, protecting your assets and reputation should be a top priority. Since you spend more time with patients than other business owners, you are more vulnerable to fraud. In 2010, the Association of CertiďŹ ed Fraud Examiners reported that the average loss against professional practices from fraud schemes was $110,000 per year. Given all your responsibilities in running a practice, preventing internal theft and protecting conďŹ dential information can be a challenge. That’s where we can help. MNP’s Fraud Prevention team can help you assess your greatest fraud risks and design a simple, effective mitigation plan. For peace of mind and to ďŹ nd out what MNP can do for you, ˆ”“™†ˆ™Ž˜††Â?Š†š ”—‰”“ƽÇŚ Ć˝ Ć˝ Ć˝ “›Š˜™ŽŒ†™Ž›ŠĘŽ ”—Š“˜ŽˆŠ—›ŽˆŠ˜†™ČœÇ€ČŁČ›Č›Ç€ČĄČĄČœÇ€Č˘Č˘Č˘ČŁ”—‘Ž˜†ǀ’†Â?ÂŠÂ†ÂšÂŒÂ”Â—Â‰Â”Â“Č‡Â’Â“Â•Ç€ÂˆÂ†


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the thirsty dentist dr. neil pollock Dr. Neil Pollock is a member of the Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada; visit his website on wine at or send feedback to

no more glass ceiling There’s quality stemware for everyone


ver use one of your kid’s sippy cups for wine and think to yourself: “This is all kinds of wrong.” While this is an obvious case, it brings us to one of the finer and often overlooked aspects of wine culture: the importance of the vessel. We can agree that sippy cups and old jam jars don’t do much for the taste of your wine (or your mood). But beyond simply using a wine glass instead of your old school mug, how does stemware enhance the enjoyment of wine? How can you increase your wine’s aesthetic punch (and impress your friends and in-laws)? Pull the cork and plunge into the world of stemware. It’s accessible, fascinating and doesn’t have to break the bank. Every aspect of drinking wine—taste, smell, touch, appearance, even sound—is Ph: 1-866-460-1415


hugely influenced by the quality, shape and size of the glass. A PhD student in aesthetics, and veteran wine expert at Calgary’s La Chaumière restaurant, Carmen Mathes believes that the shape of the opening of the glass has the potential to make (or break) your wine drinking experience. She tells me, “The opening controls where the wine hits your palate. For example, with the smaller glasses for Rieslings and Sauvignon Blancs, you physically can’t get it into your mouth enough to deliver the wine anywhere except the front of your mouth. Because these types of wine have less intense flavours than, say, a big red Bordeaux, you want them to spend more time actually traveling through your mouth and reaching the most taste buds possible.” So investing in a set of higher-end stemware is good, but paying attention to the type of wine and matching it to the appropriate opening shape is best. When wine first began to pique my interest as more than a steak sidekick, I focused on the wine itself and didn’t think much about the glasses it came in. As long as they were made of blown and not cut glass, I was happy. You can easily tell cut glass from blown at first sip because its rim, or “lip,” is rough—it’s like drinking out of a ceramic goblet. For new oenophiles, it makes sense to prioritize wine over fancy glasses and invest in higher-end, more specialized glasses when you can really appreciate them. The General Manager of Vancouver’s Liberty Wine Merchants, Robert Simpson agrees, suggesting that newbies buy “serviceable glasses like Reidel Vinum for red wine (around $10 per stem). And in a pinch the cheapies from IKEA will work too.” It gets more complicated, though more

