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‘Never a note faltered, never a step missed in a dance routine that would have the average gymnast breathless,’ Fiona Allen, Informed Edinburgh

‘These boys are going to be massive,’ Steph Jones, Manchester Radio One

Simply Soweto Encha a music documentary about unique stories of five Soweto talents and their road to fame Contact just Festival Beata Skobodzinska e: I t: +447427679580

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 PROJECT PARTNERS  Simply Soweto Encha Formerly known as Africa Entsha, Simply Soweto Encha are a five-piece a cappella group that sing gospel, soul, jazz, doo-wop, R’n’B and pop both in African and popular styles. In their shows, Simply Soweto Encha celebrate the South African oral and dance traditions by performing Zulu, Xhosa, and Swahili songs, full of rhythm and harmonies. Their mesmerizing performances have been awarded with numerous titles, incl. the Spirit of the Fringe, Trigon Jazz Festival Best Vocal Group, Ethno Jazz Festival Best Performers, Festival of Stone Best Performers and many more. More at

 INTRODUCTION Simply Soweto Encha* is a short music documentary depicting life stories of five a cappella musicians from the Soweto township. Discovered in Johannesburg, Dumi, Jabu, Morgan, Lwazi, and Sibu have toured across Europe to share their talent since 2008. Their shows have generated great reviews from press and standing ovations from audience members. Described as ‘very creative in combining the physical with the music’, ‘non-stop joyous irrepressible harmonies and rhythms’ and ‘a sound sensation that uplifts and inspires’, the five musicians and dancers have gone a long way from surviving in the streets of the Soweto township to performing in front of international audiences. The 25-minute documentary short film will touch upon their growing-up in Soweto, the hardships of living in the post-apartheid South Africa, and the group’s road to fame despite obstacles of harsh reality back home. Raised in struggling families affected by poverty, racial divisions and troubled neighborhoods, Dumi, Jabu, Morgan, Lwazi, and Sibu chose music as a means of pursuing their dreams. Having mastered their singing in school and church choirs, the a cappella quintet developed their unique style which combines African and popular gospel, soul, jazz, and doo-wop. Coupled with choreography that both mesmerizes and leaves audiences in awe, their performances entertain, move and inspire. The film will feature preparations for their 2014 UK performances giving viewers a rare opportunity to witness how the unmissable shows are created. The film will also reflect on the great musical talent that is an inherent element of the Soweto township. The township, that survived its darkest days thanks to the power of sound and rhythm, continues to be the cradle for great music productions. From the Soweto Gospel Choir, to the Soil, to Soweto Melodic Voices and finally to Simply Soweto Encha, Soweto offers world-class performers. This short documentary is a cooperation project between Edinburgh just Festival, Simply Soweto Encha and ReelNice Ltd represented by Will Francome and Mark Pizzey. *working title

 just Festival just Festival is an Edinburgh-based charity that aims at promoting diversity and inclusiveness in Scotland and beyond. Held annually as a part of the Edinburgh Fringe, the Festival offers unique opportunities to local and international audiences to appreciate arts and cultural projects and challenge their opinions on vital issues. Reaching out to over 13,000 audience members, the Festival provides a great publicity platform and opportunities to meet and address the public with your objectives. More at

 Filmmakers Reel Nice Ltd. is an independent production company based in London specialising in factual television, promos, corporate films, music videos, radio and interactive online content. As well as making documentaries, Reel Nice has made films for Sony, Nokia, Channel 4, The Huffington Post, Puma, Amnesty International, Reprieve and many other companies, charities and organisations. Reel Nice just pioneered the first interactive online 'live' documentary series, One For Ten. More at Will Francome is a director and producer of documentaries, promos, music videos and interactive online film content. He has been working for ITV, Channel 4, the BBC and multiple satellite channels. Will has also directed 'Life After Guantanamo' for Current TV and produced and directed films for Puma, Sony, Nokia, Amnesty International, the Tate, the BBC, and others. He's also branched out in to radio for the BBC World Service.

Mark Pizzey is an award winning cameraman, director and producer. Mark won the Royal Television Society Craft Award for Camerawork at the London awards in 2006. He has made programs for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, the History Channel and multiple other satellite broadcasters. As well as television programs, Mark has filmed and directed many successful online and corporate projects for clients such as Sony, Puma and Amnesty International.



 15 January 2014 Deadline for securing sponsorship towards the project

 Developing positive brand awareness by partnering with an inspiring film production;

 February 2014 Pre-production and preparation (incl. websites’ design, launch and social media campaign continued throughout the project implementation period)  March 2014 Filming in Soweto and post production (incl. social media campaign based on the interactive film-making concept where future viewers are able to ask project partners questions and shape the film in its making)  April 2014 Snippets from the final cut release, online promotion, submission of the film to the UK and international short film festivals (continued throughout the year)  May – July 2014 UK premiere and screenings of the documentary coupled with Simply Soweto Encha performances (incl. online and onsite DVD sales)  August 2014 Screenings and promotion of the documentary during the Simply Soweto Encha’s shows at Edinburgh just Festival/ Edinburgh Fringe Festival (incl. online and onsite DVD sales)  September - October 2014 Continued promotion of the film at the UK Simply Soweto Encha shows (incl. DVD sales)

 Reaching diverse international audiences during one of the most internationallyacknowledged festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival;  Advertising through printed and event-driven promotions across the UK and online channels to global audiences;  Having your logo displayed on promotional materials of just Festival and film promotional events and screenings;  Reinforcing a positive public image and reputation by supporting innovative and professional projects that promote quality music and dance, experiences and community. We are looking for sponsors to support the cost of making the film Simply Soweto Encha. The costs include equipment rental, travel and accommodation, production, crew, postproduction, and marketing activities. The estimated budget is £50k, where £40k is allocated towards the production and post-production costs and £10k towards marketing activities. If you would like to support the production, please find the Sponsorship Tiers below. Sponsorship Tiers




Project website – all pages (launched in January 2014) Film – Opening Credits Film – Closing Credits DVD – front of case DVD – back of case Simply Soweto Encha website, FB Page, YouTube channel (launched in mid-November 2013) – all pages Banner at the film promotional events and screenings 2014 UK Tour T-shirts – Back Simply Soweto Encha 2014 UK Tour poster and flyer - front just Festival website (, FB page and Twitter account – all pages Just Festival brochure – inside cover and pages of Simply Soweto Encha shows and film screenings Banner at just Festival launch, Opening and Closing Nights Banner at just Festival shows of Simply Soweto Encha Complimentary tickets to Simply Soweto Encha shows and the film screenings at just Festival Price

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Streets of Soweto

DUMI MTHETHWA I come from a struggling family. My mum has been running a business to raise me and my brother and sister. She’s been selling sweets, cakes and toys. Music has changed my life since I got involved with it. I just wish to have a successful journey with music.

MORGAN NJOBO My parents were in a choir and I joined for fun not knowing I could sing. Later I joined young boys choir where I met Jabu, Lwazi and Dumi. If not for my parents’ passion, I could have made wrong decisions and followed my friends, who ended up in jail. Music has always been my life and without music I’m nothing.

JABU MOLA I was not into music first as my music teachers would tell me I couldn’t sing. In high school I joined "Morris Boys Choir" where my adventure with music began. I became the choir master and worked with other Morris Isaacson high school students.

LWAZI ZULU I started singing at Sunday School as a child. Then I left signing for dancing and joined a dance company J.R. Best dancers. We used to dance different dances from Kwasa Kwasa (Congo), to Sowetan isiBhujwa and isiPantsula. In high school I enrolled "Morris Boys Choir" and that's when I also met the other guys.

2013 Edinburgh just Festival performances

SBU XULU I started singing at high school in a boys music group but was also a football player till I damaged my knee. After school I found work and forgot about music for a while. Later found myself in a group of 11 singers with whom I had a chance to sing with big names of South African music. Then I met the guys and we never looked back since.

Just festival 2014 sponsorship pack filming simply soweto encha  

Simply Soweto Encha is a short music documentary depicting life stories of five a cappella musicians from the Soweto township. Discovered in...

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