flavourful, when you use different glasses for reds and for whites. Since white wine is best cool, the glasses are smaller (because you pour less into a small glass). Mathes explains that champagne flutes are tall and narrow to minimize surface area and keep the champagne bubbly for longer. “Mad-Menstyle champagne glasses or bowls,” Mathes adds, “went out of style because people realized their champagne was going flat!” In this case, one aesthetic concern won out over another: a concern for bubbliness forced a change in trends of stemware shape. The shapeliness of your wine glass, as sensual as this sounds, is really about how quickly you want the wine to oxidize. So an oakier chardonnay works best in a wider, shallower glass because its deeper notes require more airtime. A light, crisp Pinot Gris, on the other hand, belongs in a glass with a smaller mouth so as not to oxidize away subtle flavours. For red wine, a Bordeaux glass holds the bouquet in, and allows the wine to reach the back of your palate quickly—ideal for full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon. A Burgundy glass is even broader, it has a large “bulb.” Larger surface area equals more aeration, which is exactly what your more delicate Pinot Noir needs, not to mention what the tip of your tongue needs—a burgundy glass directs the wine to the tip of your tongue first. Think of stemware as a sensory tour guide. It gets the wine where it needs to go. Wine decanters are a wise investment at any point in a wine nerd’s development.

Every aspect of drinking wine is hugely influenced by the quality, shape and size of the glass

Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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8/22/11 2:38:24 PM

dr. holly fong

thirsty [continued] As you may have noticed, the language of wine, and especially of stemware, relies on metaphors of the human body. A decanter is the most common and reliable form of wine aerator. Generally, aerators speed up the wine’s exposure to oxygen, thereby improving the taste of the wine, even if it’s lower quality. Just as the human body needs to breathe, so does your bottle of wine. According to Simpson, “small throat decanters are best with more bottle age where the sediment needs to be separated from the wine, and where any ‘off’ aroma can dissipate. For very old wines, I’d suggest pouring directly into the wine glasses...and make sure the wine has stood upright for several weeks beforehand so the sediment can compact!” Most wines, but not all, benefit from decanters. Another innovation from Simpson: use antique glass pitchers from the 1920s and 30s for young reds, “like Chianti or Côte du Rhône’s, wines that have yet to throw their sediment.” Though such jugs were originally meant for lemonade, juice or water, they are inexpensive ($25 – $50 at thrift stores) and, well, vintage is always hip. The latest in wine aerator technology comes from the glassmakers at Eisch Glaskultur in Germany. Their new line of “breathable” stems eliminate the need for a decanter, any aerator gadgetry, or even the need to swirl and swish your glass—the glasses themselves quicken the oxidizing process. Consider ordering a few of Eisch’s best if you want to be on the glassy cutting edge. For your first stemware, try Vinum’s stems, an excellent set for casual drinking. Up a notch, Simpson recommends the Trudeau line from the Czech Republic: “really well made, beautiful, and well-priced at under $10 per stem”. For expensive tastes, the Reidel Sommelier series is a good bet. The surest way to woo your wines, however, is to match them with the glass shapes that suit them best. As in, look to glass suitability before price. Why? Because an expensive Burgundy stem will get you nowhere if you primarily drink Bordeaux. Two last tips from the specialists. Mathes suggests washing decanters by swirling ice in them to remove stains, and then rinsing in hot water. “Don’t use soap!” I’ll also pass on Simpson’s warning to “stay away from your parents’ or grandparents’ treasured glasses and decanters, as they are almost always lead crystal with a very high lead content and are seriously not good for your health.” Doctors, take note. But now, put work aside and go liven up your stemware. Who knows what new tasting notes will emerge!

h u n g r y d e n t i s t d r . h o l ly f o n g Dr. Holly Fong is a practising speech-language pathologist with three young children who is always trying, adapting and creating dishes.

zesty zaatar Use the lemony zing of this Middle East spice on the grill


f you like the flavour of lemon, then zaatar is one of those spice-herb mixes for your pantry that can be used on almost anything from bread to meat and vegetables. Zaatar is the masala of the Middle East; its contents vary according to each person, but it usually contains sumac, thyme, cumin and sesame seeds. When mixed with olive oil, it makes a flavourful lemony marinade for grilled chicken. Marinating the meat overnight before grilling will keep the chicken moist and tender. During hot days, add a cucumber-yogurt tzatziki sauce and some grilled flatbread to make an easy, refreshing meal. And any leftovers make a great wrap sandwich lunch the next day. I recently paired the zaatar chicken with a Pentage 2007 Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon from Penticton, BC. This well-balanced wine with Granny Smith apple and lemon, grapefruit flavours seems to linger forever on the palate.

Grilled Chicken with Zaatar and Tzatziki Sauce chicken

2 heads of garlic 6 tablespoons olive oil plus 2 teaspoons ¼ cup zaatar (available at any Greek or Middle Eastern grocer) 1 teaspoon cumin zest of 2 lemons, grated 3 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon oregano, finely chopped 1 tablespoon rosemary, finely chopped 1 serrano chili, seeded and chopped 1 tablespoon kosher salt plus a pinch freshly ground pepper 5 pieces of chicken legs with backs attached or chicken breasts with skin and bone in 1 tablespoon olive oil for oiling the grill Tzatziki

2 cups plain whole milk or 3.25% yogurt (without gelatin, guar gum or carrageen) 1 English cucumber, thinly sliced 1 small clove of garlic, finely minced juice of ½ lemon 1 /8 teaspoon ground clove salt and pepper to taste

(serves 5)

Addremainingoliveoil, zest, lemonjuice, oregano, rosemaryandchili, whiskingtoblend. Pour over chicken. Turntocoat andrefrigerateovernight or for at least 3hours. Makethetzatziki saucebyfirst strainingthe yogurt inasieveset over adeepbowl for 60minutes, discardinganyof thewheyor liquid. Inamedium-sizebowl, combinetherest of the ingredients for thesauce; mixtoblend. Cover and refrigerate. Takeout chickenandlet standat room temperaturefor 30minutes. Start your grill andbringtomediumheat. Scrape rackandbrushwitholiveoil. Grill chicken, skinside down, for 4– 5minutes until skinis golden. Turnand grill for another 7– 10minutes until aninstant read thermometer insertedintothethickpart of thethigh (without touchingbone) reads 160F. Transfer chicken ontoplatter andservewiththetzatziki sauce. Enjoy.

Preheat theovento400F. Cut off thetops of the garlic, brushwitholiveoil andsprinklewithapinch of kosher salt. Looselywrapinfoil androast until tender andgoldenbrown, approximately45– 60 minutes. Let cool. Cleanchickenlegs, trimanyexposedfat along thighs andplaceinaglass bakingdishlargeenough tonot crowdthemeat. Sprinklewithsalt andpepper. Combinethezaatar andcumininasmall bowl. Sprinkleover bothsides of thechicken. Squeezeroastedgarliccloves fromtheir skins intoasmall bowl. Mashintoapasteusingafork. September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists

JFCDentists-sepoct-wip2.indd 35


8/22/11 2:08:18 PM

. —


cl as si fi e d


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practice for sale Fernie, BC - Price Reduced!! Well established and successful office in great BC community. Easy access to Vancouver and Alberta. Gross $1.5+/yr and climbing! 1,950 active charts. 4ops. Low, low cost of living - fabulous outdoor lifestyle. Here is an opportunity to make excellent $ncome and live thelifeyouwant! Check out thegreat lifestyle in Fernie! Associate Buy In Available! Email Ruth Chatel at ruth@heapsanddoyle.comor viewwww. heapsanddoyle.comfor other availablelistings.


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DENTISTS life + leisure









DENTISTS life + leisure









win stay Carmana Plaza

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+ get arty in DALLAS

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at GRAND VIEW LODGE in Minnesota


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life + leisure












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life + leisure

sudoku 2 harder solution 6 9 7 4 3 1 8 5 2 8 4 1 7 5 2 3 6 9 3 2 5 6 9 8 7 1 4 7 3 2 1 4 5 9 8 6 1 8 4 9 6 3 5 2 7 5 6 9 2 8 7 4 3 1 2 1 3 5 7 4 6 9 8 4 5 6 8 2 9 1 7 3 9 7 8 3 1 6 2 4 5

solution from page 37

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sudoku 1 easier solution 7 5 8 9 6 3 4 1 2 4 2 6 1 5 8 3 7 9 3 1 9 4 2 7 8 6 5 8 7 2 5 4 6 1 9 3 9 4 5 3 1 2 7 8 6 6 3 1 7 8 9 5 2 4 2 8 4 6 3 1 9 5 7 1 9 3 2 7 5 6 4 8 5 6 7 8 9 4 2 3 1

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travel the world

diverSion CoNTiNUed FroM PaGe 32

sudoku Solve puzzle #2 for a chance to win a $50

VISA Gift Card! Each Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9.

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9 2

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2 4 1 7 9

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JFCDentists-sepoct-wip2.indd 37

has a few tavernas (sit back with a Mythos beer) and goats—lots of goats. Sleeping on deck under the stars, the tinkling of goats’ bells as the creatures traverse the tiny island is a lullaby (now recorded on my Symi harbour phone). Other islands on this Blue Voyage are better known, like Patmos, where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations in the Cave of the Apocalypse. i visit the cave and see the hollow in the rock where the apostle once laid his head, and then climb farther to the monastery where orthodox monks mingle with tourists. The knot: Navigation On the island of Leros, the bowline lesson another hike up a sundrenched hillside takes me to the medieval castle of the sulfurous fumaroles) has storybook Knights of Saint John. Afterwards, i cool whitewash buildings both in seaside off at a seaside table on the pebbly and hilltop villages—and a delicious beach, my feet nearly in the water, almond-based drink, soumada. with a tall glass of ouzo and crunchy All these islands feel like hidden maridaki (the tastiest miniature fried secrets, revealed by the Captain and fish; you can’t have just one). crew in enticing bits and pieces, each Symi, another idyll with a place almost better than the last. sponge-diving history, is the most it’s like i’m part of some tale of touristy (British accents are heard destiny (i can’t get away from the everywhere)—with reason. Arriving Odyssey connection) that comes to late afternoon into Yialos harbour, the its culmination in Knidos, back on the bright neo-classical buildings lining Turkish coast. the hillside, tier after tier, are aglow. it Here, all the various elements— seems that the Captain knows exactly scenery, history, adventure, cuisine, when and where to arrive, every time. even the cosmos and pixie dust of His favourite island—and the phosphorescence—come together for entire crew’s—is Nisyros. The volcanic a day unlike any other. it’s tatlı rüyalar or island (with a semi-active caldera and sweet dreams.

Sudoku puzzle conteSt ruleS: 1. entry form must be accompanied with solved puzzle. only correctly solved puzzles will be entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle & entry form to Just For Canadian Dentists, 200 – 896 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2P6 or by fax to 604-681-0456. entries must be received by october 17, 2011. 3. prize: $50 viSa gift card. odds of winning dependent upon number of entries. winner will be contacted by telephone and announced in the november/december 2011 issue. 4. contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice. 5. all entries become property of in print publications. employees of in print publications and its affiliates not eligible to participate. September/October 2011 Just For Canadian dentists


8/22/11 2:08:26 PM

Well-read (have you read anything by French dramatist Romain Rolland?) and well-versed in sports (with a load of soccer jerseys to match), this dentist on Vancouver’s North Shore enjoys a good Chelo Kabab as well as a Vitamin Water. You might bump into him at the local Whole Foods, if not the soccer field, and he’s also not shy about admitting he has a soft spot for Austin Powers. Here’s to being well rounded! My name: Farshid Shahbazi

My favourite film: Austin Powers… Honestly!

A talent I wish I had: Playing good golf

My training: DMD UBC 1998; GPR UBC 1999

My must-see TV show: Setanta Sports (soccer news and highlights).

Why I was drawn to dentistry: A nice mixture of medicine and art with a comfortable lifestyle.

My favourite music/song: Dariush (a Persian singer) and my favourite song, “Gelayeh.”

My scariest moment: When i thought i lost my son (three years old at the time) in a busy market in Cancun.

My last trip: Boston for the Stanley Cup Finals (Game 6). Not too fun!!

My first job: Physics tutor in high school

I live and practise in: North Vancouver, BC

The most exotic place I’ve travelled: Nazca Lines and Lima, Peru The best souvenir I’ve brought back from a trip: Family pictures taken by a photographer on our 10year anniversary in Maui (Christmas 2010). A favourite place that I keep returning to: Maui, Hawaii My ultimate dream vacation: African Safari If I could travel to any time, I’d go: Would have been fun to be at my parents’ wedding! My favourite book: JeanChristophe by Romain Rolland

The gadget or gear I could not do without: My iPhone My favourite room at home: The family room My car: Audi Q7 SUV My last purchase: Four tickets to the Mamma Mia live show

One thing I’d change about myself: Stop worrying about everything The word that best describes me: Persistent I’m inspired by: My mom and dad

My most-frequented store: Whole Foods Market

My biggest ego boost: Satisfied patients after complex dental treatments.

My closet has too many: Soccer jerseys My fridge is always stocked with: Tomatoes and Vitamin Water My medicine cabinet is always stocked with: Antacid medication

My favourite exercise/ sports activity: Soccer—used to play lots! My favourite sport to watch: Soccer, hockey My celebrity crush: Charlize Theron I’d want this item with me if stranded on a desert island: My cellphone


A big challenge I’ve faced: Moving to Canada with my family from iran, my home country, 20 years ago.

My last splurge: Outdoor furniture

My guilty pleasure is: Chelo Kabab (Persian dish consisting of steamed, saffroned rice and kabab)

FROM TOP Dr. Shahbazi on memorable trips with his family: a balloon ride in Scottsdale, Arizona; over the desert; on the beach in Maui; in Boston for Game 6 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals; and a family portrait.

My fondest memory: Spending time with my grandparents in the northern part of iran as a kid.

My secret to relaxing and relieving tension: Vacationing with my wife and kids

My biggest ego blow: Unsatisfied patients after any dental treatment. I’m happiest when: With family and friends My greatest fear is: i have too many!! My motto is: Learn from the past, live in the persent, hope for the future A cause close to my heart: Fundraising for the soccer team i used to play for (Shaheen FC). Something I haven’t done yet that’s on my mustdo list: Take my son and daughter to iran to visit my relatives. If I wasn’t a dentist I’d be: Biomedical engineer

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Just For Canadian dentists September/October 2011

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The University of Western Ontario LEGENDARY RHINE & MOSELLE Amsterdam to Basil in 13 Days June 19 to July 1, 2012 Travel through—France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands on the regal River Queen. And along the way, savour the excellent wines and distinctive local cuisine, sampling the best these regions have to offer! ‡ $OOPHDOVRQERDUGSOXVFRPSOLPHQWDU\ÀQH (XURSHDQZLQHVFKRLFHRIEHHUDQGVRIWGULQNV ‡ VKRUHH[FXUVLRQVZLWKXVHRIELF\FOHV

Prices from $4,800-$6,300 + air travel Optional Presentation by: RITA BAUER, Digital Education Media Specialist, University of Toronto: Capture the Perfect Smile! - $495

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2012 Dental Symposium Thursday & Friday, November 1 & 2, 2012

Bermuda, Fairmont Southampton Princess Dentists $495, Hygienists/RN $395, Auxiliary $295 CATHIA BERGERON, DMD, M.S. Clinical Associate Professor Operative Dentistry, The University of Iowa, College of Dentistry Direct Composite Restorations: A Predictable Approach for Consistent Results

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Just For Canadian Dentists 2011-09 September October  

Just For Canadian Dentists 2011-09 September October